something quick cause i dont know how or why it happened but I absolutely love peters look here
deadpool approves ! hello kitty fashion buddies stick together !! 


This was taking too long so I rushed it so I can finally post the damn thing lol.

Please do not take this mini comic seriously– It was just an excuse to draw He Tian loosing his cool around Mo Guan Shan for once and this is what I came up with… Pfft, even I can’t imagine what his smile looks like! XD IT’S TOO PURE…! ಥ‿ಥ

Zhan Zheng Xi and Jian Yi were a bonus– They were originally just plain angels but I thought putting them in would be funnier :P


Sprites of @ask-grillby‘s UF Grillbz design for @team-spritedgy-official! They’re making an Underfell fangame and it’s already got a pre-demo! I wasn’t sure what “front” entailed so have this mess. I had a lot of fun with those pants. If it wasn’t obvious.

These are free to use, just like my other sprites. Download the .zip file HERE! (This is a must. The spritesheet above was enlarged so it wasn’t so blurry.)

These sprites are referenced from Grillby of Undertale, by Toby Fox.