backdoor boys


“Wednesday sent you.” Bilquis said, she had been expecting one of her dates to meet with her, had prepared herself for a different meeting than this one. When a boisterous trickster God slunk inside the smoky bar instead she was tempted to flee, and did, that was until he knocked on her door upstairs from the bar. She was faced with two options, jumping out the window or talking to him.

Damn, it had been years since they talked. It had ended as it always did, with her storming out. Nothing got under her skin quite as easy as the trickster God. She would crush him under her heel if she had the actual opportunity, but all their livelihoods were at risk, they needed all the Old Gods they could get, Anansi included. 

“Of course he did. Thinks we’re friends.” He said and ducked, sliding under her arm and turning all in one fluid movement. Bilquis gripped the door handle tightly but did her best to remain calm, to keep her composure, to be the Queen she would always be. 

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Ship ||Nate Maloley||

This was requested by adorkable16 ! Who is amazing by the way, but she wanted this imagine so here it is! Want to read more? Masterlist      Request:Can I have one with Nate? Where your a popular YouTube and like in a q&a you say you like him and fans start to ship? Then y'all like meet or something?

     I had 45 minutes before I had to leave home for LA to go to Vidcon and I knew I had to film a quick video before I left so I wouldnt be uploading late. I decided to do a Q&A so I sent a quick tweet out asking for questions and within minutes I had over 600 questions. So I got my camera out and put out all my lights up and started to record “Hey Guys! Its Y/N and this week ill be doing a Q&A because I havent done one in a long time and we need to catch up! So I got a tone of questions on twitter with you guys using the hastag #askY/N!” I said enthusiastically to the camera.

     I scrolled through a ton of questions and decided to randomly stop on one and answer a few from there on “Okay so the first question is Do you have a boyfriend?” I read off of my phone “No actually I do not at the moment im just trying to focus on youtube and all that I really don't have time for any distractions.” I said smiling at the camera, but It was all a lie I really did want a boyfriend I just had to find a guy who wasnt needy and didnt need my constant attention.

     I ran through the same old questions I get asked almost everyday then one question caught my eye but then I looked at the time and I had to leave soon so this was going to be the last question. “Okay so this will be the last question, so this one says Oh my gosh please tell me you know Nate Maloley everyone who loves the Omaha Squad ships you two!, Well actually Ive heard of him and a friend of mine who is really into Magcon told me that he was going to be at Vidcon so I might see him there but ill keep you guys updated!” I said wrapping up the video.

                 *The next day at vidcon*

     Vidcon is one of my favorite events of the whole year I got to meet a bunch of fans and they all adored me and made me feel so special, but my meet and greet wasnt until tomorrow so today I was just walking around Vidcon and chillin basically. I was with one of my best friends Asteria and we had just arrived at Vidcon, “What do you want to do?” Asteria asked me “I dont know whatever im going to be here for all 3 days and your only here for today so I guess its whatever you want to do.” I said to her as we entered the huge building, there were screaming girls and boys everwhere and I couldnt believe how many people there were it was insane.

     "I want to go see all the Viners.“ Asteria said to me excitedly  "Okay I think they’re on the other side of the building.” I said trying to weave through the huge crowd of people. “Why are there so many people here?” I asked Asteria “Because all the Magcon boys and the Omaha Squad are here today and I mean they are incredibly hot and everyone wants to meet them.” Asteria said to me like I was stupid “Its not my fault im involved with the youtube community and not the whole vine thing.” I said the her but she just ignored me and pulled me into a line.

     People swarmed around me asking for pictures and asking me to sign stuff, but security came up to me and grabbed me out of the crowd. “Mam im sorry but we cant have you out in the general area, its a security hazard.” One of the guards told me “See me and my friend just want to meet the Omaha Squad thats all.” I told the guard practically begging him “This is what I can do for you, I can put you in the green room and when they go on brake which is in about 5 minutes they will be in there and yall can meet them.” He said to me “Oh thank you so so so much sir, this means so much to me.” I said thanking him

     We waited in the green room and socialized with a few other youtubers that were in the room as well. Asteria and I were talking to Connor Franta when one of the backdoor opened and 4 boys walked in I felt Asterias grip tighten on my arm “We’ll be right back Connor it was great talking to you.” I said to him smiling and giving a small wave “Is that them.” I whispered in her ear she gave a frantic nod “Okay so were going to sit on that couch and mabey thay will come over to us,” She told me, so we walked over to the couch and took a seat I was glad I was finally sitting I felt like my legs would give out at any second because hot boys made my legs feel like jelly.

     We were only 10 feet away from the boys and Asteria and I were pretending to make small talk as the boys were stealing shared glances at us. But occasionally Asteria would whisper something into my ear “I want to fuck the tall one that Jack Gilinsky.” She whispred into my ear a wicked grin plastered on to her face I laughed so hard it caught all the boys attention “Something funny ladies?” Sammy asked us “Yes actually Im not laughing my ass off for no reason.” I sneered back to him, but Nate pushed him back “Wait um what my friend here ment to say was do you ladies want to go out with us later maybe to get some drinks or something?” He said nervously “Yeah that would be great.” Asteria said smiling and getting up I followed her lead. 

     "Hi um im Nate.“ He said scratching the back of his neck "Im Y/N.” I said back to him smiling “Yeah I know all my fans tweet me photos of us all the time saying that we should get together, and I mean there not wrong your gorgeous.” He said to me, I could feel myself starting to blush “Yeah do you want to go out tonight?” I asked him “Yeah that would be awesome.” He said flashing me the cutest dimpled smirk I had ever seen.