Welcome 2016

I want with this image just say how much I love the nature and would like to see this year another great moment with her. And I greet all tumblr friends and wish them a great 2016! And thanks to the whole team PWS Team for their dedication to photography!

“PWS - Back and Forth // Looking forward to 2016″
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PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

  • me irl:the sonnets are queer, mercutio's queer, iago wants to have sex with othello, puck and oberon are totally hooking up, emilia and desdemona are probably making out, are u fuckin kidding me with brutus/cassius rn, hamlet's ace and doin queer shit w/horatio, phebe's kinda gay for rosalind, nO ONE IS STRAIGHT
  • me in my term paper:well, the historical context is important for considering the hypothetical queerness of shakespeare's characters, and we can't ever really say anything for sure, but shakespeare's ambiguous wording and use of complex scenarios that obscure gender open the texts to possibilities for queer readings maybe sometimes I don't know