Back To The Top Button
  1. Go to here and choose the back to the top button you want.
  2. Copy the code you want (which is below the picture)
  3. Go to the customize page and paste the code between <head> and </head>
  4. Adjust anything if necessary or desired (position, size, etc)

How to change the image

  1. Go to here, and upload the picture you want.
  2. Copy the link they give you near the bottom of the page and go there
  3. Copy the image url
  4. Find background:url(the image url here) in the code
  5. Replace the current image url, with the image url from the photo you uploaded
  6. Adjust the width and height if necessary or desired
I can be strong like a burning whiskey
I can be sweet like Tennessee Honey, honey
Pretty as a daisy, careful if you pick me
This wildflower can get a little crazy, baby…
—  Trouble - Gloriana