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You’re not a couple that gets focus until the Cone has seen both people involved together and judged the ship. (Except his own, which he’s admitted he can’t accurately judge. I’m sure Yumi and Shuukichi will get judgement eventually.)


Hey, space witches! Did you know that thanks to NASA’s Voyager missions in the 70s, we have up-close audio recordings off all the major celestial objects in our solar system. More accurately, they’re recordings of Sol’s electromagnetic waves reflecting off the planets and their respective atmospheres and magnetospheres, translated into sound. It’s great background noise for any cosmic ritual or meditation, esp if you’re trying to invoke a certain planet.









Pluto & Charon (b/c of New Horizons, we have TONS of new audio)

And as if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the discoveries of Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in 1965, we know that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation detectable across the whole sky emits a sound like a brutal howling windstorm. The CMBR is the leftover radiation from the big bang. Cosmic expansion has stretched these waves so far that they have been distorted from high-frequency gamma waves to moderately low-frequency microwaves.

This is audio of the universe’s creation:


**chokes on tears** listen they just deserve things…

like safety… fluffy blankets…. clean shirts that smell like flowers and sunshine….. fresh air…… healty coping mechanisms……. some good nights’ sleep…….. meeting dogs during their walk……… coffee dates……….


A new illustration Done at last!! Not so long ago we went with Kanapeco to do some walking and sketching in Yokohama and as those things go we started to wonder where all the places in “From Up On Poppy Hill” are based on.

The biggest mystery was the tram that plays an important role in the movie but not a trace of it can be found now. I did an image search few days ago to check how it looked like and where it ran and the idea for this illustration was born.

I used the dog/detective character from the previous “It’s cold in Yokohama” illustration so this starts to turn into a series of a sort.

This time I used a red col-erase pencil to draw the sketch really lightly and painted the whole ting with acrylic gouache.

I added the picture to my society6 print shop also!





On the finale of Nikky’s World of Darkness Murder Mystery Campaign:

  • “so what do you guys want to do for your next big campaign?” “honestly, i want something with a serious plot” “…is killing 3 different people not serious enough for you??”
  • “last time on world of darkness: dan took 2 ½ hours to figure out who the killer is” “he also learned what the plural of blueberry is!” [insert dan screaming in the background]
  • the undercover detective with 2 HP left tried to pick a fight with a teenager over a briefcase
  • “how do i know i should let you have the briefcase” “well, im a cop” “prove it” “uh well i don’t have my badge on me right now… but you can ask your brother, he knows that im a cop” “my brother is 12 and gullible. one time i told him that salmon was made out of swedish fish to make him eat it” “…okay you have a point there”
  • then the detective went around giving his final goodbyes to everyone before he went to confront the murderer
  • “i’m going to die, rati” “oh well then i’ll watch die hard in your honor”
  • meanwhile one of my players stabbed the other right in the heart
  • somehow she survived by running into the elevator and escaping
  • then the drug dealer player patched her up solely because he wanted to dissect her but ultimately decided to just help her and they both immediately fell asleep after the stitching and patching
  • the player trying to kill the other drank poisoned wine but threw it up immediately afterwards so all my efforts to kill him went to waste
  • “i know that you’re a cop, tanner” “i know that you killed tate, miro”
  • “so you believe that killing people is the answer to stopping environmental destruction?” “well… what’s a few people now to stop it when the alternate is that we all die in 60 years because of those few people?” “…he has a point…”
  • the boss fight between the detective and the murderer resulted in lots of knives being thrown but none of them hitting
  • and then the detective essentially killed himself by using pepper spray and inflicting damage on himself which caused him to pass out on the bathroom floor and then getting shot in the head by the murderer
  • the detective became a ghost and went around talking to everyone but complained that he didn’t get any “cool ghost powers”
  • he also decided he’s going to make an afterlife boy band with michael jackson, prince, and aaron carter
  • the drug dealer and the player trying to murder were arrested and put in a police car together and bickered the whole way to the police station because the murderer wanted to sleep on the drug dealer’s shoulder
  • the player that got stabbed in the heart recovered and made amends with her worst enemy NPC from the campaign… 8 in-game months later
  • “can i read the card he gave me with the gift basket?” “yea sure… in it is 4 tickets for a 2 week cruise to europe and a card that just says ‘thank you’“ “wow he couldn’t write anything more?”
  • “what if they got together down the road” “yea if you want to idc-” “no nevermind i dont want that” “Okay then they don’t fdgjdf”
  • in the end, one of my players died, two got arrested, and the other one walked away with a job at an international company
  • “okay so for the exp… what did we learn today?”
  • “i learned that i want to be a healer”
  • “i learned that being a ghost is really cool!”
  • “i learned that im invincible and can survive anything”
  • “i learned that if you want to kill someone, you need to finish the job…”
  • needless to say it was a fun campaign