I could even learn how to love
like you ♪

Felt like doing something like this after the 3 Gems and a Baby ep, I know Pearl’s got a bit of hate from it (mostly from reading comments on @pearl-likes-pi) I think more than anything it just shows how much she’s grown as a character (and they all have too) but seeing that contrast I feel gave a huge insight on Pearl in particular and how much has changed. Storytelling A++

“Take this, tater tot!”

I’m almost late buuuut it is Xenoblade Chronicles X’s anniversary and I had to draw something for it! I had originally planned a much bigger picture but I realized there was no way I’d finish anytime soon so I thought I’d fix up one of my unreleased drawings from last year. Nopon are especially good for volleyball, don’t you know?
Anyways, merry birthmas XCX, ily boo. <3

While Koichi was unconscious and close to death after his encounter with Kira, I like to think that Kakyoin’s ghost was there with him, and consoled him in what would have been his final moments.

No shame in dying to save a friend…

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