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3 - winteriron?

3.) Student/Teacher AU

A/N: College AU too.

Rhodey was doubled over laughing with tears streaming down his face.

Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Unfortunately the new position angled his exam so that the fifty-seven in red glared up at him. Tony scowled and crumpled up the paper into a ball. “It’s not that funny. I failed a test, Rhodey. I’ve never failed a test!”

Rhodey’s laughter died down to snickers and he wiped his tears away. “I’m sorry, man. I’m sure you’ll find some way to raise your grade. I’m just laughing because…” Rhodey’s eyes slid into the small classroom where Professor Barnes was packing up his things to move to his next class. The man taught history and martial arts–a smarty with a body as Tony had once told Rhodey.

Tony groaned. He leaned against the wall, hitting the back of his head on it a few times. “I know. I know, it’s pathetic, but every time he moves his arms his muscles flex, and he has such an amazing back and ass.”

The corner of Rhodey’s mouth twitched, his eyes once again sliding into the classroom. “Uh, Tony…”

“And the day of the test!” Tony gesticulated his exasperation. “Did you see what he did? Did you? He picked up his desk! Picked up! Not dragged! Picked up! That thing weighs as much as me! I have never been so grateful and spiteful for that Paganism class before ours that likes to move the furniture around.”


Tony sighed dreamily. “Is it wrong that I spent most of my exam time imagining professor Barnes picking me up and having his way with me on the desk?”

“Considering the grade you got on your test I would have to say so, Tony,” Professor Barnes said right next to Tony.

Tony yelped and sprang away from his teacher. “Professor Barnes!” Tony scowled at his best friend. “Rhodey!”

Rhodey shrugged. “I tried to warn you.”

Professor Barnes looked highly amused. “Don’t worry. I’ve heard worse. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it for now.” Professor Barnes strode a few paces away then paused. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. “I’ll also ask someone else to move my desk next time. Wouldn’t want you failing your next exam.” He waved goodbye then left Rhodey and Tony alone in the hall.

“God, why did that make him only more sexy?”


ANOTHER actor X cafe au update, seeing as I have to go to school again today since I lost my fever and won’t be able to post much for the next 7 hours

- Whenever Alfred has to go on the red carpet he drags Arthur along as his date, the only problem is that Arthur is terribly camera shy but goes along anyways, so then you have a cheery American walking together with a Brit that is trying to shy away from the camera’s

- Alfred absolutely despises Arthurs brothers for multiple reasons

- Alfred sometimes just randomly starts carrying Arthur around on his back in public

- Alfred randomly pushing Arthur against a wall and leaving a bitemark on his neck to show who he belongs to whenever he gets jealous

- Their cats seem to love following Arthur wherever he goes, and are usually very close to him at nearly all times

- When the cats where kittens they where a major cock block

- Alfred and Arthur have been dating for nearly three years (The third anniversary is on Christmas 2016)

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(“Lil Babe”) “I’m here for you.”


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RP starters: Miscellaneous angst

Red jolted as he heard the unfamiliar voice, staring up at the taller skeleton with trembling little hands. He pressed back against the wall, huffing and puffing in fear. It took too long for him to realize what the other had said, before calming slowly, eyes still wide.

“…I…I-I d….w-…who” he whispered softly, backing up into a tree, his back flat against it, and hands quivering against his little belly. “D-…Dont k-…know you…”

rl quick pressure stimming guide:

1. put hardcover sketchbook on your lap
2. put your back against a wall if there is one
3. squeeze your knees to your chest
4. grab your sleeves really tightly
5. press sketchbook to your chest
6. press face to sketchbook
7. clench teeth
8. curl your toes
9. Feel Good (potentially fall asleep that’s what i did)

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I FEEL BAD SENDING ANOTHER ONE ALREADY BUT "person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”)" for Nina/Matthias bcuz I know you'll make it awesome

It’s his own fault. 

It’s also her fault, the witch, the seductress, the bane of his very existence. 

But it’s definitely mostly his fault, for looking at her, for letting her know that he was looking at her. He’s not subtle. And she’s too much to ignore, the shape of her hips in that lilac dress, the plunge of cleavage, the way her hair rests perfectly on her bare shoulders. 

Matthias can’t stand her. She clogs his nostrils and his thoughts.

Which is how she corners him the way she does, using her hips to bewitch him by forcing him to stumble back a couple of steps. A few of the other party goers laugh a bit at the spectacle: large Matthias running away from pretty Nina.

“I didn’t peg you for the ugly sweater type, Matthias.” Her smile is equal parts mocking and delighted. She reaches out and plucks at the green yarn of his sweater. 

“It’s not ugly.”

It’s large and warm, and perhaps a little too bright for him. The Christmas tree on the front might have been too much, but it was a holiday party. 

He just really likes the sweater.

“It’s very ugly, and yet very fitting.” Her eyes sweep over him, and he’s got the oddest feeling that she means fitting very differently than he wants to believe.

“You’ve been drinking, Zenik.”

Her very shapely mouth formed itself into a pout. He doesn’t want to think about her lips and how soft they would be and the taste of her alcohol on them. These are not the kind of thoughts he wants to have about her. 

“One drink.” Her eyes flicker up now, her green gaze more alive than anything he’s ever seen before. They light up even brighter than the gaudy Christmas tree. “Oops, we walked right into the mistletoe.”


His face heats up without meaning to, his teeth grinding together. She meant to do that. Of course she did. This is Nina Zenik they are talking about. Matthias sighs and steps to the side, away from the accursed plant, but it’s as if she anticipates this from him. She dances around him and forces him back into the doorway. The wood digs sharply into his back, even through the sweater. 

She’s just a girl. A pretty one. Beautiful, really. 

He feels like a caged dog.

“Mistletoe, Matthias. Don’t they teach you about upholding traditions?” Nina laughs, and it’s every sweet song he’s ever heard.

He glowers at her. “This is a silly tradition.”

“Yeah?” She swaggers when she closes the distance between them, and he hates her even more. 

Men - and women - would kill to be forced into a corner by her, to have all that she’s offering up in that dress. But Matthias can’t take his eyes off of her face - well, except for maybe the occasional glance. There’s a rosy glow in her cheeks, pure joy humming through her whole body. 

“I thought you liked silly traditions.”

“My traditions are not silly,” he mutters.

She raises a perfect eyebrow at him.

“If I kiss you, will you leave me alone?”

“Maybe,” she teases.

It’s the best answer he’s going to get. It’s no hardship, though, to lean down and close the distance between them. His mouth is against hers in an instant, far faster than he anticipated. He expects it to be a quick peck and she’ll laugh as he makes his escape.

He doesn’t move away, and her lips taste like apples. His hands find her hips far too easily. He doesn’t like how long he’s been imagining this, they exact placement of her body against his. Nothing about Nina is supposed to appeal to him. Her fingers are like wildfires as her hands slide over his shoulders, his neck, his face, until they bury into his hair and tug at his scalp. She moves closer to him, kissing him harder, bringing him against her.

And then she’s gone, a breathless laugh on her lips. She takes a bow, but never breaks eye contact with him. “I am a woman of my word.”

Matthias growls. “Since when?”

“Since now.” She tugs at that loose string of yarn, breaking it off before making her escape.

The devil, that’s what she was. A demon.

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PLS tell me your headcanons about gentle dom!Jamie and bratty sub!Tyler pls im weak

Oh God, ain’t this the truth though. Jamie deals with Tyler’s hyperactivity and frenetic outbursts by being quietly commanding; things like a hand on the back of his neck or bracketing him against a wall with a smile, all ears, all openness. It makes Tyler melt in an instant. He’ll push Jamie to this point - he knows how to get under his skin and play his strengths to get Jamie to want to calm him. He’ll poke him or talk through a movie they’re watching or turn down the food Jamie makes for them, just to get that feeling of Jamie’s powerful arms around him, grounding him, lifting and encouraging him.

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"El S-Segador." Ale whispered, staring at the diablo from behind a wall. The creature seemed to float over two pale corpses on the ground of what she assumed had been gangsters. What was Death doing here? She squeaked however when he stopped moving and quickly hid back against the wall. Oh crud. He saw her. M-Maybe he hadn't.

A dark smog escaped the Wraith as he stood up, the moonshine contrasting against the darkness of his coat, revealing his all myth.Those punks were the prefect snack for Reaper as he was carving for some souls, yet the small squeak had caught his attention.The mercenary dissolved in the air, leaving the corpse lying on the floor before re-materializing behind her.

”Usted no debería estar aquí en su propio hijo, es…peligroso.”Chuckled Gabriel, licking his lips beneath the skeletal mask.

Regret - Imagine036 - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 5 of Losing Sleep (and other things)

He stares at the table from where he sits on the cement floor, arms propped on his knees and head leaning back against the wall. The plant is mocking him, drawing his gaze even when he tries to look everywhere else. He has no idea what time it is, and he doesn’t care. All he can feel is the hole that opened up in his chest the second he saw them.

Written over the summer hiatus in response to some of the spoilers (Ray Palmer, Cupid, and the fern, mostly)

The Signs As A Cage The Elephant Song

Aries: Cover Me Again
Taurus: Shake Me Down
Gemini: Aberdeen
Cancer: Back Against The Wall
Leo: In One Ear
Virgo: Cigarette Daydreams
Scorpio: Black Widow
Libra: Tiny Little Robots
Sagittarius: James Brown
Capricorn: Always Something
Aquarius: Lotus
Pisces: Soil To The Sun