writing an essay in college is very different from writing an essay in high school. personally, i write more research/history papers than literary essays (the liberal arts life and curse), so this is going to be a post on how a general research-y essay that has a thesis and arguments. 


  • don’t open with a quote and don’t be overly broad. 
  • avoid generalizations 
  • your intro should address the topic of your essay (ex. the significance of gardens in renaissance society), and then narrow down to what you want to talk about in regards to your topic (ex. the political influence of the Medici gardens during the renaissance)
  • thesis! it should include the argument you want to make about the narrowed down topic, and three (or however many your class requires) reasons to support it. I like to think of it as W = X + Y + Z. 
  • your thesis explains who, what and why in a concise manner. 


  • topic sentences should not be a word for word copy of your thesis.
  • the order of arguments in your thesis is the order of your paragraphs 
  • depending on the length of your essay, there should be at least two justifications to your argument. 
  • so, just as the intro has a formula, X = A + B, and so forth. 
  • A and B should be backed up with some sources/quotes. don’t forget that if you are quoting from class notes to put either the prof’s last name, or (class notes)
  • be sure to have clear and concise arguments, don’t be flowery
  • USE WORDS THAT ARE ACCURATE. thesaurus is great but if you use a word that sounds cool but doesn’t capture the meaning you want to convey then don’t use it, because it may just change the meaning of your argument
  • quote whatever isn’t yours. it is completely fine if 90% of your sentences are quotes. its weird to get used to, but don’t worry about it. 


  • the worst part in my opinion. 
  • synthesize don’t summarize. show how your arguments relate back to the thesis.
  • try not to copy paste your thesis into the conclusion, word it so that the readers understands that through XYZ, you were able to conclude and support argument W (referring back to the thesis formula)
  • do not add any new information, do not add quotes. 
  • your final sentence should tie up the essay in a pretty bow, but try to avoid clichés 


  • when writing the body paragraphs, your ‘weakest’ paragraph should be in the middle, strongest as your last, and the second best as your first.
  • if you’re stumped on the intro, skip it. write out the body first, then the intro and you’ll be able to concisely word your thesis
  • think of your essay as an infomercial. your intro is the loud and clear HERES MY PRODUCT, the body is blasting information on why the product is so cool, and the conclusion is the final push for the viewer to buy that product. make your teacher want to agree with your thesis! 
  • use a mix of paraphrase and quotes!
  • don’t forget your works cited lmao (the MLA Handbook is a gr8 tool, also OWL Purdue)
  • prime time for essay writing is in the morning or at night, but make sure you edit it meticulously 

stay humble, study hard 

Flip you

Title puns ‘cause I can…..
fite me. Also @prinxietys here go, I just threw it together so don’t expect greatness :p

Warnings: Swearing, light bullying (and as always, remember to tell me if I missed something!)


Anxiety was so goddamn tired.

First he had gotten maybe-not-even thirteen hours of sleep the whole week. He had forgotten to practice his routine and probably screwed up the whole audition. And to top it all of, he forgot to grab regular clothes, meaning he had to spend all day in a backup hoodie and his dancing clothes.

Then his alarms didn’t to go off, Logan wouldn’t share his homework answers even though he knew Anxiety couldn’t stay awake during history. It was just so boring and the teachers voice just drawled in a tone lower than the ocean floor.

Finally it was Friday. He could get through this. Eight hours, that’s it. He took a deep breath, pulling his backpack up and walked through the doorway into the classroom.

“Hey Angel~” Oh god. “And I thought this day couldn’t get any worse. “Anxiety said, not looking up. He knew who it was. Roman, the self proclaimed “Prince of the school” and an official pain in Anxiety’s ass.

“Come on Hot Topic, you don’t even want to know why I’m here?”

No. “Not in the slightest.“Anxiety said, patting Prince on the shoulder and pushing past the taller boy and going to his seat.

One of Roman’s stupid friends slid into his seat just as he was about to sit down. An arm wrapped around his shoulders as Anxiety felt his irritation start to grow. “Now now, you have to at least listen to me. "Anxiety felt his eye twitch and he opened his mouth to give a cutting and probably very salty remark when Mr. Sanders walked into the room."Sit down everyone!”

Anxiety used that as his out and shrugged Roman’s arm off his shoulders. "Screw you jack…wagon. ”

With the little snippet of “if you insist~” To test his will to live a little more, Anxiety slid into a seat.


Anxiety was going to lose his mind. He raised his hand to catch the teachers attention when another little thump on the back of his head made him slam his hand down on the desk.

The teacher looked back, brows furrowed. “Everything alright Anx?”

Snickers came from behind him, ricocheting off his will power like baseballs at a glass window. Anxiety smiled humorlessly.“Yup, everything’s good Mr.Sanders.”

A folded piece of paper landed on his desk as the teacher turned, going back to explain whatever formula was on the board. Anxiety had been so distracted on not decking Roman in his perfect face that he missed everything. Oh well, Logan would have the notes.

Anxiety grabbed the paper, mumbling softly about how he knew Prince was still in middle school. He read the couple lines and felt his will power start to crumble like a biscuit.

Will you go out with me? Nod for yes Back flip for no ;)

God dammit

Anxiety felt the blood rise on his cheeks and just like that, he snapped. Without a word he stood, pulling his hoodie over his head. Everyone turned to look at him almost in sync and the teacher was the first to break the silence.

“Angel? What are you-”

Anxiety jumped, his hands landing on the solid desk surface behind him as he flung himself backwards, making sure to look Roman and all his stupid friends in the eye as he bounced from desk to desk right to the door and then continued into the hallway, only stopping when out of sight.

Nice try Prince, maybe another day.

You know what? FUCK IT. I am a Ferrari fan, a TIFOSI. I know shitty times, I know heartbreak but it doesn’t make me love my team any fucking less, because whatever happens we always come back. So while it is tempting to send everything to hell and I dunno, watch cricket I won’t because I love this sport and Ferrari is my fucking family, so next race you’ll see me cheering them EVEN fucking LOUDER in case they can’t hear me.

We win or we lose together.

Seb, Kimi, Maurizio, the whole team they are not alone. The tifosi, we are with them. We might have our flaws but if there is something we NEVER do is give up.

Forza Ferrari, Forza Seb, Forza Kimi and if we’re gonna go down, we’re gonna go down FIGHTING this shit and come back. WE ALWAYS COME BACK

Can we please not fall back into TRR formula for every episode with this engagement tour. You know the one: There’s an event, buy this outfit, impress the press/court/royal family, diamond scene with LI, next week on TRR. I want more solving mysteries and exploring court intrigue rather than “prove you know the proper title for Madeleine’s 4th cousin twice removed to impress the royals”

  • Tsukishima, about Hinata: Do not let that thing out of your sight. It looks harmless now, but it could grow into something dangerous.
  • Kageyama: Like the Insane Clown Posse.
  • Tsukishima: Yeah, good one. 2003 called, it wants its easy target back.
  • Kageyama: ...
  • Kageyama: Hey, yh, 1995 called! They want their "certain year called wanting its "blank" back" formula back!
  • Yamaguchi: Why, Kageyama-kun? Why expend the effort?
  • Kageyama: Life is effort and I'll stop when I die.

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hello hello Baguette! I'm Derp, your assigned asker for the aphaskevent. Yay! My ask is about Asterix. The comic series one. I grew up reading them in Indonesian translation, and those were hilarious. I wanna know more about its history and influence in France and the world :D

@aphaskevent @aphindonesia @hetaliafandomhub

Hellooooo Derp! Glad to see you here for the Event! ♥

Astérix is a monument of french comics (which we call BDs, as in Bandes-Dessinées) and also a huge part of my childhood!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Astérix is a series of comics that follow the adventures of Astérix the Gaul, his best friend Obélix, and the recurring characters of the village they live in. Their stories take place in the first century B.C. after Vercingetorix’ defeat in -56 B.C. and the entirety of Gaul is under Roman Rule…

All of it? No! One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium…

… That is the little mantra that introduces each comic. At least, the english translation! Basically Astérix’s story is a History AU where only his village still resists against Roman occupation thanks to a magic potion their Druid gives them.

Panoramix (the Druid), Astérix, and Obélix (+ Idéfix, Obélix’s pup)

Every comic (save for a few) is rather formulaic; each tells the story of Astérix and his friend Obélix who live peacefully in their village until an outsider comes asking for help or the Romans become a larger threat than usual. This usually starts the story, sending the two Gauls away from their village to accomplish the task of helping the outsider or numbing the roman threat.

The tone of the series is generally comedic and the sense of humour is… Very french, let’s say. The visual gags are things that can me appreciated in any edition of the Astérix comics and cartoons but the real jokes are usually untranslatable word-play- Though I will always give kudos to the translators who try their best to let Goscignny’s genius shine through!
The most notable word-play jokes are in character names. Depending on one’s ‘nationality’, a character will have a name which is a word jumble with a suffix associated with their country of origin. Gaul names end in -ix, Roman names in -us, Egyptian names in -is, Norman/Viking names in -af, Briton names in -ax, etc… This is usually for male characters, as there aren’t many female characters. When there are female characters, their names will either follow the previous rule or be a word-play ending in -ine.
All names have to sound like a real word or phrase, which is why many names and jokes get lost in translation, for example.

The first Astérix BD, Astérix le Gaulois came out in 1959 as a collab between René Goscignny (writer), Albert Uderzo (artist), and a Franco-Belgian editor, Dargaud (which was also responsible for the Tintin series).
Goscignny unfortunately died in 1977, leaving the writing to Uderzo alone (and it shows) though his name was never removed from the covers. Uderzo himself retired from his work as a cartoonist after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks.

A drawing Uderzo did as an homage to the cartoonists who were killed during the Charlie Hebdo attack.

As of 2015, 36 volumes of the Astérix and Obélix’s adventures have been published. A new one is to be published in October 2017 with a new writer and artist who mimick the original style. Goscignny and Uderzo’s name will remain on the cover, however.

The impact Astérix & Obélix had on french society and culture was massive. We’re a country of nerds who love our BDs, kids grew up reading them since the 1960s and physical copies have been passed down from parents to children- Hell, my introduction to the series was through my dad giving me his old comics as soon as I knew how to read! I loved all the characters and I still do- My favourite was Obélix. Growing up as a chubby kid and whatnot… (I’m even working on a R63 copslay of him now shhhh)
Everybody here has read Astérix at least once in their lives… And if they haven’t read it, they’ve definitely seen the movie adaptations and/or gone to the theme park (which opened in 1989).

Lemme tell you about the films, bc BOY are the movies good.
In France we have a knack for making good BD film adaptations, animated or live-action. The Astérix movies are among our favourites ♥ Many french comedy actors consider that being a part of an Astérix movie is a peak in one’s career, that’s how big the franchise is.

Well-known actors who have played in the live action ones as main characters include…

There’s a bunch of films that have been made but lemme just introduce three of my favourite.

NOTE: The post is getting super long, so I’m gonna put my blabbing about my three fave movies + conclusion under a cut! Happy reading!

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can you name 5 things you dont want to see in s2? shippings aside

most of the things that i don’t want to happen regarding ships are for deeper reasons than just it opposes my ship, so it’s kind of hard for me to exclude shipping from my list. most of my fears for season 2 have to do with romance, so i can’t keep shipping off my list entirely– but i’ll explain into further detail why it’s on my “please, god, don’t” list for season 2 (or any future season). 

  1. B*RCHIE & the BAV love triangle. i will stop watching the show if ether of these things happen. my love for bughead plays into that, but it’s also much much deeper. having romantic b*rchie happen, or resurrecting the triangle from the first two episodes, destroys the bond between the core four. i’ve watched so many shows where i couldn’t invest in the friendships because they were all dating and fucking each other. you cannot convince me that somebody would be okay with their best friend dating somebody that they used to be deeply in love with. for me, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been broken up, it’s just something that you don’t do. and you definitely cannot convince me that two people can still be best friends with no animosity after fighting over the same romantic interest, especially if one of them is/was in a relationship with the person they both have feelings for (ex: peyton and brooke from oth). i’m not interested in seeing the beautiful friendship between veronica and betty be decimated for a love triangle that has already been done a hundred different ways. it had a long life (too long). let. it. die. and i don’t want to see the bond between the core four be strained for a coupling that a) very few people want and b) robs betty of all of the character development she’s experienced since we first met her. she has come so far from her comic counter part who let people walk all over her and pined after archie despite the fact she was clearly second best to him. and how am i possibly supposed to believe that archie is riverdale’s “hero” if he assured veronica that he only views betty as a friend, and then proceeded to sleep with her, only to turn around and be like psych. one of the things that has kept me from disliking archie is the fact that, despite all of his screw ups, he was still a good person. having archie develop feelings for betty after his and veronica’s conversation in ep 13 would turn him into a smarmy fuckboy. i’m not going to watch a show where out of our four main characters: one receded on all the growth she’s experienced to be with a boy that has only treated her like shit (romantically) in the past, and another can’t figure out what he wants, so he dips his hand into every honey pot in riverdale; not realizing how it hurts them and their friendships with each other 
  2. keep paranormal shit away from riverdale. if you want to have your show be paranormal, you have to introduce that right away. you can’t start your show as human monsters and then suddenly shift to actual monsters. it just doesn’t work. a prime example being pretty little liars– out of nowhere they started introducing ghosts and psychics and it left the audience like ???? that’s one of the reasons their pll spin-off, ravenswood, flopped so hard. they were counting on the pll audience to also watch the spin-off show, but a lot of people liked pretty little liars as a show about human monsters. they didn’t want to watch a show that took place in the same universe, but with ghosts and demons and prophecies. if they want to keep doing little dream sequences with zombies and having the kids talk about legends involving witches in the woods as a nod to roberto's afterlife with archie comic, that’s fine, but don’t make it real 
  3. no more incest. it’s upsetting that i even have to type this. please, stop. no more twincest vibes with cheryl and jason, and no more cousins sleeping together and having children. i don’t even want step-sibling type incest, which means no fred/hermione or fp/alice 
  4. i don’t want a bughead break up. this one does have a bit of bias, but it’s more than just my love for them. it’s why i love them. betty and jughead have one of the most refreshing, honest, believable, loving, supportive, healthy relationships i have ever seen on television. i know that some people, for some reason, believe that for a couple to be interesting they have to break up and get back together throughout the show, and i firmly disagree with that. in fact, i find on again-off again relationships to be obnoxious. they’re either breaking up over something stupid that they should be able to work through with conversion and time, or something terrible that makes them getting back together later hard to believe. the more they do that, the less refreshing, honest, believable, loving, supportive, and healthy that pairing becomes. i don’t want that for bughead. i’ve said it before, but i’d like to see them have a relationship like nathan and haley from oth. they got together in the first season and stayed together the entire show (9 seasons). their relationship was not boring. the writers put them through hell, and they stumbled a few times, but they fought through it and always came out stronger. that was amazing to watch because it made their love feel so real and was such a rarity on tv. it still is. the way they wrote season 1, they have a prime set up to make betty and jughead their anchor couple. i want that. i want that so much more than the tired break up, date other people, get back together formula most television writers fall back on. and nobody give me the “it’s not realistic” speech. this is a show where they hid heroin in maple syrup barrels. it also might be rare for teens to get together and stay together, but it is most definitely not impossible or unrealistic. i’m sure that quite a few of my followers have parents that started dating in high school and are still married 
  5. i also don’t want betty to become a south side serpent. i know a lot of people like the idea of her going dark and becoming the “serpent queen,” but i think it kind of romanticizes her mental illness. she’s not dark betty or light betty, she’s both. having her go full dark is just as unhealthy as what she’s doing now. she needs to learn that it’s okay to be both. she needs to find balance, and (i don’t think) joining the serpents is going to help with that. i want her to spend time in the south side, and make friends there, because i think being around people who are unapologetically themselves will help her learn to accept all parts of herself, but i don’t want her to become a serpent. it also tethers betty and jughead too tightly together. they need to be their own independent people within their relationship 
A (Somewhat) In Depth Analysis On Why (And How) Danny Phantom Should Go Ghost Again

Part One - Three Possibilities

There are three possibilities as to what is going on with all the hype surrounding the return of Danny Phantom, and these can be simplified as the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly.”

The good option, which I personally believe is the least likely, is that Nickelodeon HAS greenlit a fourth season, and we just don’t know about it yet because it’s so early in production. If this is the case then we probably won’t see any news or promos until at least 2018, seeing as how the hype train really got its start around August 24, 2016, when Butch uploaded a video called “Danny Phantom 10 Years Later” and the green light would have happened not long after that. Again, this seems extremely unlikely, but if it’s true, then Butch has been doing a good job building up hype while keeping it a secret.

The bad option, which will be the main focus of this post (and also isn’t so bad), is that as much as Butch wants to bring the show back, Nickelodeon isn’t so keen on the idea, and that’s why he’s turned to the fandom to build up hype, and THEN maybe Nick will listen.

The ugly option is… Well, it’s ugly. I hate that this is even a possibility, but as I’ve stated before, the good option is the least likely, making this one a decent possibility. Maybe there are no plans to #goghostagain at all, and the hype is all just a ploy to rake in the views and attention. Maybe it’s all just one big promotion for Bunsen Is A Beast (which by the way I think is a sub-par show, but I’ll get to that later). It’s disappointing to think about, but if it is the case, then here’s what I have to say: Butch, you are better than this. If you aren’t serious about this, then don’t go around trying to get people excited for something that doesn’t exist. Please and thank you.

Part Two - Forget The Hype

I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if nothing ever came out of all this hype, but since we’ve come this far we might as well take the extra step to convince Nickelodeon this is a good idea. Of course, there’s not a whole lot the fans can do to sway the opinions of the executives, and at this rate we’re DEFINITELY not going anywhere. Most of what I’ve seen has been “I love this show so you should bring it back” with no other reasoning. It’s all based on pathos with little to no logos or ethos, and that’s what I’m hoping to make up for with this analysis. There are plenty of reasons for Danny Phantom to get a fourth season, it’s just a matter of letting them be heard through the multitude of YouTube videos saying “Look, Butch said this one thing this one time!! Season 4 confirmed!!!! I am so HYYYPE!!!1!!!!1!”

Part Three - The Passage Of Time

Like many good shows, it ended too early. Apparently the ratings were a bit too low for Nick’s liking, so they told Butch to find a way to end it. (I don’t have a very good source, so if you can find one with real numbers and add it in, that would be great.) This is a common trend. Good shows don’t get the advertising and promotion they deserve because the network wants to spend more time on their cash cows like SpongeBob and Teen Titans Go, and then the good shows get cancelled because, “Well no one was watching it, so it’s not worth keeping, right?” Then, as the years go by, more and more people find the show and say “Why was it cancelled? It’s so good!” The good news here is that if an old show comes back with a much larger and stronger fanbase, it will do really well! Unfortunately there is one problem with the way the fans will probably watch it, and that is the internet. After watching the original episodes online, that’s the way they’re probably going to expect to continue watching them. This was a HUGE problem with The Legend Of Korra! (Again, source needed) So I guess this is more of a message to the fans than the executives: Watch the show on the TV, or AT LEAST set it to record!

Another problem that The Legend Of Korra had (it’s really only a problem in the eyes of the execs) is that the audience was mostly adults and older teens. You know, the people who either 1) Where the same people who originally watched The Last Airbender and are now a bit older, 2) Were old enough to use the internet in a way that allowed them to find ATLA in the first place, or 3) Are the type of people who enjoy more in-depth, plot-driven, mature-themed shows. I think that the third option is what networks like Nick, CN, and Disney are most afraid of when it comes to choosing which shows to pick up and air. These channels are supposed to be for kids, right? Well, first of all, these networks are wrong to think that kids can’t enjoy more complex shows than SpongeBob or that the most important thing in determining a show’s worth is how much money it brings in, but I digress. Instead, I’d like to talk about how Nickelodeon SHOULDN’T worry about having a repeat of TLOK if they were to continue Danny Phantom.

Part Four - Plot And Audience

Unlike the Avatar series, which were extremely plot-driven and weren’t afraid to get a bit dark, Danny Phantom is a lot more episodic in nature. Now, if it were too episodic, then I probably wouldn’t be arguing for it to come back. I mean, I love My Life As A Teenage Robot, but there’s no real reason for it to come back other than the usual “This is one of my favorite childhood shows! Why did it have to end?” You see, Danny Phantom had a nice balance of episodic plot vs overall plot that made for a great show for kids and teens alike. If it were to come back using the original formula, it would probably do really well with the “intended” audience of preteens. Hardcore fans (the ones who have been begging for a fourth season ever since it ended) might have mixed reactions, though. It all depends on the direction the show goes.

Again, the original formula will work, but what exactly should the plot be? Should there be a time skip or not? These are all questions that I’ll talk a little bit more about later, but ultimately can not answer. The biggest question that I CAN answer, though, is should it cater more towards the new preteens audience or the older, hardcore fans? The answer is a resounding “HARDCORE FANS!!!” We KNOW there are plenty of things that were planned that didn’t make it in, and we want to see them happen in a way that satisfies our nostalgia and our (slightly) older tastes. I personally think that even though the episodic nature works from a business standpoint, this continuation should have just a little bit more of an overarching plot. Just a little bit.

Part Five - Butch’s Other Shows

I don’t want to dwell on this topic too long, but it’s important enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Fairly Odd Parents: To put it bluntly, it’s dying. We could talk about how Sparky and Chloe are terrible characters, but there’s no point because the whole show has been moved to NickToons. It’s the channel where Nickelodeon shows go to die, and as unfortunate as it is that FOP has been drawn out to the point that the original fans don’t like it anymore, soon enough it will get low enough ratings that it will finally be cancelled. Rip

TUFF Puppy: I didn’t really watch this show, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s not that great. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it just doesn’t have a whole lot going for it that makes it worthwhile to talk about. It ended in 2015, so whatever.

Bunsen Is A Beast: This is another show that I haven’t seen a whole lot of, and I don’t really want to. I feel that even though it has a good message of being inclusive and stuff, it doesn’t really go about it in a unique way. You know what show has a similar setup of a character from another dimension going to a human school but is actually good? Star vs the Forces of Evil. I know I’m not the intended audience for Bunsen, so I’m not really in a position to complain, but between it’s obnoxious loudness, ugly characters, and seemingly random-for-the-sake-of-random humor, it isn’t as good as it could be. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Butch for trying new character styles and whatnot, but it just isn’t working.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there IS room for Danny Phantom to return. FOP is dying and it wouldn’t hurt for Bunsen to die off as well. Good programing is what we should be after, not money makers.

Part Six - Questions And Suggestions

This is the part where I re-introduce the hype and fangirling. It’s not part of the main message that the show should come back, but it is important for the follow up question of how. So here are some important questions for Butch. *Takes a deep breath*

How will season 4 go? What’s the plot? Is it gonna pick up where it left off or will there be a time skip? How big of a time skip will it be? Will the intro be the same or will it be something new? What, if anything, will be retconned? What new characters will be introduced? When and how will Vlad return from space? Did Vlad meet Wheatley? Will Dark Danny make a return? Is Danielle gonna be adopted by the Fentons like you said? How are you gonna make up for the fact that the technology is so outdated? What about the Unworld and the Elsewhereness? What is the meaning of the universe??? *Incoherent screaming*

…I might have gotten a bit carried away just then.

Well, time to answer some of my own questions. I think that a decent sized time skip would be a great way to have the characters age with the show’s original audience, and it would also avoid any weirdness with the outdated technology. I’m not sure how big it should be, but 10 years does seem like a good benchmark number. If there is a time skip, this could also be a convenient excuse to brush over a lot of nothingness and say “It took Vlad [this long] to find a way to return, and now, after a long time of peace and quiet, the main antagonist is back to wreak some havoc.” Maybe the first episode of the new season could be a recap and summary of everything that happened between seasons 3 and 4, including an introduction to the new plot. There should be little to no retconning because this is a continuation, not a reboot. If something small needs to be changed to help the overall flow of the story, then so be it, but don’t go erasing the entire last episode just so Danny’s powers are still a secret or something like that. There should definitely be a new intro and theme song that are more related to the new story, even if there isn’t a time skip. The overarching plot should heavily focus on that Elsewhereness stuff mentioned in the video “Secrets of the Ghost Zone Revealed” and somehow include the conflict of ending up in the Unworld. As far as new characters go, I would much prefer to see older characters more in depth, but a few new villains couldn’t hurt. Dark Danny NEEDS to return because he’s my favorite character of all the one-off villains, he’s the only one with an entire two-part episode dedicated to him that basically ended with the promise of his return that never got the chance to happen. I only mention this guy above all the other villains because he’s my fave he is literally an alternate version of the main character. And if there is a 10 year time skip, then that would make Danny the same age as his evil counterpart and–

You know what? I could go on about this hours, but this post is already long enough as is, and I don’t want to turn it into a fanfiction. I think I’m going to leave this here for now and allow all of you to add on to it as you wish.

Part Seven - Sources???

    I’m really bad at including sources, so if any of you can find good and relevant ones for me, that’d be great. Just reblog this post and add them along with any other comments or theories you have related to the return of Danny Phantom. Let’s make this one big cluster of ideas, and hopefully we will one day see that our efforts have paid off.

Atlantis is such an underrated, overlooked Disney movie because people will legitimately shout, scream and yell endlessly how they don’t want a classically masculine, stereotypical hero, how they want someone sensitive, gentle, passionate, intelligent and nerdy instead, how they want a princess of color who is both badass and gorgeous and can hold her own in combat and be graceful while she kicks major ass, how they want amazing female villains next to male villains, how they want a large cast of characters from all forms of life, ethical diversity, national diversity, gender diversity, body diversity and age diversity, how they don’t want the same fairytale formula poured down their throats over and over again, how they want a fresher, more original setting and story-line with great humor and lines of dialogue, how they want this and that, the list goes on and on - until they actually get what they were whining about all the while. Then they’ll just ignore the shit out of said piece of work and collectively go back to the very formula they were trashing all these years and keep on moping how their demands aren’t being met by popular media. Bottom-line is: You’re all spoiled ass, ungrateful, childish bitches.

People can say whatever they want about Arc V being too ambitious or convoluted and how it should have just stuck to the usual YGO/shounen narrative rather than hype and dissapoint us (funny how works that try to diverge from the stock premises are never given the same “breaks” or are allowed to have mistakes)  But at the very least it stuck to its spirit and intent until the end.

Because you know what bumps me down? Getting involved into a fiction work that starts out trying to do something different (be it subversion, aversion or decon) just to slowly fall back into its formulaic - and not even in the good sense - narrative, plagued with cliches, broken aesops and/or asspulls whose conclusion I can predict from a mile away, and become indistinguishible from all its clones. 

So yeah, I’d rather have a flawed work like Arc V, than a perfectly generic brand one.

anonymous asked:

I am seriously struggling in general physics. Non calculus based. I can't seem to grasp when to use certain formulas, and I go to office hours and tutoring and I feel I still don't know enough. What are some of your tips and tricks to retain information and learning how/when to use formulas

hi there!

so i’m quite terrible at anything related to math, including physics, so i definitely struggled through the classes, but i found a method of working with physics/formulas in general so lets see if it can work for you.

when given a word problem or scenario, i write down all the given variables, and then i write down the unknown variable that i need to solve, and from there it’s a matter of matching up what formula will work. 

for example: 

An object with a mass of 17.15 kg experiences a force of 10.99 N. What is the acceleration of the object?

Known variables:
mass = 17.15 kg
force = 10.99 N

Unknown variable to solve:
acceleration = ?

So now i go back to my list of formulas and look for ones that have mass, force, and acceleration. And f=ma pops out, and some algebra changes it to a=f/m so

a = 10.99 N/17.15 kg = 0.64 m/s/s

The tricky part about this process is if the question gives you more variables than necessary, or if you need more than one formula (for example, if figuring out acceleration was the first part of another larger problem set). 

in general the best way to learn solving problem sets is to just keep practicing until you recognize patterns in the questions and a method of solving the problems. don’t worry about memorizing formulas, because eventually after using them over and over you’ll naturally start to remember them. see if you can find practice problems online or if your professor has some. 

it also helps to learn the reason/history behind the formulas, so it’s much more than just letters and symbols. i’ve found that a full understanding of formulas (or any concept) really helps guide my problem solving. it also helps in understanding the units, like why the units N/kg would result in m/s/s in the above example.

drawing free body diagrams also helps, especially if you’re a visual learner (like me!) it also brings the “real world application” part out (like if i pretended the above question was regarding a plane or something). 

the internet also has a lot of helpful resources that gives you the option of having something taught in different styles (until one style clicks). ex. i found this website after a quick google search: Zona Land Education. youtube videos are also great. 

those are things that have worked for me. if anyone else has anything more to add, please do!! (and tagging @roundlittledog bc he’s a badass and super helpful physicist)

good luck anon!

All Through the Night

Newt Scamander x Reader 

 Prompt: Newt is up in the middle of the night do to bad memories of Hogwarts and reader comforts him, as he opens up. 

 Warnings: Making out, implied smut, angst

     The darkness surrounding you, and the comfort of the love of you life laying right beside you, was more than enough to make you a sound sleeper. The warmth of the flannels sheets, the Hufflepuff quilt above you and the man curled into you back was the specific formula for your good nights rest and even a single variation in that formula, and you were restless. So the second the night air rested heavy on your skin, you woke up to a startle. You knew immediately that it wasn’t the sheets nor the quilt that were enabling your rest, it was the lack of the body beside you, surrounding you in his deepest affections you until you rose again. Turning quietly, you notice the quilt turned up and the light on in the sitting room. You rose from the bed in your shear nightgown and padded down past the chill wooden floor of the hallway into the room, where in the large armchair, facing the window, sat a man with wild red hair flying about in every direction the air could pull it. You bend to kneel beside the chair. You move your hand over his own, his other one covering his eyes, supporting his head. Not even 2 seconds after you set your hand on his own, his hand fly up into the air, eyes now alert, jumping out of his skin. The second he sees you beautiful eyes bugging out with alarm he settles back down, letting your fingers intertwine. 

    “I’m sorry, love, did I wake you when I got up?” He asked, voice soft and accent delicate, none to less, there was clear distinction of distress in his voice.

    “No no, I only awoke when I felt you not there.” You whispered comfortingly. He exhaled heavily, and ran his long lean finger back through his hair. “Newt, darling, why are you up so late? It’s 2:30 in the morning?” You looks an against his arm giving him a stern yet concerned expression. 

    “To much on my mind to sleep, I’m afraid.” He sighed deeply, rubbing his hands together. “You go back to bed, love. I didn’t intend to wake you with my pathetic predicament.” 

    “Would you like to talk about it?” You whispered so softly he hardly heard.

    “No, no. It’s quite alright. I don’t want to keep you up.”

    “Newt.” You spoke again. This time, instead of persistently insisting you let him be, he pats his lap, which you immediately crawl into curling against the dorky, yet dashingly handsome man. 

     “Can I just hold you for a while?” He breathes shakily into you neck where his face is buried. 

      “I’m your wife, Newton. You can hold me whenever you please.” You reminded him, quietly giggling. 

      “Oh, right. Good deal then, eh?” 

      Then, you two just sat there. Just the darkness, your hearts beats. Your skin pressed against each other, only your night clothes guarding you from complete exposure, something you fondly reminisced about your wedding night, and many after. Only now, his shaky breaths and the damp skin of your neck where his eyes hovered over, did you realize how exposed Newt was in this moment. How raw in his emotions, and just how much he wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerability at the same time. He only had told you to go back to bed, thinking he’d been inconveniencing you. He’d always been quite fine with sharing his emotions with you, but this felt strangely different, and it definitely scared you, the state he was in.

   Suddenly you feel fingers linger around the hem of your night grown, caressing the skin of your thigh, ever so lightly, the sensual touch of a feather. Soon, his fingers linger higher and the inside of your thigh receives a firm squeeze that makes you breath out a deep sound in between a gasp and a moan. 

     “Tell me, Newt. Please. I can’t help if you don’t talk to me!” You pleaded, panting. Yet, now, you feel the tears roll down your skin. His eyes glowed in the dark, and could see now he was crying, to. “Let me help you.” You repeated. “Please. Let me help you.”  

      There was more intense silence as you saw the usually lighthearted, dorky man cram his eyes shut. 

    “Look at me, a bloody mess, like a massacre happened in here!” He coughed out in a bitter laugh. You couldn’t help smile, as well. Just like Newt to crack a joke in a serious situation. 

    “Yet somehow, even when you’re crying, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever came across.” He began to rub small circles on your lower back, kneading out the tight muscles. Their was more awkward silence but you held onto it like you did with his hand in a large crowd.                           

      “I was 17, at the time. A young rebellious bloke, young enough to not know how moronic I was being.” He spoke out suddenly in the darkness. You couldn’t help but let a small gasp escape your mouth, never did Newt talk about his years at Hogwarts, not at all in the 4 years of being with him, had he mentioned much of anything about his days there, other than immense Hufflepuff pride.  "Even now, it was over a decade ago yet, it still bothers me, is that nuts? The things I’d hear of them all say.“ He imitated a higher voice now. "I was blackmailed, I was cheated, I was lied about and mocked, and thrown around like rubbish. Some played tricks for everyone else’s amusement, the reason I got expelled. ‘Look at him,’ They’d say. ‘He’s nothing compared to that brother of his!’ Professor Dumbledore always knew, he encouraged my passion and helped pursue it. When that poor muggle was nearly killed, he had them expelled weeks before he finally gave up on letting them keep me around.” You could feel his gasping sobs in his chest as he sputtered out the words. His cheeks where shining in streaks of tears, making your own worse.

      “Oh, Newt,” You whisper, “I had no idea how horrible it all was for you!”

     "I hardly think of it anymore, It was a while ago, and we were all young and immature.. But tonight, I was thinking of…“ He paused for a brief moment of suspense,”…Of how much I don’t deserve you, and I suddenly remembered all they said, and start to wonder if what I’m doing even matters at all.“ Suddenly you turn, gripping your thighs around his hips looking him in the eyes. 

     "If anything Newt, I don’t deserve a man as caring and passionate and loving and handsome as you.” You placed light kissed up his jawline.  “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d never worry again. Your work, and your passion for it, and why you do what you do was the every first reason I fell for you, many more to come..“ With your final words, you pushed your fingers into his wild red hair and pulled his mouth against your own and let your tongues intertwine in a battle of fiery passion, and much needed acceptance. Newt, with a new found dominance compared to his usual awkward, uncertain demeanor, skillfully pulled the night slip off your lovely frame, your hair falling in curtains around you as you ran your hands downward, feeling the strength of his arms, then upwards wiggling through his silky hair, connecting to the wisdom in his mind, and let them finally rest against his firm chest, drawing love from his pure soul. "Every part of me is overjoyed at the thought of spending the rest of my life by your side. Never, ever think I’m not the most proud woman alive to be Mrs. Scamander." 

    "That’s a relief, I started to believe one day I’d awake and both you and Frank would be gone without a trace!” You giggled, leaning closer to maintain the intimate atmosphere. “Well, good thing Thunderbird’s aren’t my type, the legitimate kind like Frank, and especially not the Ilvermony kind. I’m more of a Hufflepuff loving kind of gal.” His white grin glowed like his eyes in the darkness of the room. 

     "Y/n?“ He spoke again after a moment of silence. "How you would you like, if you’d like that is, to mother a little Hufflepuff?”

Netflix and Cuddles || Jeno

Member: Jeno
Word count:602

Request:Hey there! I’ve been pretty stressed these days, was hoping your amazing writing could cheer me up ;w; could you write a cute Jeno scenario of him and his s/o just cuddling and playing video games and kissing etc, thank you! <3
A/n: Omg do you guys ever study so much where like your brain just runs out of fuel and you cant even fous anymore. Well here is that kind of stress in the story. Jeno is literally so cute and boyfriend squish material.

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Originally posted by 10795

“Come on baby close the book you’ve been studying all day” your boyfriend whined next to you. You sighed and looked back at the formula, right now it was all a jumble of words from over reading. It felt like your mind was semi fried from all the studying.

You were stressed upon belief  but Jeno has been watching and studying with you for half the day. He was a great support and understood you needed some extra study time. You and Jeno were stuck in your house trying to make out more formulas and study.

Studying on a Saturday night wasn’t ideal but you needed to study. You studied so much at this point all the letters were fuzzy. While the information wasn’t even processing at this point it was terrible.

Jeno cheered you on and got you snacks and gave you support. Now Jeno gently grabbed your hand and squeezed it lightly.

His small eyes looked at you with seriousness “You can stop studying if you want” he said. You stared at his beautiful eyes, “come on one night of relaxation with yours truly” he asked with those famous puppy dog droopy eyes.

You did want some one on one cuddle session. You bite your lip he was probably right. Studying is needed but relaxation could help your mental state. You slowly closed the binder. Feeling the stress melt away as you closed the book. Jeno smile wide ready for you.

“Back off Jeno” you said pushing your ps4 remote trying to win in the fighting game. You laughed as Jeno pressed the buttons at rapid speed to win. His combos skills way better than yours.

“Try again” he said your character was taking some good hits. You smiled as you played the game. After Jeno told you to distress he was right. The night got so much niver after you closed those damn books.

He threw you one of his large sweaters and made sure he dimmed the lights. Putting the books away and turning on some video games for the both of you. Also ordering pizza which to be honest was a must. And after almost of 30 minutes of debating food you both thought pizza was the way.

Then Jeno pulled the final move in the game and killed your character. “Your such a cheater” you huffed. Jeno smiled “Just get good baby” he teased you picking up a bread stick.

You smiled turning off the game and clicking on Netflix, you looking at the time it was already almost midnight. “Oh my we’ve been at it for hours” you said.

“Doesn’t time fly when your having fun” he said. Jeno smiled leaning over to enveloped you into his warm arms.  You smilled as clicked don a movie on the device, searching for a movie to watch. Which naturally you picked a cute Disney movie.

“Are you relaxed in my arms” he asked in a cheeky manner. His warm body pressed against yours was nice. It felt so safe in his arms.
You played with your sweater paws for a second “ its nice” you admitted. Jeno smiled looking at you “can I get some kisses” he asked.

“Hm does Jeno deserve a kiss” you smiled. Jeno gave you a puppy look “Please” he begged.  

“Hm I guess he does” you said leaning over to give him a small peck on his gentle lips. You sat back to cuddle  into Jeno arms more, sighing in content.

“Now lets watch this movie” you said looking at the screen.

Jeno just grinned resting his head on the side as the movie started. This was probably the best night you could have thought of on the spot. Just a chill night with Jeno.