School is going to be starting soon, so I decided to make a bunch of printables to try to be more organised from the very first day. I don’t know about you, but every year (until now), on the first day of classes, I would write down everything that the teacher was saying on random pieces of paper I could get my hands on, which I would end up losing the moment I walked out of the classroom. This year, I decided to change that so I made class info printable. I also made a lab tracker because I always lose my labs and then the teacher always asks for them at the end of the year… So for this year, I made a lab tracker ahead of time. I also made an assignment and test tracker so that I can have a pretty good idea as to what my final mark will be. I made some vocab and formula sheets too to make studying them a bit easier. I made a schedule printable because the schedule that my school gives every year is pretty ugly and I end up losing it. I made a weekly review so that I can make sure that I looked over everything I learned that week instead of just forgetting about it. I also made a daily planner because why not. There are also different versions of every printable so you can choose which one you like best. Other printables. Tag me with #msprintables

Random Back-to-School Advice

Alright so if you’re like me you start school tomorrow (or soon, anyway) and you’re probably going through some crisis right now. I’ve cried and died my way up to junior year in high school so here’s some tips fam


  • if they say anything along the lines of “i think i’m a pretty fair/fun teacher”, or “i think you’ll have a fun time in this class” there’s an 80% chance they’re a shitty teacher
  • honestly any teacher that seems really nice the first day has a good chance of being a bad teacher
  • wait until your first test/quiz until you judge your teacher
    • they could have really easy notes but SUPER HARD tests, or vice versa
    • even if you hate their guts
    • just fake it
    • one day you’re gonna need help with something and you don’t want them to hate you


  • yeah fuck teenagers they’re horrible
  • honestly most of the drama is from dating
    • stay single don’t mingle kids
  • join a club with something you actually enjoy and make friends
  • get at least one person’s # from every class you’re in
    • it can even be from a different period, as long as it’s the same teacher and class
  • don’t give shit to people you don’t know/trust
    • bitch you better lie
    • you ain’t getting that pen back
    • and they’re gonna steal all your binder paper


  • yeah no one cares where you sit
  • just find an empty table and take it
  • if you’re lucky you’ll find a cool teacher who will let you eat in their classroom


  • learn the art of BS’ing all your work


  • if you were sick, ask your teacher if they’re available after school
    • otherwise you might get some sass like “yeah the syllabus said you’re supposed to come after school do you even read bro”
    • and it just sounds better which makes them like you more
  • honestly if you’re just respectful and participate in class you can probs get your teacher to like you
    • no one likes a teacher’s pet, but it’s helpful to have them like you
  • take a picture of your schedule and your school’s bell schedule
    • trust me
  • if you have a problem with a teacher/class, talk to the teacher first. if that doesn’t work, go to your counselor. if THAT doesn’t work, get your parents involved
    • like once i got my history teacher to postpone our test bc AP tests were that week.

Feel free to add on/correct anything on this list or message me for advice

10 back to school tips

i hope this helps any nervous freshmen (whether that be high school or college bound), or even any returning students that are getting back-to-school jitters.

1. If you have to go, go. There’s no point holding it in any further, it’s just punishment! And if your teacher says you can’t and you really got to, say it’s either you peeing in the bathroom or peeing in the classroom!

2. Get going to class at 5-10 minutes in advance (that being said, this is all assuming the length from where you are to the classroom in question is manageable), because trust me from personal experience, getting in one more joke with your friends is not worth that tardy slip. 

3. Don’t hide personal problems from your teachers or your counsellor. If there is a reason why your homework assignment or essay paper isn’t up to par, tell them. Most teachers will be understanding. They might not raise your grade, but they will sympathise and cut you some slack. 

4. Don’t go to parties on school nights. Trust me, it is tempting. Especially when you cheat and look at your friend’s snapchat stories. But you’re going to regret it. Maybe you won’t, but your GPA certainly will.

5. If you don’t have a friend in a class, that is perfectly okay. Making new friends is the best part of a new school year, and if everyone in your class just sucks, you just need them to complete the partner work and then you never have to see them again! 

6. French kissing isn’t that good. Meaning, it isn’t worth jeopardising your entire future on the hunt for a future Mr. or Mrs What’s-Their-Face. Chances are, your soulmate is at your dream university, or working for your dream job. And you’re not gonna find them with that 2.0, sweetie.

7. Eat breakfast. This one is especially important. Breakfast, it’s a cliche, but it’s the most important meal of the day. You cannot function properly without it, especially if your first class is gym class (because I literally almost passed out). And you absolutely need those extra bites when you have a test coming up. There’s nothing worse than not being able to finish your mid-term properly because you thought that circle looked like a croissant. 

8. Don’t get caught up in drama. It’s nice, yes, but you’re not on the set of Gossip Girl. It will distract you from more important things in your life. And in five years, you won’t even remember who kissed who at the bonfire.

9. Taking care of yourself is first. That being said, pulling an all nighter to study for a test is something we are all guilty of, but know your boundaries. Partying excessively is bad, but once in a while go for a run or go for a short yoga session. Do something that makes you feel good. You are not going to survive without a small guilty pleasure like that. 

10. Peer pressure. Don’t conform to it. It doesn’t matter what classes your friends are taking. Take the ones that you want to do. If that is choir, band, forensics, spanish, chemistry, I don’t care, if you want to do it, take it. It’s your future. Yours. 


Hey guys. If you’ve followed me (@thinkstudypink) for a long time OR follow me because of this post, you may remember my back-to-school supplies (that isn’t for school) post. Think of this post as the more mature, serious one, haha.

I’m making this post not only for myself, but I’m posting it on @co2018 to introduce myself as a member! If you have any requests for ideas message this blog and mention me or message me on my main blog!

This is for ideas of storage and stuff to take along, good first day and first week things to do, and lastly advice that isn’t “pretty” studyblr, like buying cheap supplies and honest opinions on diy materials and expensive pens. Enjoy and add whatever advice you have! ♥

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