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mafia!BTS reaction when you walk in on them masturbating (M)

(requested by anon: Please can you do a mafia!bts reaction to you walking in on them masturbating but your part of the mafia and not their girlfriend but they like you?)

warnings: smut, swearing, various kinks

He went to his „office“ and you didn’t see him for more then 10 minutes. Since you secretly liked him you decided to check on him to make sure nothing was wrong. Forgetting to knock or ask if you can come in, you just walked in. And you walked in only to see a sitting-while-needily-moaning-and-masturbating mess.


He motioned for you to come and straddle him. You sat on him and grinded on purpose on his already hard dick, pissing him off. He took your hands roughly and put them behind your back. He removed his tie and tied them tightly together. „This way you won’t be able to stop me.. And trust me you’ll want to“ he whispered into your ear.


 He was cockily smiling at you which turned you on. You approached him and teasingly started thigh-riding him. He was less amused now and more needy and frustrated. He grabbed your neck with one hand and with the other your ass. He picked you up and placed on his dick, rubbing you couple of times on purpose against it. „Where is your courage now, you fucking tease?“


He smiled smugly at you. You came up to him and rubbed his hard dick making him groan. „You actually do have a dick“ you said teasingly, pissing him off. He grabbed your waist and made you straddle him. He pulled your hair so that your head leaned a bit behind. „And you actually don’t know what you just started princess“


 Your sudden intruding just turned him on more. He bit his lip as you made your way to him. You hovered over him placing your hands beside his head. „Want me to help you out?“ you asked with a smirk. He slapped your hands away so that you fell on top of him, riding him. „I’ll remind you who is the leader here“ he said while rubbing himself against your clit.


 He was breathing rappidly and staring at you. You came up to him and looked down on him. „Caught in a bad moment?“ at first he blushed a little and then he got angry. „Who do you think you’re teasing?“ he said as he threw you on himself. As you straddled him you got closer to his face. „You“ he grabbed you by the throat and was inches away from your face. „We’ll see about that“


He was smug about it and he rubbed his lips. You got closer to him standing right in front of him. „So lonely you have to masturbate? Poor Tae“ you teased. He pulled your hand roughly and made you straddle him. You tried moving away but he placed one hand on your throat and the other on your ass. He spanked you really hard making you cry out softly. „I’ll spank you so many times you won’t be able to sit down for a fucking week“


 He was slightly embarrassed which made him feel agitated. You moved to the table and stood beside the chair where he was sitting. „Forgot there’s something called knocking?“ he asked while staring at you. „Forgot there’s something called locking the door?“ he got pissed off now. He got up and got in between your legs, placing you on the cold table. „I hope you locked them as you got in princess“

xx im sorry i was on a semi-hiatus bc of school but im back and writing all ur requests; keep requesting aand i hope anon is satisfied xx

~just renee walker things~

  • her hair’s too short to really tie back
    • if she uses a band she has to use a lot of clips to keep it even remotely where it should be. and she uses clips of all different shapes and colours
    • if she uses a bandana she is immediately the cutest pirate girl, ever
  • she likes conservative clothing which just means she wears as many layers as she can at all times
    • (cold lesbian grunge)
  • and she really likes jumpers that are too big and fold over her hands
  • she has reading glasses
  • and freckles
  • she’s an unrepentant morning person. she loves mornings and has no problem getting up early in the morning
    • she’ll wake up early just to watch the sunset, no matter how late she goes to bed
    • she schedules all her classes for the morning so “the rest of my day is free!”
    • somehow she can still stay up late with no problem. it’s probably magic tbh
  • she spends her summer breaks volunteering at local schools, shops and charities as well as spending time with her chosen family (the walkers, but her friends, too)
  • once she took a class on astronomy and she researches things in her free time
    • when the foxes are out at night she’ll point at constellations and tell them about them
  • she loves hand-written letters
    • she’ll write them over summer break, but she writes more once the foxes start graduating
    • when she leaves with the peace corps it’s almost like nothing changed
  • she doesn’t believe in boring colours, so she doesn’t use black or blue pens unless she’s forced to for exams
    • the most serious she gets in her later years at palmetto is whenever she talks about having to use black pens. she actually says “fuck the system.” matt goes into cardiac arrest
  • she’s an unrepentant feminist. please. of course she is
  • allison swears up and down that the scariest thing about renee is that she has the most ridiculous tolerance for spicy foods. she doesn’t flinch. ever
  • her hair is naturally dark so when she first bleached it, it went orange. stephanie has photos and takes pleasure in showing every one of the foxes. “it was fate,” she says. dan says she should go ginger again to show fox spirit

this is all i can think of tonight pls talk to me about renee walker the actual light of my life


when yuuri says the line that’s translated as “Just stand by me!” he’s saying

「離れずにそばにいてよ!」(hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

sound/look familiar? it should, since “Hanarezu ni soba ni ite” is literally the name of the song that we saw viktor skate to in his introduction back in EP1

i remember seeing a meta post a day or 2 ago where someone said they were interested to see how/if they would tie things back to that intro scene, so… shoutout to them because. here it is