Jealousy - A.I.

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Because this is my favorite god damned gif in the entire world and its got me shook.

All these Ashton smuts are just throwing me back into his lane…not that I’m complaining. I hope you enjoy this anon.

Being an up and coming star meant that there were a few things that needed to be sacrificed for the greater good of y/n’s career, and one of those was her relationship with Ashton Fletcher Irwin, not that she wasn’t intimate with him, but she just couldn’t be publicly. It had seemed like a fine idea at first, her management team not telling her she couldn’t date the rock star, just that she couldn’t do it in the public eye until her movie was released so she could build her name and not have it stapled on as ‘Ashton irwin’s girlfriend’, but that was still five months away, and five months wasn’t going to help her situation now.

She watched Ashton from afar, perched next to Michael on one of the chairs on the second floor that had a wonderful view of the bar, the bar where a girl currently had her arm on Ashton’s thigh, a bit too high for her liking. The only ones that really knew of her relationship with the drummer were his band mates and the management teams, not even close family and friends were allowed to know about their hidden endeavors until the public became aware.

“She has about five seconds to remove her hand before I cut it off her god damned arm and feed it to my fucking dog,” y/n muttered chugging the rest of her martini, placing the empty glass behind her as the waitstaff took it immediately.

“If it makes you feel any better, y/n, he’s been doing that himself,” Michael added as he watched Ashton for the third time grab the girl’s wrist respectfully and place it on her own thigh, moving his hand away soon after.

“I’m not worried about Ashton. I trust him. I just don’t trust the bimbos trying to be groupies,” she said back hopping up from her place on the chair ready to head down the stairs.

“Where are you going?” he called out, a smirk on his face knowing exactly where she was going.

“To remind Ashton who his girlfriend is,” she called back, taking the stairs one step at a time, silently cursing herself for thinking that louboutins were a great idea for a club. She made her way to the bar, purposely standing next to the girl seated next to Ashton, ordering herself another dry, extra dirty martini while listening in on the conversation.

“So, how is it that a fine ass man like yourself is single?” the girl questioned, y/n ready to down the next drink before smashing the glass over the girl’s head. “I can always give you a bit of love, if you need it.”

“Well, Caity, that’s a great offer, but I’ll have to decline,” Ashton said politely as y/n laughed to herself, the bartender placing the almost clear liquid in front of her, grasping the intricate cup, taking a few gulps and letting it flow into her system. She took the spear with the olive, leaning back making eye contact with the dimpled boy, motioning for him to follow her with a single finger before removing herself from the bar and heading towards another VIP area, one she knew would be empty at her request. It didn’t take long for Ashton to get the hint, excusing himself from his conversation and heading towards the drawn curtain, peeling it back slightly to catch sight of his girlfriend on the leather couch, her head cocked to the side, dress barely covering her lower half anymore due to her crossed legs, the impaled olive still in between her thumb and forefinger.

“Hey, baby,” he said hesitantly not sure if he was in trouble, even though he didn’t have a reason to be. She stood up from her place on the couch, now right in front of the boy, almost the exact same height due to the presents on her feet that he had gotten for her three months ago for her birthday.

“Sit down, Ashton,” she said, not daring to remove her eyes from his as he did as he was told. She could already tell his cock was straining against his jeans, the first two buttons on his shirt undone just as she left it, his freshly cut hair styled with his bangs pulled back messily away from his face. “Why am I upset, baby?” she questioned sliding each foot out of her heeled shoes slowly and carefully one at a time, leaving them where they were instead of kicking them out of the way knowing damn well that the black and red Jamie 160 pumps costed just over a grand. He licked his lips quickly, raking his eyes up her body, a low moan escaping him at how much of her body was exposed with that pathetic dress.

“Another girl touched me,” he answered making direct eye contact with her as she tugged on the zipper on the side of her dress, ready to let it pool at her ankles leaving her in a black lace pair of cheeky’s with a bow on the back and a matching lace strapless bra Ashton had gotten her for his birthday the month before. All she was missing from that birthday set was the thigh highs.

Oh how he loved those thigh highs.

“And why am I upset that she touched you?” It was a stupid question, really, both of them already knowing the answer as she walked towards him, stopping right out of his reach as he attempted to subtly palm himself through the denim.

“Because I’m yours,” he said back without hesitation as a smirk grew on her face.

“And what does that mean, baby?”

“Only you can touch me.” He looked her over once again, her arms crossed over her chest, her hip jutted out to one side as she stood in a position of power. He knew better than to try and argue with her, since she was already seeing red.

“I think you need a bit of a reminder, baby, don’t you?” she questioned earning a small nod from him, Ashton gaining a tsk in response. “Words, Ashton.”

“I need you to remind me,” he whispered in awe. There was only one other time she was dominant with him, Ashton having been dominant every other time in bed, and the last time she was like this, his was tied to the bed with a serious case of blue balls from the amount of times she denied him of an orgasm. In fairness to her, he had really pissed her off that night and deserved it, tenfold. She carefully straddled his lap, making sure not to rub against his cock and cause him more suffering than he was already facing as she brought the vodka covered olive to his lips, watching him eat it carefully. “Can I get a kiss?” he questioned after he finished chewing, a small pout on his lips as she leaned in, taking his bottom lip in her mouth, sucking on it before giving it a light bite and pulling back.

“Later.” She reached down to the button on his jeans, slipping it through the hole skillfully without looking, tugging the zipper down next as she reached her hand into his pants ready to pull out his cock, a loud hiss escaping his lips as he threw his head back, his eyes rolling back into his head from the insane amount of pleasure running through his body. “How would you like me to remind you, Ash? Do you want my hands, my mouth, or my pussy? You only get one right now, baby, so choose wisely.” Ashton couldn’t even comprehend the words leaving her mouth at the moment, let alone the fact he need to make a decision. “Come on, Ashton. I don’t have all night. Here, I’ll even narrow it down for you. Do you want my mouth, or do you want my pussy.” Her hand slowly stroking his cock, occasionally running her thumb over the head, his cock twitching in her hand each time.

“Pussy, baby. I-I want to feel y-you around me,” he stuttered sitting up, attempting to open his eyes to look into her lust filled orbs as she pressed her forehead to his, both looking at each other exasperated. She slowly licked over his lips, a devilish grin on her face as she climbed off of the boy, Ashton whining from the loss of contact as y/n started to tug down his pants and boxers, letting them rest by his ankles before standing up again.

“I need help taking off my panties, baby.”

“My pleasure,” he growled getting on his knees in front of her knowing this would probably be the only time she allowed him to touch her until after the hot sex they were about to have, taking full advantage as he ran his hands up the side of her thighs, his mouth nipping at the skin just above the lace, sucking dark marks into her skin that the makeup artist would have to cover before letting her get into her costume. He tug his teeth into the fabric right in the center as he pulled on the bow in the back unraveling it so he could pull down the lace, finishing with his hands as he licked a long stripe up the center of her leaking pussy. She let out a satisfied sigh before pushing his head back before he could get too into eating her out.

“Back on the couch,” she instructed, watching as he did what he was told, stepping out of her lace and unhooking her bra leaving her bare as she climbed back onto his lap, unbuttoning his shirt slowly as he watched her hands nimbly attack the small buttons. “I just have one rule, alright?”

“Anything for you,” he muttered as she smirked not bothering to gaze up at him knowing she had him right where she wanted him.

“Don’t touch unless I say so, okay?” she questioned taking a hold of his cock once again, lining him up with her entrance before sinking down slowly, an animalistic moan leaving her lips as Ashton had to fight to not touch and just watch as she got off on his cock. “Doesn’t that feel good, baby? How well you fit inside of me?” she questioned grabbing his cheeks in her hand as she started to ride him, making sure his focus was solely on her. “That blonde bitch can do you like I can, can she?”

“N-no,” he groaned out in a stutter as she smiled to herself moving faster and harder, her own moans escaping her lips.

“What was her name anyways? You seemed pretty friendly.” Ashton groaned knowing this was  a question she wanted an answer to, but he couldn’t even seem to know what his name was at that moment. “What was it, Ash?”

“F-fuck, I don’t know.” She laughed to herself letting go of his face, resting her hands on either shoulder as she stopped when her hips was flush against his, circling her hips in slow motions as his head tilted back once again leaving his neck exposed to her, sucking multiple hickeys onto his neck before starting her ride once again.

“You can touch me,” she moaned burying her face in his neck as he held her hips, moving her even faster than she had while his hips snapped up meeting hers, louder moans escaping her lips as he repeatedly hit her g-spot, ready to send her over the edge. She didn’t need to speak, Ashton’s hand moving down to circle her clit as Ashton spat filth into her ear, her nails digging deeper into his shoulder as she climaxed, Ashton twitching inside of her spilling his seed in her as the two of them caught their breath. He pulled out of her slowly, the empty feeling she had causing a groan to escape her swollen lips as she looked up slightly to see his face, grabbing it once again as she pressed her mouth to his instantly shoving her tongue into his mouth, a smirk appearing on both sets of lips as they smiled at each other.

“God, you’re perfect,” he muttered kissing her forehead as she shimmied off his lap as Ashton stood up, both pulling their clothes back on. “How bout we go and finish that lesson at my apartment, alright?”

“As much as I would love to, I’d rather not deal with Calum imitating you beg tomorrow morning, so let’s just head back to mine, alright?” she questioned stepping into her heels, tossing Ashton her panties showing him how bare she was if she even bent down in the slightest.

“I’m not going to beg,” he muttered following her out of the room, watching as she flashed a wink to the guard pulling him to the other side of the club by the front door.

“Oh, we’ll see about that, Ash.”


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I want to be optimistic about DCEU Lois and Clark getting married because they showed us the ring, that’s a narrative promise they’ve got to keep, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure there has never once been a Clois engagement that DC didn’t screw up with some kind of executive meddling.