back when we were young

“I am not famous, or rather, I don’t really want to be famous in the way American media defines a “celebrity” as someone so untouchable that you can’t even “earn” his or her attention—as if that would be moral by anyone’s standards. I just want to make music. I just want to be myself.”

When you come back, my straightened hair and pressed dress fool you into thinking you love me again

(but you don’t. You are just staring open-mouthed at the adult version of the girl you loved and wondering why her hand isn’t yours to hold.)

We sit in a coffee shop and my pretty lipsticked mouth hurls every dirty word I know at you

(but it still doesn’t sound like hatred. It sounds like tired love who has given up looking for a place to lay its head and now is angry at what has kept it up all night. it is a child fighting sleep. everything would be better if it would just give in.)

You are amazed at my straight-backed resolve. When we were young, you were afraid the world would bend me in on myself and you would hear my bones cracking from the next state over

(and now you marvel at my strength. this is the lesson you always wanted to teach and now I have learned it so well there is nothing left to prey on. the teacher hands the student knowledge and the student sharpens it into a knife. you never thought it would be used against you.)

Fortesa Latifi - When You Come Back

After Clementine Von Radics’ Wyoming

I’ll make it better

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Words: 2753

On their search for a new home, Daichi and Suga discover a miracle in the midst of a nightmare.

“I’m not sure, Daichi. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Suga stopped walking, and after two more steps, Daichi did the same, back still turned to him.

“We don’t have a choice. If we don’t get anything nutritious to eat soon, we’ll get in trouble. And it looks like it’s going to rain. We’re all exhausted already, we can’t afford to get sick.”

Suga looked back, to where both Nishinoya and Tanaka were uncharacteristically quiet, dragging their feet as they followed. Insisting on carrying the most heavy load seemed to finally weigh down on Asahi, whose shoulders were heaving as he breathed. There really was no other choice, even though Suga generally trusted his gut feeling.

The village up ahead meant trouble. Lots of trouble. He could smell it, taste it in the air and the atmosphere, even though he couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

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When we were young, we dreamed of high kicks, but never imagined the pain.

When we were young, we dreamed of perfect rhythms, but never imagined the late night drills.

When we were young, we dreamed of straight backs, but never imagined sweaty pre-dawn sit ups.

When we were young, we dreamed of flying, but never imagined the price of landing.

When we were young, we dreamed of smiling atop a podium, but never imagined the tears that led the way.

We still dream of being champions, but can’t imagine, don’t realise, that we already are.

—  I sat on the train and made myself tear up writing this. It’s not oireachtas season for me, but this one goes out to all of you. X
He looked like he did two years ago, back when we were young and hopeful and much different. He looked like the boy I fell for, the boy who made me see love as something timeless, though the days of our infatuation were numbered. I’m haunted by a boy who no longer exists.
—  I’m in love with a ghost
I can see it in their body language. Boys think that when I laugh at their jokes there is some underlying meaning. They don’t realize that I laugh at everything because it’s all I can do lately to hold it together… It’s just, I don’t intend on falling again any time soon. I refuse to let anyone in again like I did with you.
—  Nothing
We ate the birds. We ate them. We wanted their songs to flow up through our throats and burst out of our mouths, and so we ate them. We wanted their feathers to bud from our flesh. We wanted their wings, we wanted to fly as they did, soar freely among the treetops and the clouds, and so we ate them. We speared them, we clubbed them, we tangled their feet in glue, we netted them, we spitted them, we threw them onto hot coals, and all for love, because we loved them. We wanted to be one with them. We wanted to hatch out of clean, smooth, beautiful eggs, as they did, back when we were young and agile and innocent of cause and effect, we did not want the mess of being born, and so we crammed the birds into our gullets, feathers and all, but it was no use, we couldn’t sing, not effortlessly as they do, we can’t fly, not without smoke and metal, and as for the eggs we don’t stand a chance. We’re mired in gravity, we’re earthbound. We’re ankle-deep in blood, and all because we ate the birds, we ate them a long time ago, when we still had the power to say no.
On Taylor Swift's Decision To Remove Her Music from Spotify

We love Taylor Swift, and our more than 40 million users love her even more - nearly 16 million of them have played her songs in the last 30 days, and she’s on over 19 million playlists. We hope she’ll change her mind and join us in building a new music economy that works for everyone. We believe fans should be able to listen to music wherever and whenever they want, and that artists have an absolute right to be paid for their work and protected from piracy. That’s why we pay nearly 70% of our revenue back to the music community. PS - Taylor, we were both young when we first saw you, but now there’s more than 40 million of us who want you to stay, stay, stay. It’s a love story, baby, just say, Yes.

A little Playlist Poetry for Taylor Swift

What To Play While Taylor’s Away




TOP 20 - 02/27/2016
20) Kehlani - Did I [Debut]
19) G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (+1)
18) Zendaya f/ Chris Brown - Something New [Debut]
17) Tori Kelly f/ Big Sean - Hollow (+2)
16) twenty one pilots - Stressed Out (=)
15) DNCE - Cake By The Ocean (+2)
14) The Chainsmokers f/ ROZES - Roses (-4)
13) Zayn - Pillowtalk (+1)
12) Ellie Goulding - Something In The Way You Move (=)
11) Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods (+4)
10) DeJ Loaf f/ Big Sean - Back Up (-1)
9) Adele - When We Were Young (-1)
8) JoJo - Save My Soul (+3)
7) Shawn Mendes f/ Camila Cabello - I Know What You Did Last Summer (-1)
6) Chris Brown - Zero (-1)
5) Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (+2)
4) Tinashe f/ Chris Brown - Player (-3)
3) Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (=)
2) Rihanna f/ Drake - Work (+2)

Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You
DJ Snake f/ Bipolar Sunshine - Middle
The Chainsmokers f/ Daya - Don’t Let Me Down