When your idol tweets about something that hits so close to home is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m almost 18 and I’ve struggled with scoliosis since I was 12. I wore a back brace for 16 hours a day, every day for four years. I’ve also been apart of a scoliosis support group called the Curvy Girls for the last 4 years as well. Hearing her spread awareness about something like that just made my entire life. I love her so much

Ouchy :(

If I have another 6 (maybe 8) weeks of this back ache I think I will be crying for 42 (56) days. Its come out of no where :( trying so hard not to whinge at Sean because he’s been working for a million hours, but every movement I make I go ‘ooh ow ouch fuck’

17.08.2011 - 35 weeks

My back is acting up again. I can’t wait for it to get better so I can go swimming.

3 weeks till I’m done with work

3 weeks 3 days before Mummy arrives

5 weeks before Miranda arrives (if she comes as scheduled)

14 weeks 2 days to seeing my whole family together again after close to 2 years! <3

15 weeks 4 days to Christmas Day

I have a throbbing headache. And awful backache (because I had to help my dad push our 7-seater car up, yes, UP a bloody hill yesterday because the battery decided it no longer wanted to work).
We have no pain killers in our medicine cabinet which is just nifty when you can barely see because of what may or may not be a migraine.