Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


Summer Forest portals! This took an extraordinarily long time because I have been cramming hours in at work before I go on holiday with my family next week. I’ll be gone for two weeks so there might not be any updates :(


 A little update on the side, I have a new oc!! The white haired one, she’s Nollet and she’ll keep LLL company (in case you don’t remember, >>her<<).

 I made her in Tera (first time I’ve ever adopted a chara I created in a game) and I took the opportunity to rename and draw LLL again: now her name’s Adriana and she has a face!!! 

Haven’t posted art on here in a very long time. This isn’t even finished yet. Anyway this would have been more appropriate back when Ava first went into Maggie’s mindscape, but I wanted to draw a background and Maggie. (sorry if the colors look bad, I’m colorblind) If Michelle comes back to SJ for Fanime and I finish this in time, I want to give this to her.