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Hy gys

You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts

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Music & ink

Cheerful bard who always has paper on hand to write music on, but if they run out they can resort to writing on their attire. Part of the ‘Oddity Adventure Brigade’.

I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?


1987/1989 Great Heroes & Great Moments in Comics

These cards were distributed in sets of 8, and formed a ‘backing board’ for comics sold in 3-packs. They feature surprising array of characters and DC covers. Each multi-pack of comics included 3 consecutive issues of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. They were shrink-wrapped on a “trading card” backing board. Each board contained 8 trading cards. Most comics were not first printings. Each series bears a different background design.

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