Day 25 of #backbendmadness2014 w/ @kinoyoga @fitqueenirene @beachyogagirl - #hanumanasana

I’ve been feeling extremely thankful for my body recently. I spent such a huge chunk of my life picking at myself for all of my perceived flaws- gobble neck, thunder thighs, miles of stretch marks, chubby belly, etc. I mean, there’s got to be a ‘fuck it’ point. Essentially, I had to realize- what if I spend my whole life trying to lose weight and I still have all of my 'flaws’? Y'all, I have no fucking intention of wasting away my 20s in pursuit of half baked ideas about what my body 'should’ look like- why bother when this is what it DOES look like?
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Day 26 of #backbendmadness2014- #scorpionpose.

I can find a million ways to correct my body in this photo but I’m enjoying the journey too much to care. One day my arms won’t splay, my upper back will bend more fluidly, & my toes will be close enough to kiss. But it’s ok that today is not that day.

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Day 19 of #backbendmadness2014 w/ @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga & @fitqueenirene- Parshva Dhanurasana
Dear @lululemon,
Why don’t you produce your clothes in plus sizes? I mean, I’ve read your public responses but real talk- what’s the deal? In my humble opinion, you’re missing out on a major financial opportunity.
For one thing, fat girls are already accustomed to spending a lot of cash on clothes- your prices would barely make a sporty #fatshionista blink an eye. Second of all, all of your clothes would look rad on curvy bodies. For instance, the top I’m wearing in this photo has a very attractive neckline which would be super sexy on small and large busted fat girls (I really like it because it makes my relatively small breasts look like they were styled by ann boleyn). Honestly, the main reason you should start making plus size clothes is because the energy of your clothing line, products, stores, and employees is so damn positive and infectious that it fills me w/ such sadness to think y'all want to exclude such a substantial group of potential customers. I know way too many fat yoga addicts who could be excellent ambassadors for the lululemon mission if they weren’t the subject of your size prejudice.
Just promise me you’ll think about it, ok?
Love, Jessamyn
PS- I really do love my new #yoga mat. Kthanksbye

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Day 22 of #backbendmadness2014 w/ @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @fitqueenirene - #kapotasana.

My progress with this pose makes me feel so stupendous. But for real, if you want to see some baller-wonderwoman-#yogangsters shit, check out the version of this pose that @fitqueenirene posted yesterday. That woman, y'all-DAMN. She always gives me something to move toward. Fitspiration ain’t the half of it- I want to be like Irene, man. In awe. Always in awe.

Also, it’s time for @yve_plus, @julieblanks & @pesekgp to #stopdropandyoga. Do it to it, y'all.
#yogafamily #yogabums #yogalife @lululemon @lululemonlab #yogalife #yogratitude #yogajournal #yogalove #yoganation #yogafundamentals #yogaeverydamnday #curvyyoga #curvyfit #curvygirl #curvespo #fitfluential #backbend #fatyoga #fatshion #curves #feeltheyogahigh #honormycurves #honoryourcurves #effyourbeautystandards #Aimtrue #pspfit

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Day 29 of Backbend Madness - Bow Pose (Padangustha Dhanurasana). I was pretty tired after my morning session in the hot room, but I had just enough left to get my back warm again for a bit more work on my Bow. I’ve been trying to create more space in my shoulders so I can bring my head further back while bringing my legs closer together. I’m seeing progress little by little.

My legs got much more loft in the torture chamber–it was a hot and humid class today. I feel like I have a much stronger kick there. 

It’s much harder without the heat.

I’ve been working on Kapotasana (King Pigeon Pose) in my practice. I started to feel a little stuck with my Camel Pose and wanted to take things further. I love how it feels (when I’m warmed up) and how it’s coming along.

I can get nice depth and almost grab my heels right after 90 minutes in the hot room, but I’m about 2 hours past that in this expression. Still, it’s not too bad for day 22 of Backbend Madness 2014. With a little (re)warm up, I got a strong stretch. 

I worked up a sweat practicing the posture for day 23 of #backbendmadness2014.

Eka Pada Kapotasana is quite the challenge to navigate. Holding it is fine. Getting into and out of it is interesting, to say the least. I start in Wheel Pose, then bend my knee, lower myself onto my forearms, and finally extend my leg. I hold it for at least five breaths, then bend my extended leg and come out of it as I would normally come out of Kapotasansa.

It is quite a ride. 

Day 20 of Backbend Madness 2014 is Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance, one of my favorite standing postures.

Known as Standing Bow (or Dandayamana-Dhanurasana) in my practice (with slight differences in alignment), it is a beautiful heart-opening balancing posture. It requires strength and flexibility of the spine as well as calm focus.  

My back usually pops all the way up as I get deep into the posture, lowering my torso and kicking my leg higher back and up. I’m still working on my splits, so there is a lot more work to do before I can get to the full expression. But, as long as your alignment is correct, this is a lovely posture at any level of execution. 


Day 19 #backbendmadness2014 is Parsva Dhanurasa, Side Bow. Start off in Dhanurasana and then roll over to the right and take five breaths on the right side, five breaths on the left side and then return to Dhanurasana for another five breaths. Your thighs should be burning towards the end 😊 The key to this posture is to start off with a really good Dhanurasana. Lift the legs, firm the pelvic floor, send the center of the chest up and forward and finally lift the spine up and out of the pelvis. Maintain a balance between opening the shoulders, hips and spine and keep so that even when you lean over to the side you keep good structural integrity. In order to feel that the weight and “bend” is evenly distributed you have to pull equally with the arms and the legs. Try not to rock back and forth but let the posture be steady and strong. Avoid resting your head too much on the ground when you go over to the side, instead keep the neck arching backwards to continue the back bending motion. Shorts and top by our awesome sponsor @liquidoactive Check @beachyogagirl for a beginner option @fitqueenirene for a flow option. Tag us all in your posts!

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