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If you receive this, you make someone happy. Go on anonymous and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or someone you think needs cheering up. If you get some back, even better!

Awwww this is so sweet!! <3 Especially since I’m quite literally buried under a pile of homework and EST studies. 
Thank you so much!! Right back at you :D 

We won the Channel 96.1 fan takeover! That means this Sunday at 6:30 pm EST 1D songs will be played back to back on that radio station.

There is a poll HERE to vote for the songs you want to hear, and Home is on it! Go vote for Home!

Granada Watchalong

Hey! We’re back!

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Tomorrow! 9p EST! (Which I think is midnight UTC! I may have figured out time zones, go me!) We will be viewing Silver Blaze beginning at 9p EST(hey, just in time for more setlock speculation, eh?) and Wisteria Lodge beginning approximately at 10:15p EST!

The watchalong is hosted through, and @inevitably-johnlocked figured out that you do not need to register to chat! (I would be completely useless without them, I will not lie, go give them some love!) Also, you don’t need your own copy, since it streams live right in the room.

I for one can’t wait to get back to our precious Victorian husbands!!

tags for the regular crew under the cut (if you’re not in the regular crew, you’re still totally welcome to come! It’s always a fun time!)

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:: Story time with Admin Leen :: The story of how I started biasing Woozi ~

So ~ I was looking through my posts when I came across an ask from a follower who was curious about how I started biasing/liking Woozi. Honestly speaking, this post is very overdue but I finally found the time to write my whole story so here it is. Warning though, it’s gonna really long and I’ll probably write a lot of unnecessary stuff on the way.

Let’s begin !

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tomorrow im gonna be out all day and im not getting back til 11pm est so thats when i will watch the su eps… im not sure if im gonna blog about them or not / how much, i’ll do whatever i see most ppl on my dash doing. conformity and all that. i do promise that anything i do blog about these eps will be tagged with su spoilers and su unaired.

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After managing to escape St. Mungos, Esther had nowhere to go. Had it gotten colder outside? She thought to herself. Dressed in a mediwitch uniform she’d nicked from a closet the girl limped through alleyways. Stopping for a moment to hide as a few masked figures passed her Est thought back. In her vision, she had seen Doe’s address. This was the Aurors chance, to save the girl, and with that Esther had decided, battered, broken and bruised she arrived at Doe’s door.