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I have never played overwatch but all the cool kids are talking about it. I hope I got some stuff right at least.

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This is a little gift for Omoni, who’s easily the most astonishing and motivated writer I ever came across and her level of dedication is impressing the hell out of my lazy self every time she updates. To put that into numbers, within 9 months she gave birth to 35 works of Undertale fan-fiction, containing a total of 336 chapters or 569,942 words.

So, this is to show my appreciation. :) It’s a scene from the last chapter of her Alphyne100 which, yes, has 100 chapters. I’ll say no more about that, just check it out if you’re over 18 and in the need of lots of very fluffy Alphyne-content.

He’s incredibly beautiful.

(Any resemblance to his canon hair is pure coincidence. I still don’t know how to draw his hair properly.)


“̀Òh́ ̴you b̧l̵o̧od͟y ID̨I͞O̢T!͡ Y͢o̢ù’͝rȩ go͠ing to̸ m͞es̷s e͡ver̶y͢th̕ing ҉uṕ ̡i̶f ̵ỳo̸u ke͢e̷p f̸o̕r̶g͡e̴tti҉ng̷ th̸e͘ v̴e̕ntila̸ţi͢on̷!” ̴

“-oh–OH, excuse me? I’M the idiot?! Ya know what could’ve been a better warning instead of, ‘Watch out for Springtrap.’? HMM, LET’S SEE. How about, ‘Hey, don’t put on that security pin or you’ll be cursed!’ I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS CRAP, GHOST LADY! >8U”

~Guard Mod and Phantom Mangle - FNAF 3

-what a nice way to start 2017: with one of the bigger doodle dumps I’ve ever done on here.

So…I SPENT MORE TIME ON A MEME than I should have. <8D Only ever drew myself as the Night Guard for Halloween two years ago, so it was nice to finally get around to a full reference picture to it. I even designed my own Fazbear’s Fright logo (which is subject to change, but still).

Everything after is based on a little moment from this video.

Riku Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Quote

This was a little frustrating to draw, but at least i have my favorite quote from Riku down! I love it when he tells Sora this;; It just makes my heart flutter.
Friend? Pretty sure its more then friends.


go away i am well aware i havent updated in four weeks 

i’ve been feeling ridiculously underappreciated so it took a lot ofeffort to get it out 


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