the events in the banquet

my take, because i haven’t been satisfied with others’ so far.

let’s have yurio’s gallery, which, for some reason, is the most complete:

he has the beginnings of drunken yuuri, which victor has, and the yuuri-yurio dance-off, which chris has. but only yurio has pictures of the pole dance and the dance with victor. hmm. anyway, i’m assuming they are arranged by time taken, because that is usually the case for phone galleries.

here’s what i think happened: so, yuuri, still fully clothed except for his pocketed tie, approached the camera holder (either victor or yurio), started dancing, and announced a dance-off challenge. obviously, yurio took up the challenge (dragged, my ass).

here, yuuri put back his tie but removed his jacket. yurio was in the process of removing his tie angrily. victor, even though surrounded by people, was already enjoying himself, since his phone was out and he had that heart-shaped smile.

eventually, he went into the dance space to do a close-up on yuuri.

(my boi nikiforov never stood a chance. he’s already charmed dear lord.)

i’m assuming christophe’s the one documenting the yuuri-yurio dance-off, then ordered a pole or pulled out one from god-knows-where. he then got yuuri’s attention, and was pleasantly surprised when yuuri removed his trousers, approached the pole, and showed some moves, impressing chris. “your turn, giacometti.” chris did his thing.

imagine how victor must’ve reacted at this point, because the shy, timid-looking skater not only had impressive moves on the floor, but also on the pole! then yuuri proceeded to remove his shirt too, leaving him only in his underwear and tie, and basically, he and chris pair pole danced. (”such eros!”)

after this would be the humping scene:

yurio looked disheveled, so definitely this was after their dance-off. chris’s trousers looked as if they were just put back on, instead of about to be removed. and he had sweat drops all over. so this was  after pole dancing. yuuri said, “if i win this dance-off…” meaning there would be another one. so the last dance-off was his dance with victor.

after pole dancing, yuuri put on a shirt, he went to hump victor, challenged him to a dance-off, invited him to hasets, and bargained on having him as his coach should yuuri win. victor, already attracted to this charming, sexy drunken man, agreed to a dance-off and basically had the most fun that night in the past twenty years of his life.

pure speculation: victor gave yuuri his number, but yuuri lost it, and yuuri wasn’t in the right state of mind to give his back. victor waited for text or call, or anything, never got one. waited for yuuri to show up in following competitions, but never saw him.

i was supposed to write a make-up paper on three books with bonus points if submitted today but clearly victuuri is more important


Could The First Order exist as a group that actually admired The Empire? Could the work of The Empire be seen as unfulfilled? And could Vader be a martyr? Could there be a need to see through what didn’t get done?”