The Beatles eras

Their first era: The rock ‘n’ roll era
•please please me
•with the Beatles
•a hard day’s night
•Beatles for sale
Number two: The transitional era
•rubber soul
Number three: The psychedelic era
•Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
•the magical mystery Tour
•the white album (partially)
Number four: The “Back to Basics” era
•the White album
•abbey road
•let it be (get back)

  • <p> <b>you:</b> hello<p/><b>me:</b> Kelly Clarkson's two new singles Love So Soft and Move You make for such a marvelous comeback. Kelly is the singer of some of the most iconic pop songs from 2002 til now, and Move You ranks among some of her best singles: Already Gone, Sober and Behind These Hazel Eyes. Love So Soft on the other hand is a fantastic bop reminiscent of Xtina's Back to Basics era, with powerful vocals and notes in the whistle register. Meaning of Life will surely be one of the best comebacks this year, up there with Kesha's Rainbow, Everything Everything's A Fever Dream and LCD Soundsystem's American Dream.<p/></p>

* = Should be a future single

1. Confident - I love the horns & Marilyn Manson-esque guitars in the chorus, as it reminds me of the riffs from “The Beautiful People.” Not the strongest track by far and imo not quite single material but it has a great message and is fun to jam to. 

2. Cool for the Summer - Honestly one of Demi’s best songs. Sexy but playful, slightly dark, sensual, love the breathy vocals and the mix of pop/rock and electronics. This song rocked in the summer months! Should’ve been released way earlier in the year.

3. Old Ways* - The pre-chorus SLAYS. Even though Demi didn’t write on this one it definitely sounds like a Demi song. The lyrics aren’t exactly A+ (the chorus is a bit weak in general) but overall this is a great single-worthy song! When I first heard the full track I was blown away.

4. For You - This one’s *really* growing on me. It’s a big, brassy, ‘80s power ballad and she doesn’t hold back. I love the message of loving someone who can’t or won’t love you back like you need and going so hard for them and how it just kills you. The song’s a little cheesy and campy and Phil Collins in a good way!

5. Stone Cold - This is her Big Ballad. It’s a very lovely song and I’ve had it on repeat since it came out, but it doesn’t pack a punch like say, Adele’s ballads do, unfortunately. I love how she sings her ass off though.

6. Kingdom Come* - It’s slinky and cool, and the chorus is really punchy and addictive to me. Iggy’s verse is a little weak but I love the bit where she ends it with “Kingdom come!” and the feminist message in her verse. I’m still not sure what a “bittersweet tattoo” is but this is a great track even though it sounds a lot like “Black Widow.”

7. Waitin For You - I LOVE THIS. It’s refreshing to finally hear this kind of song from Demi. It likely won’t appeal to everyone but as someone who’s had tons of experience with girl-on-girl bullying, I totally relate to the pent-up frustration and rage in it! I even kind of like Sirah’s verse, which is slowly growing on me even though it doesn’t quite match the track (”You got your name in my mouth/Forgive me when I knock it out”) <– Love

8. Wildfire* - This song is just…wow. It’s so different from what Demi has ever done before. It’s sexy, it’s slow, melodic, atmospheric. This is one of her best songs  for sure. It makes its way inside your brain and stays there. And WHISTLE NOTES in the chorus!

9. Lionheart* - This is a big, emotional, powerful ballad. It’s so beautiful and reminds me of a climactic overblown Disney movie ballad. Nothing to criticize here. Can’t wait to see her tackle this live.

10. Yes - It’s a little Hallmark-y, but that also kinda works in its favor. I feel like I have to be in the *mood* to listen to this song, but I also really like it. It’s also totally about Wilmer.

11. Father - Demi goes all in here (”You did your best or did you/Sometimes I think I hate you”). While it’s not her most melodically beautiful ballad, it’s raw and honest, and I like how she’s showing all of her conflicting and painful emotions while still paying tribute to her late father. It’s a lovely euology/reflection, though I can’t decide if the gospel choir at the end is a little over-the-top.

12. Stars* - YES. YES. YES. This is the kind of sugary pop/electronic goodness that I live for! This song is everything Neon Lights wanted to be. From the awesome vocal effects to the bratty tone to that deliciously icy pre-chorus and slow build to the drop, I am loving this song! (”We don’t give a! We, we don’t give a!”) I wish it was on the standard. Reminds me a bit of Kesha’s unreleased track “Shots On the Hood Of My Car.”

13. Mr. Hughes - This one really reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics era. It’s a funny little “fuck you” song to a long-gone ex/love interest and Demi nails the sass here, as always. I really want to see her perform this one live.

Overall, the album gets a solid B+/A from me.