back when they were fun lol

Risqué: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested: Reader does a very sexy photo shoot and Tom doesn’t know about it until he sees it on social media and every where (kind of like how he blind sided us with that fine as Vogue shoot but that’s neither here nor there). He sees the comments that men and women a like are making about her and gets jealous and possessive. 

(Photo shoots that came to mind when I got this request)

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Text Me Not

A/N: So this is my first time writing for Nalu Love Fest! Or anything that was organized lol. This is for Day 7: Sexting, and was super fun to write! This is fairly smutty, though more low-key than usual. But still, smut. College AU!

When the picture loaded, Lucy was glad she was at the back as her face turned into a tomato and she let out a tiny squeak. There on her screen was a picture of Natsu, shirtless and laying on her bed. One arm was tucked behind his head of wild pink hair, a lazy and devilish smirk playing on his lips. The same hooded eyes Lucy had daydreamed about earlier were present, seeming to somehow look at her soul through the screen. He was wearing sweatpants, which were pulling dangerously low and drawing her eyes to muscular and toned chest and stomach. Lucy’s fingers twitched slightly as she remembered how his tan skin moved beneath her fingers, the muscles shifting and flexing in response to her exploring hands. When Lucy finally tore her eyes away from his little display, she saw he had sent a text as well.

N- Still don’t want to play with me?

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 4841

Rating: M

Part: Oneshot

Lucy sat in her desk, one hand propping up her chin and the other absentmindedly tapping a pencil on her small, university desk. You’d think with how much they charge for tuition they could afford bigger personal desks. Lucy sighed, looking to the people on either side of her. A boy to her right with black hair spiked into a messy look was leaned back in his seat, earbuds in and seemingly trying to count the number of tiles on the ceiling. Either that or he was muttering to himself, which wasn’t entirely impossible. The girl to her left was trying to focus on the dull lecture the professor had broken into, but there just seemed to be a random pattern of scribbles on the side of her lined paper. More than Lucy had written down anyway. Lucy looked down to the front of the room, grateful she had found a desk in the back. The room was full of students like herself, trying unsuccessfully to pay attention to his speech, the monotone lesson on feminism in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein already claiming a number of students as victims to it’s sleep inducing drone. As least at the back she wouldn’t disturb anyone with her snoring.

Lucy’s phone gave a soft buzz, startling her from nearly dozing off. She really needed to be paying attention, regardless of the fact that she had already chosen the book as her main report subject, and had already read, re-read, and analyzed every line in the damn book. Releasing a loud sigh, Lucy hit the home button and her lock screen lit up, showing a text message with the name Natsu Dragneel above it. Quickly unlocking her phone, Lucy read the short text and rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s whining.

N- Luuccyyyyy I’m bored

Quickly tapping a reply Lucy relocked her phone, barely setting it on the desk before it buzzed again.

L- And I’m in class

N- Come hooooommeeeee :D

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Charge Now, Doctors!!

An MVM fanart I drew for when I played duo medic with my friend, where we were left to fight against all the robots while all other classes were off blasting tank somewhere. Dammit lol. Back when my doctor was still that guy with a Mann-Co cap…

I don’t get much chance to draw fan art nowadays because I finally have a full-time job. Kinda sad TT ^ TT I miss all the fun.

For all those with diabetes burnout...

Remember when you were first diagnosed and you didn’t want to do all these diabetes related things but you did it anyway because you realized you had to in order to live.. Think back to those days when you feel like giving up, think how scary the changes were before you understood your situation and realize if you could handle it then you can handle it now. you know so much more now, you’re stronger then yesterday and you can get things done my friend. We all go through burnout. Diabetes isn’t fun but just like we have to breathe we have to check and inject (: or bolus lol take care of yourselves there’s only one you. If you need someone to vent to my ask is always open!


Haikyuu!! AU   ||   Inspired by the ending to Shot In the Heart

All of us were only dreaming
Everything is actually a mess

But I wanna dream
I wanna dream
Leave me to dream

I only watch Shadowhunters sporadically but I gotta admit I’m really enjoying watching the fans of the show and Malec fans completely lose their shit over spoilers.

It reminds me of when we got positive Glee news, or even better Klaine photos and spoilers and my dash would freak out. Remember? Like when they filmed Got To Get You Into My Life and kissed. That was such a fun day! Or when someone took a pic of Chris’ hand only to realize days later he was wearing an engagement ring…LOL. Or when the photos for 520 were released and the BTS tweets and the fandom realized Blaine moved back in. Or when we found out about the double wedding. Or the Klaine will duet for Emma and make out in the back of the car tweet (of course no one believed RM…haha). Such fun times!

The experience of being part of fandom was just as important to me as the show. Yes there were some dark times, and terrible fights, and spoilers that broke our hearts, but on the days like the above, when everyone would celebrate, those were my favorite days. 

Anyway congrats Malec/Shadowhunter fans. :)

anonymous asked:

The only good thing about s2 was that I had at least sth. to look forward to, back in 2015, it was a nice distraction from school and all the stuff that happened, especially bc it came out at ~11pm here so it was good for me, a procrastinator, to have one "good" thing to look forward to lol so that's why I don't care about how shitty it was, it was a distraction, and it was fun to cry and rant with a friend about each new episode when they came out lol

Man the initial lead up to season 2 was fucking beautiful.  We were all so excited and they were throwing additional content every 2 weeks.  But halfway through the season, when Carmilla and Laura broke up, it just became a hassle and exhausting tbh.

Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for “American Horror Story” Season 7 and it is a DOOZY

LOL. remember way back when, in 2016, when we were living through the nightmare that was the long, drawn out lead-up to November’s Presidential Election? Fun times, right? Well, how’d you like to relive it again — but as a season of American Horror Story?

In what is most certainly the strangest (and a little too ON THE NOSE) theme so far, American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy has spilled that he’s got the theme for Season 7 all figured out.

The theme is the 2016 Presidential Election.

We’re pretty sure he’s not joking about this, but we’ve been wrong before when it comes to American Horror Story.

While Murphy has usually saved the theme’s ~big reveal~ for PaleyFest in the spring (except for last year when he was like HA IT IS GOING TO BE A SURPRISE!), while stopping by Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asks if there is any AHS news to report. It seems like Andy is just asking to ask, not even expecting Murphy to reveal any sort of details.

But, turns out Murphy does have a lot to reveal:

“I don’t have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through,” Murphy explains. “I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.”

We’re shocked. TBH, Andy in the video looks shocked, because he was clearly not expecting that to happen. All he can muster up is a bemused, “Wow.” He goes to cut back to a call from a viewer before he cuts that off and turns back to Murphy asking, “Will there be like, a Trump in it?”

Ryan’s answer: “Maybe.”

This is a lot to process. This is maybe TOO much to processes. We finally just got faux-documentary Roanoke out of our nightmares, and now we’ve got something new to fret over — and it is literally the 2016 Election all over again. 

Before we start freaking out, Murphy could simply be joking (even though we’re not really sure why he would joke about something like this, because OUR HEARTS), and the upcoming season could simply be based on the election. Murphy could easily create a completely fictitious storyline, that just happens to closely mirror the Horror of 2016.

Or he was reading AHS cast member Cheyenne Jackson’s Twitter on November 8th and saw this tweet and thought “omg, good idea.”

A true American Horror Story

— Cheyenne Jackson (@cheyennejackson)

November 9, 2016

Season 7 starts shooting this summer, with an expected premiere date sometime in the early fall. Guess now we patiently wait for any and all details about what kind of political ghost Evan Peters is sure to play.

Lol remember back when house of hades came out and there was that shit storm about it being inappropriate for a children’s books because Nico was gay? And the fandom were just sitting up here laughing because in mark of Athena there was literally a part where everyone on the Argo 2 thought Percy and Annabeth banged and no one cared but Nico having a crush on Percy was apparently ‘inappropriate’? Ah. Fun times laughing at dumb people.

Misunderstandings | Jeon Wonwoo | Part 13/14

Pairing: Jeon Wonwoo X Reader

Genre: fluff/angst/comedy

Word Count: 2,285

A/N: The moment we’ve all been waiting for. So I made this suuuuper over dramatic lmao I love it. Also I didn’t feel like adding in all the links rn so ill do that later lol ily guys ~Jasmine

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In episode 3, this is what stood out to me the most. I found this really cute? Because it seems to me like Todomatsu told Karamatsu this solely to get Karamatsu the main character role. Somehow, it’s just really significant to me that it was Todomatsu of all the brothers that helped him. Despite how painful Todo finds Kara, he still really looks out for him~~~

Simple things  like this makes me so happy~ x3

I drew a picture as to what I like to think is the full story back then!  I feel like all the brothers look out for one another. If the matsuno brothers want something, they are are invincible when they team up to get it~

Karamatsu doesn’t know about this. Osomatsu and the rest were going to secretly ‘persuade’ Jiguzou (is that even his real name lol) and act nonchalant when Karamatsu would later happily announce he got the lead role. And then rest of the sextuplets would just make fun of him even though they all inwardly feel satisfied and happy that they got Karamatsu want he wanted.


Spring Vacation ♥

Heys there! I know I’ve been MIA so much but my computer broke and I doubt you’d want iphone quality pictures so I just waited until I got a new laptop.

Meanwhile, Sayoko (a fellow blog mom) and I got together for spring break and planned a trip to my beach house in Puerto Rico. It was SO fun and exciting to finally meet a mommy who I’ve felt like I have known online for so long but never met.

Trip Details..

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The signs as annoying shit
  • Aries: stubbing your toe against a thermostat
  • Taurus: that one friend who's always an hour late to do anything
  • Gemini: chicken you were about to eat but then you realize it went bad
  • Cancer: a hangnail with a cut underneath it
  • Leo: drunk kids on Twitter
  • Virgo: when weird family members start touching your hair
  • Libra: those people who borrow your money and don't ever pay you back
  • Scorpio: Nickelback
  • Sagittarius: white boys who scream like Neanderthals in the middle of the hallway
  • Capricorn: "how are your grades?"
  • Aquarius: not being texted back
  • Pisces: your sock slipping off your foot inside your shoe
  • : ^))))
that time where my mother found out I draw gay fanart on a regular basis

I have been for almost 3 years “active” on here and I feel like I have to share a piece of my stories, I have blurted this out on twitter but not here yet, I will do posts like this once in a while because I want to be more present and share more than “just” my art.

That being said, let’s start with this fun story, shall we?

Let’s dial back a couple of years, it was during the time where The Avengers were a big deal and the movie was fresh out and the age of Thorki. I used to be a shipper of them and ofc I would also draw fanart and toss it into the depths of deviantART.

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I met SWS/PTV on On Feb. 8th and they were so sweet. I gave PTV necklaces that I made them and Jaime and Vic said that I could sell them if I wanted. Lol Both bands were so nice and Tony gives great hugs by the way. :) It made my night and the show was so much fun! <3


ok weird story time, i found a VERY VERY OLD drawing of one of my first ocs… her name was laura the lava princess and she had flaming tigers for bodyguards and lived in a volcano. i thought it might be fun to see what 10+ years worth of improvement looks like. (i did the first one when i was about eight years old i believe)

Iscariot (2/5)

Summary: The Fake AH Crew were the biggest, baddest crew in Achievement City. Thick as thieves, in the height of their success, and on the brink of a relationship - until Ray left, and they fell apart.

Now, two years later, Geoff’s brought them all back in for one last job. But when things go wrong and the police show up, they end up trapped together, unfinished business and all, with the uncomfortable realisation that two years have changed them and someone - one of them - has sold them out.

Part 1  AO3


Gavin sits on top of one of the crates in the warehouse, some distance away from everyone else. They are all scattered about, have separated away to sulk and lick their wounds.

He pulls his knees up to his chest and shivers a bit. It’s cold in the shadows of this room but Geoff has already claimed one of the spots where sunlight is streaming through the roof, and Ryan the other. He picks at where his wet shirt is clinging to him, growing cold and clammy now, and futilely tries to wring it out a little.

“Are you okay?”

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