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That's How Much I Love You (Seth Clearwater)

‘Don’t have too much fun without me 😂’

You laughed at your boyfriend’s, Seth, text. He knew damn well that you’d rather be with him rather than being stuck at this hell hole/school.

You were just about to reply when you ran into a hard body and dropped your phone.

“Shit, I’m sorry!” you quickly apologized.

“Don’t even worry about it!” your victim said enthusiastically.

“Here’s your phone by the way.” He said, handing you the phone back.

“Thanks, uhhhh??” I said waiting for his name.

“Cameron.” he finished for you.

“Well, thank you, Cameron.”

“No problem.” he replied with a smile. ~

“ Yeah, be careful, though, Y/N. The vampire that they think is responsible for those tourists’ deaths is back in town. They’ve been catching his scent randomly in Forks and in La Push.” Emily informed me.

I knew they were talking about Cameron. When I ran into him earlier today, his body was rock hard and I don’t care how much you work out you can’t possibly get that toned. His skin was also freezing cold and I mean, no human could be as gorgeous as he was.

But I just couldn’t make myself rat out someone I’d just met who actually seem like a pretty decent person.

“Yeah, of course!” I said, trying to be as nonchalant as I could.

If Emily suspected anything, she didn’t show it as we continued to walk back to her house.

“Anyway, I cooked up a whole dinner for the pack and all of us imprints! It’s going to be great, or atleast I hope it will.” Emily said. She was always insecure about her cooking even though we assured her that it was delicious.

“Thanks, but I can’t tonight. I have an ass load of homework that I put off until the last minute, so I should really be getting back.” I lied. I knew that if I actually went in the house, Cameron’s scent would be lingering around. Therefore, putting Sam into a frenzy, subsequently putting the pack into a frenzy and the whole the thing would be a hot ass mess.

Emily’s face fell.

"Are you sure?” she asked, hopefully.

“Yeah, sorry Emily. Maybe next time?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” she said, turning around and trudging back into her house. ~

I had managed to stay away from Seth all of yesterday and this morning.

No Seth = No Pack Panic

I couldn’t let Cameron know that I knew he was a vampire because he would either A.) kill my dumbass or B.) turn me into the Volturi, therefore getting the pack in trouble and all of us dying.

So, yeah.

I was walking up to the doors when I was intercepted by none other than Cameron himself.

"Hey, pretty lady.“ he said.

“Hey, Cam-” I started, but was interrupted by name be called, well yelled.

I turned around to see a pissed of Seth Clearwater marching towards me.

Ah, shit.

“Y/N, want to introduce me to you new friend?” he asked when he finally reached us.

Being the Seth Clearwater that he is, he had tried to calm down his nerves but I don’t think seeing his imprint so close to a suspected killer helped anything .

"Seth this is a friend I met yesterday, Cameron.” I introduced.

Cameron extended a hand out for him to shake. Seth grimaced at the smell but nonetheless, shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you,” Cameron said, oblivious to my boyfriend’s internal stugggle.

"You, too. Y/N, I think we should go. Your brother wants you back at home.” Seth, said even though he knew damn well I didn’t have a brother.

"I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” Cameron said, taking a step towards us.

I could feel Seth’s hand start to tremble in mine.

"Seth. Calm. Down.” I hissed.

If he phased right in front my high school, I’d have a lot of explaining to do.

Seth continued to pull me towards the parking lot.

"Let her go.” Cameron ordered in a low threatening voice.

Seth continued towards the parking lot, seeming not to hear him.

Before I knew it, Cameron was in front of us, blocking the way to the car.

” I said, ‘let. her. go.’ Cameron repeated. Just then, Cameron’s eyes changed from the subtle brown they used to be and his ruby irises came into view.

I guess the venom had dissolved his contacts.

“Y/N, go inside the school.” Seth said, not taking his eyes off of the vampire only inches in front of him.

I started inside the school without having to be told twice. I was almost through the doors when I saw Sam and the rest of the pack pull up. ~

“Y/N, what the hell were you thinking?!” Paul boomed at me.

This was probably hour three of me getting chewed out by the pack. Hell, even without knowing about the supernatural, Claire gave me a speech of her own informing me that, and I quote, “ stupid things aren’t good.” Throughout the whole ordeal, Seth stayed silent, sitting across the room, watching the whole thing.

The pack eventually got things situated with Cameron, taking him from the school to a secluded area on the outskirts of La Push. They explained to me that Cameron had said that the only reason he didn’t want me going with Seth was that he didn’t know that I knew that Seth was a werewolf and he didn’t want me to get hurt.

Cameron actually did admit to killing those tourists, but, he only did it because they weren’t good people. He said that’s the only type of people he kills. The murderers and the thieves and the rapists and such. Since he was granted immortality , he might as well make the best out of it, he explained.

Nonetheless, the pack still thought it was best if he left, and so he did.

“He could’ve hurt you!” Jared yelled. “He could’ve killed you, Y/N.” Leah screamed.

Just then, Seth marched out the front door, not giving any of us a second glance.

“Seth, wait!” I yelled, getting off of the interrogation couch and chasing after him.

He halted hearing my approach, back turned towards me.

“Seth, I’m sorry!” I said, hoping to get him to turn around.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, any of you!” I pleaded, but his back stayed turned to me.

“He could’ve killed you.” Seth said in a voice so low I could barely hear it.

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” I said, voice cracking.

“ Do you have any idea what I would do for you? What measures I would go to to make sure that you were never in danger? Do you have any idea how much I love you?” he asked, whirling around to face me.

“Y-, yeah,” I stuttered.

“You know, I don’t think you do.” he said, marching back to where I was standing.

H e grabbed my face and kissed me with so much passion, that I literally went weak in the knees.

“That’s how much I love you.”

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jungkook smut in highschool hes your senior & is in ur classes bc he failed them & he always jokes around about getting u to date him but u both know hes kidding but one day ur wearing a tight dress and hes so turned on and wont stop dirty talking


can I request a jungkook thigh riding smut … I swear those thighs will kill me one day

I’m combining these two request so i hope you enjoy!! and thank you for requesting!


Xx Smut xX

~~ Admin Abbie

Ride me Baby

You walked into your classroom and sat down your books at your desk and then grabbed the homework from the front of the room. This was just like every other normal day at school. 

You would come in, grab the homework, sit down and start looking over it while you waited for the one and only Jeon Jungkook to come and start up so crazy conversation like always.

He was actually supposed to graduate last year but he failed horribly in math so he had to stay back a grade. Although that’s a bad thing you were actually quite happy he was in your class now.

You had always admired him from afar before because he is literally beautiful and handsome and just perfect in every way. All the girls loved him and he knew it because he always showed off when he got the chance.

“Hey look! its my future girlfriend!”

Speak of the devil…

“Morning Jungkook”


Jungkook came in and sat his stuff down just like you did and also grabbed the homework. His desk was right next to yours so you and him had gotten decently close this past year. 

He always makes jokes about you dating him and how you should be together and you both laugh it off because you BOTH know its not gonna happen..Even if you wanted it to.

You had to admit you had developed a crush on this absolutely crazy fetus and it drove you crazy. Every day your feelings grew and you knew eventually you weren’t going to be able to hide it..and that thought terrified you because you knew that would be the end of yours and his relationship and that is the last thing you wanted.

“How was you morning Y/N?”

“Fine, although i woke up a little late so i didn’t get any breakfast so im starving”

“Thats not good! I cant have my future girlfriend starving on me!!!”

“Oh jeez Jungkook stop with the silly jokes already haha”

You both laughed and continued talking about random things until the teacher came in. Today was a half day of school because we had our homecoming dance tonight.

*To anyone who doesn’t know what that is, It is a high school dance that happens at the beginning of the year to welcome everyone back to the new year*

Everyone always got so pumped and excited for homecoming, Girls would spend tons of money on their hair and makeup and especially their dress. You on the other hand didn’t try very hard.

I mean sure it was really fun but it would be more fun if you had a date or friends to go with. To say simply you weren't the most social person you tend to keep to yourself.

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Jughead Jones x Reader

Part 1 - Happier

A/N: This is a second part to Happier which I wrote and posted earlier. I do apologise for the quality of it, I had the idea for it and just had to get it down before I lost motivation! I hope you enjoy this!

Requested by multiple people, then suggested by an anon to base it off Dive as the perfect follow up to Happier.

Warnings: Cursing, angst, fluff😍

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fluid motions ii

Originally posted by grape-joon

characters: min yeri (oc), jeon jungkook, min suga (brother) and more!

pairing: college!jungkook x oc

genre: fluff, angst, mature themes (drugs, swearing, eventual smut)

chapter 1/2/?

word count: 4.2k

summary: starting afresh at Seoul National University, driving her passion for swimming forward, Yeri has attained the sturdy course of Sports Ed. as her four-year study.

During Yeri’s first week, it’s trouble at home but nervous glances and sweaty palms as she meets bio-engineering student Jeon Jungkook, who is currently living on campus. Jungkook was everything the perfect male college student was. Tall, lean, smart, not necessarily on the football team but he was something that Yeri almost yearned for.

The only problem was keeping this whole thing a secret from her asshole, drug-addict brother, Min Yoongi.

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Basically I was bored so I decided to rant about some of the most toxic characters and ships I’ve ever encountered in teen wolf, this is my opinion don’t mindlessly attack me in the comments or try to defend a ship or person on here- I hate them, get over it

K*ra Yukimura

Where do I start?
First question, why was K*ra brought here in the first place if all she would eventually do was serve as a horrible downgrade of Allison and then leave anyway? What the fuck were the writers thinking?

Writer 1: “Oh, lets bring in another female who might be able to fit Crystals absence”

Writer 2: “Wait, we have to bring her in at a random moment so the audience will be distracted by Allisons death!”

Writer 1: “Remember, she’s got to become Scott’s new crusty ass love interest who’s got horrible lines and no plot worth whatsoever”



I’m serious though, what was her point- the writers thought she was going to be a star and carry the whole show on her back, when really, she dropped the plot on it’s head and everything went psycho crazy! She’s like trumps presidency, we never asked for her!

Then magically, she disappeared, POOF!
Never to be mentioned again ever I pinky swear on Allison’s grave

L*dia Martin

L*dia martin is my most hated tv character of all time- she’s just toxic, why do people root for her?

First of all, her origin was of a shady bitch who bullshitted everyone from the start- she was the definition of a hated character!

(Not to mention, she ignored her crush and decided to go out with an abusive scaly monster instead)

Then she went through this so called “character development” and blossomed into the L*dia today


L*dia is very much the same as she was:

Bitchy, Bland and boring

She is no character, she is a writers draft with horrible and ill-defined moments. Then she got her ‘upgrade’ and turned into suPeR BanSheE WoMAn!1!1

What the fuck- I would’ve rather had her as the boring bitch sideline character than have her pulled to the front and have her as the main lead female member. Why do people think she was so cool after that? Does she need to be a “super” banshee to be ‘one of the pack’ why would they forgive her after everything she had done, it would be like your best friend being bullied by someone for 3 years and then your best friend tells you “she has special powers, let her into the squad XDDDD” Like how annoying

If it wasn’t for her audience popularity she would be dead already!

The producers should crawl into a hole and die for making L*dia exist, she is the poorest excuse for a female character I’ve ever witnessed

St*les Stilinski

Don’t get me wrong, St*les is amazing, well he is was at least, like from seasons 1-4, then he turned horrible.

It was like he was getting upgraded and something glitched and everyone was like:

“fuck go back”

Then he turned into a horrible piece of shit, 100% guaranteed no trade backs! I know for sure it’s not just me who adored and loved St*les in the first few seasons, and then witnesses his ‘growth’ and wanted the old one back. St*les actually made me happy, made me feel loved- he was an individual! - then when he started acting like the shadow of scott and all HeRoiY

I mean, what’s with all this “saving people” shit, I just want St*les to be funny and have blant humour- remember these iconic lines?

“ Someone needs to sex me right now “

“ I don’t know why Danny! It’s your dream take responsibility for it, shut up and go to sleep! ”

“ You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna break off an extra large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe and shove it up your freaking a–! “

Yes, so do I- its been so long since St*les has been a good character, so I would officially like to say



Lets move on to ships, teen wolf has had some iconic and amazing ships, lets list them!

- scallison

- stydia

- sterek

- sciles

- allydia

- scira

- stalia

- layden

- thiam

- marrish

HOLD ON, wait a minute- thats not right just yet

- scallison

- stydia

- sterek

- sciles

- allydia

- scira

- stalia

- layden

- thiam

- marrish

There we go, now all the ships that actually make sense are left!1!1!1!

Yes Stydia and scira are crossed out

Here’s why


Just like Kira, the “otp” she was in, was pointless and short-lasting. Was Scira supposed to be a failed distraction from the mourning loss of Scallison? It literally sucked balls. I’ve actually forgotten when they became canon tbh, like it was just such a flat out shit moment I think I accidentally snoozed through it or skipped over it thinking it was an advertisement

They had no attraction whatsoever, don’t even start me on the fucking bullshit lightbulb date they went on, i mean WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT, BONUS I laugh at Kira’s facial expressions in this “date scene”



Like that was the best they could do for such an “iconic” ship

And then she left and the writers were like

“lets not give them a proper break up or anything- shes gone, omg time for some SCALIA”

Plus they didn’t even look aesthetically pleasing together, like what you need to look canon AND be sexy



Come at me Stydiots! That’s what you do best,

Yes, I fucking called you that, because thats who you are, for shipping something as toxic and unhealthy as this bullshit thats most likely going to be endgame for some reason

you are kidding me, i sat through 6 seasons for sterek and i get this fucktard of a ship- stydia

what is this?, you might ask

The most cliche frenemies to lovers story you will lay eyes on I can answer. Lydia full on ignored stiles for like 5 years when she had her chance then and there to get with him- but no, she went out with a bunch of assholes instead.

then Stiles actually found someone decent- Malia Tate/Hale.

That my friends is an iconic character

Anyway I’m not here to fangirl over her but she’s the best whoops

Meanwhile the stydiots out back were boycotting and leaving the show, hating on Malia and Shelley while Stalia was happening, So Jeff being Jeff fucked it and shredded all the possible good endings for teen wolf and went with fanservice instead

Thats why we ended up with this



*NOM NOM NOM* I love ur nose stiles *NOM NOM NOM*

I was cry laughing at this, why are you so agitated! Why does Lydia look like she has a fetish for his nose


Continuing,  then Stydia fans reacted to this, and now its sadly- canon - thats right, Stydia is fuelled by fanservice purely.

Need more proof, sip the tea :)

“We were thinking of what we hadn’t tried, and that was Stydia, so we’re trying it for season 6, they haven’t had their chance yet”

- Jeff Davis

Thats right, Stydia was teen wolfs last resort for keeping it pumping for 10 episodes, they were an afterthought

Don’t even try me with this bullshit of “they were in love from the beginning crap” LYDIA DIDN’T LOVE STILES FROM THE BEGINNING!




Btw did you know jacksons coming back, he looks bad ass, with his new boyfriend and all

You’ve done well my friend

Anyway, hopefully stydia shippers WILL NOT get the ending they they asked for. We will not have annoying redhead babies running with baseball bats

 tbh can Jackson come back and just slash lydias throat, or isaac, from Paris, anyone kill her.



leaving this here:

btw i dont give a fuck im in their tags


Not a Real Werewolf - Theo Raeken

Requested by anonymous:
theo imagine where he’s arguing with the reader about the pack he wants (werecoyote, beta with anger issues, etc) and when he mentions void stiles or the nogitsune she gets really defensive because she’s dating stiles and she ends up going off on theo. please and thank you. and sorry this is so long. Oops
Warnings: Swearing. Angry Theo.
Word count: 1852
Note: I made the reader something supernatural and this is slightly different from the request but not really. I feel like it kind of sucks but I also kind of like it. Let me know what you think! Also, I’m really sorry I’m a day late on this but my internet was super messed up yesterday. 

Stiles was right, just like he always was. I’d believed him when he said that something was off about Theo but I had no idea he was that bad. He was dangerous and I still hadn’t completely figured out how to use my powers and protect myself yet I was standing face to face with the chimera in the middle of a rock parking lot. We were entirely alone.

“Why did you come here?” I asked despite the fact that I pretty much already knew the answer.

Theo smirked at me. “I’ve told you a million times, Y/N. I came here for a pack.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I got the basics of it all. But why don’t you tell me the truth? I mean, you’re probably going to kill me anyways, right? You’re going to kill me and pretend it was someone else, another chimera. Then you’re going to run to Scott and put on your admittedly impressive crying face and convince him that you did everything to try to save me, right? Because the only way you’re going to be in the pack is if I’m dead, right? I’ve always been in your way and you hate that, don’t you?”

His smirk was gone as quickly as it had appeared and he was fuming. “I don’t want to be part of Scott’s pack, I want the pack to be mine!”

I kept egging him on. “You can do better than that, Theo. The villain has to give his grand speech before he kills the person! We’ve all seen the movies. Where’s your grand speech, Theo? Did you write it yourself? Or did the Dread Doctors prepare it for you? Did they give you notecards for reference?”

He finally snapped. “I came for the werecoyote; the one whose first instinct is to kill. I came for the banshee; the girl surrounded by death. I came for the dark kitsune, the beta with anger issues. I came for Void Stiles. That’s the pack I want! Unfortunately, it doesn’t include you or Scott.”

I glared at him. “What the fuck did you just say about Stiles?”

Theo laughed. He actually, truly laughed. “Afraid the big bad nogitsune is going to come back and take over your precious boyfriend? Of course not. The nogitsune is gone but Stiles was never really the same again. You never really got him back, did you?”

I took a moment to think before I spoke. My hands were trembling and I didn’t speak until my hands had stilled. “Do you honestly think Void Stiles would be a good member for your dream pack? In what world do you live? Stiles himself doesn’t even listen to you. Do you really think you could control the Void part of him?”

He growled lowly but didn’t say anything.

I cocked my head to the side almost imperceptibly and examined his body language. He stood tall; legs splayed, arms folded tightly, hands balled into fists, shoulders square, and chin held high. His posture screamed aggression.
I then took note of the way I was holding myself. My right leg was crossed over my left, my arms were folded and I was gripping my upper arms. I looked too fragile and too nervous.

Theo was smart enough to notice body language so he probably knew.

“Your heart rate is rising.” He mentioned casually.

I nodded once. “Anger tends to lead to elevated heart rate. Although I’m sure you can smell my anger as well.”

He chuckled. “I smell fear more than anger. Word of advice, sweetheart-“

I cut him off. “Don’t call me that.”

There were approximately seven feet of space between us but the space dwindled as he rapidly approached me. I should’ve backed away. Any rational person would if someone like Theo rushed them. Despite my fear, I refused to move. Even when the space was reduced to three feet, two feet. Even when his hands gripped my shoulders violently.

His voice was surprisingly calm. “Do you think I’m stupid, Y/N?”

I shook my head. “As much as I wish you were, I know that you’re not. You’re smart. But then again, a lot of people are smart.”

“Then why do you think I’m going to fall for this act? You’re afraid of me, stop pretending that you’re not.” He growled.

“You really can’t stand it when things don’t go your way. That’s why you hate Stiles and I so much. You hate that we figured you out, you hate that he knew you weren’t the same, you hate that I stood in your way.”

“Shut up.” He spat.

I pushed his hands from my shoulders. “I don’t think I will, Theo. You see, I have a lot of things to say to you. So I suggest you shut up and listen.”

His eyebrows raised but he remained silent.

“Good job. You’re learning.” I smirked quickly before going back to glaring at him. “I was nice to you when you first showed up. I thought maybe, just maybe, there was a fraction of possibility that Stiles was wrong and that you were actually a decent guy. It wasn’t until I heard you talking to one of the Dread Doctors at Sinema that I realized you were a complete piece of shit.”

He’d gone pale when I mentioned Sinema, clearly he had no idea I’d overheard him while we were trying to save Hayden.

“Of course, Stiles was right, as always. You’re a manipulative, lying bastard. And I swear to god, if you so much as lay a single finger on my boyfriend-“

He cut me off. “What? You’re going to kill me?”

I shook my head. “Oh, absolutely not. You deserve so much more than what I’ll do to you. I was thinking perhaps Liam could have a go at you. I would say Scott but he’s just too nice, even after everything you’ve done. But Liam… Well, we know Liam. On any other day he might not actually kill you but seeing as it’s the super moon and you knew about everything that was happening to Hayden and you’re essentially the reason she’s slowly dying right now… Oh, darling. He’ll rip you apart.”

“What makes you think he’s strong enough to do that?” He asked.

“Because you’re not even a real werewolf, Theo! Or a werecoyote for that matter. You’re the Dread Doctors’ fucking toy! Let me ask you a question, do you actually think they would ever consider you their equal? They would kill you for even thinking that. And do you know why, Theo? Because you’re replaceable. And more importantly, because you aren’t fucking good enough.”

I could see him slowly crumbling. He was angry but he almost looked sad as well. He knew I was right. Of course I was right.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? Knowing that, without your little operation, you would be just like any other human. Maybe not just like. I mean, as far as I know, most of the population don’t fall under the category of complete-fucking-sociopath. Most of the population wouldn’t just sit by and watch their sister die. And don’t even get me started on those fake parents of yours. Why was it that Daddy Dearest’s signatures didn’t match up? A broken hand? No, of course not. He’s not your father. Did you kill your real father? What about your mom? Did you watch them die too?”

“Just like I’m going to make Stiles watch you die.” He threatened.

My body began to feel warm. I chalked it up to my heart rate continuing to rise but the look on Theo’s face assured me that this wasn’t the case, not entirely. He was staring at me with wide eyes and what almost looked like a smile.

“Well, that’s a surprise.” He chuckled. “What are you?”

I glanced down for a fraction of a second to see my hands glowing with bright orange flames that slowly danced up my arms, delightfully warm and soft. I smiled widely and I felt my eyes change.

His eyes found mine and he stumbled back a few steps at the sight of my eyes that glowed entirely white.

“I’m a witch, Theo.” I continued smiling and extended one hand in front of me, watching the flames grow taller in the middle of my palm. A flick of my wrist sent a small stream of flames shooting towards him, just over his head. I missed intentionally to give him somewhat of a warning.

The way he cringed away from the fire made me giggle delightedly.

“What were you saying about Stiles watching me die?” I asked, extinguishing the flames on my arms.

“I thought you… I thought your kind was killed off years ago.” He sputtered. “There haven’t been any witches for upwards of one hundred years. The humans killed you off, didn’t they?”

“Clearly not.” I laughed, feeling a soft breeze tickle my fingers and curl up my wrists.

“Is that all you can do?” He asked, the faintest hint of a smirk on his face. “Control the elements?”

I shook my head. “No, of course not. But I’m sure you don’t want to see what else I can do, Theo. You’ll be far too scared when you find out. Anyways, where’s the fun in giving away all of your secrets in the beginning?”

His eyes flashed gold before returning to their natural color. “I’m not scared. You’re practically a powerless human.”

“Practically isn’t much of a guarantee, is it?” I glared.

He opened his mouth to speak but instead he collapsed to the ground, a string of pained shouts escaping his mouth as he writhed. His eyes were shut tightly, his arms crossed over his torso as if he were trying to hold himself together. His screams made me feel stronger.

“Stop! Please, stop!” He begged. “Please, I’m sorry! Please just stop!”

I broke my concentration and he stopped writhing but remained on his back, gasping for breath. I walked over and took a seat, one knee pressing into his chest to keep him down. “I’ll make you a deal, Raeken. Stay away from Scott’s pack and that will never happen again. You come near any of us again, I’ll make it even worse. If you do anything to anyone we care about I’ll show you just what else I can do, and believe me, it gets much, much worse. And if you ever think about doing a single thing to hurt Stiles, I will slowly burn you to death. And when you’re just about there, just about to die, I’ll heal you and start all over. You think that the shit the Dread Doctors did to you was painful? You haven’t felt a fraction of the pain I can cause you, Theo.”

The look on his face was one of pure terror.

I stood up. A flick of my wrist carried him swiftly to his feet. He was frozen and had no idea what to do or where to go.

I took a single step towards him and he cowered back. I whispered one word that sent him rushing towards his truck.


Part 2

Part 3

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Pretty Little Liars Relationships In A Nutshell

Toby: Hey Spencer, so I joined the A Team behind your back “to protect you”, then broke your heart convincing you that I had betrayed you just so I could get in deeper and get absolutely nothing useful out of the experience, then let you believe I was dead and did absolutely nothing as you had a mental breakdown and were sent to a mental institution, then judged you hardcore when you took amphetamines because you wanted to protect your friends when you felt you had no support instead of stepping in and trying to help you, but I love you, babe, you’ll never be alone. 

Alison: Hey Emily, so I totally messed with your heart for years just because I was an insecure asshole, then I let you think I was dead for years which broke your heart and I did nothing about it, then I kept visiting you while I was ‘dead’ and had you wondering if you were crazy because you kept seeing me all because I 'missed you’, then I told you I was alive so I could use you to help me find A because you were the only one of the girls that didn’t totally hate me after the shit I pulled, then I told you your feelings weren’t one-sided and then lied to your face and hoped you would never find out, but please don’t leave me, I need you.

Caleb: Hey Hanna, so I definitely left you because I found my soul mate in Ravenswood who just happened to be a ghost and I wouldn’t even tell you the truth when I broke up with you, then I came back because my soul mate/ghost girl disappeared (aka my show was cancelled), then I got angry because you were dating someone else who actually seemed like a decent guy, then I was an asshole to you even though I’m the one who broke up with you in the first place, but please keep coming back to me because your desperate pleas for my love boost my overinflated, newly goth ego.

Ezra: Hey Aria, so I only even met you because I was obsessed with your 'dead’ best friend and I wanted to write a demented book about how screwed up she was, then I thought it would be a great idea to become a teacher at your school and date/stalk my underage student, then I decided it would be a great idea to date/sleep with/still stalk said underage student while simultaneously becoming more obsessed with you than I ever was with Alison, then you found out about me and told me to stay away but I kept stalking you anyway even though I had already begged for your forgiveness, then Alison came back and I figured it would be cool to keep pursuing you even though you had already told me we were over, but it’s all good girl, I’m not a pedophile, I promise. 

What even is this show?

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Why do you hate tayvin so much?

I usually just ignore and block questions like this because quite frankly I’m so tired of getting asked the same thing when literally the entire fandom has given you an answer to this.

I don’t HATE Tayvin. Hate is a very strong word and I use that in relation to general evil human beings and peanut butter. I really hate peanut butter.

There’s two parts of Tayvin, Taylor and Calvin and I’ll say why I don’t like them together.

Calvin has showed his true character multiple times and people seem to turn a blind eye to it and it’s frustrating. He’s shown a pattern of problematic behavior and I just generally think he’s a douche bag. And people will say I “don’t know him personally” so I can’t judge him, but that statement goes both ways. A lot of people ignore the things he’s done in the past because he’s with Taylor now and unfortunately I just can’t do that. You can’t just assume he’s a “good” person because he’s dating someone, especially when his problematic behavior continues. His music is decent, but I also think he’s gotten a hell of a lot more cocky in the past year and I partially attribute that to the fame he’s claimed since him and Taylor started whatever you want to call this shit show. I don’t think he’s an evil human being though. I don’t wish death upon him or anything crazy like that. I actually thought him and Rita were cute and she made him into a better person, until he decided to fuck that up and go right back to his idiotic ways. I could go on, but this post would be too long.

As for Taylor, there’s a ton of reasons why she’s bothered me in the past year but I’ll just throw a few out there for the sake of time. Let’s pretend for a moment that Taylor and Calvin are actually 100% in love and in a real relationship. I don’t like the fact that someone who’s stood up and preached so much about feminism in 2014 can turn around and date someone who I (and a lot of others) would call a misogynist. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. And I hate to imagine that someone who held such strong values would throw them all out of the window just for some dude. That makes me think that she never had those values to begin with and was just playing us all to promote 1989. I don’t know which is worse.

I think that when you’re in a relationship with someone you should bring the best out of each other. I don’t think Taylor and Calvin do that. I’ve started to like Taylor less and less ever since she started whatever this is with Calvin. Whether it’s a stunt or its real, I will never support it. And that’s saying a lot because I used to defend the shit out of her circa 2013 when the media dragged her. I’ve always been a fan of hers because I always knew deep down she cared. I used to listen to Red on repeat after I lost someone very close to me in the beginning of 2013. That album literally was the calm to a very dark period in my life and I will always be grateful for it.

So people will say I’m not a true Taylor fan because I don’t support Tayvin. That literally makes no sense, but think what you want. And if I’m truly being honest, maybe I’m not a fan anymore. I don’t know. It’s hard to figure out. I’m not sure Taylor is the person she used to be anymore and that irks me. Maybe she still is deep down. Or maybe she’s just changed and I’m not ready to accept that. Maybe now she’s just the girl who manipulates her fans and the media. Which, every famous person does to a certain extent, I just don’t like how she acts like she doesn’t and that all of her fans are her best friend. That’s manipulation in its purest form and I’m not really okay with that. I’m just starting to think she’s less and less genuine in her actions.

@kaylornation said it best when she said how she loved how the era started off so good with strong independent women and ended with a bunch of douchebag dj’s. That statement couldn’t be more true.

So those are a few reasons why I dislike Tayvin anon. Notice how I didn’t name anything Kaylor related.

The real question here is why DO you support Tayvin? Because he’s a man? Because you blindly follow everyone else who does? Because you’re a diehard swiftie? Because he literally looks like he wants to die when he’s with her? Because of his chili eating contest?

Those are all rhetorical questions so don’t flood my ask box because I’ll just block you. All I’m saying is that I can’t just support something because other people do it. I need to believe in it. And I don’t believe in Tayvin.

He Gets His Braces Off

He Gets His Braces Off

“So not fair!” You growl, adding some wax to the place where the bracket was digging into your cheeks.

“HA HA!” He teases, showing off his brace filled smile for the last time, before walking back to the orthodontist.

Calum always had a nice smile even with braces, you were hoping you could actually have a decent smile, your mum had told you your smile was terrible once and you hadn’t really smiled with your teeth since.

“They look great, Cal.” You say, smiling, you had saw your mum text a family member about how she would be happy when she had brace less kids, and that you specifically had a decent smile.

You weren’t in the best mood, so you didn’t even bother when Calum got in the front seat, and you just thought about sleeping while your mom ravished Cal in complements.

“Hey you. Come here!” Calum giggles, pulling you into his lap, while your mom cooked dinner.

“Now what’s wrong with you?” He whispers.

“Nothing, Cal.” You say, squirming out of his grip and up to your room.

“Y/N Y/M/N HOOD!” He screams, making you stop dead in your tracks and turn around, eyes wide.

“Sorry..” You whisper, sitting down in the middle of the hallway.

“Now you’re gonna tell big brother what’s wrong or big brother is going to tickle you to death!” He smiles.

“Yeah, Cal, I’m just upset.”

“But why?”

“Mum, she just always talks about my teeth thinking I can’t hear her, and I can and I’m such an insecure freak!” I cry.

“Oh sweetie! Your smile is beautiful! So beautiful! You’re beautiful, don’t listen to mum, okay?”

“Thanks Cal.” You whisper and sigh.

Later that night while you were asleep your mum and Calum had a talk, and she didn’t talk about your teeth anymore.

*2 years later*

“OKAY! LETS SEE THAT GORGEOUS SMILE!” Ashton, your brothers friend, says, smiling.

You give them a big smile, and they all complement you, making you blush.