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Backers, check your emails–the NOT WITHOUT YOU digital edition is LIVE! You should have received an email from with a download key, sent to whatever email address is associated with your Kickstarter account.

But that’s not all.

The books are shipping now from the printer’s factory in South Korea. While we don’t have a guaranteed deliver-by date yet, they ARE on the way! I’ll send out a backer rewards survey tomorrow (I think I’ve inundated you all with enough emails today) so we can start collecting everyone’s mailing addresses.

If your address changes anytime between now and when we email you with the final warning email, you will need to log into Kickstarter and manually update your mailing address.

Again: If your address changes anytime between now and when we email you with the final warning email, you will need to log into Kickstarter and manually update your mailing address.

Thank you again for all your support–we couldn’t have created the anthology without you all. ENJOY!

<3 Bohemienne


The funded period just ended and the project raised $8115! Four stretch goals were hit (Childhood sprites, plot specific character sprites, more CGs and theme songs for each of the main characters), plus additional ones may be hit due to Paypal donations, which will remain up. Backer surveys will be set in a couple days for your rewards, but for now, on behalf of all of us, I’d just like to thank you all for your support! From all the backers to the people who helped spread the word - this couldn’t have happened without all of you! Thank you so much, and I hope the game lives up to your expectations!

The coloring books have arrived! Ten boxes of them :D I am excited to say that we will begin packaging the books on June 10th, with the goal of having them on their way by June 20th. If your address has changed since you first filled out the backer survey, you can log into your kickstarter account and edit it. Please note the LAST DAY to edit your address is Wednesday June 8th. We can’t wait to get these on their way to all of you!  

-Best Season Ever Team

Kickstarter Fulfillment and Future Comic Updates

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this last week and a half of comics—the responses on Tumblr and Twitter and elsewhere have been so delightful! Thank you again for submitting questions during the Tumblr Answer Time, reblogging and sharing the comic, reading the blog posts, and being very kind! Thank you!

The next batch of new comic updates should go up in December. After this batch of comics is complete (3.7 – 3.11) I will not only be drawing the next episodes, but I will also be managing the Year Two Kickstarter campaign. I’m working to ensure that Kickstarter fulfillment remains on track, while getting more comics drawn. Throughout fulfillment, I’ll continue to update the comic in batches!

I should also mention that 2017 will be filled with convention appearances and the planning, traveling, and prepping that goes along with convention season. (There’s going to be a congested time from Jan-Apr that will consist of (1) Kickstarter fulfillment, (2) comic drawing, and (3) travel.)

While I am extremely excited—to work on the next chunk of Bitty’s story and to bring this project to fruition–there’s a lot to do. The outpouring of support was and continues to be more than I could have ever anticipated. It’s going to be a challenge, but again, I’m hyped!

So I wanted to share what I will be working on. If you’ve ever done a project similar to a Kickstarter, you know that it’s a lot of moving parts. I’ll be getting a ton of help from the fine folks at Breadpig (they help with crowdfunding fulfillment) and Amplifier (a shipping warehouse), but I’ll still be spending a lot of nights finishing graphics for the books, PDFs, and extras and just flat out writing emails, making phone calls, and crunching numbers. Here’s a breakdown of how the next few months will probably look in order to complete the goal of printing and shipping over 3000 books–and more.

★ GOAL: Shipping in April ★

★ OCTOBER – NOVEMBER: New Content, Prepress, & Editing

Book. Designing the Check Please: Year Two book. Writing and illustrating extra content/copy, and designing concept pages. This is making a new book!
Designing Extras & Stretch Goals. Designing postcards, a sticker sheet, bonus print, poster, hockey patch, keychain, pin, and pie-mini. (+ more possible stretch goals…). This is designing a whole line of “merchandise”.
Edits. Corrections for Year One. Receiving and editing proofs of Year Two.

★ DECEMBER – FEBRUARY: Production & Shipping

. Coordinating offset printing overseas! Last time, books were printed and shipped from Shenzhen.
Overseas Shipping. Huge chunk of time–International shipping can take up to 3 months by freight ship.
Jersey. Eric Bittle Jersey proofing rounds and sizing. Print run.
Creating Extras & Stretch Goals. Coordination…Phone calls and emails with vendors for printsets / key-chains / pins / patches, etc. Collecting printset illustrations from contributing artists. Editing proofs and print runs for printsets / key-chains / pins / patches, etc.

★ MARCH-APRIL: Fulfillment

Clearing Customs. Items arrive at warehouse for distribution and on-boarding approval.
Shipping Prep. Coordinating shipping for orders.  Backer information from surveys = right items to right address.  Backer address/order processing and SKUs.
Library Donation Stretch Goal!!! During backer survey collection, we’ll ask interested librarians to fill out a form in order to request a copy. That way books go directly to a library and librarian expecting a copy for their location and do not wind up thrown away.
Lots of Drawing. Signing bookplates, drawing and shipping custom commissions. Finishing up stretch goals.
Shipping! - Fulfillment! Rewards! Postage!
***Problem Orders & Reshipment***. A significant part of the fulfillment process! Between 1-3% of all orders are unlucky orders that get lost, damaged, held in customs, or mis-packaged and need reshipment.

And this is if everything goes well. I’ll be keeping backers up-to-date on every step of this project, but I’ll share exciting news and any setbacks here on the main blog as well. If you have questions about this project please refer to the campaign’s comments section for FAQs, or shoot me a question via Kickstarter.

And sincerely–thank you all again for your support!

✓ Let’s get to work!

Hello Best Season Ever backers! We’ve been a little quiet here, but don’t worry, we are still working on putting the coloring books together. Last week we had a small write-up in In Touch Weekly magazine, which is pretty cool! More importantly though today is the last day to respond to backer surveys to have your name in the thank you section of the book. We’re getting things ready for the printers. About 50 people have yet to turn in responses- if you are one of them, please respond! We want you in the book <3 

February 14, 2016!

That’s right – we’ve finally set an official release date! Although it isn’t as soon as we hoped, we’re 90% sure we will make this date. That’s why it’s an official date! On Valentine’s Day, 2016, Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club will be released and available for download.

We’re sorry to disappoint everyone looking forward to a December release, but we believe these few months of polish will be crucial to the enjoyment of the game.

The extra backer merchandise will go on sale February 1, 2016, so if you haven’t filled out your backer survey please do it now!

Thanks again, everyone!

- Cara and Danny


Certain tiers of the kickstarter get random sketches from one of us!

If you’re a backer and haven’t filled out your survey yet, please make sure to do so, so that we can get everything sent out in proper sizes/personalization!

We recently made a flub and thought the higher backer tiers survey went out with the others, but it didn’t! DOOPS. SORRY GUYS. Technology is a little confusing for me, a small purse dog who has only recently learned how to use a computer with my unfortunate tiny dog hands. If you are in a higher tier, please check your email and fill out the survey as soon as you have a moment to!

Thanks again guys! We’re so excited all this stuff is about to come out!!!

To all of our tumblr followers who backed the Kickstarter: 

The funding stage of the Kickstarter has finished but we still have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to get the coloring books finished! In the past few days I have sent out a survey to all of our backers asking for an address and a name for the thank you page.

Over 400 people have already turned in their responses, which is amazing! For anyone who has not, PLEASE respond to the survey by APRIL 25TH 2016 AT THE LATEST. We need the responses before we can order the books from the printer. Because of that, we have made APRIL 25TH our deadline by which to receive names for the Thank You page. We want you in the book! Please respond ASAP! <3

Interest Check: Community Otome Game

Would you be interested in funding a game that gives you a chance to customize the following?

  • Theme
  • Art style
  • Gameplay
  • Heroine
  • Love interest (and more)

The point of this project—tentatively titled “Cahoots”—is community building. Fans give fans grief all too often; I’d like to create a space for us to channel our opinions creatively and constructively.

If there’s enough support by July, I can set the stage. Over the course of 24 months, I will distribute a series of surveys to backers and build a modest otome game based on your input. Progress will be posted periodically to a development blog.

Please reblog and spread the word! If applicable, indicate the approximate amount you are willing and able to chip in. This information will be used to inform pricing and rewards.

Thanks for reading.


Hey guys!  BIG NEWS! 

So we decided to open up a last second plush goal!  At 50k we will unlock DRAGONFRUIT PLUSH! 

If we unlock him during this KS then we can produce him and ship him along side the other Frutimals, Gertrude, and Penelope & Mortimer!  Which means early delivery and saving on shipping!!! 

If we don’t quite make it… 
If we can push this Kickstarter to, AT LEAST, 45k we will unlock him and you guys can select him in our backer survey. Basically, your pledge can act as a preorder!  If this is the case… He’s on the schedule for March production/April delivery! We will, unfortunately, have to add some shipping to him if that’s the case…since he’ll be shipping after the other KS orders.

Of course if we DOOO make it here on Kickstarter…. then he can be added in with your orders and you guys can save some shipping!<3 <3 <3

External image

He’ll be 13" long from snout to tail, made from soft minky fabric, and his little grumpy features will be expertly embroidered!

LETS DO THIS!!! 46 HOURS TO GO!!!! *runs off to share everywhere* 

External image

Just canceled our Kickstarter campaign

“Hey folks,

I’d like to be honest with you. We need a change in strategy. We’ll cancel our Kickstarter campaign.

We’ve been thinking about a backer survey but I think the numbers are obvious, aren’t they? The progress of £23.4k ($38.7k), two weeks before the deadline is great but not enough for such a high goal.

I’m genuinely surprised and touched by your help and the support of the creator community for the last weeks. It was a pleasure. Much love for that, really. Thank you all! Also see below for the last shout outs for some friends.

You might wonder what’s next now. I think I need a break to think it through. It’s a long time ago since I’ve played Don’t Starve or Minecraft the last time. We’ve learned a few things, not only about press releases, campaign goals or procedural games on Kickstarter. I’ve also made some interesting friends. I’ll make sort of a post mortem about Kickstarter insights soon.

Another interesting thing is that we have a few publisher offers on the table and a Humble store waiting to be launched – I actually like the guys and the idea behind Humble Store a lot. We did great on Steam Greenlight (greenlit within a few days!). So, we’ll move forward, one way or another. I’m making the feature list more reasonable for a smaller dev team. It is just important now to slow down a bit in order to make the right decision. There are some good news already. More on that soon”


From Kickstarter