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You ever FEEL so much that a tv just splits in half on your head? Well it could happen. How do you know? Who do you thiNK YOU ARE

anonymous asked:

I have been dying to ask: what exactly is BACK, I need enlightenment.

it’s a fantasy/occult western webcomic by webcomic superstars Anthony Clark (who did/is still doing the timeless classic Nedroid) and KC Green (who did Gunshow, the comic responsible for like, maybe a third of the memes on the internet, among a few other comics)

the art and characters are very cute and the story is easy-ish to follow, a solid read! It’s fairly young for a webcomic too, only 3 years in the making and you can binge the current archive in an hour or two


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Supernatural+Marvel are all listed here!


A Hello From… (Notes from all our loves)

…Dean Winchester

…Dean Winchester Part 2

…John Winchester

…Sam Winchester




…Let’s Chat (From Me)…

…Bobby Singer

…Meg Masters

…Charlie Bradbury

…Ellen Harvelle

…Adam Milligan


…Garth Fitzgerald

…Benny Lafitte

…Jody Mills


-Dean x Reader:

What Dreams May Come

It Should Have Been Me

As I Live And Breathe


I Do Not Hook Up

The Hunger

Even If That Means-

I Didn’t Have A Damn Choice (My personal favorite)

I Thought You Loved Me

One Of The Best

He Brought Me Back

Come Hell Or High Water

A Home With The Winchesters

(IMAGINE:) Turned Into A Seven-Year-Old

Awake (Pretty sad, warning)

More Than OK

If You Were Here… (Smut warning)


It Won’t Hurt Forever

A Warrior

No Getting Over You

I’m Not Crying You’re Crying (all the fluff)

Couldn’t Tear Me From You (more fluff!)

It’s Not Like That


I Know Who You Are

Happy (Turkey Day fic!)

Hospital Beds

Idle Hands

Make It Stop

Have We Met Before?

Pillow Talk

Share the Blanket

Miss Missing You

I’m In Like

Dying is Easy

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

I’m No Princess

What Doesn’t Kill You

Hips Don’t Lie

You’re Awesome

Heaven Have Mercy

The Wild Ones

The Bartender

Car Wash

From Where You Are (Holiday)

Merry Christmas, Baby (Holiday)

But I’m Sick

Promise You’ll Return (WW2!Dean)

Night Drive (18!Dean)

For Me, This Is Heaven (WW2!Dean)

Pursuit of Happiness

Always With You

No Ordinary Love

You’re It!

On The Outside

Dream Walking

Get Well Soon

Your Love Is My Drug

The Mermaid

At Last

Love and Whiskey

It Should Have Been Us

Deep Breaths

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Warning, super sad)

A Harvelle

I Got You (TW: Abuse)

Just For A Moment

Don’t Stop

Pokemon- Where’d She Go?

Sergeant Winchester


Prom Date

That Kind Of Guy

House of the Rising Sun 

-Sam x Reader:

Dog Days Are Over

I Knew You Were Trouble 

Shut Up And Kiss Me

-Gadreel x Reader:

Crooked (Gadreel x Reader)

-Gabriel x Reader:

To See Your Smile 

-Crowley x Reader

All Hail The King



The American Explorer (Part 1)

The American Explorer (Part 2)

The American Explorer (Part 3)

The American Explorer (Part 4)

The American Explorer (Part 5) -Complete


Same Old Routine (Part 1)

Same Old Routine (Part 2)

Same Old Routine (Part 3)

Same Old Routine (Part 4)

Same Old Routine (Part 5)

Same Old Routine (Part 6) -Complete


Out Of Sight (Part 1)

Out Of Sight (Part 2)

Out Of Sight (Part 3) -Complete


Chaos Reigns (Part 1)

Chaos Reigns (Part 2)

Chaos Reigns (Part 3)

Chaos Reigns (Part 4)

Chaos Reigns (Part 5)

Chaos Reigns (Part 6)


Would You Have Loved Me? (Part 1)


A Brief History of Hunting (Part 1)

A Brief History of Hunting (Part 2)


Breaking the Fifth Wall (Part 1)


Harmonizing (Part 1)


Let’s Get Out Alive Pt 1

Let’s Get Out Alive Pt 2



-Bucky x Reader

Pumpkin Spice 

Service Dog (drabble)

At Home 

No More Nightmares 

Do I Dare? 

-Steve Rogers x Reader

First Date Jitters

-Frank Castle (Punisher) x Reader

White Picket Fence (Frank Castle x Reader)

-Tony Stark x Reader 


-Wolverine (Logan) x Reader

Anything For You

-Brock Rumlow x Reader

Something More


-Pietro x Reader

Subtleties (Part 1)

Subtleties (Part 2)

Subtleties (Part 3)

Subtleties (Part 4)

-Tony x Reader x Loki (triangle)

The Kitten and the Lion (Part 1)

The Kitten and the Lion (Part 2)


Dick Grayson x Reader:

Good Things Come In Small Packages 

Dangerous Woman

Death By My Hands

Let Me See The Guy Under The Mask 

You’re Going To Be A Father 

I’m Just Glad You’re Alright

Why Didn’t You Tell Me? 

How Can I Trust You Now? 

What Are You Doing?!

My Baby’s A Dancer

You Like Me?

I’m So Sorry

The Dead Will Rise Again

It’s Too Late 

Date Night At Home 

You Died In My Arms 

Good Things Come In Small Packages 

Dangerous Woman Part 2

I’m Not Going Anywhere

I Can Always Count On You 

I Missed You

Are You Out Of Your Minds?!

I Can’t Do It Anymore

I Almost Lost You. Promise Me You Won’t Do Something Like That Again?

Wally West x Reader:

Oh, I Thought You…

I’m Coming, Baby!

Let’s Get Out Of Here

I’m Back

Come Back To Bed 

Conner Kent x Reader:

I Got Jealous 


I Like You 

I Was Wrong About You

Jaime Reyes x Reader: 


Don’t Worry We’ll Get Home

You Look Good In Blue & Black

Don’t Let Her Slip Away

Hurry Up And Kiss Her Already! 

You’ve Got The Wrong Idea, Buddy!

I Was Just Trying To Help A Friend

Damian Wayne x Reader: 

Fun & Games 

I Thought You Were Someone Else 

I’m Going To Make You Pay For This

I’d Do It Again If I Had To 

I Don’t Have A Concussion 

I’d Die For You 

Don’t Hurt Her Again

First Time 

First Crush

Come With Me 

Jason Todd x Reader:

You’re Beautiful 

One Last Time 

There’s Two In The Bed 

Even In The Darkest Places I Think Of You 

Even In The Darkest Places I Think Of You part 2

Even In The Darkest Place I Think Of You part 3 

I Underestimated You 

I Underestimated You Part 2

I Underestimated You Part 3

How About I Make You A Deal? 

I Don’t Remember You 

I Do Remember You 

I’m Proud Of You

I’m Not Here To Hurt You

I’ve Finally Found You 

It’s Really Me 

Meeting The Family 

You Need To Calm Down

I Didn’t Expect To See You So Soon 

Movie Night

I Have To Go

He’ll Come For Me & You’ll Be Sorry

It’s Like You Don’t Care If You Make It Back To Me Or Not


I Didn’t Mean It

You’re Alive 

Who Are You?

I Knew You Liked Me 

Today’s The Day

You Will Always Have Me

Stay Away From Her

I Could Never Judge You

I Don’t Remember You 

I Do Remember You 

You’re The Only One I Can Talk To

I’m Right Here

I Know It’s Crazy But You’re The Only Thing In This Whole Place That Feels Right

You Know, If You Ever Need Someone To Eat Your Food, I’m There. 

Don’t You Dare Die!

I Have To Go

I Have To Go prt 2

Roy Harper x Reader: 

I’m A Mess 

I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You 

What Are You Doing Here?

Say My Name

I Can Do It Myself

Tim Drake x Reader: 

I’m Almost Done

Thank You 

Just You Wait Until This Is Over 

It Can Wait 

I’ve Got You

This One Time 

All That Remains Is For You To Watch

Hey There

Sleepy Cuddles 

I Need You Right Now

Okay Back Off Little Red Riding Hood

Sit On My Lap

God, I Hate You

Bruce Wayne x Reader: 

Run Away 

I Do Love You

Second Chances 

I’ve Got Something To Tell You

You’re Stuck With Me 

Terry McGinnis x Reader: 

So I Was Wondering If…

I Want To Be Partners

I’m Batman

Terry, I Know…

Bart Allen x Reader: 

Totally Worth It 

Hey, I’m Here

Harley Quinn x Reader: 

Breaking Out Of Arkham 

Breaking Out Of Arkham prt2

If You Walk Out That Door, Don’t Ever Come Back…

Clark Kent x Reader: 

I’m Here

Father & Son

Leonard Snart x Reader:

I Don’t Do Jealous

Whoever Did This, They Will Pay

We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This

Cisco Ramon x Reader:

I Saw Something

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) x Reader: 

You Wanna Go For Coffee?

Joker x Reader:

This Is For Him

Kaldur x Reader: 

Left My Heart In Atlantis 

Μή κλαῖε, ὦ αγαπημένη

Captain Boomerang x Reader:

I Believe This Belongs To You