A sketch collab with the SUPER MEGA ULTRA AMAZING @blueflowervalley  I’m so happy to have met this precious person and I’m simply in love with her style and ideas and OMG GIRL YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for doing those *cries and hugs forever*
Few more sketches of this collab here on dA: 

The sketches were done on Oekaki chat ( a very pixelated way to collab with your friends live.. try it out!)

Also if you love Deathshipping, be sure to check out our 2nd sketch collab on her account tomorrow AND GO WATCH HER IF YOU ARENT ALREADY! SHE’S AWESOME!!!!

I’ll go back into my corner to cry over how awesome those are..ok..

Visually Scarred

I am so horrified right now. Ross Kenry O’-FUCKING-Donovan ruined Pikachu for me. 

If you need me, I’ll be rocking back and forth, crying, holding Piplup and shaking. In the corner.