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cabbage r u ok? it's been,, like, twenty four hours and we miss u :(

ahhh sorry yes i am fine!!!! ive just been really busy with stuff at the moment :-( i’ll be back real soon tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just needed a lil break u kno how it is

i hope harry took full advantage of being able 2 say he literally died and came back 2 life to save the wizarding world like *has to queue for ten minutes outside the ministry entrance to get into work* ‘i did not die for this’ *hermione is nagging him for some paper work* ‘i already literally died for the wizarding world hermione is that not enough’  *draco makes a smug comment in the corridor* ‘shut up malfoy i died for your sins’ 


Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
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Anakin: wouldn’t it be a shame :) if the chancellor were to :) :) oh I dunno :) :) :) fall on my lightsaber :) :) :) 23 times on the Senate floor


Back 2 Life
LeToya Luckett
Back 2 Life

I remember when we started in your new thing
Got your curve aside bitches like a loose chain
I made you a new flame
I been around a witch
Don’t you remember when I told you I was stayed down
Not going back ‘cause but maybe I need break now
Before I break down
Worked so hard
It’s so hard
Baby to let it fall apart
Fall apart
So I gotta get
Back to life..