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Ok but Dancer au. They're all very passionate. Deku couldn't dance for shit, but All Might saw potential in him and teached him. Iida, Momo and Todoroki all come from families of dancers. Kirishima and Ashido are K-pop buddies, and rehearse their choreographies together at lunch. Bakugou and Uraraka have a dance off and she owns his ass, until he starts to do backflips and shit. Woah there pal, chill. Also, Aizawa-sensei in sweatpants and tank tops.

!!!!! i know next to nothing about dance but this? is my jam

  • uraraka loves music but does not understand ashido’s deal with exo. at all
    • “?? it sounds normal to me”
    • “i don’t think i’m ever gonna get it at this rate”
  • iida likes to pretend he’s stiff and bad at dancing when people don’t recognize him
    • he’ll do the robot and the sprinkler and other Dad moves and act like he sucks
    • then he’ll turn around and dance at his full potential and everyone’s like ?!?!?!?!??!
    • he apologizes for his “trickery” every time. he’s so polite, the dance community is fond of him
  • bakugou wasn’t originally a dancer. he was a gymnast
    • then he came across videos of all might dancing in his prime and immediately went “that. i want to do that”
    • he still does gymnastics tho. he’s ridiculous levels of flexible and can do the most ridiculous stunts and flips and likes to incorporate a lot of them into his dance
  • the day deku debuts is the day the dance world turns upside down.
    • he’s so much like all might, yet at the same time, he’s not
    • everyone feels strangely uneasy and threatened by this newcomer
    • [cue training montage and ‘i must defeat him’ speeches]
  • i have nothing to add onto aizawa in sweatpants and tank tops, that is perfect on its own and i want to bask in the glory of the mental image it gave me.
BTS & Got7

Jimin: hey look its our favorite rookie group

JB: um arent you guys rookies too

Jimin: we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about being idols. call me hyung

JB: im pretty sure im older than you

Rapmon: yeah jimin sit down 

J-Hope: so…what do you guys wanna do 

Jackson: i think i wanna get to know jungkook better

Jungkook: sure hyung what do you want to know

Jackson: mmMMmmm your voicEe. maknaes are my favorite

Bambam: i thought i was your favorite

Jackson: dont worry boys, theres plenty of jackson to go around

Junior: jackson stop being so creepy

Mark: hey you

V: *looks around room* me?

Mark: yeah. theres only room for one of us

V: umM what are you talking about

Mark: theres only room for one beautiful redhead. so how do u wanna duel this out

V: i dont

Mark: martial arts contest ????? good idea *does a backflip*

Jin: woaH mark be careful. you dont want to hurt your lovely face. thats the struggle of being a visual. trust me, i would know

Mark: wow, finally someone who understands me 

Suga: can you guys stop being gay as fuCk

Junior: yeah guys, seriously

Suga: uM werent you just sitting on JB’s lap five seconds ago

Junior: thats how we get to know each other better

Jackson: i hope we all get to know each other *creepy smile* especially you jungkook

Jungkook: um 

Yugyeom: wow jungkook how old are you???? haha youre like two 

Jin: arent you younger than him

Yugyeom: yeah but look at me. im a man

Jimin: WOW yugyeom we have SO much in common. my age says young but my body says old *lifts up shirt*

Jackson: wow-

JB: no jackson dont even 

Youngjae: *laughing to himself in a corner*

Rapmon: whats up with him

Jackson: shhhh dont worry about that babe 

Rapmon: ok you need to stop

Suga: hey bammity bambam, i head you can drop some sick beats

Bambam: yep! im the cute rapper *aegyo*

Suga: why dont we join our swag together and make something beautiful

Bambam: like what

Suga: anythin u want homie. min suga can do it all

Mark: but can you do a backflip

JB: please stop 

Mark: please stop hiding your jealousy

V: hey mark

Mark: wuT peasant

V: can i meet ur dad

Mark: no

V: why ?? we have a lot in common 

Mark: like what

V: we’re both cooler than YOU 

Mark: *faints* 

i played mario golf toadstool tour with my mum today and i got into a MARIO MOOD™

i need to draw marty-o more often heh