(Headcanon by: @bird-ly)

A beta heat/present headcanon I have is that it all depends on their genes:

A BA (Beta gene carrier of Alpha gene) has milder ruts and milder wallowing be a part of their heat cycle. When first presenting they get aggressive and possessive for a couple of days, with Alpha-like levels of rut and wallowing. Of course, the aggressiveness may stay, depending on the person.

A BO (Beta gene carrier of Omega gene) has cramps, sore limbs, headaches and backaches, coupled with mild nesting and irritability - all rather alike the one of an Omega, but with milder symptoms. Of course, intensity and symptoms depends on the person. When first presenting these symptoms are elevated to omega-like levels. BOs have their heat cycle coincide with their menstrual/estrous cycle, male BOs have their heat/estrous cycle lessened, grandiosely so compared to omegas and mildly so compared to their female counterparts.

BB (Beta genes) have no heat cycle and have their second reproductive systems non-existent, being purely male/female. Some are sterile. About half of the BBs are scentless, where the other half has a very faint and barely noticeable scent. However they have superbly highly developed vomeronasal organs, which grants them an uniquely advanced sense of smell regarding other’s scents.
There was a huge social pressure that these genotypes were to be avoided mating and birthing because of this characteristic. Though with the new ways of thinking of the minds of the youth generation, they are now, slowly but surely, considered valuable and highly sought after thanks to that same characteristic.
A female BB has a normal menstrual cycle and menopause. Male BBs have normally functioning reproductive system.

When your idol tweets about something that hits so close to home is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m almost 18 and I’ve struggled with scoliosis since I was 12. I wore a back brace for 16 hours a day, every day for four years. I’ve also been apart of a scoliosis support group called the Curvy Girls for the last 4 years as well. Hearing her spread awareness about something like that just made my entire life. I love her so much

I have a throbbing headache. And awful backache (because I had to help my dad push our 7-seater car up, yes, UP a bloody hill yesterday because the battery decided it no longer wanted to work).
We have no pain killers in our medicine cabinet which is just nifty when you can barely see because of what may or may not be a migraine.


Last night, possibly due to the chronic backache that I now seem to have acquired, I slept on my back. I used to love sleeping on my back but this is a no-no during pregnancy as it’s possible for the weight of the baby to constrict my aorta and subsequently restrict its own blood supply. 

I woke up at about 4am convinced that I had killed the baby.

I tried to push it about but it didn’t respond. I rolled over. Nothing. Rational me tried to reason with my half asleep self but it didn’t work.

Eventually I got up and went to the loo. Whilst sitting there and weeping there was a little flicker of action. I assume the cashew was just in a deep sleep.

Sufficed to say I didn’t get back to sleep and I have been walking a thin line between wanting to burst into tears and punch someone in the face all day.

Ouchy :(

If I have another 6 (maybe 8) weeks of this back ache I think I will be crying for 42 (56) days. Its come out of no where :( trying so hard not to whinge at Sean because he’s been working for a million hours, but every movement I make I go ‘ooh ow ouch fuck’