back yard pool

Baby Shower **Skate Imagine**

Being six months pregnant wasn’t the easiest task in the world,but it had its perks. One of those perks being your loyal fiancé, Skate. He was there whenever you needed him. If it was for late night cravings, foot massages, or even to help you put on your shoes, he was always there.

Today, all of the girls got together to trough you a baby shower. Normally this would be exciting, but today you were a little bit grumpy. You truly and honestly didn’t want to be around any one except Skate. But, part of you felt that it would be rude for the girls to go through all of that trouble and you not even slightly enjoy it.

You walk downstairs from your bedroom and see pink and blue streams everywhere. Walking into the kitchen you see a pink and blue cake, which is how you will be revealing the gender to everyone. You go outside to the back yard and pool area and see Skate helping Swazz put up some final decorations.

“Hey babe. I thought there was no boys allowed.” You say waiting for Skate to get off of the ladder.

“Well there wasn’t until Kaylan told me to stop being lazy and help. But how’s momma bear feeling?” He says rubbing you belly, and kissing you cheek.

“I am currently very agitated, and I want some food.”

“What do you want babygirl? I can go run and get you something.” Skate asked already grabbing his car keys.

“No babe it’s fine I’m pretty sure the girls are bringing back some catering. I’ll just eat what they are having.”

“Well what if you don’t like what they bring babe? Ma it’s nothing I can go get you some food.” He says kissing your neck.

“Come out of poppa bear mode for a second. I said I’m fine then that means I’m fine.”

“Alright if you say so.” Skate says as he slaps your butt when you turn to walk into the house.

Walking into the house, you run into the girls carrying all of the food.

“Yes someone heard my prayers. What did you guys get?” You say licking your lips.

“We got all of your favorites,but we need to finish getting set up.” Stassie says rubbing your belly.

“Alright then that’s fine.” You say say sneaking some M&M’s.

“Umm Skate, Swazz you guys can leave now.” Madison says to the guys.

When you heard this you walked as fast as you could, for someone with child, into the living room.

“Woah what do you mean Mads?” You say looking a little frantic.

“It’s a baby shower. It’s for the girls only.”

“Well I just thought that since they helped set up, and that they were already here that they might as well just stay.”

“No hun we wanna have like a little girls day.” Kaylan says walking up to you.

“Um I don’t think so. What are the guys supposed to do? This is Skate’s baby too.”

“Well y/n this party is just for you.” Emily says.

“Well Em what if I don’t want this party to be just for me.” You begin to raise your voice.

“You need to calm down and stop acting difficult. We want to do something fun for you. Kami’s gonna be here, and so is your mom. You really just need to chill.” Stassie says as she began to get irritated.

“Excuse you?” Skate says getting involved. “She is pregnant and you have the nerve to talk to her like that. I swear if you weren’t her friend I would kick you the hell out Stass, I’m too serious right now.”

“Babe it’s fine I swear.” You say grabbing Skate’s hand,while turning towards the girls.“ You guys its just that this is a big thing for me and I would like to have Skate here. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m being ungrateful because I truly do appreciate this,but at a time like this I need him here with me. I hope you guys can understand that.”

All girls look at you with forgiving eyes, as you being to smile.

“Alright little brother you need to help finish this because everyone is going to be here soon.” Kaylan says.

You kiss Skate’s cheek and let him go and finish. Soon after,you hear the doorbell which means that your guests have arrived. Apparently the girls took your wishes into consideration, because as you walk down the stairs you see all of the guys talking. Once you are visible, Skate looks up and gives you the biggest smile. He walks over to help you down the stairs.

“You look amazing,you know that?” Skate whispers in your ear.

“Well I do now.” You say pecking his lips,which led to a little make out session.

“Okay kids that’s how y/n got prego.” Sammy says interrupting you guys.

“Alright you guys it’s PARTY TIME.” Madison says in a sing song voice.

Everyone important to you and Skate was there for this important occasion. Everyone gathered into the kitchen for the gender reveal.

“You ready babe?” Skate says grabbing a knife to cut one of the cakes.

“The question is are you ready because you don’t even know the gender of your own child.” You tell him laughing.

“Damn y/n you didn’t even tell Skate?” J says filming the special moment.

“No I wanted everyone to find out at the same time. And plus Skate has a big mouth so everyone would know before I even told them.” You say looking at Skate, who had an offended expression on his face.

“Alright enough with the chit chat I would like to know the gender of my own grandchild. ” Kami says to you guys.

“Okay ma you ready?” Skate asks one more time.

“JUST DO IT ALREADY.” Stew yells from the back of the room.

You laugh and take the knife from Skate. Normally this would be a time filled with suspense,but you were hungry and the cake looked really good at this moment. You lift the knife up and cut directly into the pink,sparkly cake. When you look up you see tears in everyone’s eyes, and then you see Skate looking as happy as can be.

“We’re having a girl?” He says on the verge of crying.

“I’m not done yet babe.” You take the knife and slice it through the blue,broad cake. You lick the icing off of your fingers, and look for everyone’s reaction.

“I’m confused as hell.” Stew says.

“She’s having twins. A little girl and a boy.” Skate says with a tear running down his face.

“You are correct.” You say leaning up to kiss him, while everyone is cheering and taking pictures.

“I’m ready for this ma.” Nate says while rubbing your tummy.

“For what babe?” You say eating a piece of cake.

“To finally start our lives together. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m just ready for us to finally have everything in order.”

“You know I truly love you to the ends of the Earth.” You say slightly rubbing your thumb over his cheek.

“Of course I do mami. I love you and our children too much for my well being.”

Capturing Skate’s lips in a sweet kiss, you realized that even though you were young and still had much to learn,but you were ready to take it all on with Skate.