Fanfic - Consorting With The Enemy - 1/1

Title: Consorting With The Enemy

Summary: On the night before Nationals Blaine is dared to kiss the first stranger to enter the elevator of their motel. The stranger ends up being Sebastian Smythe, captain of the rival team.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1433

“Come on Blaine.”

“You can’t back out now.”

“Don’t be a chicken!”

Blaine turned around to see all the girls members in New Directions staring at him in eagerness and amusement.

“I think I changed my mind,” Blaine said, “I want to do truth.”

“Nuh uh,” Sugar shook her finger at him. “No taker backers. You said you would do a dare.”

“You have to go through with it Blaine,” Tina nodded solemnly.

“Besides this could be the only action you get for months,” Kitty teased.

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Things I want from a New York Glee storyline:

1. The roommates have to deal with extremely thin walls and multiple couples. This makes everything very awkward when Rachel is trying to Skype home to her parents and her dads can hear Kurt and Blaine having enthusiastic sex in the background.

2. The kids go to a real open call. A cattle call. They wake up at 4am. Wait around for 8 hours. Are then told that EVERYONE GETS TO AUDITION (yay!) but you only get 8 bars. They basically get to sing a scale and then leave. No one gets a call back. No one passes Go. Then they do it again the next day. And the next. Kurt finally gets a call back, but not a role and everyone goes out for ice cream sundaes because a call back is a huge success in the real world.

3. Artie discovers how few elevators there are in NYC. (Seriously. It’s bad.)

4. Blaine gets an agent, yaaaay! But the agent doesn’t actually send him out on auditions. And the agent takes Blaine out to dinner a lot for “mentoring.” And insists Blaine get headshots and classes from the agent’s friends. Eventually Santana has to have an intervention because this is a scam.

5. Santana convinces Blaine he’ll get discovered if he does background work. Blaine gets cast as a rent boy on Law and Order: SVU, and tries to give his headshot, resume, and a short written concept of who he could play on the show to the director. He is kicked off set and banned from background work.

6. The kids take the subway and start to sing a peppy pop song! Everyone hates them.

7. Rachel gets food poisoning from a hot dog vender because she thought NYC hotdogs were CLASSIC. She learns the hard way not to trust “street meat.”

8. Their apartment has no a/c in the summer and we get multiple scenes of them sitting around in their underwear regretting their life choices.

9. Every year their landlord raises their rent by $300, but they can’t find a new apartment that will fit all of them and where they don’t get constant noise complaints from their midnight musical theatre parties.

10. The kids wait in line for four hours to get standing room only tickets for a Broadway show. Their feet ache and they didn’t dress warm enough, but they’re totally inspired and are once again committed to pursing their crazy career choice.

Things I DON’T want from a New York Glee storyline:

BEDBUGS. No. No. Nooooo.

I always found it really unfair that the same characters were given more chances to sing or lead a storyline while so many were left to wallow in the background. Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Kurt, Sam had more than their fair share. Why couldn’t they give Amber, Jenna, Harry, Dianna, Mark and Kevin more of a chance to shine, whether with more storylines or the opportunity to sing/perform more. It felt like less of a club and more of a platform for the same people to stand out week after week.

Songbirds Keep Singing

(I wanted to write something fluffy to shake me out of some doldrums, but this ended up being more bittersweet, but hopeful, in the end. I guess I needed that instead. Warning for a brief mention of pregnancy loss/difficulty conceiving. R.)

They get a canary on a random Wednesday evening. 

Not for any planned out reason or desire to get a pet, but because they’re out and happen upon an upscale pet store after trying a new Indian restaurant. There are yellow canaries on display in the window.

“Oh.” Kurt stops, presses his finger to the glass window like he could pet one through the glass. Like he could pet one at all. “Hi there.” One bird tilts its head back forth, back and forth, beady black eyes seeming to judge Kurt, and, finding him lacking, it flutters up to a higher perch.

“I like that one,” Kurt says.

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Blaine’s first morning in the loft for megan because I’ve been hopelessly blocked and this is me trying to break out of it

It’s no surprise that Blaine wakes up first – Kurt’s a heavy sleeper after having an eventful day or sex, and yesterday had consisted of both. Blaine briefly considers the idea of sleeping in with his fiancé, but now that he’s awake, he’d rather just take in this first morning in the loft. His first morning actually living here, in New York City, with a few of his closest friends and the love of his life.

“Good morning,” he murmurs to a still-asleep Kurt, whose only response is to shift a centimeter closer, their noses brushing. Blaine smiles and kisses the tip of Kurt’s nose; when he’s awake, that sort of kiss always makes him cutely scrunch up his nose, and apparently it does the same when he’s asleep. A rumble sounds in Blaine’s stomach and he grimaces. So much for staying in bed, after all. “I’ll be right back.”

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Fic: Distraction of the Best Kind

Summary: first Warblers rehearsal as boyfriends.

A/N: early Klaine, ~700 words

This was my contribution to the klainebookproject. For the book, this ficlet was illustrated by the amazing hoshidess. I’d like to thank her for the collaboration, and mailroomorder for reading this over for me, and also all of the organisers behind the project. You guys are the awesomest of all the awesome! <3


Having a boyfriend is pretty great, Blaine decides. Having a boyfriend who is also your best friend is simply the best thing in the world. There’s kissing now, so much kissing when they’re alone, and hand-holding, and long, warm, drawn-out hugs that make his chest swell with tenderness when Kurt wraps his arms around his back and presses his face against the side of his neck, his hot breath raising goosebumps on the skin just above Blaine’s collar.

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Fic: The Birds and the Butterflies

Springtime Klaine wandering through a park and becoming Actual Disney Princes. Get your insulin shots ready, friends.

PG-13 for cursing, no sp-oilers, ~1000 words.

“Oh my God, I love springtime in New York,” Blaine said ecstatically. He dropped Kurt’s hand and broke into a spin, almost smacking into a few other people who were next to them on the trail and earning a few glares.

“Blaine, honey, come back here before someone pushes you into the duck pond,” Kurt said. “Honestly, it’s like you’ve never been outside before.”

“It’s the first time in months that we haven’t had to wear three shirts, a sweater, and a parka just to get the mail, Kurt, I’m reveling in it!” Blaine ambled back to Kurt and rejoined their hands. “The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and- ooh, look, someone’s selling birdseed!”

“I feel like such a cradle robber,” Kurt said after Blaine returned from purchasing a little bag of bird food. “Are you nineteen or nine?”

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Fic: What The Body Knows (Complete)

Thank you to the lovely klaineandbiscuits for the beta! 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Read on AO3

Chapter Four

The problem is that Blaine is good at faking confidence. In fact, he’s worried that he’s too good at it because really, he has so many questions but he doesn’t know how to start the conversation.. Instead he’s cool as a cucumber. At least on the outside.

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Little fledgling, Reaction Fic 6x09

Finally getting around to answer that anon with a reaction fic ;)

If Kurt and Blaine had been around in this week’s episode …

Kurt is walking in the hallway towards the teacher’s lounge when he catches the end of the exchange between Roderick and Spencer.

“… the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. If you think that was romantic,” Roderick says, laughter ringing in his voice even though he doesn’t laugh in Spencer’s face, “then you’re not a … player, you’re kind of a, uh, creeper. Eurgh.”


What the what?

Did Spencer …

With Roderick?

Ooooh, gossip!

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Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Port Huron, MI

“Thumbs Up”

Written by whatstheproblembaby

Read on AO3

2700 words, PG-13

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #5

“Tell me again why we aren’t crossing here?” Kurt asked, watching as the Detroit exit labeled “Bridge to Canada” flew past them.

“It’s a shorter drive from the other bridge!” Blaine said cheerfully, more focus on the road than on Kurt. “We’ll shave about half an hour from our travel time if we cross from Port Huron instead of Detroit.”

“Even when you factor in the hour of drive time between Detroit and Port Huron?”

The silence from the driver’s seat made Kurt turn and look at Blaine’s comically dismayed expression.

“Apparently not,” Kurt sighed. “Oh well. It’s probably better to stop in some podunk town than in the middle of Detroit for the night anyways.”

“For sure!” Blaine agreed, much peppier than Kurt expected. “I mean, God only knows what goes on here, right?”

“I was just looking for the bright side of this, B, not seriously opposed to staying in Detroit,” Kurt said, bemused. “Are you afraid of the city or something? Because we live in one of the biggest urban centers in the world.”

“No, it’s not - I thought you were - I may have had more than just travel time in mind when I was Googling routes to Canada on my phone the other day,” Blaine said, thunking his hand against the steering wheel from where he’d been gesturing vaguely.

“Go on….”

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antarcticbird  asked:


  • Who would win tickle wars: Kurt, because he’s a competitive bastard like that. He might technically be cheating, though - attacking again hours later isn’t a generally accepted tickle war practice.
  • Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook: Kurt. Blaine’s not very good at drawing.
  • Who would holds hands while walking: It’s just kind of a mutual thing. If they’re going somewhere, they’re probably holding hands.
  • Who would gives cheek kisses: Blaine does it more often, but it’s not like Kurt never does.
  • Who would start a snowball fight: Blaine, because he isn’t a very smart boy. “Hey Kurt, watch out!” *gentle paff of snow* “OH IT’S ON NOW” *WHOOMP*
  • Who would slip the most on a date to go ice skating: Kurt. Coordination is hard.
  • Who leaves letter in the others locker: Blaine. He’s all cheese factor like that.
  • Who would bring lunch to school/work for the other: I dunno if either would do it out of the blue, but if one of them realizes the other left their lunch at home, an impromptu delivery run always happens. Can’t let the love of their life starve!
  • Who would want cuddle at the movie theater date: Blaine wants to initiate if they’re watching a romance, Kurt burrows over the armrest if they’re at a horror flick.
  • Who would buy cheezy cliche gifts for each other on holidays: Probably Blaine, but along with a nice gift. He’d get that “shit bitch you is fine” bear along with a scarf Kurt’s been wanting or something. Kurt just facepalms every time.
  • Who would start an argument about what color curtains they should have at home: 100% Kurt. He has a VISION, BLAINE.
  • Who would remember their anniversary: Like either of them would ever forget their anniversaries. They probably even remember the dumb ones, like “the anniversary of our first trip to Ikea!”
  • Who would blurt out how much they love the other in front of people: I dunno if “blurting” is the right way to describe it? Blaine’s not afraid of telling the whole entire world how much he loves Kurt, while Kurt will elaborate if someone asks. They’re not shy about how stupidly in love they are.
  • Who would offer to wash the others back in the shower: Depends on who’s had the worse day/who’s hornier.
  • Who would post up statuses about the other on facebook: Blaine Anderson 100000000% of the time.
  • Who would have the others picture as their phone background: Also Blaine, though I think Kurt would have one of the both of them.
  • Who would take pictures of the other while they’re sleeping: Blaine takes mostly nice shots, while Kurt documents the wonder that is Blaine’s bedhead.
  • Who says I love you: Who doesn’t say I love you???