back when we were young

                       MIPHA, ZORA CHAMPION

  "...know this; No matter how difficult this battle might get...
  if you--if anyone ever tries to do you harm...then I will heal 
  you. No matter when, or how bad the wound...I hope you know...
  that I  will always protect you. Once this whole thing is over, 
  maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were 
  young. You know... perhaps we could spend some time together."

But if by chance you’re here alone, can I have a moment before I go? ‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long, hoping you’re someone I used to know.



I was thinking… this reminds me of the time we first met. You were just a reckless child… always getting yourself hurt at every turn. Every time, I would heal you. Just as I’m doing right now. I thought it was funny how, being a Hylian, you looked grown-up so much faster than I did. I was… I was always willing to heal your wounds. Even back then. So if this Calamity Ganon does, in fact, return, what can we really do? We just don’t seem to know much about what we’ll be up against. But know this; that no matter how difficult this battle might get… if you- if anyone ever tries to do you harm… then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound… I hope you know that I will always protect you. Once this whole thing is over… maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young. You know… perhaps we could spend some time together.

Do You Know Me?

Oh man. I’m hooked (HAHAHA…sorry). I wrote some Sidon x Link. Because I am weak for that stupid sweet sharkboy. This one is for @cinensis, who is aboard this ship with me and as thanks for his awesome support. ENJOY.

All fluff - cut for length, not for content.

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Link wakes up sweating and panting, the silken seaplant sheets a tangle around him. It’s hard to tell if he has made any sort of noise in his sleep, but his throat feels rough, like he’s been inhaling small pieces of rock. The private bedchamber Prince Sidon gave him is in one of the towers overlooking the square below, where he can see the profile of Mipha’s statue from the balcony, past the gossamer curtains.

“Once this whole thing is over maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young.”

That’s what she had said, in the memory he had had, and perhaps that should have given him some comfort, but…he had seen her again in his dream, and her image shattered into a thousand fragments. There was chaos and screaming, pain and darkness, and then…he had awoken before there was anything more.

Sleep is the worst time for Link. Sleep, when he can’t tell where pieces of memories end and the tricks of a broken mind take over.

Link rises and puts on his simple tunic - leaving the Zora Armor neatly on the chest where he had placed it after trying it on (even the perfect fit had frustrated him, though he did not show it) - and wanders out, down the stairs to the Domain sprawling below. He knows that on the morrow, he will be called to fight the monster plaguing them, once again take on the mantle of the Champion of Hyrule, and…

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160619 Park Yoora About Her Brother Chanyeol

(trans by happyeols)

My younger brother Chanyeol? He is sensitive and shy.

Park Yoora: There is a story behind this picture. Chanyeol received a question during a broadcast, “Is there a memorable thing for you during Christmas?” and he said “Noona once pulled the beard of Santa Claus, and that’s how I knew that the guy dressed as Santa Claus was my father.” But I don’t remember myself pulling the beard..but the guy with the beard looked like our father

Park Yoora: This is my favourite picture. This is when I was still bigger than Chanyeol. I always keep it beside my bed

Question: Between you and Chanyeol, who looks more like your mother? 

Park Yoora: I have taken this picture from exo’s concert. On the right is our mother, and I think we both look like her.

Question: Since you and Chanyeol are three years apart, did you use to fight a lot? 

Park Yoora: We always fought a lot when we were young. Back then, we both wore contact lenses, and he kept on taking my contact lens eyedrops, and so we fought a lot.

(trans by lollipollipop)

Question: Chanyeol even said on radio that “Nuna is pretty”. Now Yoora too, say something nice (literally ‘show off’ or boast) about your brother.

Park Yoora: Umm…Chanyeol is really gentle. He may seem prudish but he is actually just foolishly nice, seems like something to be proud of, but he just knows how to be considerate of others. He can’t say no easily either, I worry that it may cause him to live at a loss (T/N: as in being too nice to others may affect him), but I guess he should know it himself and do well right? (laughs)

With regards to the rumor that Greg will play a role in helping heal Jasper - I’m totally okay with that??? Because Greg is pretty much one of the few characters with a good head on his shoulders. Since season one he hasn’t gotten caught up in the romanticization of Rose’s actions during the War the same way Pearl and Garnet sometimes do. He knows she’s made mistakes because she’s told him:

Greg: All they do is try to make up for it. They just can’t forgive themselves, you understand? Look, they were doing something awful to the planet and your mother couldn’t stand it anymore. She told me that’s why she had to turn on her own kind. She gave up everything just to stop what they started here and drive the invading Gems off of Earth.
Steven: So sh-she saved the world, that’s good!
Greg: No such thing as a good war, kiddo. Gems were destroyed, people too…

Steven: Did Mom ever talk to you about… Pink Diamond?
Greg: There were some things your mom didn’t like to talk about. I never pressed her for details.
Steven: Why not?
Greg: Rose and I talked about tons of important stuff. Music, comic books, getting sand between your toes, y'know, feelings. We both made a lot of mistakes when we were young. I thought disco was coming back, she started a war.

And the fact that he reached out to Blue Diamond when he saw she was in mourning:

Blue Diamond: How curious. I’m impressed by humanity’s ability to survive in the wild. What a strange planet. Where else would a being as fragile as a human live, while a being as powerful as a Diamond, perish? This is where it happened, where she was broken.
Greg: Were you close?
Blue Diamond: Very.
Greg: I-I’m awfully sorry. I know how hard it is to move on when you’ve lost someone.
Blue Diamond: You do?
Greg: I lost someone very important to me, too. I miss her every single day, and I think about her all the time. But she’s never coming back. That feeling can be so hard to be okay with.
Blue Diamond: I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel.

I think if anyone is in a position to admit maybe Jasper has a reason to be upset with Rose, and help her through it, it’s Rose’s widower. I would be completely down for this unlikely friendship. 

No Regrets (Part 6)

Here we go again. There is so much pressure for me to write well I don’t know how I’m still alive. I still enjoy it and I do hope you like it!

Word count: 2.5k (geez, more and more every time!)

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Want to catch up? Try Part 5 or here’s No Regrets Masterlist

@shamvictoria11 Is this what you thought would happen?

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You needed another couple of days away from work. You’ve barely been back from your days off and you’ve already had enough of the drama. SHIELD used to be such a ‘boring’ place to work! That’s what you loved about it, there wasn’t much of the usual office relationship drama. That is until you allowed yourself to fall for Bucky. Everything went downhill from there.

You tried working from home but there was only so much you could do. There were classified data to be examined and SHIELD’s network had extra security software to make sure this information didn’t leak; you couldn’t risk handling that kind of intel outside a secure server. So as much as you wanted to stay in bed in your pyjamas watching Netflix you now had to get up and go to work. Yeah, it was not a prospect you were looking forward to but let’s be honest here – broken heart is not a real injury. You can’t pull a sickie because of that.

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A regular day,
An old regular day,
Walking down the street,
Seeing familiar faces

A regular day,
Just an old regular day,
You were passing down the alley,
I look back and follow you around

I remember how we were,
When we were young,
Running back and forth down
The busy streets

I remember how we were,
When we were just starting,
The world is ours,
We kiss and we fly

I remember how we were,
When everything seems so perfect,
The adrenaline pushes forth,
We never thought love could hurt

A regular day,
Just an old regular day,
It really was the beautiful you,
We stopped for a coffee

A regular day,
An old regular day,
Reconnecting, hugging it out,
After all this said and done…

I know that we will never be.

—  Just A Regular Day, @anonnotsoanon
I’m trying to remember the first time… back when it all started. We were so young and careless. We had no idea of the world of obstacles ahead of us. I always think, if you knew then what you know now, would you still choose me? Would you still share your deepest secrets? Would you still give me your most fragile kiss? Thinking about those moments brings a smile to my face. Sometimes thinking about the beginning makes it all seem so worth it. It was worth it then, you and me. But now… now, you don’t chose me. You don’t share the intimate parts of your heart. You don’t look for moments to steal my breath away. I sometimes wonder if it’s because you forgot what the first time felt like. Or maybe you didn’t forget. Maybe you just pushed those thoughts aside.
—  Just know that I remember

Back in the day with @janaundjs in Roeselare, when we were young and fierce 😉 @Regrann from @bjornvanpoucke - Throwback Thursday to 2014 when I invited the French-Austrian @janaundjs to paint a stenciled work in Roeselare #tbt #stencilart #streetart #streetphotography #buildinggraffiti #graffitiart #art #streetart #handmade #instagraffiti #street #graff #animation #urban #wallart #spraypaint #aerosol #spray #wall #mural #murals #painting #arte #color #streetartistry #artist #grafiti #urbano #rue

Scott McCall Imagine- I Came To Help

Summery- You’re Lydia Martin’s cousin, you grew up in Beacon Hills but you moved with your parents to England, after you were bit by Peter Hale in your sophomore year. However as soon as you heard Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune you came back to help. You had romantic history with Scott McCall but you soon discovered he had moved on, but you weren’t ready to let him go yet.

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Quiet as a Mouse - Part 2 (Final)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,398

Summary: Jensen and his girlfriend are on a break so he’s in a bad mood. His sister drags him out shopping where he meets the reader. She ends up being someone Jensen doesn’t expect.

Part 1

“What are you looking at?” Jensen says to Mackenzie.

“You’ve been a moody bitch all day…and now you’re smiling like the biggest dope in the world.”

“Am not!”

“Am too! I’m looking at your face!”

“Whatever.” Jensen says chuckling.

“You’re welcome by the way.” Mackenzie says.

“For what?”

“For sending you into Y/N’s store!”

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Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 7 (Dean x Reader)

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Title: Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 7

Summary:  An old manor in Maine holds many dark secrets. Can (y/n) and the Winchesters destroy the evil inside the house, or will it tear them apart forever?

Warnings: None

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