“Happily ever after” has always bothered me. As a child I would engross myself in stories that would be about brave knights on horse back slaying dragons, girls who could speak and rely on animals to help them with housework, parents who loved each other, hell, even the sterotypical Romeo and Juliet love stories where it’s so tragically beautiful. But happily ever implies that you’re only happy after. After what? The story ends? You slay the dragon and save the princess? Your very own prince or princess wakes up from a deep slumber with your true love’s kiss? Happiness, isn’t how it ends. That I am sure of. The story will go on, outside the book covers, the reality is our stories don’t end happily. Happiness isn’t just acquired by getting through one challenge and being rewarded for the success of surviving. If only it were like that. Happiness isn’t just awarded to the hero upon saving someone or defeating the evil inside or outside of your own body. People aren’t other people’s happiness. You can love someone and you can make someone happy but you are not and never can be their happiness. You yourself have to work for happiness, and you have to allow yourself to be open to the little moments of unexpected happiness along the way. See, in the real world, the story doesn’t go great when the hard stuff hits and in reality you don’t get a reward for waking up the next morning or sweeping up the broken fragments of memories you share with strangers from lifetimes ago. The reward is waking up the next morning and not getting cut to deeply by the pieces. There are happy moments along the way, before and after the storm, even during it if you’re with the right people. Happily ever after doesn’t exist. Because we aren’t ONLY happy after everything works out (I mean we are for the most part) but we’re happy along the way and before the story even starts too. Every story starts on the heels of another story’s ending. When we get to see the smile of the person we love after they cry, or the beauty in the expression of ones soul or the words that make you feel something or the days that you never want to end or simply just the way story itself goes, is happiness. We are happy then, too. Not just after. Never just after. Happily ever after is lie. You have to keep working for happiness, you have to keep letting yourself see it. And the only way you learn to appreciate it is when you don’t have it any longer. After, we are on the roller coaster that is life. The same roller coaster we’ve riding on for as long as we can remember. Racing from point A to B, birth to death, happiness to sadness. That’s what the after is, and it’s only happy if you let yourself dwell on it that way, otherwise it’s just another goddamn begging at rock bottom.

- The Princess Saves Herself

—  S.A.S.
You’ve changed (verse)

,This is a verse iv’e been thinking about for awhile and I like the idea.

Plot: One day Jamie wasn’t found at team skull. He was just gone..he never returned and no one else heard a word back from him. But his mother found out where he was. She was threatening him that if he didn’t leave things would get a lot worst for him and his friends. This caused so much panic in Jamie that he left in the middle of the night.  When he came back home is mother yelled and yelled and took away all his pokemon..he didn’t see his pokemon for two years. He was mostly locked in the house. His mother hurting him so badly mentally that he changed over the years. He even started hating team skull. Not understanding himself really why he even joined team skull. Once he left the house his mother saying it would be okay from him to leave. He got his pokemon back. Once he left the house Jamie was cold almost a dead inside person.

But 3 team skull members wonder where there friend went and they finally try and go to find him. One of them used to be very close to Jamie very close. He was the most determined to find him. But what they find would about there friend scared the living hell out of them.

Jamie is a scientist but does experiments on pokemon..trying to fuse two into one…but the experiments are horrible. His lab is all dirty covered in blood and guts. Most of his experiments are failed. But once we finds the 3 team skull members he starts to use them as experiments.



Name: Jamie.


Age: 21

Height: 5′9

Weight: 96 Lbs.

Gender: Bigender (but mostly stays male)

Sexuallity: Pansexual

Personality: Unstable, rude, cold, hateful, angry, Resentful

Relationship: Open

Looks: Somewhat long hair but keeps it in a ponytail his hair is also messy. Has a short not long beard. Wears a long white dirty lab coat with some blood spots on it. He has dark grey long pants and somewhat like dress shoes. He also wears a bowtie.

Other: He has lots of scars on his skin, He still has some of his team skull things, Most nights he cries himself to sleep, has nightmares mostly every night,


Other info: Okay so you of course can interact and rp with this Jamie! Just know that he isn’t the Jamie in the main story. He is cold and dead and evil. I would love todo ask and roleplays with this! But with relationships that is kind of a hard thing. If you are a team skull member Jamie well most likely hate you. But well trying to get your character to leave. But a relationships could work.

But another thing I am going to be making a comic with this. If you would like your character could be in the comic. Please PM me and we could talk about it!  

//This is a work is progress. I’m going to finish this tomorrow! What do you guys think of this? Also! I’ll have the ref of Jamie and the three other skull grunts done soon!

// I am going to add more things later!


Remember that song that was playing during that blatant advertisement for Nissan during the last episode of Fringe? 


Well, it just so happens to be one of my favourite songs. It distracted me from the product placement. 

Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event

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FRINGE - Preview #2 from “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” airing FRI 1/13