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Yup! You bend over and let your wet hair hang down, put the wide edge of the towel on the back of your neck and twist the towel around your wet hair, then stand up and flip it all back. At least, that's how I make the towel hat. It helps your hair dry a little faster and keeps it from dripping everywhere or tangling!

omg that is so smart you long haired folk have this all figured out

when my hair gets longish i literally just scrub it with the towel until it’s dry and it takes ages and i cant move my arms for like half an hour afterwards bc theyre so tired n sore

“I’ll Show You.” pt.2

Pairing: Luke Hemmings and (Y/N)

Summary: (Y/N)’s closest friend Luke Hemmings, believes he can treat her better then her current boyfriend Ethan.

Warnings: Sort of has abusive relationship signs in it. Maybe triggering idk??

Word count: 587

part 1

Your hand went under your shirt, touching your stomach. You were nervous. You didn’t want Luke to see your naked body. Afraid he may leave you, afraid he may do something to Ethan afterwards. You then felt something warm and plump on your lips. Luke cupped your face, softly yet passionately kissing your lips. Making you lose your train of thought. Naturally you kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. You could taste the saltiness of his tears and the faint alcohol he had consumed earlier that night. Luke licked your bottom lip begging to taste your tongue.  

You felt yourself turn around, mouths still attached as Luke carefully backed you up on to his bed.. Once your head hit the soft pillows beneath you, you suddenly remembered you had a boyfriend waiting at home..
“Luke wait…” Luke immediately stopped and moved off of you..
“I’m sorry (y/n)! Did I do something wrong?? Did I hurt you?? I thought you wanted this??” Luke rapidly spat questions at you.. His words barely understandable.  

You made yourself sit up, your elbows supporting your upper body. “No it’s just- I have a boyfriend Luke. If I look at you and we continue I won’t feel right.” Luke looked at you in surprise and a hint of anger.  
“Princess~ that’s ok I think I have a solution.” He softly pecked your lips before exiting the room.

“Lu- Luke.. What is this..?” You asked stuttering as you stared off in complete and utter darkness.
“Shhh~” Luke replied placing yet another kiss upon your lips.  
You couldn’t see a single thing besides the galaxies behind the soft, dark material. Luke continued gently yet passionately kissing your lips. Your fingers intertwining between his overly hair sprayed, thick strands of hair. You felt him beginning to rid you off your clothing. Swiftly pulling your blouse off, over your head.  Although you couldn’t see him, you could just feel he was staring intently at your body. You tried to cover yourself, embarrassed and scared. ‘He hates me now. He thinks I’m ugly. I am ugly. I’m fat, short and full of scars, bruises, painー… Huh?’ You said to yourself inside your head,  your thoughts cutting off as you suddenly felt lips kissing over your bruises. His fingers tracing your scars ever so slightly.  

“He has truly marked you, huh?” Luke finally speaking sarcastically, as he continued going over your scars making you shiver. “Despite the disgusting marks he has carved into your body. Despite the way he treats you like dirt. Despite the fact you- you- you love him more than me!… You are still truly beautiful inside and out. You are still my Queen. And I will always love you no matter what (y/n).” It was a shame you couldn’t see his face. But you were glad there was a piece of cloth covering your teary eyes as you carefully listened to the deep emotions in his voice.  

“Lucas. Robert. Hemmings… I love you too.” You replied almost whispering.
With that Luke took no time, willingly removing your jeans and underwear, the only two pieces of clothing you had left on your body.

(a/n) WOOHOO! Sorry these are so short and sorry there’s no smut in this part T-T it’ll probs pop up in the next part for sure! I hope you liked this as much as i do! Thanks for reading beautiful people!

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"Do you always bring your grandma to the club" he tickles the back of my neck with his thumb. I feel the desire in my breasts as he smiles at me, his blue orbs like two shining earths seen from space. "She's cool" I say as I give her the thumbs up. Another flash. "She was in playboy" louis grabs my breasts and I come. Another flash. "Make sure she snapchats that to some of my fans" louis whispers, very straightly. "I've never felt straighter" he moans. I come again

Louis has some serious game. 

Odd Friendships (Part 18)

A/N: Hellooo, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This is not what I had planned, but I think is ok. WARNING: SO MUCH BUCKY FEELS AT THE END

One of Bucky’s legs was thrown over your body, tangled between yours, His steady breathing on the back of your neck. both of his arms holding your waist, pulling you closer to his chest. Basically, you could feel everything, literally everything, of him, and it was growing awkward.

You’ve been awake for almost half an hour, but you didn’t want to move and wake him up, he had a night without nightmares, but the feeling of being used as a pillow was getting uncomfortable. Not that you didn’t enjoy it through the night, but you really wanted to move.

“James? Are you awake?” You whispered trying to put some space between your bodies. You moved slightly under his embrace making him groan.


“Can you let me go?” you asked giggling. He tightened his hug as response, but a few seconds later he rolled in the bed, giving you the chance to stand up and stretch your extremities.

“Steve will be here in any moment. I should be going” you said looking at the clock in the wall, it was almost 9 am. “I’ll come back as soon as I change my clothes, I should get you something  to wear too”. You said to Bucky, who was wearing only a pair of dirty sweats. He just nodded standing up next to you. “I hate to say this, but you are supposed to be tied” you said, realizing that no one could know that you were there. He tensed a bit, but then nodded softly, laying down again. You started to tie him again, trying to not tighten much the restraints. His wrists first, then his ankles.

“Not even in my wildest dreams I would imagined I’ll be tying you onto a bed” ‘Did I just said that out loud?’ You thought, furiously blushing.

“You dream about me like that?” Bucky says, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Oh you’ll never know” you teased him back, making him smile wider.

“Were we…together?” Bucky asked after a while. You looked up at him, not really knowing how to answer that. “I remember living with you. Being worried about you”

“Well, we lived together some months, we were… are friends, but we never… you know”  you tried to explain. He just frowned, probably trying to put together the puzzle in his head. “Are you okay?” you asked, placing a hand in his shoulder. He nodded once and you smiled, he would be fine.

The footsteps behind the door reminded you that you definitely shouldn’t be with Bucky. Desperately you tried to find a place to hide in the small room, but it was too late. After a soft knock the door opened and your heart stopped beating for a second until you saw Wanda’s amused expression.

“Nothing happened, I swear” you rushed to say.

“I know” she said between giggles, her eyes sparkling red.

“You know? But….Ok, we really need to talk about your… your… abilities” you told her. She nodded in response. “Right, from now on stay away from my head, ok?” You instructed Wanda, who was still smiling.  “Let’s focus. How can you help him, exactly?” you asked.

“I can see his memories, and try to bring them back so he can remember too. But he has to let me in” she answered looking at Bucky. “Not like yesterday”.

“That’s great, then. Isn’t it?” You told him. But Bucky remained silent a always, his empty stare on Wanda. “Hey” you called his attention “She wants to help, you can trust her. Could you please allow her to help?”. His head only moved slightly in approval, making you feel relieved.

“Ooookay. Pietro, why don’t we leave them so they can work?” You suggest walking towards the brothers.

Pietro, who was leaning on the door frame, rushed to stand up in front of her sister, protecting her with his body, his hands in fists. You didn’t have to look over your shoulder to feel how Bucky tensed in the bed.

“I’m not leaving her alone with him” he said, motioning his head to Bucky. You opened your mouth to reassure Pietro that they would be fine alone, but you heard Steve’s loud voice in the corridor.

“Have anyone seen (Y/N)?” He asked, he was close.

“Let the girl rest, Rogers” You heard Tony’s voice.

“Damn, damn, damn” you started to freak out, there was no way of going out of the room without being seen. Unless…. “Pietro! Please, please, please, take me to my room!” You begged. “I’ll owe you forever”. He frowned, looking between you, Wanda and Bucky, the footsteps getting closer. “Pietro please!”. You begged once more. 

Before you could realize,  he was already holding you in his arms, running away with you.

When he settled you down outside your room, you had to place your hands in the wall to steady yourself.

“I’m never ever ever going to get used to this” you mumble as you open the door and sit in the bed, feeling dizzy. Pietro laughs and places a hand on your shoulder.

“Then maybe we should do it more often” he says with a wink, before rushing away, leaving you alone.


“Was that Pietro?” Steve asked to Wanda, looking inside the infirmary room where Bucky was. Wanda just nodded and grabbed a chair close to the bed. “Have you seen (Y/N)?” he continued.

“Not since yesterday” she lied, smiling at Bucky. Steve nodded and Bucky looked at him, he really wanted to remember him, he wanted to know why this man called Steve wanted to help him so much. The man called Pietro appeared again, there was something Bucky didn’t like about him.

“Relax, please” Wanda says as she sits in a chair behind the header of the bed. “This won’t hurt” she continues, placing her hands on his temples.

“Ok” Bucky muttered. He looks at her before closing his eyes, relaxing in the bed. He felt her fingers brushing strands of his hair. Soft fingers that startled him, specially when red strands of energy came from her hands. 

Wanda concentrated in Steve, trying to bring anything related to him, but his mind was a mess.

She started to see several faces, all of them filled with terror, running away from something, from someone. From her? No, Wanda was seeing through Bucky’s eyes. She felt the anger, but at the same time, the emptiness. Then, Steve’s face appeared and the anger was substituted by confusion and fear.

Wanda started to shiver, it was too much. The memories started to become too painful and Bucky was shaking violently on the bed. She heard his brother calling her name, but it seemed too distant. She tried to go back to surface, but she was being dragged along with Bucky, she could feel his pain.

He started to remember the night (Y/N) rescue him. The pain in his limbs, voices around him, unknown faces, his memories fading away, his own screams echoing in his head.

She heard the screams behind a door, that later on was opened by a blond woman, a glimpse of recognition crossed his mind. He knew that woman. And then, (Y/N) running towards him.

“What have they done to you” he heard. Her hands working on the restraints to set him free. She felt his happiness and his relief to see her. She came. For me. The pain started to dim.

Suddenly, she was seeing (Y/N) in a small apartment, wounded, but smiling; (Y/N) laughing; (Y/N) running through the street screaming his name. (Y/N) hugging him in a couch, her face so close to his, his urge to kiss her. (Y/N) holding his hand. And finally,  the memory of the last night, (Y/N) resting on his chest, sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her face. She wasn’t afraid of him.

That was the last Wanda saw before returning to reality. She felt weak, but with a pleasant warmth in her chest. When she looked down to see Bucky, he was sweating, his eyes wide open looking at the ceiling.

Steve was now in the door frame, next to Pietro, both with frowns in his faces. Pietro ran to her sister, helping her to stand up and walk outside the room.

“What happened?” Steve asked. “What did you see?”


I want

I can’t sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about you and wishing you were laying their with me. I just want to know what it feels like to be in your arms, to feel your breath on the back of my neck, and the light touch of your lips on mine. I want to feel your arms wrapped around my body and the soft trail of your fingers as they glide over my skin. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach when you touch me and I want to know what you look like when you are on top of me. I want to know how you feel inside of me and I want to know what you do with your face when you finish. I want to know it all, I want to be the one you wake up next to every day and the one you kiss goodnight every night, I want to be the one you shower with and the one you cook dinner with. I want to be the one you take out to coffee on Sunday’s, I want to be the one you look at when we are dancing in the club, I want to be the one you are over protective of, and the one you pull into line when I do wrong.

I want you to be the one I put my sexiest outfit on for, I want you to be the one who takes me to the movies and puts your arm around my shoulder. I want you to be the first boyfriend I introduce to my family, I want you to be the one I get angry at because you didn’t make the bed when you got up, I want you to be the one I hold hands with when we walk, I want you to be the one I see waiting outside by your car to pick me up from work, I want you to be the one who washes my back in the bath.
I want you to know how much you mean to me.
I wish you felt the same..

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Sleeping with Johnny headcanons (non sexual, like he got kicked out of the house and is just using your bed with you bc you're his girl bla bla bla)

• his chest pressed against your back, nose nestled into your hair

• him kissing the crown of your head / temple every now and then

• asking if he wants to talk about it, but he just shakes his head and laces his fingers into yours

• his body heat keeping you warm through the night

• when youre just about to fall asleep he begins tracing your collarbone and whispers that he loves you

• “im glad you came here” “well dallas dont rub my back”

• his breath hitting your neck when he finally falls asleep

• cuddling into his chest when hes upset bc he loves holding you

I took a picture of you with the best camera I have. 36,3 megapixels of you. you are always the same; you eyes are the same your hair is the same. the shape of your lips is the same and so are the dots on your skin. untouched. your colors are the same. your voice is always the same, that little dimple on your cheek when you smile is the same, your smile is the same. your back didn’t changed at all, your neck smell the same. your hands are as soft as usual. your eyelashes long as usual. you’re a little bit tanned, I can’t deny, but not too much. the truth is, you didn’t changed at all; I did. and now I look at you and I cannot recognize you anymore


One wicked tune.

With Luke, I dont think the honeymoon period would ever end. Like every morning as soon as your alarm went off, he’d crawl over to your side of the bed and slip his hand under your t-shirt to pull your back close enough to his chest so he could wake you up with little feathery kisses to the back of your neck, making sure the raspy “Good morning, sweetheart” was never forgotten. Watching Luke in nothing but his old grey tracks and messy hair making breakfast for you after you dragged yourself out of the shower and pressing a small kiss to his back before helping him make the coffee to the sound of him humming some Ed Sheeran was almost a ritual now. He always made sure he gave you a kiss before you left the house, then another one when you were stalling at the door, followed by quickly squeezing your bum while his lips were still pressed to yours so you could feel him smirking against it as you finally made your way to your car, only for Luke to keep sending you stupid puns he’d come across all day. 

Dinners would be sleepy and lazy, a few sentences here and there about how Luke’s rehearsals were and how that girl in your office is pregnant, Luke’s eyes lighting up when you say the word. “Pregnant?” he’d say, and you’d nod, already smiling a little when you knew where this conversation was going and despite both of you already having spoken about this a million times before, watching the way Luke’s eyes lit up when he told you about how he would play with two little Hemmos in your backyard, and how he’d have his entire family over so you all could have Sunday lunches together and how he’d get you all matching t-shirts that said “HEMMINGS” at the back of it, his cheeks turning a bright red when he realised how he’d gotten carried away in his white picket fence dream again, but returning to normal when you quickly squeezed his hand and kissed his nose, “Let’s go try and make that happen?” you’d suggest, giggling when Luke jumped up, hurriedly putting the dishes away and carrying you bridal style into the bedroom, both of you laughing too hard even though your clothes were all in a mess on the floor and you were tantalisingly close to your orgasm but Luke just had to tell you this stupid dolphin video he watched on tv that afternoon.

Being married to Luke would just be the most comfortable thing in the whole world because you both knew you would fight and end up disagreeing on so many things and that some days would feel like the end of the world for you both but you knew that falling asleep next to your best friend every single night for the rest of your life isn’t something everyone has and that home was where the other was and though the butterflies weren’t there in your tummy anymore, every time Luke whispered that he loved you, whether it was the last thing he said at night or what he screamed after a fight or something he just mumbled into your skin while his body was pressed to yours, you felt a warmth only he could make you feel and from the way he held on to you, physically and emotionally, the way he told you every single thing he thought of, whether it was about his music or his little day dreams or even about turtles, you knew he felt that same warmth in him and you both quietly swore to each other every day and night that you’d never let the other feel anything but that comfort because Luke’s happiness was your everything and your happiness was his everything.