this season on unpretty rapstar:

Yuk Jidam: *breathes*
Janey: (glaring at Yuk Jidam) i just HATE how she always tries to draw attention to herself by breathing. honestly. it’s SO obvious she just wants guys to notice her heaving chest, so she should stop focusing on her breathing and start focusing on her rapping
Nada: I’M THE BAE-DDES–baddest? d…did i pronounce that right? Miryo unnie? what do you think? Miryo unnie?
Baby J: crumbles under the pressure and runs out of the room crying
Miryo: sighs and follows her outside
Grace: is wearing an actual live skinned pony on her back
Giant Pink: i don’t think of anybody on this show as an actual competitor
Soyeon: nobody is better than i am on this show and it’s NOT BECAUSE I’M YOUNG but because i’m good. you don’t even know how hard i am. i inhaled, like, an entire capri sun yesterday
Kassy: do you know what’s been done before? a female rapper. do you know what’s not been done before? a female rapper, but in a denim skirt.
Euna Kim: sits in background watching all of this unfold in what is either fear or abject horror

anyway, this is a good season, i like this season.