A new poem. Perth. I grew up with fresh air in my lungs, and dirt beneath my fingernails, not unaccustomed to the feeling of a slimy worm in my palm, and yet; I don’t find the city hard to love. Especially in the evenings as the dust begins to settle, when the golden light sparkles between the great glass towers and the murky river of swans. When the sounds of the city quieten to easily pinpointed origins; the guffaws of the crew at end of day drinks shaking off the fatigue in their bones, warming their bellies with beer, Working girls with backs pinned to street corners for balance exchange their feet maiming fashions for well earned sneakers and walk lighter, swinging heels in hand. The full moon high on a crisp and cloudy night, when the skaters who seem like a noisy nuisance on busy mornings, bring the heart to Forrest Chase at 9pm on a Tuesday Night. Practising and debuting new tricks to gleeful brothers on wheels the scratching roll on stone tiles, paired beautifully with roaring joyful youth and triumphant talent. Warm and welcoming yellow light floods lovingly across empty streets and the tree-lined sidewalk of Beaufort Street takes on a liminal quality. The train station is quiet, save half hourly rumblings, ready to transport the tired workers and new lovers back to old places to rest their heads and mend their hearts. Rolling on and on and on always leaving just before you arrive, so you can watch the mice play on the tracks and pretend not to see school kids kiss under florescent light the world, all magic and glamour for them tonight And I, silent observer, Seeing the beauty in each small moment In every weary smile of the people who step in time with each beat of this city’s heart Unknowing of the rhythm they tap dancing to a narrative as fascinating as it is unending.

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What would Bts members look like and act like as cat and dogs ~Weird anon (aka the one who asked about the pillows)

Ok ok ok i gotchu fam

Yoongi: a 17 year old dogs who pees on him self because he is too lazy to lift his leg
Taehyung: a puppy golden retriever bc we all know it
Jin: a white cat of a posh lady who licks his own balls for the entire day until he gets fresh salmon
Jungkook: a Rottweiler, trained to kill bitches
Jimin: a baby kitten who hunts for the laser light 24/7
Hoseok: the annoying dog of the neighbour who barks the entire day and tears down the place out of happiness when their owner gets back
Namjoon: the wandering street cat

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I need to vent about this to someone, sorry if its annoying. Today I was walking my dog and this boy that passed me in the street came back to talk to me and he introduced himself and went for a kiss on the cheek and I took a step back and was kinda like, I don't want you in my personal space if I don't know you, like, just no(?) and then he asked for my number and I said "no, thank you" and he went away but I started feeling like I was rude and stuff but like, I feel like maybe I shouldn't idk

ummmm no i dont think u were being rude at all?? that was extremely forward of him and tbh im glad u got away lol

this is a strange duaa request, but can y'all make duaa for my baby sister? she’s really wild and engages in constant forms of dangerous play everyday. she’s had at least three near death experiences within the past two weeks by trying to sneak out of the door and run into oncoming traffic. can y'all please make duaa that allah protects her. my entire house is a constant anxious mess and it’s just exhausting.