tips for the new school year! (studying + lifestyle)

from a girl who’s going back to school soon!

hi there! to celebrate the new school year (i start this feb!) i decided to compile a masterpost of study tips + lifestyle tips that i’ve seen on tumblr over the past few months, that i thought were super helpful! hopefully these will help you guys too (:

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hello friends! since our school year starts in 3 days :( we thought we’d share a few tips we’ve learnt over the years! 

1. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

If your school starts early, say 7 am, and you’ve been sleeping at 2 and waking up at 11, you’re not going to have fun on the first day of school. Gradually reintroduce your normal sleep cycle. Try sleeping at 12, and waking up at 9, and work backwards from there.

2. Finish any outstanding holiday homework.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve done some of your holiday homework, but you haven’t finished it. Now’s the time to buckle down and finish it all quickly, because when school starts, even if your teacher gives you extra time to do it, you’ll feel much better having done it.

3. Buy whatever outstanding books and supplies you know you’ll need.

If you haven’t already, go out and buy your textbooks, notebooks, stationery, post-its and anything else you think you’ll need over the year.

4. Do some pre-reading.

If you’ve already acquired your books for the new year, flip through them. It’s okay if you don’t know your syllabus yet, just look through a topic or two and try to understand. If you have your lit book, that’s even better. Read it, annotate if you want, even research on it. This will help prepare you for the new semester. 

5. Sketch out a study plan for the new year.

It doesn’t have to be very detailed, but just try to list a few things you want to change about your study habits, as well as some better habits you want to achieve.

6. Decide on how you want to take your notes.

Whether it be for in class / after class notes, choose whether you want to continue using/improve your current method or find a new one that works for you.

7. Organise your room

Declutter your room and throw out anything you don’t need. Starting the year with a clean and tidy space to study and rewind can help your ability to cope with the school year.

8. If you wanted to do anything during the holidays that you haven’t done yet, do it.

Let’s say you wanted to bake a pie, or learn a new song on the guitar, or read a few books, even watch a new show or anime, but you just haven’t had the time or motivation. Make a list of things you want to do before school starts and do it. You’ll feel much better about your holiday.

9. Mentally prepare yourself for school.

Sometimes, all of our physical preparations isn’t enough, especially if your brain is still partially in denial. Start thinking about how your school life is going to be, how your daily schedules are going to adapt, how you can manage your responsibilities. Making school a reality instead of a faraway event can brace you for the new year.

10. Set goals for yourself.

Write out a list of goals for the upcoming school year. When you list your goals you’re able to plan what you need to do to achieve them. Having that list can be a driving and motivating force. Do you want to learn a new instrument? Improve your handwriting? Be more organised? Always remember to make your goals realistic. I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve them! 

Well, we hope this guide has at least begun to prepare you for your school year. Remember to work hard but know your limits!

How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating?

In my last post, I mention how procrastinating can be total suicide for your grades. Procrastinating does not do anyone any good. If you don’t do the reading or the homework, you will not be prepared for that surprise pop quiz that your teacher might throw at you. Overcoming procrastination can be the key for success in your future.

Hide all Electronics

Phones, Computers, or anything with a screen is distracting. Turn it off and  put your electronics in another room and even better on a different floor. Just make it a big harder for you to get your hands on that electronic. If you don’t have anything to distract yourself, your more likely to do the things you need to do. If you really need a push, give it to an someone else and tell them not to give back to you until your done with your work.

Go out in Public

Being by yourself and not having anyone around can be really boring and that makes it easier for you to procrastinate. When your with other people like in a study group, you usually don’t want to be the person who is slacking off. You don’t have to be in a study group, I like going to the local library or even a small cafe. But by being around other people it encourages you to do better and actually doing your work.

Race the Clock

Another trick, I like to so is set a timer. I either like to set like 15 minutes to do an assignment or set a few hours to finish all my homework. Its motivating and this tricks works well for really competitive people. It get work done quicker but probably not as good quality work so I don’t tend to use this trick with projects or essays. I usually use this tricks with worksheets. 

Make a to do List

My next tip is to make a list of everything you need to do and to plan a productive day. It is incredibly satisfying to check off those boxes on your list and to have nothing else to check off. I almost feel bad when I don’t feel finish everything I need to do on that list. It also helps you not to forget anything you need to do. 

Don’t Stop

I don’t recommend taking breaks because your more likely to get distracted and extend your break. Taking short breaks only helps you retain knowledge if you don’t do anything or look at anything. So I don’t recommend taking short breaks when your studying. I like to do all my homework in one study session. I don’t like to drag it out my study sessions. So don’t stop do it all in one session. 

These are all the tips I use to beat Procrastination. The one thing you should always keep it mind is that you will always be less stressed and have more time to do nothing is if you don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate getting rid of this bad habit will help you in school and in your future. So Good Luck!



Powerful photos show what back-to-school looks like in Palestine and Israel

As protests rage across the West Bank this week, tensions between Israeli forces and residents of occupied Palestine are higher than they’ve been in months. In the midst of this, however, local schoolchildren go about their day-to-day routine. It’s the closest thing to normality in a situation that for many is anything but.

Tips I should follow this semester
  • Use the Feynman Technique. But don’t waste time on the material you already know backwards and forwards.
  • Help your friends. Explain concepts. Offer help with projects. Answer their questions. You’ll begin to learn more responsibly.
  • Apples not coffee. More blood supply to the brain. Decreasing caffeine immunity might actually help when I actually need to stay up.
  • Cold water with lemon in the mornings will help you feel more awake and less dehydrated.
  • Study with a particular scent in the background and sleep with that same scent. Your brain will strengthen the memories with that scent better.
  • Study for a few minutes before you sleep. Study while you sleep too, playing audio of revised lessons.
  • Take meds regularly.

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