Five Freakin’ Minutes

Characters:  Sam x Reader

Word Count:  846

Summary:  Smut with Sam.  his is for my 2k drabble celebration. @marvelfanuniverse requested the prompt:   “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Warnings;  Sex and language

Tags at the bottom. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Five Freakin’ Minutes

Lounging lazily face-down on the motel bed in panties and a tank top, you daydream blissfully. The case has been solved, the monster is dead and Dean is off to pick up burgers. The bathroom door opens and the smell of Sam’s body wash wafts out and over you.

The bed dips under Sam’s weight as he climbs over, his warm body covering yours. His scruff stings sweetly as he nuzzles the exposed skin on your back. “Mmm…” you murmur. His lips trail up the back of your neck to your ear. His breath is hot as it ghosts over your ear. You squirm involuntarily as your panties dampen with arousal. His teeth graze your ear before gently biting down. “Ohhh…” you moan in response.

His cock is thick and swollen, you feel it probing your back through the thin fabric of his gym shorts. Sam’s lips move along your jaw and you tilt your head to allow access to your mouth.  Opening your mouth slightly, you feel Sam’s tongue slide past your teeth and glides against your own. God, how you wanted this man. Every time. All the time. Your skin felt as if it was on fire every time he touched you, regardless of how chaste or unintentional it was. One large hand finds it way under your tank, cupping your breast and palming it roughly. You shiver as he caresses your breast, teasing your nipple into a stiff peak.

“Sam,” you whine as he rubs his erection against your ass.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he commands, breath ragged in your ear.

“Fuck me,” you groan.

Sam sits back and slides your lacy thong down your legs, pressing kisses down the backs of your thighs. The bed creaks as he shimmies his shorts off. You lift your ass off the bed, head pressed against the pillow, and spread your legs for him. “You ready for me?” he teases, trailing a finger up your folds.  

“Oh god, fuck yes, Sam,” you moan.

He slides a finger into you. “So wet,” he says huskily before inserting another digit, opening you up, priming you for his enormous cock. You cry out when his fingers drag over your sweet spot.

“Fuck baby, feels so good. Want your cock,” you manage to gasp while he plunges his long fingers in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Do you, (Y/N)? Have you been a good girl? Do you deserve a good fucking?”

Moaning, you fuck yourself on his fingers. “Yes, please, Sam.  I need you to fuck me,” you beg.

“There’s a good girl,” Sam praises. He removes his fingers and you practically squeal in anticipation when you feel his cock nudging at your entrance. Sam pushes the broad head of his cock into you. “Oh, yes,” he sighs. “Such a good girl.” He’s such a fucking tease, the suspense is killing you, but you know if you try to hurry things along he’ll just draw things out.

“Tell me, good girl, how does my cock feel?” he rasps.

“So fucking good, baby, please, I need more,” you plead.  

Sam groans, he fucking loves it when you beg. “Since you asked so nicely…” he says before pushing all the way into you, stretching you wide.  esus, he’s so fucking big. He loves that he can fill you up completely.

“You ass looks fucking amazing, baby,” he says before sliding out of you and pushing back in. He sets a fast pace, pumping in and out of you rapidly.

“Sam,” you moan, “harder, please, baby.”

Sam complies, practically jack hammering into your pussy. His hands grip your ass, digging into the soft skin.The bed shifts, slamming into the wall with every thrust. Your fingers fist in the sheets as you pant, each pump dragging the blunt head of his cock right across your g-spot.

“Ah, fuck, baby, gonna cum,” you manage to squeak out.  

“Fuck yes, cum for baby. Cum all over my giant cock,” he says almost animalistically.

The blood roars in your ears as your face smashes against the pillow. The tension spirals, your thighs shaking as you reach your release, skyrocketing into a world of total pleasure. “SAM!” you shout his name as you squeeze his cock with your wall.

“Fuck, oh god, fuck,” Sam grunts as he spurts deep inside of you. “Jesus Christ,” he moans before pulling out of you and flopping beside you on the bed.

He pulls you into his arms and kisses you softly. This is the Sam you love, he fucked like a god and was as tender as a saint afterward.  

“Mmm, I love you,” he says against your lips.

“Love you too,” you sigh blissfully.

You were so wrapped up in each other that you didn’t hear the key in the door. It startles you both when it flies open.

“Oh, come on!” Dean shouts.  “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Giggling, you dive under the covers as Sam throws a pillow at his brother’s head.

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Into You

Originally posted by jiminsassbutt

“Different people awaken different beast in you.”

Summary: Jackson the guy who’s known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.


Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Another PART~ Part 8



You both stayed quiet and at this point where staring at each other. You could feel Jaebum look down at your lips and you looked at his.

“Can I be your first kiss?” Jaebum asks and you nodded yes slowly.

How were you going to reject Jaebum! He was cute and sweet and caring. He was everything Jackson’s not besides the cute..

You slowly began to lean in and just as your lips were so close to touching..

You heart pounding at the door.

“Really?” you mumbled annoyed and Jaebum pulled back scratching the back of his neck.

You walked over to your dorm door and find Jackson with red shot eyes and an alcohol bottle on his right hand.

“Can we talk,” Jackson slurs.


You stepped out of your room and slightly closed the door behind you. You crossed your arms and looked at Jackson annoyed. 

“You’re drunk,” you said annoyed looking at the bottle at his hand. “No.” he says a smirks appears on his face.

“Plus there is nothing to talk about. You fucked up and that’s that.” you said and just as you were about to walk back into your room you felt Jackson grab your hand. 

You looked down at your hand that Jackson was holding and back at him.

“I know and I came here to fix it,” Jackson says as you slowly released yourself from his grip.

“No. There is no way you can possibly fix this.” you said and just then you could feel jackson looking into you eyes causing you to look away.

You were about to go back into the room and you see the door open and Jaebum step out. 

“Oh Jackson…” Jaebum says awkwardly and you looked at Jackson who looked at Jaebum and you in disgust. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Jackson asks slurring his words as he pushes Jaebum back.

“What?” Jaebum asks confused and you even looked at Jackson confused.

“He can be here if he wants to,” you said crossing your arms in defense. 

“You’re sleeping with him!” Jackson says getting closer to your face. “Don’t get close to her,” Jaebum says in a low husky voice as you looked at Jackson slowly getting mad.

“You’re a fucking slut.” Jackson says and the next thing you know everything happens so fast.

Everything felt like it went slow motion. You took one blink and you see Jaebum punch Jackson bringing him to the ground. It didn’t hit you till you seen Jackson on the floor and your eyes widen as you see Jaebum walk up to Jackson and grab him but the collar of his shirt.

“You better fucking apologize.” Jaebum hisses at Jackson and Jackson begins to laugh. 

“Apologize for what? for the telling the truth?” Jackson says and Jaebum punches him again. 

You had to do something quick! You walked up to Jaebum and grabbed a whole of his arm and made him look at you.

“Please stop,” you said as you could see how angry he looks. 

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. 

“Please.. For me.” you said and he opened his eyes and his eyes soften a bit.

“I need air…. Call you later?” Jaebum says and you nodded as he stormed off and you looked at Jackson on the floor.

You didn’t know what to say to him. Was talking to him worth it anymore? You took one last look at him and stepped in you room. 

Just as you were about to close the door you hear Jackson’s last words.

“I like you…”

He’s drunk. He’s going to forget what the hell he said anyways. 


A week passes after Toxic Rave and your life went back to normal. You haven’t spoken to Jackson but you have seen him around the campus. You both would make eye contact but that was it.

Jaebum also explained to Mark that Jackson was lying and Mark apologized.

Jaebum and you also been getting closer in friendship. He hasn’t asked you out and he hasn’t tried kissing you again.

Seems like after that night Jackson stopped him..

You sat under a tree reading your favorite novel enjoying the beautiful weather. 

“I knew the boy was cocky. What I didn’t know is that I’d fall in love with him.” 

Just as you were about continue reading you see a flower right in front of you causing you to look up and find Jaebum smiling widely. You closed your book and blushed.

“What’s this?” you asked smirking as you grabbed a whole of the flower. 

“Well I’ve seen the flower on the way here and I seen how beautiful it was and it reminded me of you.” Jaebum says and you smiled down the flower.

You felt Jaebum sit next to you and you looked at him.

“Thank you,” you said having a cheesy smile. 

“Anything for you,” he says bringing your heart to race, your cheeks turn red and butterflies to appear in your stomach.

“Well, tonight I’m heading to the bowling alley with friends and well. I wanted to know if you maybe wanted to join me.” Jaebum asks you and looked at him.

“Sounds like a date.” you said and your eyes widen. 

SHIT! He didn’t mention it as a date. You fucked up. You wanted to hit your head.

“I mean-” your were about to finish talking till Jaebum interrupts you. “It’s a date.” Jaebum says and he gently kisses your cheek, gets up and walks away.

You watched him leave then looked down at your flower and smiled. 

Jackson might of ruined your chance with Mark but he’s not going to ruin your shot with Jaebum.


You were so nervous you had to take a seat and breath in and out. 

“Why are you so nervous?” your roommate asks looking at you. “This is my first date! What if I ruin this!? What if I don’t look good enough for the date? What if-” before you could continue your roommate walked up to you and closed your mouth.

“Calm down, and just breath.” she says as she lets go of your mouth.

You did as you were told and looked down at your Outfit.

“Everything is going to be okay,” you mumbled to yourself and you hear a knock on your door.

“That must be your new boo,” You roommate says smirking and you rolled your eyes.

You walked to the door and opened the door with a huge smile till as soon as you opened it you found Jackson.

“Oh,” you said and you walked away from the door.

He walks in and looks at your roommate.

“Ready to go?” he asks and your roommate looks at him.

“Let me just go use the bathroom and then we are ready to go,” she says running off leaving Jackson and you alone.

You looked down at your phone scrolling down instagram feeling Jackson looking at you. 

“So… Where are you going?” Jackson asks trying to start a conversation. “What’s it to you?” you asked annoyed.

“Y/N I’m sorry about that night.” Jackson says and you remained quiet. 

“Are you not going to forgive me?” Jackson asks you and you continued to look at your phone.

Eventually he got annoyed and walked over to you and grabbed your phone. You got up and looked at him annoyed.

Not this moment again.

“Why do you want me to forgive you? So you can fuck up again and hurt me again?” You asked annoyed looking into his eyes.

He looked down and he looked back at you.

“I don’t mean to hurt you.” Jackson says causing you to laugh. 

“Well you do a great job without even trying. First lying to me at the beach, then lying to Mark and telling him I sleep around and then calling me a slut because Jaebum with in my room” you said and just the memory of all that caused you to feel mad.

When you get mad for some reason you cry, but you cry out of anger.

A tear escaped your eyes and you quickly wiped your tear.

“I-” Jackson begins to say and then stay quiet.

“You never tell me why the hell you do this.” you said annoyed and he looked down.

“Tell me.” you said hoping to hear an answer from him but instead you hear silence. “Just what I thought. You just hate me..” You said grabbing your phone from his hand.

You walked over to your purse it. You were about to shove your phone in your purse till you hear Jackson speak.

“I don’t hate you…” Jackson says and you looked at him.

“Then why do you do these things?” you asked and he looks at you.

“I I- don’t know.” Jackson says and you walked up to him.

“You do know. Just tell me.” You said with pleading eyes but he continued to avoid eye contact.

“Fine. Fair enough.” you said about to walk out of the room.

“Wait.” Jackson says and you looked at him annoyed.

“You never answered my question.” Jackson says and you continued to look at him. 

“Where are you going?” Jackson asks and your rolled your eyes.

“Well since you feel like being noisy, I have a date.” You said walking to the door.

Ironically when you opened the door you find Jaebum is standing right then and there. 

A huge smile spread across his face and you smiled. “Ready to go?” Jaebum asks pulling out his hand for you to grab it.

“Ready,” you smiled and you took one last glance at Jackson who looked hurt and walked off with Jaebum.

Why did he look hurt?

You ignored the question and smiled waiting for a good time.


Jackson’s Point of View

Watching her off with Jaebum completely hurt me. 

Here I was trying to push her away from Mark but little do I know i push her to Jaebum. 

I walked to the nearest wall and couldn’t help but to punch it out of anger.

Why am I so fucking stupid!

“Jackson!” Y/N roommate screams as she see me in pain holding my fist. “What the hell were you thinking,” she says grabbing a hold of my hand.

“I felt like punching something.” was the only words i could say and she looked at me like I was stupid.

We sat down at her bed and she grabbed rubber alcohol and cotton balls. 

“There was clearly a reason why you punched the wall,” she says as she applied the alcohol on my bruised up hand. 

I clenched my teeth from the pain and looked at her. “It’s nothing,” I said closing my eyes trying to avoid the pain on my hand. 

“I swear you better tell me or I will drop this whole bottle of alcohol on your hand.” she threatens and my eyes widen.

“Fine fine. You can’t tell anyone.” I said sitting up and i sighed.

“I think I like Y/n…” I said and looked at her reaction as her eyes widen.

“Crazy how the table turned,” she says giggling and I rolled my eyes. “Ugh,” I said getting up annoyed.

“Here you were trying to get her to like you and your plans backfired making you like her instead.” Y/N roommate says smirking. “I didn’t think this would happen okay,” I said looking out the window.

“Well if you like her, then why do you hurt her so much?” she says and I looked at her.

“I never felt like this toward anyone…” I said and I looked down.

“If I were you I would go fix the problem now before Jaebum makes y/n his girlfriend.” she says and I nodded.

She’s right.


Your Point of View

“Ah I can beat you. Just wait and see you,” You said challenging Jaebum as your grabbed a bowling ball.

“We will see about that.” He says smirking as he looked at you walk up the bowling alley.

You looked at the ball and then back at the alley and took a deep breath. The next thing you know your ran a little and swung your arm and let the ball go hoping it made a strike. You looked at the ball roll it’s way to the pin and as soon as you seen it touch the pins it knocked all pins down.

“Yeah!” You screamed throwing your hands up and running up to Bambam, Yugyeom and Junior who were on your team. 

Bambam got up and dabbed next to you and you decided to join him because why not. 

“That was just a lucky shot,” Jaebum says smirking and you playfully rolled your eyes.

You watched Jaebum grab the bowling ball and just as he was about to release the ball you snuck behind him and tickled him letting the ball go wrongly and he looked at you and smirked. 

“Your so going to pay for that,” he says and your eyes widen. 

You began to run and Jaebum followed behind you causing you to laugh.

He eventually caught up to you, grabbed you from behind and lifted you causing you to laugh more. 

You both were laughing and having fun till you eyes widen when you see Jackson standing front of you.

“What are you doing here?” You asked surprised.



Fairytale - Yoongi

requested by anonymous: Suga + Fairytale

Part of the anniversary drabbles!
Author: Admin E
Warning: Smut
Word Count: +700

‘Are you almost done?’

‘Just a few more, stop nagging!’

‘You’ve already painted the entire field, can we go now?’

‘I’m almost done!’

Yoongi rolled his eyes in annoyance as he made himself comfortable, leaning his back against your neck and stretching his legs on the curve of your shoulder. His tiny wings fluttered a few times before he folded them on his back again. He was ready to go, but you clearly weren’t. He was getting tired of your impulsive ideas. First it was hanging out with that flying kid Pan Jimin and his own even more obnoxious fairy, Tinkerkook. Then you absolutely wanted to go swimming with the mermaids. Then you suddenly needed to paint all of the white roses you encountered red and he had to tag along all the time.

He didn’t like being in his Fairy form when he was with you, it made him feel small and unmasculine, but it was better than following you around everywhere and having to walk the whole time. He much rather took naps on your shoulder then.  

‘I wanna go home ____-.’

‘Hmm?’, you hummed distracted while focusing on getting the red paint on your brush in every little corner of the white rose, ‘Why?’

‘So i can change back to a human and punish you for dragging me along all day.’

You giggled and ruffled his hair with your pinky. ‘You’re so cute!’

Yoongi’s eyes flew open and grabbed your pinky, not letting go of it when you tried to pull it back.

‘Yoongi, let me go. I need to finish thi-‘

A blinding light made you squeeze your eyes shut, like you were trying to look at the sun directly. Yoongi’s small figure lit up like a fireball and grew in size rapidly. Sprinkles of Fairy Dust flew everywhere, causing the field of roses to shimmer like a diamond. The beauty of it was dazzling you. And then you suddenly felt a weight on top of you as the light weakened again.

Yoongi had you pinned down to the ground, your arms above your head and his stunningly gorgeous face hovering only mere inches above yours.

‘Yoongi I-‘

‘Listen brat, you’ve had your playtime for today. It’s my turn.’, he growled before crashing his lips on yours, his hands pushing your arms upwards to stretch them even more above your head, pushing your legs open with his knee to position himself between them. You felt something hard poking against the inside of your tighs as he kept you in place. You whimpered against his soft lips when he pried your lips apart with his tongue, sliding into your mouth to start massaging yours. He moaned softly when he felt your wet muscle curling around his and you relaxed visibly, letting him take you over completely.

He stopped kissing you for a moment so you could catch your breaths again. He released one of your wrists to cradle your face gently, though his eyes were those of a hungry predator.

‘You know how frustrating it is to not get any attention? I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day but you just had to prance around everywhere doing all sorts of boring stuff. And it  certainly didn’t help sitting on your shoulder and getting the full view of your delicious, full breasts, seeing them bounce up and down when you walk, fuck…’, he groaned as he latched his lips onto the nape of your neck, where he was sleeping just a few minutes ago.

‘Yoongi…’, you whimpered when he started sucking into your skin, the electric sensations shooting through your body as he nibbled on your neck and grinded himself against your clothed clit, ‘Why didn’t you just tell me? Instead of sulking all the time-‘

‘Don’t talk back to me, you little brat.’, he growled as he bit down on your flesh, making you squeak in surprise. ‘I may be your fairy but don’t think for a second you can say and do whatever you want with me. You’re mine, not the other way around.’

His hand traveled southwards, his fingers crawling into your panties and softly stroking your sensitive little nub, wiping your mind clean of any thoughts.

‘I’ll show you who belongs to who right now.’, he whispered as he connected his lips with yours again.


Imagine Kylo’s hand fisting your hair, yanking you back to expose your neck as he grips you tight to his body, pounding into your aching cunt. Imagine his hot breath on your throat as he sinks hard, sharp kisses into your heartbeat. Imagine how your body rocks and shakes from the force of his, the sweat dripping down your temple from the heat between you. Imagine his grunts and stifled groans as he begins to lose himself in how tight and warm and wet you are around his throbbing cock.


@noeypiiepiie:  Can you please do 2 for Kurt Wagner (x Female reader)

2. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?”

(idk if this should be tagged as nsfw??? but things r just a lil steamy in the beginning)


Kurt’s tongue glided against your lower lip, as if asking for permission. You complied without hesitation. Tangling you hand in his hair, he let out a small moan.

It was very rare that you and Kurt shared moments like this. He preferred to take things slow, and you, of course, respected his wishes. However, it was he who initiated things this time. You didn’t question it though. You were too distracted by the feeling of his hands gripping your waist, keeping you steady. You threw your head back, while he started to kiss down your neck. He began to nip on the skin gently.

And then he paused, as if contemplating his next move. You could sense his hesitation. You were about to ask what was wrong, but then you felt it.

“Kurt..” You started. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?

He blushed profusely.

“Uh, I, vell, I,” he stammered. “P-Peter and Scott said z-zhat girls like zhat stuff, s-so I-”

You kissed the tip of his nose, silencing him.

“You actually listed to Peter and Scott?” You laughed.

“V-vell, yes. I-I just zhought zhat y-you vere bored, so I-”

“Kurt.” You say, cupping his cheek. “We do things how we want to. Not how anybody else says. Alright?”

He nodded, giving you a small smile.

“But just in case you were wondering, you are always welcome to touch my butt.” You winked.

You had never seen a blueberry turn so red.


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For anon…enjoy!

You bit your lip as you scratched the back of your neck. Luke, your crush, and Leia were making their way to you. The pair were laughing about something. You couldn’t quite tell what.

Glancing away for a moment, you attempted to lock those feelings down. Luke had a right to like whomever. You had no place to say any different. For the sake of his happiness, you swallowed the heartbreaking feelings.

You returned your gaze to the pair just as they reached you.

“Hey Y/N,” Luke greeted.
“Hey guys. How are you two killing the time?” you asked with a smirk.
Leia chuckled. “Unfortunately, I have a few meetings I have to attend.”
“The duties of a general,” Luke added.
Leia grinned. “Yeah. I’ll see you two around.”
She rubbed Luke’s shoulder before heading off. Luke smile softly.
“Bye,” you replied simply.

You bit your lip with slight nervousness. It was just you and Luke…alone. You always had trouble hiding your feelings for him when you were alone together. You cleared your throat.

“So, no Han today?” you asked while turning to walk.
Luke shook his head while stepping in line. “No. He said something about someone owing him.”
You smirked. “Sounds just like him.”

Sucking slightly on the inside of your cheek, you moved your gaze away from the pilot. You feigned interest in the things around you.

How pathetic? you thought, I can’t even look at his face without giving it away.

Luke grimaced as he noticed your behavior. He had noticed you grow increasingly quiet the more time the two of you spent together. The two of you used to be so close. He had developed quite the crush on you even. But, it didn’t take him long to notice you distanced yourself more and more from him.

“Y/N, can I ask you something?” he whispered just as the two of you reached a more secluded area.
Gulping you nodded. “Sure. Anything.”
“Do you hate me?”
You halted in your tracks, eyes wide. “No, Luke. Of course not. I could never hate you.”
He knit his brows. “Then what’s been up with you? We don’t hang out as much anymore, and anytime we do you just look at anything but me. Did I do something wrong?”
You lowered your head, shoulders slumping. “No. You didn’t do anything. It’s just…me. Don’t worry about it.”
Luke huffed. “I can’t not worry about you, Y/N. I care too much for you to let you out of my life.”
You blinked with surprise. “What was that? Did-You care for me?”
Luke blushed but nodded. “Yeah. That’s why I always want to hang out. I, uh, really like you.”
“And Leia?”
“What about her?”
You sucked in a breath. “Do you like her too?”
Luke sighed, but chuckled. “Not like I care about you.”

With a flush of relief, you quickly pecked his cheek. They burned brighter as your grin broadened. He slipped his hand into yours.

“I like you too,” you told him.

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Request #6 Loving the imagines!!! Will you take a request? Dylan and a girl having sex in a car,, can’t imagine it would be easy with his height… Thanks doll!; anon

You were supposed to be sitting on the hood of Dylan’s car watching the sunset, having a romantic moment with him. But instead you were rubbing him over his pants and he had his hand up your skirt. He slowly started leaning you against the hood spreading your legs open. He slips off your underwear, stuffing them in his pocket, as he starts rubbing over your pussy. “God you’re so wet,” he moans as he moves over to kiss you deeply. “Fuck, I want you, babe” you whisper over his lips. “Do you want to back to my place?” he asks kissing your neck. You get off the car, “I don’t think I can wait that long,” you say as you pull him to the back seat of his car. You start unbuckling his jeans and slipping them off along with his boxers as he pulls off your skirt and shirt getting each other completely naked. He starts to lean you back against the seats when he realizes that it wasn’t going to work out. “What’s wrong, Dyl?” “I-uhm- I’m kinda too tall for this,” he laughs awkwardly. “Oh, um, just sit then.” He does what you say but quickly realizes that his legs are too long. After an awkward moment of moving around and moving the seats, Dylan finds the perfect spot. You give him a few strokes getting him nice and hard again. You quickly sit on his dick, moaning as he slides into you. You start riding him as he sucks on your chest. You fuck Dylan hard and fast until you both are finish. You climb off of him, sitting next to him trying to catch your breath. “Do you wanna do that again?” Dylan asks. You look at him with a smile as you climb on top of him, kissing him hungrily.

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Ohmygosh your voice (~˘▾˘)~

😅 (puts hand over the back of his neck and rubs) I don’t know what you are talking about. 😜 Thank you though and hope you have a wonderful day!


One wicked tune.