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He remembers being scared. Not during the scuffle, not with Stevie by his side instead of fighting someone all by himself in God-knew-which back alley, and confident of his own strength the way only a teenager could be.

But later, when Eddie had explained what’d happened, when he’d told them what they said about him—why they had jumped him—God, had he been scared. His hands had felt cold and clammy as he’d unavoidably looked down at Steve and seen the similarities, seen the same small, delicate frame and the full, pink lips Eddie had. And as he’d tried to breathe around the lump in his throat, Bucky had been scared.

They’d fought, him and Steve; the tension and fear stealing his words and making him say things he didn’t mean. And then they’d made amends, because they may be a pair of stubborn punks, but they just didn’t know how to stay mad at each other.

Bucky remembers how badly he’d wanted to tell Steve, then. With them sitting across each other just like they’re now, only bone-tired and raw from all the yelling. He remembers the bruise forming on Steve’s cheek and the way he’d swept his bangs off his forehead, remembers the tears in Steve’s eyes, welling up but not falling, and how his own eyes stung with fear and worry.

He remembers the words getting stuck in his throat, and how Steve had looked at him like he knew them, looked at him with hopeful eyes that maybe, maybe, had been just as terrified as Bucky’s of speaking up.

The moment lasts but a few seconds, and then Steve’s laughing and pulling Bucky back to the present.

A snippet from my story for the Not Without You Anthology <3

Just a little over 2 days to back this project and get your copy, guys! :D

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A week ago, WADTT followers gave great feedback on what they’d like to get from supporting the patreon. I’m really happy to announce that your suggestions have been incorporated, and we’ve got some great new monthly backer rewards to announce! Here’s what they look like:

All backers (starting at just $1) get access to patron-only posts - such as book discussions and anecdotes about animal experiences that aren’t published for public consumption - and can participate in polls that help choose the topics of new articles! 

At the Supportive Sloth tier ($1), you get an awesome hand-written thank you note on an exclusive WADTT sloth postcard and a shout-out on the blog! When your pledge reaches $5 total, you get a nifty WADTT banner sticker!

At Inquisitive Ibis ($5) or higher, you can ask direct questions rather than having to wait in the giant queue of tumblr asks! You’ll have access to patron-only posts that also give tl;dr commentary on viral media that hasn’t been responded to yet on the blog. You also get a shout-out, an ibis postcard, and a banner sticker! 

At Academic Angelfish ($10), you get to be privy to the research that goes on behind the scenes of this blog! You’ll have access to patron-only posts from lower tiers, as well as exclusive ones regarding cool new science and research going on for ongoing large projects. You’ll also get a shout-out, an angelfish postcard, and a banner sticker! 

At Donor Dromedary ($15) you’ll be a huge part of the people helping support the blog continuing to be an educational resource. You’ll have access to all the patron-only posts and get the privilege of suggesting new blog post topics. You get a shout-out, a dromedary postcard, and two banner stickers! 

This is just the beginning - I’m still working on new ideas to roll out based on your suggestions! I want to be able to invest in education as a part-time job and I want it to be worth your while to help make that happen!

(If you want to support WADTT but are unable to pledge on a monthly basis, we do take donations through the WADTT paypal (whyanimalsdothething at gmail) - but I really want supporters to be able to get something out of supporting the blog, which is why I encourage anyone who can to join the patreon community). 

Sorry for the lack of Contributor Spotlights this week–we’ve been busy finalizing the layout for the book! However, we wanted to share the artwork for the final two stickers from @tchallabread and @jackbrogers, featuring Starbucks and Shrinkyclinks. Next week, we’ll post a look at the photostrip bookmark by @kurozawa46 that will be accompanying all physical rewards!

We posted some teasers from the layout design process on the Kickstarter campaign page, so be sure to check that out here. Contributor Spotlights will resume next week. Thank you all again!

artwork by @kurozawa46


We cannot thank you all enough–all 1905 of you!–for pledging to our Kickstarter and making the Stucky anthology a reality. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL. THANK YOU!

We’re headed to the printers within the next few weeks, and we’ll share some screenshots from the book layout at that time. We’ll get hard proofs of the book a few weeks after that, and once corrections are made, we’ll have an official delivery date for the finished product. While we wait on the books to be printed, we’ll be ordering all the awesome backer and stretch goal rewards that you guys made happen, and we’ll get ready to assemble all of the packages to ship your books and goodies out to you!

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts–thank you. For supporting us, and for showing the world the awesome power of Stucky. To the end of the line, friends. <3

Did I mention we’re having a rainfall of WoX-related content today?!

Our kickstarter will also feature an “Instant Goals” rewards. What that means is that every time we meet a milestone to our main goal of $10k, all backers receive a bonus reward! For example, after the campaign reaches $2k, all backers receive the digital ‘concept’ soundtrack to the “Women of Xal” demo!  And at $4k, everyone receives a free digital copy of my novel “Mesto Accelerando: Disc I”, which is very closely connected to “Women of Xal’s” lore and story. (But obviously not necessary to understand WoX)

And so on and so forth! ^ -^v


We did it! Christmas is over! After a month of six day weeks, 12 hour days, and lots of mailroom catch-up time for those of us who spend most of our work year in front of a computer, we’ve shipped out all the orders we’re shipping out before Christmas. We even got all the YANEB backer rewards out (we think)! 

Now, a little after midnight, we’ve put our (suspiciously large quantities of) box cutters and tape guns away and are heading out for our four day weekend. Lots of us are already on planes and trains to visit family; I plan to do a lot of sleeping, personally. (Reid just closed all the blinds in our office—I… didn’t even realize we had blinds.)

This year we held our second convention, moved to a new office, made an UNDERTALE figurine commercial that I still can’t stop watching, and began the inevitable transformation of Mayonnaise Hole from PAX East fever dream to worldwide sports phenomenon, among other things. Thanks to everybody who supported us in 2016, and here’s to an equally busy 2017. - Dan

Guess what else we have in store for you all this month?!

A brand-new Kickstarter to release Orange Junk vol. 2 & 3 (and possibly 4?!) in print! Among our backer rewards are keychains, with a design selected by you, the fans, plus double-sided body pillows, stickers, and more!

Check it out, and get your lovely print copies of Orange Junk, our favorite wacky, wonderful (and lately very moving!) shojo comedy!

Flashback: Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter #5

A long time ago, we used to… get Kickstarter updates! Some were public posts and some were for backers only, but either way, we thought it would be fun to remember that time WE MADE A MOVIE!

Update #5

Mar 27 2013

At long last! Europe, Australia and New Zealand can join the party!

As of right now, residents of the following countries can pledge to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Our first nine reward levels are open to overseas backers. Thank you so much for your patience. We’re so happy to have you aboard.