Imagine Emily Prentiss, living in Paris, having access to some of the nicest coffee in the world, and instead repeatedly dragging herself to a hole in the wall bar in the afternoons on some back street because their coffee is so so bad it reminds her of the coffee pots in those out of the way police stations back in the US, and sometimes when she closes her eyes and inhales, the smell it feels like home. 

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Before 1997,we’ve always lived in a street, in a town, with neighbours...

but we had a bad experience with neighbours, we were sick of living next to people who were pure cunts, drunks, druggies, fucking idiots, bullies….NIGHTMARE NEIGHBOURS

We decided we wanted out, and in 1997 we moved to a farm in Falkirk, it was the best thing we’ve ever done. No neighbours (except the farmer and his family) open spaces, fields, hills, and the best part? I learned to drive a tractor and my wife learned to look after horses. We’ve never went back to a street, now when we need to move house, we look for a rural property, and there are plenty in Scotland. We have moved four times since 2011, all rural houses, and I don’t think we could live anywhere else now.

Flesh and Blood and Bone and Heart

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by SilentAuror

As John takes Sherlock back to Baker Street rather than seeing him off to his mission in Serbia, Sherlock decides to reveal how very human he is, after all, and the fall-out will have enormous consequences for them both…

Words: 19964, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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comment prompt on archive of our own from Tim_Drake: I love your writing so much!!! I have a little prompt if you’re interested? I’d love something similar to your possessive chapter with Tim and Damian but sort of the other way around. Like some massive guy trying to force Tim into something but since Tim is so small he’s having trouble getting the guy off and Damian comes and saves him and comforts Tim. I imagine Tim would be like freaking out. Please don’t feel obligated if you don’t want to write this though. Love your stories!!!!


Tim pushed open to the back door of the club, which opened out to a small, unlit back street and was greeted by the cold Gotham night air. He shook his hair and pushed it out of his face as the sweat from dancing made it stick to his forehead. He leant against the wall next to the door and breathed in the air. He tried to clear his alcohol induced foggy mind. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his skin tight jeans thinking about his brothers inside, and one in particular.

He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t notice a man open and walkthrough the back door until two hands slammed against the wall next to his head. A large male body was suddenly pressed against him, he started to struggle but with the arms and body boxing him in, it was useless.

Tim looked up to the face of the man trapping him against the wall and was met with a middle-aged man, with brown eyes, black hair and a sneer on his face.

“Hello Boy” the man whispered against Tim’s ear

Tim strained his neck in an attempt to get away from the man “Who are you?….what do you want?”

The man laughed and leaned his body into Tim more, until there was nothing between them.

“I couldn’t stop watching you in the club, the way you moved your perfect body” He took one hand off the wall and ran it down the side of Tim’s body “When I saw you come out here I had to follow you. I could tell you were teasing me on the floor, you want me as much as I want you.”

Tim quickly brought his hands up to remove the mans from his body but his alcohol induced body was slow and sluggish. The man was able to grab both his thin wrists with one of his giant hands and pin them above Tim’s body, against the wall.

Tim bucked his body trying to escape the man but it had the opposite effect. As Tim bucked his body it caused him to rub against the man. The man let out a deep moan, horrified Tim froze.

The man smirked down at him and grinded down on Tim. In that moment Tim wished he could move, fight and get this man off of him but he couldn’t move. Frozen with fear he could only stand there as the man reached down to his pants and began unbuckling his pants.

“I’m going to make this so good for you boy, make sure for the rest of your life you wont even be able to touch anyone without thinking of me. You will never be able to be with another man without the thought of me pounding your virgin ass”. He laughed as he managed to get Tim’s pants undone and shoved his hand down.

Tim looked up to the sky with tears in his eyes, afraid of what would come next, afraid of the mans words becoming true.
But the man was suddenly yanked off of him and thrown into the opposite wall. Tim looked to his left to see Damian standing there, breathing heavily and his face covered in range.

Tim slid down the wall and wrapped his arms around his legs as he watched Damian stalk towards the man while shouting “How dare you lay a finger on him you disgusting pig!”

Damian punched him across the face causing his jaw to fracture and him to fall to the ground. He then picked him up and hit his face, which instantly caused blood to flood his mouth and nose, Damian then kneed him in the stomach making him double over. Damian was getting ready to hit him again when he heard a weak “Damian” from behind him. He turned around to see Tim weakly sitting against the wall. He dropped the man and turned on him “Get out of here before I change my mind". The man scampered out of the ally, tripping over his own feet.

Damian slowly walked towards Tim and sat down next to him, putting his arms around his shoulders and pulled Tim to his chest “Are you alright?”.

Tim curled up into Damian’s chest and instead of answering the question he just whispered “Thank-you”

They sat there in silence for a few minutes as Tim managed to compose himself. He brought his face out of Damian’s chest and looked up at him “Why did you come out here, I’m so glad you did but….why?”

Damian’s arms tightened around Tim “I saw you come out here and that man follow, I thought you might have known him. I couldn’t stand the thought of another man being with or touching you so I came out here hoping to accidently interrupt you two. But then when I saw ….saw what he was doing to you. I couldn’t take it. I’m sorry I was late, I’m sorry he got to touch you at all” Damian looked into Tim’s eyes, shining with guilt.

Tim leant his forehead against Damian’s and rested his hands on his cheeks “Damian you saved me, you have nothing to be guilty about or apologies for”

He then leant forward and pressed his lips against Damian’s, Heat rushed through his body as Damian tangled his fingers in his long hair. Tim surged forward and pressed his body against Damian’s, straddling his lap. He groaned as he felt Damaian’s tongue run across his bottom lip, which allowed Damian to slip his tongue in and deepen the kiss.

They pulled apart breathing heavily, Damien quickly doe back in and pecked Tim’s lips slowly and softly.

“Im glad you’re alright” Damian said

“all thanks to my night in shinning armor” Tim said breathlessly

Damian rolled his eyes and scowled “-tt- does that make you the princess Drake”.

Despite the sour look Tim could see the strain lines at the corner of his mouth as Damian fought off a smile, which caused Tim to grin and lean down to kiss him again. Everything was going to be alright, in fact, as Damian’s hand ran down his back, Tim knew it would be a lot better then alright.

Gun point ~


These were the situations that Reus Despised, violent and nearly tragic filled. How he ended up in this predicament was a bit of a blur but now he was on his back, pressed against street cement and a women hovering above him, holding him at gun point.  His blue hues couldn’t bring themselves away from her – Scared and worried of what his outcome would be, he swallowed hard, not daring to move inch. “Don’t this.” His tone wasn’t quit of begging yet but already his head was aching from being thrown down and well, it was face to say his elbows were scraped.  “Look, I’m sorry! For whatever I did.