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A Hello From… (Notes from all our loves)

…Dean Winchester

…Dean Winchester Part 2

…John Winchester

…Sam Winchester




…Let’s Chat (From Me)…

…Bobby Singer

…Meg Masters

…Charlie Bradbury

…Ellen Harvelle

…Adam Milligan


…Garth Fitzgerald

…Benny Lafitte

…Jody Mills


-Dean x Reader:

What Dreams May Come

It Should Have Been Me

As I Live And Breathe


I Do Not Hook Up

The Hunger

Even If That Means-

I Didn’t Have A Damn Choice (My personal favorite)

I Thought You Loved Me

One Of The Best

He Brought Me Back

Come Hell Or High Water

A Home With The Winchesters

(IMAGINE:) Turned Into A Seven-Year-Old

Awake (Pretty sad, warning)

More Than OK

If You Were Here… (Smut warning)


It Won’t Hurt Forever

A Warrior

No Getting Over You

I’m Not Crying You’re Crying (all the fluff)

Couldn’t Tear Me From You (more fluff!)

It’s Not Like That


I Know Who You Are

Happy (Turkey Day fic!)

Hospital Beds

Idle Hands

Make It Stop

Have We Met Before?

Pillow Talk

Share the Blanket

Miss Missing You

I’m In Like

Dying is Easy

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

I’m No Princess

What Doesn’t Kill You

Hips Don’t Lie

You’re Awesome

Heaven Have Mercy

The Wild Ones

The Bartender

Car Wash

From Where You Are (Holiday)

Merry Christmas, Baby (Holiday)

But I’m Sick

Promise You’ll Return (WW2!Dean)

Night Drive (18!Dean)

For Me, This Is Heaven (WW2!Dean)

Pursuit of Happiness

Always With You

No Ordinary Love

You’re It!

On The Outside

Dream Walking

Get Well Soon

Your Love Is My Drug

The Mermaid

At Last

Love and Whiskey

It Should Have Been Us

Deep Breaths

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Warning, super sad)

A Harvelle

I Got You (TW: Abuse)

Just For A Moment

Don’t Stop

Pokemon- Where’d She Go?

Sergeant Winchester


Prom Date

That Kind Of Guy

-Sam x Reader:

Dog Days Are Over

I Knew You Were Trouble 

Shut Up And Kiss Me

-Gadreel x Reader:

Crooked (Gadreel x Reader)

-Gabriel x Reader:

To See Your Smile 

-Crowley x Reader

All Hail The King



The American Explorer (Part 1)

The American Explorer (Part 2)

The American Explorer (Part 3)


Same Old Routine (Part 1)

Same Old Routine (Part 2)

Same Old Routine (Part 3)

Same Old Routine (Part 4)

Same Old Routine (Part 5)

Same Old Routine (Part 6)


Out Of Sight (Part 1)

Out Of Sight (Part 2)

Out Of Sight (Part 3)


Chaos Reigns (Part 1)

Chaos Reigns (Part 2)

Chaos Reigns (Part 3)

Chaos Reigns (Part 4)

Chaos Reigns (Part 5)

Chaos Reigns (Part 6)


Would You Have Loved Me? (Part 1)


A Brief History of Hunting (Part 1)

A Brief History of Hunting (Part 2)


Breaking the Fifth Wall (Part 1)


Harmonizing (Part 1)


Let’s Get Out Alive Pt 1

Let’s Get Out Alive Pt 2



Pumpkin Spice (Bucky x Reader)

White Picket Fence (Frank Castle x Reader)

when you feel hated and alone
take a moment to remember
those who stand by your side
the ones who’ll have your back
come what may, no matter the day
true friends will always shine
a welcoming light for you
through the darkest of nights
we’re here, and we’re all with you
when burdens are shared
they’re much easier to bear
and as the football chant goes
‘you’ll never walk alone again’


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