so maybe yoonkooks girls serve to be memories they can’t escape. They have to learn to accept what happened, and accept each other again. The girls push them toward reconnecting.

The girl follows tae but namjoon follows a girl– tae left everyone behind but namjoon is still searching for him, watching over him from afar even tho tae feels betrayed by namjoon (he tossed his phone that he used to call namjoon in prologue)

The girl in jihopes scene/ she’s the only girl that can serve as a mother or sister figure and makes hobi feel better about what happens but that’s what jimin wants to be for hobi so he watches and learns from the girl

Jin’s girl wasn’t in there but seeing her run and leave stuff that fell behind made jin realize he can’t run away from the past and leave things broken. He has to confront what happens just as he’ll have to confront the girl to give her the notebook back

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some basic sketches and flats (which i was gonna paint but probably won’t have the time) for that Harry Potter AU i described a while back

EDIT: WOW I can’t believe how shitty some of these look in the thumbnail, click through for better quality images

Page of swords for the bundles of the @kyluxtarot project

Damn this card didn’t want to be made, i spent a ridiculous amount of time on it and i’m sure i could still go on for some more hours
But eh. .  you gotta stop somewhere and i really had fun with the ligthing

I might still tweak his face a bit when i come back
EDITED cause i hated his face