It's All About the Jacket

Backdrop Magazine Fall 2010

Go to page 25 for the full article. If there is one tradition I love the most about this band, it’s the jacket. There’s a sense of pride whenever any member wears it, whether they marched one year or five (or more) years. I got to decorate my little’s jacket yesterday and we both couldn’t have been any happier.

I say it so many times, but I mean it each and every time: I love this band. 

‘Dancing Horses’ for Noctis Magazine |
Photography: Kayt Webster-Brown |
Assistant: Darren Brade |
Makeup: Tamara Tott |
Hair: Andy Dowall |
Styling: Joanne Mulcare |
Stylist’s Assistant: Leena Mistry
Model: Grace Cairns @ Leni’s |