Daily Problem

 Oftentimes, her glares scared him.

 “Um…W-White?” Shakily he asked, dull grey eyes focused on the brunette. “Did I do something wrong?” Long fingers twiddled nervously on his front. He blinked once when White huffed shortly. He flinched openly when she shot another glare.

 “You know something, N?” Arms firmly crossed against her chest, she tipped her head upwards. “I really,” Right before the next words were about to slur out, shades of red began spiralling each tanned cheek, “really wanted to kiss you today.”

 Oftentimes, the stuff she said baffled him.

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“I am yours.”

haven’t drawn in a week, still sick as hell, and the first thing i draw is this :) suck it illness! also i really love that line so 💓


Letoya Luckett - BACK 2 LIFE Teaser

young forever.