We don’t live in that house anymore
though mother sure wishes we do, she wants to spread her skin out on the lawn chairs 
and titter out someone else’s high society gossip into wine glasses and poolside conversation  


We don’t live in that house anymore
we lived on the other side of a beach bride we could always leave the light on and out there sea turtles never crawled up to bury their shells in sand, 
never thought the shining beam of pool light that swam a faded yellow through the pool as we sat dangling feet through the streams could be the pale white moon


We don’t live in that house anymore
saving up ten dollars in quarters and pennies and cheap plastic lighters
hidden coves of cash from young thief siblings with too sharp grins over giggled out lies


God forgive me but i wish we never did
i can’t handle thoughts of back yard adventures snuck around neighbor’s houses whose faces we never saw
 maybe our hose isn’t the same without in ground pools to pour tap water smells into
maybe childhood memories prefer the backyard rainbows we made with chubbed fingers over sprouts to change the spray
but i’m still recovering from memories when the mist comes the kind my mind made clinging 
to those four pink faded walls in that room i never fit


Mother I know you want to go back 
and spread yourself over the king sized bed, the one fourth acre lawn
but listen that house never did anything for me but make me cry
father, would you forgive me if i never liked my childhood the way you loved us running through the grass
that house was always a memory trapped in a metaphor, we all needed to leave.

- Old Addresses | L.B  © 2017

Written for @julykings Prompts 

Let's Go To Oz.

There’s no place like home.

There’s no place like home.

Lance would tell you that these were the wisest words he’s ever heard someone say. Way to go, Dorothy.

He never thought it would be something he’d be thinking about at nearly 24 years of age.

Lance sat in hub of the castle, looking at Earth in the holographic map of space that surrounded his entire being.


Lance couldn’t just click his heels and magically get back home.

He wouldn’t admit that he’d actually tried that once, years ago when this hellish adventure first started.

It doesn’t work.

Or maybe he was just wearing the wrong shoes. That was probably it.

But Lance didn’t just miss Earth.
And he also didn’t just miss Cuba.

Or Veradera Beach.

Lance missed the sights, smells, sounds.

He missed the people too.
His mother who was always so kind and loving. She always have the best hugs, no offense to Hunk.

Lance missed his father. Well, the father he knew at the time. His mother had several marriages.

Bear, he called the one he knew last.

Lance liked him.

He missed his older sisters, and his brother. Lance wonders how old the twins were now, most definitely born.

He missed his pets.
The chickens, stray cat named Frank McLovins. Lance didn’t have dogs, but he had always wanted them.

Lance missed his back yard, the adventures he used to go on. He also missed the trees that he used to climb and hide in.

The blue paladin missed the lake that hid in a little crook behind his house. He’d love to swim in it and occasionally fish a little.

Hell, maybe he Ben missed the Garrison a little bit. Lance missed Earth and everything on it.

There were people and things he loved in space, in the universe, but they weren’t like home. Like Earth.

No one else talked about it.
Maybe they didn’t miss it like Lance did.

Or maybe they did, but didn’t talk about it.
Were stronger than brooding of the things that were lost to them.

Maybe Lance neeeed to grow up.

However much longer before he returned, Lance knew he had people to keep hi grounded. Pun intended.

Although they were rivals, Keith kept him most sane. It was like arguing with his siblings.

Shiro and Coran were like hi father figures. Pidge a little sister.

Hunk still remained his best friend.

Allura, his big sister.

The mice were like his chickens and the stray cats. Just the little things.

Lance relished in the little things that reminded him of home, and no matter how long he was out here, maybe home wasn’t as far was as it seemed.

The hologram shut off.
The room went dark.

Lance wiped his tears.
An he went to bed.

There’s no place like home.