backbend challenge

Y'all, the inspiring yoga teacher/author/activist Chelsea Jackson (@chelsealovesyoga) featured me in the “Yogis in The Community” segment of her blog- in our interview, I talk about what led me to the practice of yoga, the challenging aspects of my practice, and advice to aspiring yoga practitioners who don’t see their bodies reflected in the media. Click here to read the article and learn more about Chelsea’s inspiring projects!

Day 1 challenge #FREEYOGIS #FREEDOM I chose wild thing pose for day 1 “freedom”. I used to hate this pose because it was really hard for me to transition into it. I started trying them more and more because I think when you confront things that you hate and look at them with an open mind, you become free. Open your heart to the poses or even people you hate because you won’t be truly happy or advance until you learn to love. Love everything. Love your enemies and everything that challenges you. Just love and you will become free.