Idioms in French and English

It’s a throwback to - Ça nous ramène à

To get to the bottom of things - Aller au fond des choses

You can’t put the clock back - Ce qui est fait est fait

It looks like a dead end street - On est dans l’impasse

To take a turn for the better - Prendre une meilleure tournure

To be scared to death - Avoir une peur bleue

That drives me crazy - Ça me prend la tête

He had a narrow escape - Il l’a échappé belle

They were beaten hands down - Ils ont été battus à plate couture

To throw money down the drain - Jeter de l’argent par les fenêtres

To face facts - Se rendre à l’évidence

An ace in the hole - Un avantage secret

At a drop of a hat - Sans hesitation

To start from scratch - Commencer à partir de zero

I worked my fingers to the bone - J’ai travaillé d’arrache-pied

Once in a blue moon - Tous les trente-six du mois

To buy something for a song - Acheter quelque chose pour une bouchée de pain

To do one’s utmost - Faire de son mieux

To face facts - Voir la vérité en face

To be all the rage - Être à la mode

To deter somebody from doing something - Dissuader quelqu’un de faire quelque chose 

To come into office - Prendre le pouvoir

To have a grip on something - Avoir une emprise sur quelque chose 

To cope with - Faire face à

To be on the edge of - Être sur le point de

To turn out to be - S’avérer

To devote oneself to doing something - Se consacrer à

To get one’s life back - Reprendre sa vie en main

To be short of - Être en rade de quelque chose

To resume work - Reprendre le travail

In the name of - Au nom de

To hit rock bottom - Toucher le fond

It’s the pot calling the kettle back - C’est l’hôpital qui se moque de la charité

Money can’t buy happiness - L’argent ne fait pas le Bonheur

When there’s a will there’s a way - Quand on veut on peut

To pass out - Tomber dans les pommes

To pretend to - Faire semblant de

Don’t judge a book by his cover - L’habit ne fait pas le moine

To make ends meet - Joindre les deux bouts

To cost an arm and a leg - Coûter les yeux de la tête

To look forward to - Être impatient de 

To be skating on thin ice - Avancer sur un terrain glissant

Let alone - Sans parler de

To keep pace with - S’adapter

Out of necessity - Par nécessité

Be it as it may - Quoi qu’il en soit

The flipside of the coin - Le revers de la médaille

To be on the brink of doing something - Être à deux doigts de faire quelque chose

In the wake -  A la suite de

In the Wanna One Dorm (again..)

Minhyun: They did this for me? * whimpers * (Reading the news and back story behind NU’EST’s new unit name NU’EST W)

Sungwoon: They did this for me? * whimpers * (Reading about how HOTSHOT made ‘Jelly’ 3:22 Minutes, because March 22 is his birthday)

Jisung: * hugging both * there there

Everyone else: * high key jealous of the deep rooted brotherhood between the NU’EST and HOTSHOT members *

a/n: (for those who are not in the fandom) the ‘W’ in NU’EST’s new unit name, NU’EST W, stands for “Waiting_You”. Yes it is official, it isn’t something theorized by fans, Pledis said it themselves. The ‘W’ represents NU’EST’s appreciation for fans who have waited for their comeback, at the same time, it also represents the boys resolve to wait for Minhyun’s return. T.T I’m not crying, you are. 

norm4aday  asked:

Any little fun facts you would like to tell us on Fio?

I got this question ages ago, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to do proper answers.  So here are a couple little fun facts about Fio!

As a child, Fio did house-work around his uncle’s mansion in exchange for room and board.  Almost all of his clothes are hand-me-downs and things he picked up from trash bins in the mansion and kept.  He never really grew into most of them and so his casual wardrobe is pretty big on him.  He doesn’t wear his over-sized clothes anywhere that anyone would possibly see him though.

Working around the mansion also meant Fio learned to cook from the ladies staffing the kitchen there.  The head chef liked to have an extra pair of hands, and Fio was a quick learner, so if he was ever spotted around the kitchen, he was put to work.  Even now that he doesn’t work for room and board around the mansion, he still helps in the kitchen occasionally.  He likes to have something to do and to be near the hustle and bustle of people without being expected to be social.  He cooks most of his meals for himself and Este usually joins him to eat since the extent of Este’s cooking knowledge is opening a can of beans.

Fio enjoys swimming and likes to relax in the water.  He doesn’t get the chance to go and swim very often, but when he gets the opportunity, he stays in the water as long as possible.

And Fio likes to tear things apart and see how they work.  He’s not nearly so good at putting them back together though.  Este lost many a radio to Fio’s curiosity, and finally insisted on Fio organizing the pieces and putting them back together when he was done.  It was either that or pay for the next radio.

To those wondering why fans “left, ignored, and hated” Hello back in 2013;

NU’EST debuted with a song about fighting back bullying, about gaining confidence to stand up to bullies. This was a new scene for kpop as a boygroup singing and showing actual bullying. Face was an instant hit; NUEST was more popular than exo, btob, and bap (imagine that). Then Action came not long after debut. Another societal issue song. Not so much a hit, but kept with a theme of standing up to whoever is putting you down. This seemed to keep previous fans still on boat the nu’est waves. Then nu’est came to around october of the same debut year with a fan video of Sandy and Not Over You; both songs of the same album of Action. Cute- and completely different than its title track counterpart- you could see how people didnt like their shocking new image. Two title tracks of fighting back, with cute surprise videos? Not much hype went on unless you were an international fan who genuinely loved the way they portrayed the song with the surprise videos. I mean, one video was about them hanging out and buying their fans things the entire day! What was so bad about it? 

Then…the wait for Hello. No one knew this song was going to be a hit for genuine fans, and I mean genuine because…well…you’ll later read on.

Teasers, photos, etc etc was hyping up tumblr LOVEs. This song was going to give nu’est a new breakthrough. This was going to give them more popularity than the last. Same year debut groups were doing cute videos while older groups were doing more hip hop and serious love damaging songs and videos.. Nu’est wasnt hopping on trend and instead, was coming out with a ballad still true to their actual name “NU Establish Style Tempo” (emphasis on NU and STYLE). nuest, no matter what song, has always had a similar beat to every song before Hello, and to this day, continue the same beats that make a nuest song be…well…nuest. An almost soft dubstep beat. Go ahead, listen to all of their songs and pay attention to the beat. Hello was a ballad, but carried such a beat along with it that made it different than other ballads. At least to me that is. But even though the song was a nuest song, with its beat screaming NUEST, fans in Korea and even international fans, didnt like it.

Hello became the downfall. Fans around the world (a lot, but not enough to tear nuest and us down!) began to complain. Hello wasnt a song about fighting societal issues. It was deemed to be like any other love song. Boring. Same as everyone. Not NUEST. But, that was the thing about being a nuest fan. What even IS nuest? Does their acronym not mean new style of music? From what I remember….

NU'EST stands for ‘NU(New), Establish, Style, Tempo’, signifying how they are creating a new style to the music.“ 1TheK description on debut song FACE.

From my point of view, NUEST WAS NEVER MEANT TO STAY THE SAME. Changing, always changing. That is nuest. And because of such a drastic change from anti-bullying and taking actions towards those against you to losing a woman they loved, this brought harsh declines in sales. Hello was the first to bring hardly any album sales out of the two already out. This was the turning point. Fans left, ignored, and hated Hello. People who were not fans but followed nuest, left to see them fall to the ground.

Again, this was not a nu’est song. From what I remember back in 2013, people justified this song as the complete opposite of what nuest IS and should be. Blaming pledis and the boys for doing a song not usual to their two other albums. My argument since 2013? NUEST was never meant to be the same all of the time. We should have expected them to change, just like how every other group on this earth changes styles. Why was nuest the only exception to not being able to change? Well, to “fans” in that era, it was reasonable. And since then, nuest has still been changing with every song they come out with, doing everything they can to please us who are already supporting them, while trying to reach out to their homeland and gain fans there as well. nu’est never stopped for anyone. They kept going and going and fighting on despite the decline in every song they came out with. Of course Overcome was the turning point to show a better and improved ‘nuest’ to the public, but it was still never the same like before Hello.

I rambled on so much I dont know how to end this. but here you go. What I believe and remember from what happened during the time that Hello was a forgotten soul of a song. And why its so important to listen to the remix that came out today, because of its history and deep depth of hurt that it caused our boys. This song has resurrected and it has slayed.

Love Potion No. 9 (Sneak Peek)

Love Potion No. 9 is a five-part AU mini series featuring CEO Harry, a bit of magic, and a cheeky cat named Jinx. Posting on Mondays at 5:30pm EST.

1. And It’s Called Black Magic

Chestnut hair effortlessly coiffed with a slight curl and evenly sun-kissed skin accentuated the viridescent hue of his irises as they caught the light, his strawberry lips upturned in a sweet smile. His long fingers were splayed against his abdomen over the button of his black suit, the pink shirt underneath anything but opaque and hardly buttoned. A few other men and women surrounded him, but you couldn’t look away from him if you tried.

The office Google image search of Mr. Harry Styles did him no justice.

“Mornin’,” he said softly as he passed, a slight twitch of his fingers in hello before one of his comrades opened the glass door to Miriam’s office and gestured him in.

Minutes passed before you moved again–hell, before you caught your breath again—but Janee’s nervous laughter stirred you.

Quickly, you gathered the tray of beverages and headed in, no sooner than necessary, as Janee was an awkward, giggly mess trying to coordinate everyone around the white sofas. You placed the tray on the short, glass coffee table, not totally intentionally right in front of the man who captivated you. As you made to straighten from your bent position, once again you found yourself drowning in a sea of green as Mr. Styles looked right into your soul and spoke.

“Thank you.”

You would have stayed there forever, drinking in the smoothness of his voice and basking in the warmth he radiated, had Miriam not made her grand entrance.

“You’re welcome,” you replied after a hearty swallow. You straightened and shuffled to the far side of Miriam’s office with Janee, out of the way but close enough should anyone need anything.

“Can’t believe you forgot these,” Miriam said in a rush, shaking the little bottles in her hands. “And why aren’t they labeled?”

Check back Monday at 5:30pm EST for the full part!

anonymous asked:

Can you do some poly!hamilsquad with their s/o please? *sends all of the huggles*

boss’ memo : i live for poly!hamilsquad!!!!! since you didn’t specify on a drabble, i’m going to give you headcanons, okay? just tell me if that wasn’t to your tastes! also?

  • they sleep in a pile. not joking–they make it work somehow!
    • you sleep clutched to hercules’ chest, one leg thrown over john’s hips. john’s spooned by lafayette, and when alex comes to bed, he just lays on top of you guys. (he likes being the little spoon to either you or john–but you’re softer, and less likely to kick during sleep)
    • you wake up on top of hercules with someone’s face pressed into your neck. its usually john or alex, but mostly john, because he likes pressing his face into a pillow or you when he’s trying to go to bed.
    • hercules is awake before everyone else and will kiss your neck!! tbh most of your hickies are from him. he also runs very warm, so he’s excellent during the winter. and he won’t let himself be defeated by the summer, so you have to pry this one off of you so you stop sweating.
    • side note : lafayette is extremely cuddly and will absolutely fill any space not taken up by anyone else . beware! he’s also a blanket hog!
  • (for modern AU) who you should play video games with : lafayette . he is the only one with the slightest amount of chill who won’t pout when he loses. also, he’s capable of losing.
    • alexander is BANNED from playing mario party. BANNED!!
    • he’s going to start talking about politics based on the star system with john. uh, just let them work it out and try not to scream if they mention communism
    • hercules wins every game (this and smash bros are the only games he really puts any work in to do well and it shows) because you’re all distracted with the heated debate and it’s not necessarily a bad thing since he always wants a kiss when he does. honestly just give up on playing, sit in his lap, and smooch ‘em!
    • while he’s distracted by you, lafayette ends up winning. hercules swears you two are teaming up on him.
  • SPEAKING OF SMOOCHES!! i hope you’re a fan!
    • alex appreciates it if you give him nighttime kisses–as in, you convince him to go to bed through promises of “more of those, please”!! he gets very greedy (read: he will never be satisfied) and things escalate quickly with him, but he can’t help himself! your kisses make his mind blank and he can’t say anything for once other than the fact that he wants more. he also appreciates forehead kisses, and if you’re shorter than him, he will lean down for you. wreck him!!
      • style : desperate
    • ill just be simple about it : kiss john’s freckles. he will do anything for you if you kiss his cheeks or the bridge of his nose. he usually will catch your mouth before you pull back!! he’s the handsy-est and you can expect a hand on the back of your head or your hips. he likes to move his fingers through your hair, or rub the back of your neck. no matter how confident he started out going in, he always ends up being red to his ear tips. john’s ticklish and is likely to start laughing if you bring your lips anywhere near his neck. he tries to overwhelm you with the sheer amount of kisses he gives because it makes you giggle–and you have such a cute laugh!!
      • style : playful
    • lafayette is passionate as hell and it might be a bit of surprise but: he’s the roughest kisser of the bunch. he’s the type to suddenly pick you up and push you against the wall because the mood strikes him. he always pulls back with a grin on his face because of your disheveled state. you should kiss it off him, maybe turn the tables a little bit? don’t let him even slightly near your neck because he’ll see what hercules did and he’ll get very competitive. you’re not going anywhere until he’s done , oops! his weakness is his jawline–so kiss it.
      • style : rough
    • last on the list but certainly not in my heart : hERCULES MULLIGAN!! let me just start out with : he’s a teddy bear!!! his kisses are really gentle and soft because he just wants to enjoy the moment with you! he’ll usually pull you into his lap and give you kisses as he works. but, he’s got an evil secret: he is the Biggest Tease of All Time™. not even joking, he will kiss you passionately and then move back/straighten up so you can’t reach him. like lafayette, he likes seeing you desperate for more. he’s the reason that not only you, but alex, john, and lafayette are all marked up. he’s also the biggest fan of kisses (rivaling alex) and adores any amount of affection you give him. (he returns two times as much.)
      • style : teasing

kinda went overboard on the kissing hcs–but that doesn’t matter,
don’t forget to send in requests !!