Just some sad thoughts for y’all

So I know I mostly post funny little things on my blog, but I really just wanted to get this off of my chest so I’m gonna be completely honest here. I don’t usually cry when I watch TV shows or movies. I’m just kind of soulless in that aspect, HOWEVER… I’ve been rewatching Supernatural with my mom which so far has been awesome, but I came to realize something. I’m actually crying when a death happens, or when heartbreaking dialogue and moments happen. At first, I was confused but then I realized why. It started when I watched the pilot with my mom and I suddenly began sobbing. Now I know why. Because I realize that they’re never going to go back to that point in their life when everything was so simple… when Sam had his little bangs, when Dean made sarcastic remarks that had no means of hurting anyone… when they both smiled because they hadn’t seen the things they’ve now seen. Now that I really, truly realize that, every moment in the show just makes my heart a little heavier.