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Hi! I was wondering if there was going to be any more Neighboring Love? I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to know what happens next! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said: Neighboring love is so great!! What happens next?

Anonymous said: More neighboring love please? Thanks! <3

Anonymous said: I’m so excited your ask is open again! Could you please continue the one where Claire and Jamie are teens and fall in love but he leaves for France and comes home to find black jack trying to force Claire to leave with him?? It ended on such a cliffhanger! PLEASE PLEASE more!!!

anonymous asked: can you please continue the story where Jamie meets Claire on quartering day as teens and falls in love but he has to leave for France? I really loved it!

t-holls asked: Neighboring love?

Anonymous said:Would love to see more of the lairds foster or neighbouring love

The time has come to say goodbye to this lovely story. Here is the FINAL chapter of Neighboring Love.
Enjoy! - Mod WTT

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

“Fergus wait!”


“Stop it, Bree! You’re standing on my foot!”

“William pushed me!”

“Did not!”

“Will you three be quiet!” Faith hissed at her younger siblings, staring each of them down in a way that was reminiscent of their mother. “Mam and Da will hear if you three keep blundering around like a pack of wild dogs!”

Bree crossed her arms and huffed, glaring at her sister. “Why should we listen to you?”

“Because I’m the oldest, that’s why!”

“Nuh-uh!” William interjected. “Fergus is! By five minutes according to Mam!”

Faith rolled her eyes. “Do you see Fergus contradicting me?”


“Then hush it!” She said in a harsh whisper. “Look, they’re headed this way!”

Jamie chuckled into my curls, trying his best to pretend he couldn’t hear our children bickering.

“Faith has yer fire, Sorcha.”

I laughed in return, “Yes, as does Bree. She’s wisely keeping her mouth shut right now.”

“They want to ken what we’re up to. Should we give them a show?” His eyes twinkled with mischief has the lopsided grin I’d come to love over the years broadened.

“What did you have in mind?” I said taking a step closer to him.

“Oh, something about like,” he leaned in closer his lips brushing up against my own, “this.”

His kiss was rough and passionate, deep and sensual; absolutely everything I’d come to love about this man. I threaded my fingers into the braid at the nape of his neck and deepened the kiss further. A chorus of disgusted moans and gags greeted the movement.

“Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.” Fergus bemoaned and turned to fake throw up into the rushes, as his twin sighed and walked back towards the house.

“Yuck! Mam, Da, stop!” Bree exclaimed as she and William barreled into us trying to separate the kissing.

Jamie and I broke away, he winked, picked Bree up and flipping her over his shoulder said, “Yuck? You think me kissing yer Mam is yuck?”

Bree’s face started to turn the color of a beet from being upside-down as well as the uncontrollable laughter she was emitting as Jamie began tickling her sides.

“Da! Da! I can’t breathe! Stop! Please! Da!”

I laughed and looked down at the sight of my precocious three-year-old, arms crossed and brow furrowed in the replica of his father.

“What’s wrong my love?” I asked crouching down to his level.

“I don’t like it when you do that. Da can hurt you. You’re mine, my Mam. Mine to protect. Not Da’s.”

I stifled a laugh, “Oh my little love, you are my great protector but your Da wasn’t hurting me.”

William looked up, brows still crinkled in frustration. “He looked like he was attacking you!”

Picking William up, I cuddled him close to my heart, his head going to the crook of my neck. I could feel his tears leak down and splatter on my collarbone. “Shhh, my love. I’m fine. Your Da was kissing me, that’s all. He would never hurt me.”

“But he did!” Wailed William.

“Why do you think he hurt me?”

A small finger pointed to the slight bump of my abdomen. “I heard you say this one hurts more than ‘fore and you touched your tummy. He hurt you.”

I smiled and shook my head, oh the minds of three-year-old protective little boys. “No my love. Da didn’t hurt me. The baby in my tummy is making Mummy all achy.”

William pulled back his face set in a stern expression. “Then I don’t like the baby! The baby hurt my Mam and no one hurts Mam!”

“No, the baby isn’t to blame my darling. The baby is growing and Mummy’s body is aching because it’s helping your brother or sister grow. You made me all achy once, as did your siblings. It’s all normal and no one is hurting me.”

His frown started to ease and his tense posture began to slacken.

“Besides, you’ve scared away anyone who would dare hurt me. No one would dare mess with you, my little protector.” I said nuzzling his neck then blowing a raspberry, eliciting his glorious child giggles.

“So you’re no hurt?”

“Nope!” I reassured him with a smile.

He nodded and rested his head back on my shoulder. “Can we go back? I’m sleepy, Mam.”

I kissed his riotous red curls and smiled. “Of course my love.”


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Imagine in a who killed markiplier scenario, the DA coming back, probably with some weird powers thanks to the house. Dark is just "wait what" his shell is fracturing and then before anyone else says anything the DA just gives him a hard right hook. No words. Just that and a look. A cold, hard look full of absolute anger.

Fucking falcon punch the dick in the dick. No questions. No words. Just action.

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Wait wait wait. So... we are Dark? Like, the DA, the soul that was trapped in the mirror is now in control, but that soul was Dark?

That one’s up for interpretation, really. In my mind mind, the soul that was trapped in the mirror’s was Dark’s before he was “Dark,” back when he was the DA. Now he’s been corrupted by the house, blended up with Celine and Damien, and changed up by the interpretations of the fans.

But he’s finally in control of his own body again.

#DailyLines #UntitledPrequel #BrianAndEllen #ThisisBrianDhu #NOyouarentgettingitanytimesoon #Haudyourwheesht #BonnieLad

“Find me the hoof-pick, will ye, son?” His fingers were already prying at the stone, but his mind wouldn’t fix—just the word “son,” and the fear rose up under his ribs. Maybe he’d have _another_ son today, what a strange thought. Or it might be another daughter. Or—

“The pick, Willie!” he said sharply, choking the thought before it could take shape.

“Ye’re holdin’ it, Da,” Willie said impatiently. He was sitting on the fence, kicking his heels and glancing up at the house now and then. Brian had brought him out to the far paddock because you couldn’t hear anything from the house from here, but Willie’s small red brows were drawn together—_God, just like Ellen’s, Oh, God, please_…and his wee face pinched, as though he was listening hard.

“Oh.” Brian gazed blankly at the instrument in his hand, then shook his head to clear it, and flicked the pebble loose with one dig. “Ken any songs, Willie?”

Willie concentrated even harder for a moment, but then tilted his head to one side and the other, and started singing. He knew about half of “[ ],” the first verse of “[ ]”—which he repeated several times while trying to think of something else, and a very decent try at the Kyrie from Mass.

Brian let the horse go and lifting Willie off the fence, taught him the chorus to “_Ho ro, mo nighean_…” which involved a lot of stamping and clapping, though their clogs didn’t make much noise on the earth of the paddock.

This did take their minds off things for a bit, but when they stopped, panting, Willie looked up at him and asked plaintively, “Are we gettin’ no supper at all, Da?”

He turned involuntarily to look back at the house. The kitchen chimney stood tall and cold, though there was smoke from the other end of the house, from their bedroom hearth.

“I suppose Mrs. MacLaren is busy helpin’ your mam,” he said, swallowing a lump at the word “mam.” He took a deep breath and steeled himself. “Come on, then, _a bhailach_, we’ll go and see what’s in the pantry.”

Willie was far too big to be carried, but Brian had a sudden strong urge to pick his son up and hold him tight, taking comfort in the boy’s solid warmth.

Imagine Crutchie Bringing a Puppy back to the Lodging House

“I met da most beautiful goil on da way home,” Romeo sighs, leaning heavily on the railing of the stairway. It’s evening, and all of the newsies are returning to the Lodging House after a long day of selling papes.

“Ya say that about every goil ya meet!” Jojo laughs as he walks around Romeo and up the stairs, stealing Romeo’s cap in the process.

“It’s true this time!” Romeo cries, pounding up the stairs in pursuit of his cap.

You laugh as you watch their antics and then glance back out the front window. Rain pours down, soaking everything and everyone who decides to venture outside. A bolt of lightning splits through the sky, and you jump at a particularly loud crack of thunder.

Race is the next boy through the door. His blond hair is dripping wet, and as soon as he’s through the door, he takes his cigar out of his inside pocket and inspects it to make sure it hasn’t been damaged by the rain.

You give him a grin and then catch sight of the newsie you’ve been waiting for. You rush to the door and open it for Crutchie, who has his left hand tucked inside his shirt, carrying something. Crutchie smiles at you.

“You’ll never guess what I got you,” he says.

“Hmmm,” you muse, tucking a strand of (h/c) hair back into place. “Is it… a book?” He shakes his head. “Flowers?”

“Nope,” he says, grinning widely. Suddenly, a small yip comes out of his shirt.

“A puppy!” you cry as Crutchie takes a small black lab out of his shirt and hands it to you. “Oh, aren’t you the cutest thing!”

“A puppy?” Les cries from upstairs. He races down and stares at the dog. “Can we keep it?”

“Absolutely not!” Race says, making a disapproving face at the little puppy. “We can hardly afford to feed ourselves, let alone a dog!”

“We’ll ask Jack,” you promise Les. “Is it a boy or girl, Crutchie?”

“A girl,” Crutchie replies. “The baker’s dog had pups, and they was givin’ ‘em away for free. This one was the runt, so I thought I’d take her back here, give her a chance at life.”

Just then, Jack bursts in, ushered by a clap of thunder. Les is immediately by his side.

“Can we keep it? Please?” he begs.

Jack, confused, asks, “Keep what?” He then sees the squirming puppy in your arms. He takes one look at your pleading expression and sighs. “Fine! But I ain’t takin’ care of it.”

“I will!” volunteers Les, scratching behind the puppy’s ears.

“What should we name her?” Crutchie asks, smiling at you.

You start to speak, but before you can say a word, Les butts in. “Newsie!” he cries

“I like Ruby,” Race mumbles. Everyone looks at him, surprised. “What? If we’re keepin’ it, I might as well have a say in the name!”

“How about Newbie?” you suggest.

“I like it,” Jack says.

“I think we found a name,” Cruchie grins and pets the pup. “Newbie.”

“Welcome home, Newbie,” you whisper, burying your face in her fur.   

Becoming the family matriarch

My mother died two weeks ago. She had been ill for a very long time, decades in fact. Yet her passing was sudden, shocking and somehow, unexpected.

I’ve been back down South with my dad for two weeks.

My da… Gods …my da. He is lost without her. He has spent hours dry heaving into the kitchen sink. The grief comes in waves, and I can clearly see written on his face “ what do I do now?” I’ve never seen my da so fragile, so helpless even.

Never , ever let anyone tell you that being a housewife doesn’t matter. That’s “all” my mother was. My da is a honest to motherfuckinggod national treasure, and he can’t function without her. She wasn’t even a GOOD housewife, due to illness. That doesn’t matter though, because she did her absolute damndest to make sure we were all cared for and she threw homemade food, clothes, quilts and gas money around like it was fucking free.

I’m the last of my line. I never had a daughter, and my son is a very gay very much engineer. I’m not expecting grandkids.

There is a hole in my dad’s life that I can’t fill. I can’t replace Mom. However, I can step up to her role. My mother made me promise, over and over, that when she died, that I would come “ pack up your goddamn father and take his stubborn ass home with you”. So I’m starting the process of purging and paring down their things, so I can prep their house to sell and move my da back North with me.

I heard my da call me his “ strong right arm” yesterday on the phone. He, my hero da, is relying on me to get him through this. Because he knows I’m rock solid and even if I’m crying my eyes out, I’m still there for him to lean on at the same time. That’s what women do. We are far stronger in depth than men. This is what we do. We hold shit together and keep people fed and moving when they would really rather lie down and die.

So,ladies, even if you don’t work, and your uniform is an apron, know that you matter. Your actions matter and your very presence makes a difference to the people around you.

So now I’m the matriarch of my family. My dad would never defer to me, but he has now switched to taking my counsel as he once did moms. Now I’m the one he thinks out loud to. Now I’m the one who makes him eat and reminds him to take his meds.

I made homemade bread a few days ago. Her recipe. I made two loaves. I sent one home with my uncle as a thank you for helping us with home repairs, and the other one “ vanished mysteriously” over the course of an evening. One slice at a time, slathered in butter. Just like he used to steal slices from mom’s loaves.

I’ll take that as a victory.

I’ve got to go make him breakfast now. I can hear him in his office on his computer. He hasn’t even thought to eat.

This is my job, and who I am.

I’m a housewife,yes. But I’m the heart of the family now, and if I’m not functioning, no one will.

Down in the Underground

Down in the Underground

He could hardly wait to see her face when she saw their new home. It had taken a few weeks of work, from mapping out the area, to finding a place that would allow adequate light from above to trail in.

But it was done.

Their ceremony had been a fast affair, all too eager to finally seal the deal as it were.  

Andrea’s hand was held securely in his as he lead her down. Once they had gotten closer he had her close her eyes.

“You’re not peeking, right?”

“Robbie! Come now, you trust me right?”

Robert chuckled, squeezing her hand.

“I trust you. I don’t trust Sebastian.”

“WELL, NOW I’M WOUNDED!” His voice echoed from the shadows. Robert and Andrea laughed.

Robert fell quiet, leading her along until he arrived at their destination.

“Okay… Now!”

Andrea opened her eyes, a surprised look coming to them. It was a base like nothing she had ever seen before.

In the center was a house that resembled the one she had above ground. She could see light flowers curling like vines around it, illuminating it.

She looked upward, seeing it was also nestled in an area where natural light flowed in.


“That’s not all.” Robert grinned, leading her around to the back of the house. “Ta-da!”

There was a massive herb and flower garden in the back, forming a circle around a moon dial that looked as if it was carved out of moonlight with how it shone.

Large crystal geodes surrounded it as well, giving off their own faint glow.

“A proper moon dial for your moon scrying… A-And a proper circle garden to cast in. D-Do you like it?” Robert asked, a nervous look coming to his eyes. Andrea had her back to him, taking everything in.

Andrea turned to him, an overjoyed look in her eyes. She squealed, tackling him, hugging him tightly. Robert was surprised before he let out a laugh.

“I take it that’s a yes?” He asked as she peppered his head with kisses.

“THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!” She laughed, nuzzling him.

Robert held his wife close, resting his head against hers.

“I’m so glad you like it my love. I just want you happy.”

“And I am. So very happy.”

“YA DID GOOD BROTHER IN LAW!” Sebastian screeched.

“And something for you.” Robert had a mischievous look as he reached over, uncovering a small stone den in the cave floor.

Sebastian scuttled over, looking at it.


“I mean I could just plant things-”

“IT’S MA HOLE.” Sebastian scurried in.

“I mean, now you can keep around when I have candles and stuff going without getting hurt by the lights.” Andrea pointed out with a giggle. Sebastian poked his nose out of the hole.

“It’sssss cozy.”

I think we’re gonna be just fine.


“Alright, let’s see… That should do it.” Andrea sighed happily as she stirred the contents of the crockpot. “Robert’ll be starving when he gets back.”

“Ya mean more than usual?” Sebastian asked, swinging down from one of the rafters. Andrea poked his nose.

“Maybe. We’ll see. Mandrake soup’ll warm him up good though.”

“Ya, it better. After all the trouble that thing was!”


“Guuuuh shut up, shut up!!!”

The siblings shuddered as Andrea stirred the pot a big more vigorously as if to ensure the strange plant creature was truly dead.

Let’s see… This should be fine to go for awhile.

She looked out the kitchen window into her garden, taking a second look when she noted some of the herbs had been disturbed.

… That’s not normal.


He swung down next to the window, peering out.

“I ssseee disturbed stuff.”

“And Robert’s not the type to go through my garden without explicitly asking me if he can snip down one of the plants.”

“… I scream?”

“No scream. We sneak.”

Sebastian dropped from his perch, hissing as he scurried after his sister.

“You never let me have any fuuun!”

“Brother, contrary to what you believe, you are not a good alarm clock.”

They quietly crept out, Andrea with a spear in hand, Sebastian darting through the shadows. Andrea looked around, taking note of some tracks in the dirt.

They look… insectoid…  Great, we got big  bugs. As usual.

Nothing looked as disturbed as she thought. A few herbs snipped down but that was about it.


Her eyes narrowed as she made her way for her moon dial, noting the water level had gone down as well.

Whatever was here, was sneaky.  Not a spider. Spiders are too dumb for this and they’re purely carnivorous.

Andrea kept scanning the area, keeping as quiet as possible, listening for any off sounds… That’s when she heard it. It was the sound of scuttling footsteps. They sounded like the footsteps of a spider but… yet there was a slight difference. A light scratching of claws.

She let her ears guide her to the source, seeing a shape walking around in the dark, their white eyes having a slight glow to them. Now she was certain it wasn’t a spider since there were only two eyes and not the eight eyes spiders were known for, not to mention these eyes were more human shaped and were set higher on whatever the creature was in the darkness.

She narrowed her eyes, gripping her spear tightly, taking a defensive stance.

“Sebastian, be a dear and bring ‘em into the light.”

Sebastian disappeared from her view before slinking into the shadows following the creature.


The creature gave a scream of their own, scuttling faster, trying to get away as Sebastian gave chase. He had to dodge a few hits from their own weapon before the creature came into the dim light of the light flowers.

Andrea’s eyes widened at the sight of the creature. It was a human bug hybrid like creature. The top half was humanoid while the bottom half resembled that of a scorpion. They were red and tan in color and wore a pale green cloak along with a gold headpiece and were wielding a spear that was made of an odd stone.

“What the…?” She shook it off. “Who are you!? What are you doing in my camp?”

The creature stared back her, tilting their head. They spoke but Andrea couldn’t understand them. The dialect wasn’t any language she had heard before. Though from the tone of the creature’s voice they sounded a little scared.

“Easy, easy…” She hesitated before going a bit closer. “Can you understand me?”

The creature stared on, seeming to try and process what Andrea was saying and gave her a confused expression in response.

Andrea hummed in thought before snapping her fingers as she recalled a spell she had read once.

I remember Melinda used it a lot when traversing the human world. Should work here too.

She focused as she conjured up a string of energy as it came around them both, chanting in an old language. When it was done the string faded away.

“Can you understand me now?”

The creature blinked before nodding.

“Y-Yes-” They brought a hand to their throat. “What… is this tongue I am speaking?”

“English. It’s the tongue my people speak as well as my husband. What was yours?” Andrea asked with a head tilt of her own.


“Hm… I’ve not heard of that one.”

“I have never heard of English before either.” The creature came closer. “What are you exactly?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I’m a Shadow Being.”

“Shadow Being… So strange.” The creature looked closer. “Why are your ears so far out?”

Andrea flicked her ears a little.

“They’re just like that. May I ask what you are too?”

“I am a Thulecitian.” The creature answered. “The dwellers of the underground.”

“Fascinating. So, you’re the little sneak who’s been taking from my garden.”

“I needed water… and those herbs tasted yummy.”

Andrea took note of how they sounded, her gaze softening.

Must be just a kid… not worth being mad over, Besides, this is definitely interesting.

“I-I promise I won’t steal again. I-I’ll make it up to you.” The Thulecitian bowed. “O-On my apprentice’s honor.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Andrea held up a hand. “No need to bow. Just ask if you need something. I don’t mind sharing now that I know you weren’t causing trouble. What’s your name, young one?”


“Well, Laika, my name’s Andrea… and sorry for scaring you earlier.”

“That creepy thing was yours?”


Laika shrieked, backing away and pointing their spear at Sebastian.

“S-Stay back fiend!”

Sebastian gave an unimpressed look.

“Oh, that’s real polite. Reeeaaal nice. Hmph!”

“Easy now.” Andrea grabbed her spear, making her point it away. “That’s my brother.”

Laika’s jaw dropped.

“THAT is related to YOU?”

“It’s a looong story.”


Laika blinked.

“You mean… You used to be a Shadow Being?”


“Oh…” Laika frowned. “I see… So even beings like you are susceptible to such a mutation.”

“King Maxwell doesn’t like us very much. Namely my brother here. He used to work for him along with his former archivist.” Andrea explained. “The details aren’t ours to tell but… it wasn’t pretty.”

“I let my anger get a hold of me.” Sebastian bowed a little. “Sorry kid!”

“I-It’s okay…” Laika looked to Andrea. “I w-will make things up though. I promise.”

“Hm… Well, if you do wanna help, know where I can get some cave bananas? Robbie found some a few days ago but someone…” She looked to Sebastian. “Ate them all.”

“Oh, I can find them! And hunt some splumonkeys!”

“I’ll pay you in a good meal of Mandrake Soup. Deal?”


Laika scurried off without another word. Sebastian looked to Andrea.


“Indeed, but honestly I think he’ll be happy to know we have nice neighbors.”


“Andrea! I’m home!” Robert called as he came in from his long trip of scavenging for materials around the caves.

“Welcome home love!” Andrea grinned hurrying over to help him unpack. “Find anything interesting?”

“You just want first dibs on the crystals.”

“Maybe~” She gave a sneaky look before he pulled her into an embrace. “Eeep!”

“C’mere you!” He chuckled, kissing her head. “Missed you. What’ve you been up to?”

“Weeell…” She grinned sheepishly. “I met the neighbors.”

“… Eh?”

Andrea nodded.

“A being called a Thulecitian. Young one too. She was scrounging around the garden. Took a minute to understand her but she offered to make up for the stealing.”

“Huh… Intriguing. What did they look like?”

Andrea conjured up shadow flames that took the shape of Laika as Robert’s eyes grew wide.

“Fascinating. Do you know if she’ll be back?”

“I sent them on a little errand so, soon probably. She got happy at the idea of hunting splumonkeys.”

Robert grimaced.

“I don’t blame her.”

“So, we shall see. For now, how does mandrake soup sound?”

Robert’s stomach growled.

“Sounds wonderful.”

“Right this way then.”

Andrea lead Robert out back, quickly getting him a serving before getting her own and sitting down with him. They ate in silence, enjoying the food. They soon heard the scuttling of footsteps.

“Andrea! I’m back!”

Andrea smiled as she saw Laika approach, a sack slung over her back.

Laika grinned back before curiosity came to her face at the sight of Robert.

“Who is this?” she asked, pointing her spear at Robert.

Robert yelped, grabbing for his wrench.

“This is my husband!” Andrea quickly got up. “Robert, this is Laika. Laika this is Robert.”

“Your ears…” Laika tilted her head. “… They’re so tiny.”

Robert rubbed one of his ears unconsciously.

“Honestly, they’re considered big for some humans.”

Laika blinked.

“Hoo… mon?”

“Yes. That’s what I am, a human being.”

“Hoomon being… I thought there were just Shadow Beings up there.”

Robert smiled, giving a sheepish look.

“I’m not exactly local.”

Laika’s eyes grew wide.

“Are… you from another world?”

Robert grinned, giving a bow as he stood.

“Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

“Wow!” Laika was in awe of the man. “I… I have so many questions. Oh, wait till I tell my chief. He’ll be amazed to know about other beings living down here!”

There’s more?

Robert smiled gently.

“Actually… if you’d be willing, I’d love to see where you’re from. It’s my current task to map out these caves and make note of what lives down here. I’d love to know more if I may?”

“I’ll talk to my chief but I don’t think he’d mind.”

“Then we have ourselves a deal.” Robert held out a hand.

Laika nodded, giving his hand a shake.

“Indeed we do, Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

He smiled.

“Please, just Robert, Ms. Laika.”

“Hee okay!”

“And as promised, I got food waiting for you Laika. If your still interested.”

Laika’s stomach growled as she grinned sheepishly, showing her pointed teeth.


“Ah, rule number one broken!” Robert laughed.

“Rule one?” She asked with a head tilt.

“Don’t starve!”


*Deeeeep breath*


That is all.


Yo Artie A is back in da house.  My Therapist suggested I make some social media accounts so i’m not so isolated, so here I am.   Some of you small town folks will know me as the wheelchair kid from back in high school days, for those of you who don’t know me  I’m Artie and Yeh I’ve been back in Lima for a while, so um well  Yeh um I’m Artie  and um In the words of bugs bunny “That’s all Folks”



Sigrid had to grow up very fast, very young due to her mother’s death and her having to step into mum’s shoes as the woman of the house. Bard is poor and things would be iffy and unstable even in the best of circumstances, but this sure as hell ain’t it - not only is Sigrid having to tackle the domestic responsibilities of an adult woman at like, 8-12, Bard’s always in trouble with the law. Because the law in Laketown is well-established to be skeevy as fuck. So not only is Da a very poor single parent with a job that requires him to be absent for long stretches at a time (fishing voyages, yo) he’s always one scrape away from a stay in the Esgaroth brig. This is obviously not a recipe for a stable or stress-free childhood and adolescence. 

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Taeyang: You having fun?! I had a really great time today. Thank you so much. And I feel so blessed that we can continue our world tour. Here in Australia. Not sure. Not sure when we will be back again but I can’t wait to do many more shows here. When we come back, will you guys be there? You sure? Will you guys be there? Thank you guys for showing us so much support today and I love you from the bottom of my heart. So much Sydney. I love ya.

T.O.P: So. I had so much fun today. Did you guys have a good time too? Thank you. Thank you so much for outstanding tonight. Sydney I really really love you guys. (starts talking korean). Thank you so much

Daesung: Yeah Sydney, thank you. Thank you for today. I had such a really good time tonight …. with you all. I’m so happy to see you guys and i’m very moved by you guys and your response. Thank you. Thank you for always supporting us and sharing our song. Sydney. Australia. We here. Sydney, Australia. Actually I don’t like you guys. I’m sorry. Just I love you guys (heart fingers)

Taeyang: To show them your love, hey hey ~

(billie jean starts playing, daesung showing us his moves)

Daesung: You know how I love that song. I love you guys

Seungri: Alright, Sydney. You guys had fun? You guys feel good? Come on second floor, third floor, you guys feel good right now? Sydney I had so much fun today. The love, energy you guys showed us today made me love you even more.

Taeyang: So show them your love

Seungri: Nononononono I got nothing man. Nothing. You know what? My mum just texted me, Sydney, my son. Sydney comes the best. I think Sydney is the best. I can tell anybody, Sydney crowd is the best in the world. So thank you for coming today

Bigbang: So so so, show them your love and dance


(sexy back starts playing and seungri sings)

Seungri: Nononono that’s not my chord. Thats not my chord. Shit.

Taeyang: That was the wrong pitch!

Seungri: Anyways, thank you for coming today. I love Justin Timberlake but that’s not my chord!

Taeyang: Can you do one more?

Seungri: Oh no no no

Taeyang: 3, 2, 1, try your best!

(sexy back comes on again)

Seungri: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you Sydney. Thank you Justin. I love you but that’s not my chord HAHAHAHAHAH. Alright guys, thank you for coming today. Next time. VIP, thank you so much for today. Right side thank you so much. Yeah you. I love you too. I don’t know you but it’s okay I love you it doesn’t matter. And second floor, third floor, thank you. And the floor, keep jumping and keep screaming. Scream GD OPPAA!!!! Put your hands up, put your put your hands up!!! Shit. I feel so great right now. So I hope you guys, Australian, VIPS, keep supporting us. I will be, I swear I will be missing you guys. I don’t wanna leave.

Taeyang: So …. show them your love. 1 2 3 GO!

Seungri: No! Please stop!

(sexy back comes back on AGAIN)

Seungri: OH MY GOD. HOLY SHITT. Sorry Justin. 

GD: Give it up for my man! Thats the original chord. So, so now we only have one song left. Just wanna say thank you for coming today. Thank you. Please wait for us and keep supporting us

Seungri: GD show me your love

GD: So, tonight was incredible 

(fans start chanting for GD and sexy back comes on and he starts dancing)

GD: So, it’s time to say goodbye and 

(fans start chanting for GD again)

GD: woah woah woah it’s time for T.O.P

(sexy back comes on and T.O.P starts dancing)


GD: So get ready! Our last song. I can see you guys! Stand up! 

(We Like 2 Party starts)

Rough translation of Owari no Seraph chapter 49

page 1
[Osaka bay]
Dripping blood…
The incarcerated Queen from that time.

page 2
Owari no seraph chapter 49
[Progenitor’s memory]

page 3
[A vampire has to drink blood]
[If they do not, their throat will become unbearably dry.]
[When they endure their thirst for blood too long, they eventually turn into an ugly demon.]

page 4

page 5
Saito: It’s an incredible pity sight, Krul Tepes (-kun)

page 6
Krul: Who are you?
Saito: Oh, you forgot? You should know who I am…

page 7
Krul: …Is he that guy, who was always at the Progenitor’s side…

[1000 years ago]
Krul: …

page 8
Krul: But it seems your appearance has changed, compared to 1000 years ago.
Saito: Hmm. The time moved really that fast, after I abandoned my place as the 2nd progenitor?
Krul: You dyed your hair black and called yourself “Saito” for hundred years.
Saito: It’s very Japanese, right?
Krul: Enough with the chit-chat. Are you the person behind this work?
Saito: What work?

page 9
Krul: That I got kidnapped by Ferid Bathory.
Saito: Eh…you got kidnapped by Ferid and such? You must be kidding.
You are the child of the same Progenitor as mine, but Ferid is merely my child.
If the story is true, that guy must have tried really hard.

page 10
Saito: But it’s just like that. We are in his manor, he was still really weird, like the first we met.
Saito: No, really. I don’t have any connections to Ferid and the others. He didn’t match my expectations so I abandoned him a long time ago.
Krul: …
Saito: What, it’s the same thing what our Progenitor did to us. He only adored your older brother, Asura Tepes. And abandoned us, the remaining vampires.

page 11

page 12
1st Progenitor: It’s alright. It’s okay/ not scary to become a demon. Even if you turn into one, I will be always by your side.
Asuramaru: Yes, I believe you, father.

page 13
Asuramaru: I am going Krul*, for our future.
Krul: Don’t follow this guy!! I don’t need something like a future!! SO DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE IN THIS KIND OF WORLD!!!

page 14:
1st Progenitor: Good, then let’s go, you will turn into an oni so your name… You will be reborn in a country called Japan, so let’s change your name, Asura.

page 15
?: …good…Asuramaru sounds alright…

page 16

page 17
Krul: …then are you also searching for the Progenitor?
Do you detest the Progenitor, who made oneself into an immortal, bloodsucking monster?
Saito: Well…all vampires hate their parents at least once. Like in their rebellious phase.

page 18
Saito: Ah, what did Ferid tell you about me?
Krul: You are really shameless, after all Ferid is your underling.
Saito: I really don’t know…
Ah, he arrived.
Krul: What are you talking about?
Saito: Russia’s representative is coming. He is leading the nobles.

page 19
[2nd progenitor Urd Geales]

page 20
Lest: You have arrived in Japan. Should we look for destroyed Kyoto?
Urd: …Japan… there’s a possibility that, that guy is here.
Lest: …Eh?

page 21:
Saito: But why would that guy, suddenly come to Japan?
Might be here to disturb my business. I spent more than 1000 years on my plans so I don’t want to be interrupt out of the sudden.
Then who called him? You? No. Then who could it be?

page 22
Saito: My rebellious child?

Crowley: Ferid-kun.
Ferid: Yes~?
Crowley: We’ll arrive in Osaka bay soon.
Ferid: Wow, you did well. Once we arrived there it’ll get busy.

page 23
Crowley: Hm. You didn’t even tell me why it would get busy.
Ferid: Ah yes~ Well if I tell you in detail-
Crowley: Yes?
Ferid: It’ll get really busy!
Crowley: …it’s enough.
Ferid: Huhu, if you know too much, the high ranked progenitors are going to take you wand torture you.
Crowley: Wow. Are you really worried about me?

page 24
Ferid: After all, you are my loveable child.
Crowley: What are you talking about. You forced me to become a vampire. In these 800 years, I really detested it.
Ferid: That again~
Crowley: You…

page 25
Crowley: You fed me someone’s else blood and not yours on purpose. What was his name?
Ferid: I don’t remember. It was probably dog’s blood. So say “woof”

page 26
Crowley: …I think it was Saito. Your master.
Ferid: What, you do remember.
Crowley: To say it we are brothers. But I don’t know my father and don’t what my brother is thinking. Is your aim to revenge on your parent?
…if you don’t tell me, I’ll get my revenge on you.

page 27
Ferid: Huhu. If you gonna do it, do it in a cool way~
Crowley: …for real…
Ferid: Mika-kun, you should also sleep a bit.

page 28
Mika: Don’t make me laugh, vampires don’t sleep.
Ferid: Ah, was it like that!? I didn’t know.
…right don’t give me that dirty stare-
your revenge target is Krul Tepes, right?
Where are we heading to? Hm~
Crowley: Jap-

page 29
Ferid: Ak–

page 30
Yu: Ouch-!!!
Mika: Are you okay, Yu-chan?
Yu: Ah-…No…I’m not alright…I bumped my head…

page 31
Ferid: [Ah…the sky today is beautiful as ever that’s get boring…]

page 32
[Have we arrived in Osaka bay]

page 33
Ferid: Why did you hit the break out of the sudden…
Crowley: Wasn’t it a good revenge?
Ferid: Eh?…A hahaha. It was truly wonderful.

page 34
Yu: Where the hell are we?
Shinoa: Probably…Osaka bay…
Yu:Hey Ferid, you should slowly tell us.
What is this place-

page 35

page 36
Yu: …What. You did betrayed-…

page 37
Ferid: Shut up. Make a mistake and the entire country will be destroyed in seconds.
Hey, hey

page 38
Ferid: High ranked progenitors…

[Progenitors from around the world gathered in Osaka. And Ferid’s true intentions…?!]

* Asuramaru says 갔다 올게 what literally means I’ll go and come back lel…

that part with Krul was really sad tho… ;-;
And Crowley getting real tired of Ferid’s shit…