There is exactly one year between these photos. The left picture came up in my Facebook memories for today so I figured I would revisit the pose that has been giving me trouble as of late and actually managed to get a good hold (video to follow). As you can see, I used to have to use the wall and I had NO back flexibility. Now I can hold inversions off the wall no problem and my back is extremely flexible. How? Daily yoga practice and flexibility stretching. I go to actual classes at a studio 2-3 times a week and am also currently doing my yoga teacher training. I also practice inversions EVERY DAY. I can’t wait for my teacher training to be over so I can start offering inversion classes, workshops and lessons! ❤️ #inversion #inversionjunkie #progress #flexibility #backbend #forearmstand #yoga #yogagirl #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday