live for the fight (when it’s all that you got)

“My name is Keith. I am your guardian angel,” Keith says, drawing his shoulders up high. The shadows paint large wings upon the wall behind his back. “And I am here to tell you to stop being such a fucking trainwreck.”


Keith has a flawless record as a guardian angel. Lance is a walking disaster who hasn’t had a lucky day all his life. Keith will keep both Lance and his record alive if it kills him.

chapter eleven

Drawing prompts answered #4 Don’t worry, I got your six

based on this prompt

Thank you @bplotd ! Here is the first one, Steve and Bucky back to back, ready for a fist fight (second round?..) Great fun doing the fighting pose. Will try out something even more dramatic later..

And… I also made one for your second request! And you’ll see tomorrow how that is like :-)))

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Ginhijigin week Day 7- Future

//casually rises from the dead at the end of ginhijiweek
sorry ya’ll QQ went dormant for a couple months cause of cosplay season and summer job…art muse flew out the window and went to pasture (¦3[▓▓]

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