The Hateful Eight Movie Online (2015) 

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➢ The Hateful Eight Movie Storyline
“ Bounty hunters seek shelter from a raging blizzard and get caught up in a plot of betrayal and deception. ”

➢ The Hateful Eight Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-12-25
Casts : Walton Goggins, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern, Gene Jones, Michael Madsen, Belinda Owino, Tim Roth, Zoë Bell, Keith Jefferson, James Parks, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dana Gourrier , Craig Stark, Demián Bichir, Bruce Del Castillo, Channing Tatum, Lee Horsley, Kurt Russell
Duration : 182 minutes runtime

BRITTANY AND I have started a new TMNT au–SPACE AU.  I designed Donnie and Raph, and Britt designed Mikey and Leo.

Expect a fed up and pissy engineer Donnie, a bodyguard and morally good Raph, a wise cracking con man Mikey, and an ambiguously antagonistic space pirate Leo.