back when it was cold

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Does Daryl still rip his sleeves of all his shirts?

J: He cuts them off when it gets warm and I’ve offered to sew them back on when it gets cold.


Me when I came back yesterday “How it feels when that cold air just hits you”

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In which Bakugou is me

Headcanon that Keith actually has a lot of pet snakes that just hang around the shack or outside. They don’t mind him and some of the smaller ones will actually let him pet and hold them even going as far as slithering into his lap to leech off his warmth when it gets cold at night.

When they get back to earth he shows Lance and tells him about how he found each one and all of their quirks they display.

Lance to everyone else’s surprise doesn’t freak out, he’s used to being around snakes, there were plenty of grass snakes in his mama’s garden growing up, even helped to feed that one large garter snake that helped with the rats.

“This one is Mary Lou, she ate one of the males once when they wouldn’t stop bothering her, I took a picture and had it framed.”

 “This is Jeremy, I think he might have ocd or something, he’ll rattle his tail every ten minutes on the dot, I’ve timed it.”

“This is Sadie, she likes to just hang around your neck and will attempt eat your food when even though she isn’t supposed to be anywhere near that stuff”

“This is Franchester, don’t laugh he hates that, but he also likes corners, if you lose him look in every corner you can find he will be in one of them guaranteed”

And Lance listens intently genuinely interested, and is just overall happy and smiling softly because Keith is smiling and he looks so at ease talking about his odd slithery friends and the snakes get so used to having Lance around they let him handle them.

Keith shows him some of the smaller ones and honestly it’s just two boys talking about snakes and softly holding them and just all around having a good time.

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Nozoeli, 1k+ words

She catches the slight movement of the girl sitting before her, yellow ponytail a little to the left; she barely catches Eli’s gaze before she returns to the paper before her. Eli taps her pencil on the desk, a habit that Nozomi notices only when her girlfriend is irritated. Three taps and a pause, as if the fourth would be annoying, and then the light shifting of her legs.

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Imagine Bucky feeling insanely protective over you after sleeping with you

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Bucky watched as [Y/N] moved slightly under the sheets, unaware that he was sitting on the chair in front of the bed. [Y/N] was too tired after having sex with him to even put clothes back on, even when it was cold outside. He stared intensely at his neighbor from downstairs as he couldn’t help but feel like he made the worst decision in his life.

Bucky came here to hide and within three months, he found himself dating a someone (if you could call it that). He tried to keep his urges under control but being around you made everything in America seem far away and just a couple of hours ago was no different. He could still feel your body under his palm as you gasped from him entering inside of you, how you kissed him tenderly on the side, and whispered his name. His mind raced forward to when he had pulled you onto his lap as you rode on him, clinging to his body like as if his metal arm couldn’t kill you any minute. He hadn’t thought about you climaxing before him but when he did, he noticed that you were out of breath and…

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Imagine going on a stroll with Woozi during cold winter mornings, holding each other’s hands with a tight grip as you two walk down the snow-covered street.


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  • Sehun being whiny and needy.
  • Him wanting you to take care of him all the time.
  • Cuddles, because Sehun needs lots.
  • Watching him playing with your fingers as you lay on his lap.
  • Him leaning down to leave kisses all over your face.
  • “Love you Y/N, I love you so so so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Back hugs.
  • Awkwardly taking his jacket when he hands it to you in the cold.
  • Making sassy remarks before doing something cute.
  • “Maybe if you had worn the outfit i had picked out for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” *Waits a little then gives you his jacket because you’re shivering.*
  • Keeping Vivi at your house when he’s away.
  • Sending him pictures of you and Vivi cuddling.
  • “Aw Vivi looks so good in that picture!”
  • “ByE SEHUN.”
  • You buying him nice shirts but he like never uses them because he’s always shirtless.
  • Constant teasing of each other.
  • Coming back to your phone to see hundreds of different selca’s from sehun.
  • Changing his phone lock screen to a picture of you. When he notices he just smiles like an idiot and waits for you to change it to another picture of you.
  • Patting your head when he wins an argument.  
  • Him feeling bad when his sass goes too far.
  • “Babe, please i didn’t mean it.”
  • Knowing he won’t be able to sleep with you being angry with him.
  • Coming home to see him crying, when you ask him why it’s because last time he saw you, he left you mad.
  • Comforting him and telling him it’s okay.
  • Taking him out for bubble tea.
  • Getting teased by the older members.
  • If he hears anyone say anything bad about you he will fight.
  • The only one allowed to mess with you would be him.
  • Him calling you early in the morning because he loves to hear your voice.
  •  Being extra patient with him.
  • Walking Vivi together.
  • Going to concerts to support him.
  • Telling him how good he is a rapping and dancing.
  • “Did you eat? You should eat.”
  • Sometimes him playfully throwing himself on you.
  • Him loving to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
  • Overall the sassiest yet cutest relationships ever.

Hope you enjoyed!


-Mari xx

on a trip to america t’challa just kind of offhandedly is like “it’s cold.“ and bucky is just like???? it’s 57 degrees???

and t’challa just looks at him like….do you forget i’m african or????

this is inspired by me coming back to nyc and being cold af and suffering

and then bucky kinda just grins and drapes his coat over t’challa’s shoulders like the gentleman he is

False Image

Pairings: Dean x Reader
Words: 1496
Warnings: Angst, swearing
Summary: “You never loved me. You loved the idea of me.”
A/N: I missed writing, but didn’t have enough time to sit down and write down my own story, so I decided to use a prompt this time. Let me know what you think! 

Writing Prompt #671 by @writers-are-writers

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You grabbed the rest of your clothes from the wardrobe and carelessly shoved them in the duffel bag which was already filled to its limits. You threw your guns into there,too, not having enough time to actually sort your belongings and pack them neatly. You needed to leave before he’d come back.

A cold shiver went trough your body when you were painfully reminded of the man who was so dear to your heart. You couldn’t be entirely sure if he was ever going to forgive you or at the very least understand why you did it. But you didn’t have the luxury to dwell on it anymore. You had to forget and lock it up in the deepest corner of your mind throwing away the key. But it wasn’t the time, you’d have plenty of it to worry later.

You had to leave, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

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I bet that when Kanda finally saw the sky first he always wanted to stay outside, because the outside world was so beautiful and during that time he wasn’t inside the Order. Kanda kept gazing at the sky for long periods of time, watching how morning bled into night and always seemed irritated when he had to go back inside or when it was too cold during winter to watch the night sky in its star-filled brilliance.

Tiedoll realised his fascination with nature when Kanda shouted at the clouds in the night sky to get the fuck out of the way because they’re blocking the view. Daytime clouds were ok,  sunset clouds were rad but fuck the night clouds. He was always so irrationally angry when the stars weren’t visible. It was as if he missed the clear sky.

Catching onto this, Tiedoll used the time Kanda spent outside the building so he could paint the night sky to Kanda’s ceiling, using flourescent paint to paint the stars and the moon so Kanda could always see it.

General Curses for the Everyday Assholes Around You

- May all the chocolate chips in your cookies turn out to be raisins

- May your headphone cord catch on every door handle

- May your phone always die when you need it most

- May you always miss a belt loop

- May every great fitting pair of pants you have stretch out disroportionately throughout the day and no longer fit

- May you always feel your phone vibrating when it’s not

-  May every sock you wear be rotated just enough to be uncomfortable

- May all your social notifications be game invites

- May you ALWAYS step in a wet spot after putting on fresh, clean socks

- May your tea be too hot when you receive/make it and then ice cold when you go back to it

- May you always pick the slowest line up

- May your shoelaces be JUST long enough not to tie without stepping on them al day