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I have some other Bulbasaur drawings that I am planning to use in a background, but for now, here is my Bulbasaur walking gif turned into an adorable background!

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The Truth About Online Gun Sales

The biggest mistake made by people who oppose anti-gun politicians, like President Obama, is thinking that they are stupid.

You don’t get to these positions by being stupid.  President Obama is consistently praised for his speaking ability.  He knows exactly what he’s saying and not saying.  Instead of being more precise with his language and say ‘a violent felon can buy a gun he saw online in a face-to-face transaction with a private seller without a background check’, he deceptively leaves those key words out.  Now, millions of people think a criminal can go online, Google ‘guns for sale’, find the gun they want, put in their credit card information, and two days later a box of guns just shows up at their front door - all without a background check.

This never happens.  There is no place online where you can just buy a gun and it shows up on your doorstep without a background check.  President Obama knows this.  But he also knows when he says things like this it shocks the conscience of millions of people who don’t know any better.  And it makes them think that a violent felon can buy guns the very same way I buy coca butter on Amazon Prime.