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Oh my goodness!! I’m SO sorry guys 😓😭😭!! I know I haven’t been on for awhile or posted any of my art for awhile, but my art school has kept me extremely busy 😨. I’m so exhuasted and stressed, but really happy. I have my family with me and supporting me so I am definitely happy 😊💗. Anyway I thought about giving you guys a photo 📷 of my art I’ve been working on for my Background Design class! Hope you guys enjoy this!!

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when you’re just trying to get ready for your race but you accidentally make eye contact with your arch-nemesis and it gets awkward :////

more swim squids cause i kinda sorta have access to a tablet now!!! yay!!!!! i ended up changing human!marian’s design a little cause i wasn’t happy with it before

also i have a few more swim au ideas i wanna get done if i have the time….. i have a lil arnick/tetrox comic thing that hopefully won’t take too long to do and also some vadelma/marian stuff c:

bella and marian belong to @tamarinfrog as per usual!

 Hey everybody!

  Wolfsmoke here! Do you all remember the animation short we put out back in 2011 called "Kungfu Cooking Girls" ( )?Well, we're giving this title a new look and continuing the journey! The characters, environments, and backgrounds are all going to be completely redone! We have a lot to share! and we are super excited to finally announce this to you all!

  For information about this project, please keep following our updates on our Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter page! We can't wait to show you guys more, but for now, here are a few designs that we already came up with! Enjoy and please stay tuned :).   

I’ve been busy working on the next chapter of Fisheye Placebo and here’s a sneak peak of some of the scenes!

This is the warehouse turned greenhouse and art studio that Jen and her roommate lives in :D

Unlike my last video tutorial, the backgrounds in these are built in 3D first so that I can reuse it for multiple panels in the comic. I plan on doing a video tutorial on to integrate 3D into 2D backgrounds in the future, and maybe give a video tour of the place! There’s lots of silly things hidden in the models :p