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A couple of years ago Ivan Vasilievich (Ivan the Terrible) memes became popular in Russian internet. Such meme is created by combining a picture of the infamous Tsar as played by Yuri Yakovlev in the Leonid Gaidai classic comedy Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future and adding a line that rhymes with the movie’s original title in Russian Ivan Vasilievich Menyayet Professiyu || Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Occupation.


The meme quality goes up if, instead of using a screencap, you paste the Tsar’s figure on some random but appropriate photo.


Doesn’t even have to be the full figure, even Ivan Vasilievich’s head alone will do!





I dunno, lol, just felt like sharing this information with you.


For @ransomweek - March 28: “Remember that time…”

warnings: senior year nostalgia, oblivious pining, excessively soft bromance

“Okay,” Lardo said, taking another swig from the bottle of gin they’d been passing around. “Worst class you’ve ever taken?”

The noise of another kegster, not their last together but frighteningly close to it, thrummed through the floor of the attic. Sometime after midnight Nursey and Chowder had started trying to go through various Haus rules, proper kegstand procedure and ratios for tub juice, with the Tadpoles like Holster and Ransom had done for the past two years, and Ransom had found himself hit with senior-year nostalgia again. It was the kind of weird, happy-sad ache that pulled from under his ribs and made him want to hold onto everything tighter.

He was going to graduate in May. He’d been accepted to med programs at Emory and UPenn, and he was waiting to hear back from a couple other schools. His future wasn’t some nebulous concept any more; it felt real. It felt too close. It was so much easier just to melt back against his bed, next to his two best friends, and to soak up the way their words seemed to roll around the room and fill it up completely.

Holster snorted and leaned against Ransom, reaching around him for the bottle but not moving away once he had it. “International Finance Theory with Professor Lawrence.”

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Normani traveled back in time to make it to DWTS’s live show. She jetted from Japan to California to China in a little over 24 hours. Wow a legend-in-the-making


The Geekenders/Instant Theatre 24-Hour Perform-a-Thon! April 29/30 2017.

We’ll be performing pieces from past musicals like Portal 2, Jurassic Parody, and Galaxy News Radio Live, as well as UPCOMING shows like Back to the Future, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Rocky Horror Show.

We’ll be doing burlesque, we’ll be doing improv, we’ll take your donations for us to perform whatever you want (Blue Sky, anyone?)…

Proceeds are to be split evenly between our mini donkey fund (for our Fringe show), and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver.

More info soon!

Back to the Future (...again)

According to The World of PL, Dalston was based on Biff Tannen, the bully character from ‘Back to the Future’. 

Character designer Nagano said this is how he’d imagine ‘an intimidating and arrogant guy like Biff would be if he was super rich’. (They do have similar hair and an intimidating appearance, but we can all agree Dalston really is a jerk with a heart of gold.) 

If Dalston is Biff, you know who Marty is meant to be, right?

This hipster, right here, who also happens to be friends with an eccentric old guy with crazy hair?

Obviously, there’s Angela being the supportive girlfriend, and the awkwardness of Mrs. Ascot almost falling in love with her own son, but we’ll avoid that.


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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What if we went back in time and stole everything from the Library of Alexandra and just move it somewhere else

It would be that kind of thing where you go back to the future and literally nothing is the same. Which I’m usually morally against since it pretty much always ends in disaster but considering the circumstances maybe we’re better off 

me, at level 5: i’ve got to be careful position my squad just right or else these guys will carve me up. can’t take any risks. need to concentrate fully.

me, at level 53, after i’ve abandoned using guns at all in favor of pull + charge + flamethrower + krogan warhammer to the muffled sounds of dragonforce’s ultra beatdown album: why the fuck wouldn’t bioware just patch in the jaal romance at this point? the dialogue for m!ryder exists and they’re going to need to pull nyasha hatendi back in for dlc anyways in the near future. i’ve already done like four quests for straight people in this game, why would we ever need more? three straight squadmates? it’s completely unrealistic. i don’t even know two straight people to hang out with, where would i find three? how would they all get concentrated there on the tempest?

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tbh i am with you, i get that the boys have said countless times that they're coming back but like? going solo and to a total complete different audience is something they're going to enjoy that i don't think they'll want to go back to being a boyband or idk maybe i'm just sad. i am proud of the four of them, genuinely but i am just gonna miss them so much you know? it sucks. before harry releasing this website, ad etc. i was sure they'd come back but with this now im not sure.

with now officially the 4 of them going solo it does seem a bit definite and it makes me sad. But i honestly dont think coming back or not is a decision they are gonna “make in the future” or anything. I think if they are coming back then they decided that they would before taking a break and already have it all figured out. so theres nothing to do but waiting. i thought i would be excited for solo work for all of them but the more time pass the more i just want the band back. except for solo niall im actually not that excited about anything tbh. i just want one direction lol.

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I'm just wondering, why does nobody talk about Carrie Kelley? It's just that the Robin in the new Lego Batman movie looks like a Carrie but they made it a Dick, but that's not even my main issue. Is Carrie real? Canon? Was she not a Robin? I'm just a casual comic reader, but batfam is my favourite so I try to know everyone, but Carrie is a ghost?


Okay so this is mainly all my opinion(at least my answer to your first question.) I think she gets left out a lot is because unlike all the other members of the batfam, when she works with Batman, it’s just her throughout it all.

Also her arc is set in the future, after Batman retires and comes back. And people hate aging Bruce up as it is. During some point in her run as Robin she runs into a turned-homicidal Dick Grayson, and I don’t think anyone wants to bring that up because apparently Dick is some sort of angel and the side job he’s been doing for how many years definitely hasn’t had a negative affect on his mental state. (sarcasm)

This fandom is already obsessed about simply the dynamic they’ve made up/molded the batfam as a whole into and Carrie Kelley just doesn’t fit. I guarantee you if they included Damian actually passing down Robin to her and showing her the ropes or Jason picking her up and kinda tucking her under his wing during her rookie Robin days before Batman really noticed her, things would be really different.

This fandom is already pretty tough, because I get requests that are literally like “JUST the boys EXCEPT Duke” and it’s like “???? How about I do all of them because they all matter?” So it’s pretty tough to get people to appreciate Duke and the main females as it is. Though it really sucks because of the fact that Carrie was kinda solo with Batman means she can’t really be included with things that have the whole Batfam. But I might start including her as a big FU, because if people can pretend Bruce is in his 30′s we can pretend Carrie Kelley existed with the other Robins, right??

As for the movie, I feel like someone was trying to do right and made it originally be Carrie, but then they took a poll on the general public or even the fandom and a mass majority didn’t know who she was so they made it Dick. They may have kept the design as a nod to Carrie or that it just already looked friendly and enough like Dick to pass.

Carrie Kelley is real.

Carrie Kelley is cannon.

Carrie Kelley was the FIRST full-time female Robin.

Carrie Kelley IS NOT a ghost and we all, including myself, need to stop pretending she is.

(I hope this answered all your questions and just as a disclaimer I was in no way trying to come across as mean, I just feel really strongly on this topic. Thank you for this ask!!)