back when he was hot

a sterek fic inspired by this stupid thing because how could I not

It’s a common saying among Stiles’ friends that he doesn’t have a lot of dignity. To be perfectly honest, Stiles agrees with them (as much as he argues against the point whenever they bring it up).

But this is probably a new low.

Well, not new-new, because this is into the fourth week of the habit and if he was a better person, he’d have stopped by now. He’s not a better person in this instance, but he’s made peace with it.

‘It’ being watching his stubbled neighbour jog past his place every morning in sweatpants and obviously non-supportive underwear. There’s a lot of movement down there. A lot.

“I mean, with that much jiggle, he’s gotta know, right?” Stiles asks his window pane, behind which he’s fake writing on his laptop.

They’re not quite neighbours, there’s about half a block between them for which Stiles’ sanity is thankful. Otherwise who knows what ludicrous amateur spying would have occurred.

As it is, he is very thankful he accidentally set his alarm for five am two (it was four) mornings in a row, because now he knows that this is a morning ritual for his neighbour.

Today hot neighbour is wearing the cut off, grey sweats. They’re a personal favourite of Stiles’ (better than the dark blue ones, which make it harder to see) because it means not only can he get a clear view of his neighbour’s dick as it swings forward against the fabric, but also his sweaty, perfectly muscled calves.

Stiles sighs out and bangs his head once against the window pane, a small punishment that is also part of the routine.

What is not part of the routine, is hot neighbour looking into Stiles’ window, and seeing Stiles’ face smooshed against the glass, after which he trips, possibly in disgust, or just simple distraction.

Stiles’ first reaction is to panic. He pushes his chair back from the desk and slams his laptop closed.

His second reaction is that he should call someone to come help.

His third reaction is to realise that, hold on, he can go and help.

Stiles rushes out his front door and into the chilly morning air.

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camping trip in college!! the boys never camped back home and they're so excited to do such an "american" thing. would they love it? be terrible at it? over pack? under pack? go swimming in a lake? find some wildlife? would phichit be a glamper? what about hiking? or trying to fish? tent makeouts?? sharing a sleeping bag??? making hot cocoa and snuggling in front of the campfire????

Phichit says to Yuuri that he wants to try out as many “American” things as he can while they’re at school, and Yuuri is the one to suggest camping

They borrow a bunch of camping stuff from friends, including a truck

They absolutely over pack due to everyone’s favorite anxiety ball Yuuri

They greatly underestimate how annoying the bugs would be, especially because they picked a camping spot near a creek

Please picture Jock Yuuri with his biceps out carrying wood for a fire 😏

Despite neither of them ever making a campfire, Phichit is surprisingly good at starting them. He read about different log formations, “teepee” one being good for just a typical bonfire of smores and “log cabin/ platform” being good for cooking food, and has a knack for getting them lit quickly.

Phichit insists they make smores

They leave their phones in the truck so they don’t waste the charge and to have in case of emergencies. But they do bring a disposable camera for the novelty of it all. They both assume it’s going to be a little bit of a train wreck, so they want to document it if they can. Phichit gets some great shots of Mountain Man Yuuri attempting to spear fish and then fall into the water. Yuuri captures bead head Phichit and Phichit gets one of Yuuri with slightly curly hair since the humidity is so high.

Skinny dipping in the lake 😏👍

Phichit isn’t necessarily a glamper, but he really dislikes everything about feeling unclean. They stay there for a long weekend, and they can’t exactly shower when they’re there? (Aside from swimming) He hates how there’s always dirt under his fingernails and always feeling grime on his skin from dried sweat and just being out in the forest

Neither of them have the heart to kill any woodland animals so they bring all their food with them. They still try to fish for fun though.

Phichit SWEARS one night a turkey stuck its head in their tent while Yuuri was sleeping

One day while hiking, they pass a really cute family of deer with two adorable fawns. A different day they get chased by geese.

The first night, Phichit is cold and asks to snuggle up into Yuuri’s sleeping bag. They sleep just spooning like that. The next night it’s Yuuri who crawls into Phichit’s sleeping bag and kisses his neck until Phichit meets him with lips

Bts getting jealous to you being touchy with another member (reaction)

Rap Monster: 

He was the leader of the group, meaning he had to be sensible and mature in any situations in order not to cause any commotion. That’s what he always told himself but when he saw you and Suga enjoying each others company, he got anxious. You were a soft person so he couldn’t dare to cause you any hurt so instead, he glared at Suga. Suga had never seen Namjoon get so angry in his entire life. He didn’t get what was happening but left when he felt too suffocated, leaving behind you with confusion. You looked around and only saw your boyfriend and his gorgeous smile.

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Suga finally lost his patience when Jungkook moved a piece of your hair to the side. Suga held onto the Maknaes wrist tightly while pulling you behind him. He was hella pissed. Jungkook knew how over protective he was over you yet he still decided to push his buttons so he wanted to give the maknae a punch in the face in the midst of anger but stopped in the middle when he heard your scared sniffing. 

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 He was holding onto your hands while you were talking to Namjoon. You were in the middle of both of them, talking to one, ignoring the other. Not knowing someone was getting pissed. Your right hand was held onto by Jin so you were going to use your left hand to high five Namjoon, but were pulled back by a red-eyed Jin. 

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He was always cheerful and happy but you were an exception. You were having a chat with Jimin and was about to hug him, but you suddenly stopped when the air went tense. Someone wasn’t happy and all the members could feel it. Your boyfriend had reached his limit. 

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Jimin valued his friendship very much but when he saw you kissing Taehyung on the cheek, he was ready to end the friendship. He pushed Taehyung on the wall and grabbed his shirt. You tried to pull him back, by pulling him from the back but he was relented on hurting someone. He soon enough stopped when he felt your hot tears on his back 

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He tried to give signals to Jungkook, telling him to stop flirting with you but Jungkook enjoyed making him annoyed. Jungkook leaned closer to you and that triggered Taehyung to pull you back into a tight hug. “Maknae, don’t push your limits,” he said in the most threatening voice that jungkook had ever heard

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He was the youngest and adored his hyungs but even he had a limit. He would not let you out of his grip while you were talking to Jhope. The moment Jhope reached his hand to touch your hair, Jungkook slapped his hand away and pulled you tighter. Never had the members see their maknae like this.

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A Dixon’s Mate

Pairings: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: Y/N is attracted to a certain blue eyed Alpha, but she thinks he doesn’t like her because of how much he avoids her. What she doesn’t know is that Daryl lives to protect that Omega. One night when Daryl doesn’t join everyone for a special dinner in the cellblock, she takes some dinner to share at his watch post, but what she finds will change everything between them.

Warnings: Unprotected sex (be safe when you get naughty), A/B/O Dynamics, knotting sex, a little fluff at the end, wee instance of Daddy kink, etc.

A/N: This took longer than expected for many reasons, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This isn’t my best work, but I’ve been told it’s good for how rusty I am getting back behind the keyboard after a while. The style of this story is written in @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O universe. If you’d like to know more she has a link to the list of rules on her page. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

AO3 Link:

Word Count: 2,356

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The sun was already high above the prison when Y/N stepped out to the yard, loving the Georgia heat despite the humidity. It had been freezing inside the cell block with three straight days of rain, so the warmth of the sun’s rays soaking into her skin was a welcome change. A smile tugged at her lips as she watched the kids run out through the muddy grass, Rick and Hershel checking the crops, while Maggie and Glenn walked hand in hand to the fence to kill off some walkers. She was always so happy to see the sweet beta couple together, feeling the love they have for one another radiating from them every time they even look at each other. Poor Rick always smiled at the sight of them too, wishing he could go back to the days before he lost his omega, Lori. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to kill his best friend, Shane, another pig headed alpha pining over his omega. But he had Carl and sweet little Judith to keep him going. He also had his duty as leader of the group to make his days busy, caring for the people taken in after the fall of Woodbury and the Governor slaughtering some of his own people.

An all too familiar feeling pulled Y/N from her thoughts and made shivers run down her spine. Her teeth quickly sunk into her bottom lip to hold back a soft whimper that threatened to escape, loving the heat that spread through her body under the blue eyed gaze of the alpha staring at her from the nearest watch tower. Daryl watched her every chance he got, secretly admiring everything about her. He had been completely entranced with her since the group first found her outside Atlanta. He liked to believe that she had no idea, looking away to avoid meeting her eyes any time she’d look at him.

To Y/N’s dismay, he always kept his distance from her. Whenever she caught him looking, she wondered how it would feel to be close to him or how he would smell. She’d been told that alphas smell wonderful to omegas like her, but she’d never been around an unmated one before, aside from Shane but he acted like Lori was his, even when Rick came back. “Maybe he thinks I’m gross.” She mumbled and kicked a rock from under her foot before walking down the gentle slope to feed the pigs the group had raised.

Daryl kept his gaze locked on her every move, groaning at the sight of her hips swaying with each step. He wanted nothing more than to pull her against his chest and scent her properly, make her his mate. He always made sure she was safe when they were on the road, keeping his distance and watching from afar. It was dangerous enough for her to be an unmated omega in a world of zombies that half rely on the scent of living things to find their next meal, but it was worse when her scent intensified during her heat each month. Securing the prison had been like a God send to protect her. He’d stop outside her cell at night when everyone was a sleep just to check, inhaling deeply to take in her intoxicating scent while he peeked in on her sleeping form. He thought he’d heard her whimper his name in her sleep a few times, but it was too quiet to tell for sure. As much as he wanted to be hers, he never got too close. Daryl thought he wasn’t good enough for her. He thought she deserved better, but couldn’t stand the thought of anyone but him touching Y/N. He shook his head and turned his attention back out to the woods and fields surrounding the perimeter of the prison, fully prepared to stay there long into the night with his thoughts.

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BTS Reaction: Them being a Professor/ Teacher and you confessing to them (Hyung Line)

Request: Could you please do the Bts Reaction of them being your professor/teacher and you confessing but with the Hyung Line, pretty please?? I loved your reaction 💕 Thank you.

[Maknae line]

Warning: Slight smut

A/N: I got way too carried away, especially with Namjoon’s…#Notguilty

Seokjin (School nurse):

You were in the track and field and you were known as the fastest field sprinter. Today was the day where you were competing with other schools and you were already a nervous wreck. Jin was the school nurse, well known for his incredible good looks and a hot topic in the school. You were a popular patient, coming in his office with simple knee scrapes and minor feet injuries. His window is just outside the track field, giving him the perfect view of you on the tracks, preparing a round of hurdling. Jin hoped you wouldn’t get injured too badly.

The gun fired and you were set, sprinting as fast as you could. You jumped over the first hurdle with no problem and you continued until you jumped over the second one, smiling to yourself after succeeding in it to. As you jumped over the third one, Jin’s eyes widened. You felt one of your feet hit one of the hurdles, causing you to trip and land on the ground hard. Jin’s heart was racing when he saw your face twist in pain and he knew that your foot was in serious pain.

You woke up to a white ceiling in front of you and you slowly sat up and looked around and realize you were in the nurse office. You smiled when you saw Jin sitting behind his desk. You were about to get up when you felt a throbbing pain on your foot. Jin heard your wincing and he shot his head towards you holding your bandaged ankle. He quickly got up and rushed over to you. He was surprised to see tears brimming in your eyes, at first he thought it was because of the pain but it wasn’t when you started talking. “The school relied on me and now I just disappointed them…” You said and it slowly pissed Jin off. He pinned you down the bed and you let out a gasp. “You are not a failure…you never were…” He said and you just wrapped your arms around his neck and crashed your lips on his. His eyes widened but quickly closed and returned the kiss with much passion. His body slowly lowered to rest on your body.

The next day, girls started whispering at the of sight Jin. Walking down the hallway with his usual white coat but his neck covered with love bites. He saw you at one of the lockers and all he could do was send you a wink, leaving you a blushing mess.

Yoongi (Music Teacher):

It was time for the end of the year project and each of your classmates had to choose what type of project they want to do. Some want to make furniture, some wanted to do a research project. You decided you compose your own piano piece, hoping to also impress the good-looking music teacher Min Yoongi. At first, he warned you it will be difficult but you never let that get to you. You slowly gotten closer to Yoongi after every private lesson you had but you slowly pushed the feelings aside.

You were alone in the music room, on the grand piano that lied in the middle of the room to finish off the final part of the piano piece. You were so concentrated in the song that you didn’t here Yoongi coming in. As he entered, a smile graced on his face as he saw you playing the piano passionately. He leaned against the wall, watching you playing your song from behind. As you finally finished, you smiled proudly at yourself. “It sounds beautiful…” You jumped at the low voice and looked behind you to see Yoongi leaning against the wall smirking.

“It’s finally done…” You smiled and he walked over to sit next to you, and slowly played the beginning of your piece. After many private lessons, he already knew how to play your beautiful piece. You played together with him, one tone higher than he was playing, giving out a really nice harmony. As you finished, he turned to look at you and you turned to see him staring at your lips. He leaned in but stopped just inches between your lips, as if he was asking for your permission. You pressed your lips against him, the kiss starting off sweet until it became a full on make out session. You felt his hand slowly sliding from your neck to your inner tighs, slowly caressing it.

“Let’s continue this at my place shall we…?

Hoseok (Dance Teacher):

The dance festival is soon coming up and it is popular for young individuals to show off their dance moves. Hoseok, who was your dance teacher, expected a lot from your group and you were training from morning to late evening. You were slowly getting frustrated at a certain step that you couldn’t get and it was slowly getting late. “Alright guys, you did a great job. Let’s continue tomorrow morning.” Everyone just took their bags and left but you just collapsed on the floor and groan in frustration.

Hoseok was wiping is sweat off with a towel when he heard groaning in the room and placed the towel down to see your body on the floor panting and covered in sweat. The sight for Hoseok was…tempting. He gulped and walked over to you. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” You looked up to see Hoseok looking down and you slowly started to blush. “Oh…um…there is a certain step in the dance that I can’t seem to get.” You said with a frown. Hoseok stretched his arm for you to grab and you gladly grabbed it. “Come on, I can fix that.” He said with a smile.

After a half an hour of working on that specific step, you smiled to yourself when you finally got it right. “Thank you so much Mr. Jeon…” You said and he just smiled in reply. He slowly walked over to you and he was so close that you could feel heat coming from his body. “You have a strong personality Y/N…and I admire that…” You looked up to see his face so close to you, if you leaned a little closer you could just kiss him on the spot. “You confuse me sometimes…” You whispered and Hoseok tilted his head in confusion. “How?” He asked. “Everything you do just makes it difficult to not like you.” You confessed and it took time for Hoseok to understood what you said before crashing his lips on yours. You were shocked at first but you went for it anyways, your hands going up to grab his hair. Hoseok’s hands went to the back of your thighs, wanting you to jump up to wrap your legs around his face and you did. He slowly walked to the mirror until you feel the cool mirror pressing against your back.

He was kissing your neck when he said something that made you all hot and bothered.

“Tell me Y/N. How do you feel about doing it here in a room filled with mirrors?”

Namjoon (School Librarian):

Usually when people mention a school librarian, they normally think about an old grumpy ladies always scolding you for bring in books one day late. But the librarian you had was young, and very good looking, always sitting behind the desk with his feet propped up on the table and reading a book. You’ve always came to the library for new arrivals, even before Namjoon came to work at the library. Namjoon has seen your presence in the library before and he couldn’t help but think you were beautiful. He was always in his usual reading position, but when you came in, his eyes would leave the page and glance at you.

It was a normal school day and the day new books were coming in the library. You walked over to the new arrival section with a smile but you soon frowned to see the book you were excited to read missing. You turned to see Namjoon in his reading position and you gulped. If you want to know what happened with the book, that meant you had to talk to him.

You slowly walked to him and his nose was still in the book until you cleared your throat and Namjoon looked at you and got so surprise that he almost dropped the book. You looked at the book and realized he was the one reading the book you were looking for. You shook your head and gave him and apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, nevermind…” You were about to walk away when Namjoon quickly got up and grabbed your wrist. “No! tell me what it is?” It was the first time he was talking to you, and he really wanted to engage a conversation. “It’s just…I was looking for the new book that just came here but you were reading it so it’s fine…” You said with a smile and Namjoon quickly let go of your wrist and gave you the book. “Please take it…” “Are you sure…?” He nodded and you thanked him. “Is there anything else you need?” He didn’t want to stop talking to you. “Yeah, im looking for a book about marine biology, its for a biology project.” “I know where it is.” He said before walking off to a certain section and you just followed close behind.

You saw him reach out two books that was lying on the top shelf, which gave you the time to admire his perfect body proportion. “Here” You shook your head and blushed at the thought. “Ah~thank you.” “Are you okay? Your face is pretty red…” He said as he leaned closer to place his large hands on your cheek. You just quickly took the opportunity and pressed your lips against his, his eyes widening but quickly returned the kiss. His hand fell to you ass and squeezed it, a small moan left your lips  and you were thankful there were no people at the section. The light moan made Namjoon seeze the opportunity to use his tongue to fight his dominance against the kiss.

“Finally” He whipered.

I know it’s a pic but damn those arms *^*


Alright! You guys asked for it. Boatsex oneshot. I wrote this from Daenery’s POV. This has major spoilers for Season 7. 


Daenerys sat looking out of the window in her cabin in the queen’s chambers on the ship. The ship Rhaego was sailing north towards White Harbor. The journey would be a long one going up North from Dragonstone, long and cold. They were going to sail to White Harbor, and then ride for Winterfell from there. Dany wasn’t looking forward to the biting cold that would await her and the rest of her army when she arrived. She wasn’t looking forward to another war, one she didn’t know could be won. Not just another war, The Great War. She thought.

Arriving in Westeros all those months ago, she never expected things would turn out like this. White Walkers, Night King, and dead ice men come to lay icy death to the place she was trying to liberate with her flames? She had merely come with the notion that she would be facing a Mad Queen, Cersei Lannister. Cersei Lannister proved to be a formidable foe, and the battle had only just begun when Jon Snow came to Dragonstone declaring the world was going to end because ice zombies were marching on some magical wall.

She thought he was a crazy northern fool when she met him. This man proclaiming himself King in the North. A kingdom that belonged to her. This man who refused to call her Queen, bend the knee, and even had the audacity to call her a child. This man who came in asking for her children, her armies, and her loyalty for help fighting these ice zombies, and he would give nothing in return. She’d be a fool to trust him. Oh, how she was wrong. She brought dragons back to life, walked through flames, and liberated hundreds of thousands of slaves, but she didn’t believe him about the army of the dead?

She didn’t know when she had begun to trust him. Was it when she let him mine the dragon glass, and he asked her if she believed him about the army of the dead? Tyrion saw fit to keeping him here as an ally. Was it when he showed her the paintings in the cave drawn by the Children and first men? She had pledged to fight for the north, or did she pledge to fight for him? Of that, she didn’t know. At the time. Was it when she came back on Drogon’s back to Dragonstone after burning the Lannister army to the ground? Jon has been standing right in front of her child and showed no fear. Did he have the blood of a dragon? Drogon had let him touch his snout. Was it when she saw the ice zombies herself when she came to rescue them from their icy deaths? Daenerys had seen many things, but these creatures symbolized death itself. Was it when he fell into the lake off Drogon’s back, or when Viseron fell from the sky? That she didn’t know either.

She realized then when he returned on his dead uncle’s horse, that she had trusted him all along. She believed him before she even saw it for herself. To say she was relieved when she saw Tormund and Gendry carrying him back in the castle at Eastwatch-by-the-sea would be an understatement. It took him a week to recover, and she was there by his side every second of the way. He told her he would bend the knee after she pledged herself to fight the White Walkers, and end her war with Cersei. For now.

I’d bend the knee but…” He said. He physically couldn’t bend the knee, as he was injured almost to the point of death. He was lying naked in a cot. Daenerys didn’t mind the sight.

“What about those who pledged to you?”, she asked.

“I will tell my people what happened here, and how you risked your life and your children to protect me and my men. The Great War is here, and there is no need a squabble over lands that may lie in ice and ash when the war is done.”

“I don’t want you to bend the knee. When the war is over and we defeat this Night King and burn Cersei Lannister to the ground, The North is yours.”

She didn’t know what compelled her to let the North have their independence after all was done, if there was a North left to rule. She hadn’t realized it until she left his room that night.

Daenerys was a stubborn, hard headed woman. She had lost the ability to feel when her sun and stars was taken from her by that evil witch. She had respect, pride, and admiration for those closest to her. She had love for her children, of course. She even felt lust when she had Daario in her bed back in Essos, although she felt nothing when she let him go.

“He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last.” Tyrion’s words echoed in her mind. At the time, just mindless hope from her hand. Daenerys never thought the fire in her could ever be truly lit again. That is until she met Jon Snow.

He was stubborn and hard headed just like herself. He was demanding and self-righteous. He fought with her every step of the way, but he had an intensity and passion for his cause that made her admire him. She had grown to respect and trust him in a very short amount of time. She even heeded his advice when she rode Drogon into the battle at Highgarden.

She knew that she lusted for him from the start. He was handsome, after all. It had been so long since she felt a man’s touch. As she got to know him, that admiration and lust turned into something more. The fire that hadn’t been lit since Drogo had come back with not just a lingering spark, but an explosion. This fire was different from the one she shared with Drogo. Drogo had lit a flame in her that was dim and soft, and she had sometimes felt her love for him was forced. The fire Jon lit within her was burning, piercing, a fire that was as hot as the one that Drogon spewed from his mouth. She had seen that same fire, in his eyes, when she walked towards him in the cave full of dragon glass. He felt that fire too. That much was clear.

It wasn’t until that fire burned in her so hot when he fell from Drogon’s back. That fire could have melted the Night King’s heart.

As she thought of the memory, that was when she realized she didn’t just have a flame for him.

She loved him.

Daenerys was pulled from her thought when there was a knock at her cabin door. She wasn’t expecting anyone this late at night. She only wore a thin black dress, like the ones she wore back in the hotter days in Essos. Her hair was loose and framed her face, she didn’t feel the need to look regal anymore.

She crossed the cabin, and opened the door.

She let out a surprised shock to see Jon standing at her door in the middle of night with nothing but pants and a thin shirt on. His hair was loose, falling out of the bun he usually wore on his head. He looked like he had just walked through the flaming desert in the Red Waste. He had a wild look in his eyes, and she found it hard to look into them. His eyes had shined with a fire she had never seen in any man before, not even her sun and stars. Her breath stopped short.

“Jon?” was all she could say. You couldn’t cut the tension between them, even with Ser Beric’s flaming sword. Daenerys could only stare at him. The fire exploding through her stomach and down to her thighs. She felt like a young, inexperienced girl who had never been touch by a man before, not the powerful queen she had become. No man had ever made her feel like Jon Snow did.

She opened the door to the cabin and he stepped in still not saying a word. He just strode toward her like a wolf coming for its prey.

She didn’t know who kissed the other first. All she knew was that his lips were on hers, and she had never felt more alive. He bit her bottom lip, and entered his hot tongue into her mouth. She almost exploded just from that. He cradled her face in his hands, and her hands glided through his hair and untied the bun. She didn’t realize he had such beautiful curls. His hands roamed her body, and she a burned every time he would touch her exposed skin. Was this some kind of dream? Would she wake up in her bed alone, sticky and dripping with sweat, from the sweetest dream she’d ever known?

He backed her against the cabin wall with hard thud. She knew this was no dream.

He kissed her deeply and harder than any man had ever before. She kissed him back with just as much passion. His lips moved from her lips down to her neck and collarbone. She moaned in pure pleasure.

It all happened in a blur after that. He ripped her dress off her body, and threw her on the small bed. She ripped his shirt of him when he came on top of her. She saw the jagged scars that covered his chest. So, this was what Ser Davos meant when he took a knife in the heart for his people.

She slowed their movements. Tears swelling her eyes. She looked at him.

“How could they do this you?’

He said nothing, but his demeanor had softened and he wasn’t the wolf anymore.

He wasn’t a king then, nor was she a queen. Just Dany, just Jon.

She flipped them over, and kissed her way down his chest, not missing any scar.

She looked into his eyes, and saw that they swirled with nothing but desire, and dare she say it? Love.

Daenerys had always been a woman who loved to be in control when it came to making love. She loved the feeling of a man losing control underneath her as she rode them as fiercely as she rode her dragons.

Jon flipped them over, and Daenerys was the one to lost control.

He entwined her hands behind her head and looked deep into her eyes.

Gone was the stoic, brooding king. He was just Jon now.

He kissed her again all over her body, and then kissed her there. Something Missandei told her about when Greyworm had made love to her. “The Lord’s Kiss” she had called it.

It was a feeling she never wanted to go away. She screamed in pleasure and clenched her first into the furs.

When they finally came together, she saw stars. White, hot, burning pleasure filled her body. The flames had burned their way into her soul.

When he finally collapsed next her, and she calmed her breath. She looked at him.

He was staring up at the ceiling with a dazed look on his face.

She has never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

He winded his arm around her, and she settled into his chest.

She could feel his wild heartbeat, and the sound was more beautiful than any song she’d ever heard.

She loved him with her entire being. She knew that now. She wondered why it took so long for her to see that.

She didn’t say anything to him as she drifted to sleep.

She felt the ghost a kiss on her forehead.

Even though death was surely coming upon the world, she had never felt more safe.

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Langst prompt: Lance has been underselling his battle wounds.. his arm's been broken for four weeks but we can still function so " it's just been really sore lately, no biggie." ( Me right now... I said that to my dad this morning) once he does get out of the pod everyone wants to know why he never said anything he tells them that Voltron was more important than a few broken bones and a gaping wound or two, what if you guys needed me while I was in the pod?


Also I hope you’re feeling better!

Mentions of Injuries 

Lance groaned in pain as he sat back in his chair in Blue. “Blue, can you get me out of here? I need to check myself over.” Blue purred in response and took off from where she was stationed. Lance reached up and pulled his helmet off his head and wiped the sweat that was formed. He just ran back from a Galra base, he was snipping them down but ended up getting surrounded and had to fight his way out. Yet before he could escape one of the Galra managed to grab his arm.

Lance ran his left hand down his body and bit back a scream when he touched his right shoulder. It felt hot and Lance could tell it was swollen. Lance closed his eyes and pulled up a video chat with Hunk. “Hey Hunk.” 

“Lance! Thank goodness you’re okay! We were all worried about you. Are you okay? You look pale and sweaty?” 

Lance nodded, “Yeah the Galra scared me….I got closer than I wanted to.” 

Hunk nodded, “well everyone else headed back to the castle when they saw Blue starting to fly. I’m almost back to the castle, how far are you?” 

Lance looked at his map and focused on the distance left, “maybe 10 to 30 ticks.” 

“Alright, I’ll be in the kitchen making something special for your success!” Hunk closed the video chat and Lance slumped back into his chair. His arm throbbed in pain and he could feel Blue’s concern. “I’m okay girl, just a little sore that’s all.” A few ticks later Blue landed in the castle and Lance slowly made his way to his room, smiling at his teammates and fighting back tears when Shiro patted his shoulder in congratulations. 

As soon as Lance reached his room and snapped off his armor and peeled back his body suit. His arm from his elbow up to his shoulder was swollen and was slowly turning a deep purple. It felt warm to the touch and Lance nearly cried when his fingers brushed a little too rough against his skin. 

Lance slowly moved his shoulder in a small circle, moving through the pain that shot through his body. Well, I can still move it, that’s good at least. I should be fine, this is nothing to worry about. I just need to keep this a secret, don’t want to worry the team after all.

“Lance, dinner time!” Coran’s voice was muffled through his bedroom door and Lance managed to pull his everyday shirt on without blacking out because of the pain. 

“Coming Coran!” Lance grabbed his jacket and plastered a smile on his face. Smiles hide everything, just keep one on. Nobody will question anything.  


It had been a week since Lance’s injury and Lance thought he was hiding it well. Every time Lance was around Blue she would growl at him and tell him to go to medical but Lance would always brush her off. “Like I said I’m fine Blue, I can’t burden the team anymore, after all I’m the teams sharpshooter! They need me to be ready to go on missions with them.” Lance poured more water on Blue’s paw and started to scrub her down more. He was taking longer than usual but his shoulder still hurt whenever he move any object over 3lbs. 

“Lance? What are you talking about?” Keith approached Lance and the Blue Lion and Lance broke out into a cold sweat. 

“Well would you look at that! It’s the famous Red paladin! What are you doing buddy” Lance gave Keith a toothy smile. Smile’s hide everything, just keep it up.

Keith stopped a few feet in front of Lance and crossed his arms. “What can’t you tell the team?” 

“Tell the team what? I don’t need to tell you guys anything! Everything is A-O-kay.” Lance chuckled, prayin that it would throw Keith off yet it only made him pry farther. 

“Lance tell me what is going on?” Keith took a few steps forward and placed his hands on Lance’s shoulders. Lance inhaled through his teeth and stepped backwards. Keith pulled his hands away like he just touched something hot. “Lance!? Are you okay?” 

“Ye-yeah, I’m peachy. Sorry you scared me a little bit.” Another chuckle. 

Keith narrowed his eyes and reached forward again, “Lance are you hurt?” 

“No, I would tell you if I was hurt, but I’m not so can you just leave me alone?” Lance took a step back and turned towards Blue who responded with a growl. 

“You’re keeping something from us, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” Keith point his index finger at the taller boy and stomped out of the hanger. 

Lance sighed and mocked Keith, “I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Sure you are Keith. What’s one person going to find out.” 

“Lance, what’s this about you being hurt?” Shiro and Coran entered the hanger and Lance released a groan. 

“I’m not hurt, I’m fine. I don’t know what Keith said to you but I can assure you that I’m uninjured and completely fine.” Another smile and a chuckle for good measure.

Coran approached Lance, flashing a smile at Blue and turned toward the boy. “Well can you accompany me to the med bay? I would just like to check you over, just to be sure.”

“You don’t trust me? I’m telling you the truth.” Lance crossed his arm, keeping his face straight through the pain. 

“I trust you, I just want to ease my concern.” Coran touched Lance’s back lightly and Lance looked at his leader. 

Shiro released a breath, “Lance, can you humor us?” 

“Fine, let’s get this over with.” Lance let Coran lead him out of the hanger, feeling Blue send him encouragement as far as she could. 

“Alright my boy, let’s take a look at you.” Coran had told Lance to sit on the exam table and he started to examine Lance. Lance attempted to remain calm but he knew that there was no way out of it, and everyone was going to find out what he was trying to hide. 

Coran continued his business and and Lance remained silent, until Coran rotated his shoulder. “Ouch.” 

“Are you alright?” Coran pulled his hands away, just like Keith did and Shiro stepped closer to the table. 

“Did you hurt your shoulder?” 

Lance shook his head no and attempted to pull away from Coran but he managed to hold him still. “Let’s have a look at this shall we?” Coran pulled the tan boys shirt back and narrowed his eyes at what he saw. “Lance….what happened?” His voice sounded dark and Lance attempted to keep his voice even. 

“A few weeks ago I bumped my shoulder, it’s nothing major. It doesn’t even hurt.” Lance tried to jump off the table but Coran held him down. 

“This is dislocated Lance and your elbow is sprained. You need to get in a pod.” Before Lance could protest he was being shoved into a med suit and the pod door were shutting on him, blocking him from his concerned team. 


Almost a week later Lance stumbled out of the pod right into Hunks arms. “Lance! I’ve missed you so much.” 

Lance reached up and hugged his friend, “hey Hunk. How long was I in there?”

“Almost a week, are you feeling better?” Shiro stepped forward and Lance pulled away from his friend. 

“Yeah.” Coran told Lance to move his shoulder and arm and Lance complied, feeling nothing but normality when he moved.  He flashed a smile of thanks at Coran and he faced his team. Nobody said anything but Keith eventually stepped forward. 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you tell me? I thought be bonded.” 

“I didn’t want to be a burden, well more of a burden than I already am. I’m the team sharpshooter after all, what if you needed me for a mission? What if you needed me while I was healing? I can’t help you if I’m stuck in that tub.” Lance stared at the floor, he didn’t want to see everyone reaction. He never wanted them to see how weak he actually was. 

Nobody said anything but Lance was nearly knocked over by Keith hugging him. “You idiot, you can’t be our sharpshooter if your arm is broken. It’s okay to get healed, it’s okay to ask for help.” Lance hugged his mullet friend back and soon everyone joined in. 

Lance was okay, he was with his family and everything was going to be okay.

What is a good ending? Do I know her??????

I hope you like it!

Thank you! <33

In the dark.

Pairing: Vampire!Bucky/Reader.

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of blood, mentions of torture, mentions of non-consensual bodily modifications, mentions of memory loss. Nakedness.

Word Count: 1000.

Rating: 18+.


This is for @bladebarnes (One of the people who pushed me down the Vikings hole) 2K Followers Challenge. I picked number 31. Your character turns into a vampire. So, here you have angsty Vampire!Bucky.

Tagging: @sexylibrarian1 (who read the first part and told me it was good and stopped me from having a meltdown) @thecrownedrose @erisjade @ryverpenrad @acunningstargazer @palaiasaurus64 @marveldcmistress  @sebstanchrisevanchickforever19

Dude, I really hope I’m not letting anyone down with this.

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Cassidy is back and better than before, taking on Slayer’s HUGE dick. This hungry power bottom side and him WAY DIFFERENT than the scene he did with Usher Richbanks way back when. So check out this hot scene “SLAY’N ASS” only on @dawgpounduniverse

glow : hs

A/N: Was going to post this tomorrow but couldn’t wait! Couldn’t proofread since it’s like 3 am here but will do tomorrow! Check out my about me page to learn about what I can write for you ;) 

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Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,099

What you’re about to read: Y/N sees a picture of H and is determined to put highlighter on his face  

Requests open!

Wha’ you lookin’ at?“ Harry said under his breath, sweaty from the workout he’s been dying to do for weeks and fingers touching his oh-so-pink lips.

He was back from his afternoon session and was ready for a hot bath.

Y/N was having too much fun with the idea that popped up on her mind.

"Nothing,” she said despite the thoughts clouding her mind.

Harry didn’t care, to be honest. He was too tired to do so.

Sure, he always had time for Y/N but for now, he wanted to bury his body in the rose bath-bomb Y/N bought for him couple weeks ago.

“Yeh definitely up fo’ somethin’. Wha’s it?” He tried again. He let the trainers -the ones that looked so worn out and nasty-  drop on the floor and made a thud sound.

When she didn’t reply, Harry raises his perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Y/N was sat in the same position since Harry left her in the morning and played with her makeup. She knew she had papers to write but procrastination seemed more fun.

“You won’t like it.” She said, grabbing the heavy makeup bag and went to their bedroom, leaving the door slightly open for him to follow.

She was driving him mad.

“Either tell me or I’m off to bath” he left the gym bag by the king sized bed and gave her a one last look.

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nips-and-tats  asked:

If you're still taking requests I'd like to send one in.. teaching you things, from cooking certain dishes to giving head. How fun. ;) xx

How fucking fun, indeed. Btw, love you and I hope you’re well babes! xx

“Go on, love. Show m’ wha’ yeh know.”

Your hand works quickly at the base of his shaft as you’re suckling his tip, tracing and flicking your tongue over his sensitive slit. You’re sitting between Harry’s legs, as he’s slumped on the sofa, his grey sweatpants down to his ankles as well as his boxers. You stop for a moment, but still continuing to jerk him off, to ask “Is this good, baby?” Harry bites his already bleeding lips.

“A little bi’ deeper” Harry pants, his hand gripping to the blanket, as the other one gently cups his balls. He’s right on the edge. You do as you’re told, you take your hand off of him and go down on him fully, making you gag around him. And that’s when he cums, his hot spurts hitting the back of your throat, his moans echoing in the living room.

“Fuck, fuck!” Harry curses loudly, his groans scraping his throat. With shaky hips, he tries to take himself out of your mouth, but you don’t let him, you want him to come completely undone in your mouth. His hands fly in your hair, tugging and pulling your roots, making you moan around him.

Once Harry has finally come down from his high, his head flies back at the couch, the veins on his neck popping up. His eyes are shut, and he’s trying his very best to try and sort out his breathing, as the cool air from your breathing hits the wet tip of his cock, making it twitch.

“As easy as makin’ tiramisu” Harry breathes out heavily and laughs, his tummy still jolting slightly.

You lick a bold stripe up his shaft to his tip, collecting every last drop of cum. “But you still taste sweeter” you say, looking up to him with a pleased smile.

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents

Significant Male Relationships

(I want to openly acknowledge that some of what I wrote here is built upon the episode recaps of S3 by @jeneep. What wonderful insight you have! You are also a fantastic writer!)

There were a lot of fandom FEELINGS when Henry Fisher showed up at the beginning of series 3 and “slowed progress” in Jack and Phryne’s budding relationship.  

Trust me, I was aggravated as well.
But as I was reading some of the recaps a few things started to come to the surface about what could be seen as an advantage of Henry Fisher’s presence at this particular relationship juncture for Jack and Phryne. 

There is no doubt that Phryne knows that she is falling for Jack and she wants to give this a go. However I don’t believe for a second she has any idea how to proceed. I think she is open but also knowing Phryne and her level of confidence in herself, it is possible to believe she will default to what she knows. (And she actually does a little later.) Jack as well.  

I think had Henry Fisher not shown up, Jack and Phryne would have, at the very least, moved the physical relationship further without really addressing the underlining issues until things came to a head.  And then it might have been too late… and too damaging.

(What exactly is nerve tonic, btw?)
Henry’s presence however and the way Miss Fisher handles it so sketchy from the start seems to cause Jack to proceed with a different kind of caution. At the end of the episode he seems warily fascinated by the father/daughter dynamic and his acquaintance with Phryne’s father seems to be a bit of a puzzle piece that further explains Phryne’s beliefs and lifestyle.

Jack has seen Phryne with a lot of “old friends"… But here he is seeing her interact with her first significant male relationship. He’s learning things about Phryne that he didn’t quite know. She is further exposed to Jack and she can’t stop it from happening! 

Naturally, Phryne is not afraid of exposure. She is naked all the time! However, she likes to be the one to expose the particular details of her life. Understandably. Her father is a particular detail. Bleh.  

Cut to the very next episode and despite the fact that Phryne had seem to give Jack the "go sign” to pursue her–and the fact that she hasn’t taken a lover in some time–in walks Compton and before long she is “reminiscing”.

This isn’t a coincidence. She does it practically out of spite and possibly fear of losing herself when Jack shows signs of challenging her loyalty and marking his territory.  (it’s all her territory after all!) What a mess.

Let me stop here and say–I don’t believe that Phryne’s liberal sexual pursuits are an indication or a result of “damage”. I believe the way she lives her life is based on her independence, her strength, confidence in herself and getting what she wants. (And let’s be honest–her current position of privilege)  It’s also based on a very strong feminist world view.  

I do believe however, that one of the reasons she is strong, independent, fierce and an avid feminist is built upon some of the negative interactions she has had with that first significant male relationship (among others-namely René ). She put as much distance as she could between herself and her father until very recently when he appeared on her doorstep.

Has the pursuit of a possible monogamous relationship conjured a ghost?

Her father was a drunk. A gambler. A con artist. Secretive. Unreliable. He took from the family anything of value to fund his own vices. He disrespected his wife and his daughters. Did she know other men who were different? Probably. But they were not men whom she was meant to rely upon.
In fact, throughout what we know of her story in the TV series, there aren’t any men she truly relied upon. There are….

Men who are lovers, men who are employees and men who are friends in need.

Cec and Burt are trustworthy and like family but they are employed by her. She cares about them for sure but she’s in the power position. Mr. Butler adores her - he gets paid too. Hugh is…a puppy. 

She doesn’t rely on her lovers, in fact she is typically the one who is rescuing them.

Again, she is in the position of strength. (it’s pretty awesome).  Bart, Samson, Charles, Raymond–all platonic friends in need. 

Her relationship with Jack however has no historical parallel for her that we know of.

There is haggling with Jack but never payment.  There is need and protection and information from both sides. There is always an even exchange. 

Even when she feeds him it’s food for two.  They drink TOGETHER.

They play a lot. And they are competitive with each other while still being on the same side.

It’s egalitarian at its best even when she’s batting her eyelashes and flirting. They are honest with the good and the bad. They both have issues and the other one knows about them. They argue–sometimes for the purpose of understanding, sometimes just to win.

(The fact that he is a man she is attracted to but has not yet slept with is a whole other fascinating analyzation and I’ll let someone else do it.  [Someone do it].)

She tries to have a similar sparring with Compton when he comes back into her life for a hot second but then realizes he’s not been forth coming. He isn’t a partner. Her relationship with Jack is…

Unusual for her and the time period.

It is something other.  It’s a relationship of the future, really.  What does one do when one actually discovers something they were sure did not exist? They may flounder a bit. 

It’s a time period when women married and went from their father’s house to their husbands house. This hasn’t happened with Phryne and it’s never going to. She has her own damn house.  

I doubt she would’ve even been opened to marriage even if Henry Fisher had been a really great father and husband. Yet there is that possibility that having such a crappy dad could have factored into her never really having a man as her partner up until now.  (let’s not even mention René. Bad all around.)

Back to Henry…
Jack is taking notes on Phryne and her Pops. Watch his face anytime Phryne tells him a story relating to her dad. As @jeneep points out, Phryne loves her father. Even though he is an ass. Jack sees this too. And he’s there for her with regard to Henry. But Jack uses this to his advantage and becomes calculating and I love it! Every Henry-ism is countered with a Jack-ism. (Does that sound dirty… Wasn’t supposed to.)

  • Henry stole Phryne’s  swallow brooch to buy beer. Jack “finds” a swallow brooch to give to Phryne - a return of “lost property” he calls it. 
  • Henry manipulates the system at The Grand to waltz with Phryne’s mother years ago. Jack asks Phryne–straight up–for the privilege of a waltz at the Grand THEN expresses a gratefulness that she even exists. Somehow redeeming her father’s past actions and mother’s foolishness in falling for it all.    

  • Phryne is concerned with old memories that her father murdered someone because he has done a lot of really rotten things… Jack finds the defining answer to Phryne’s questions. Jack exonerates her father for HER. 
  • Henry’s “resourcefulness” (as Jack so kindly puts it) wreaks havoc! and brings Phryne a lot of angst and embarrassment. Jack builds her back up and points out that THAT resourcefulness–like her own–with the proper motive is a thing he appreciates and relies upon from her.  She knows she shares some of her father’s qualities… but Jack reminds her she is not her father….but Neither is Jack.  

He once told Phryne regarding her sister’s abduction that he “dismissed the charges”. Jack is an officer of the law as Phryne told her father when she introduced him. He is also a good person–someone you would want to think well of you. And Jack thinks well of Phryne

Phryne’s father has a dubious past and present - Jack seems to very easily dismiss any charges with relation to Phryne’s connection to him. Jack is OFTEN dismissing the charges if you think about it.

It’s why she trusts him.

Phryne has never truly been on the receiving end of Jack’s Judgement and feels safe to complain; express fear, exasperation and genuine concern to him. She lets him see more of the embarrassing dysfunction of her family and more of her wounds which is what we all have to do before we invite someone to truly be a member by way of a serious relationship. And it is serious.

The fact that Henry is even in the final scene with Jack and Phryne kissing passionately is very telling as to where these two have navigated just in the last 8 episodes (only eight!) As @jeneep astutely points out, he’s shouting and they are completely ignoring him!

Possibly illustrating that Jack has somehow exorcised any ghosts, dispelled any judgement and any possible correlation between that first significant male relationship with what he hopes is Phryne’s last significant male relationship.

The One That Got Away [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of The One That Got Away

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Your heart dropped to your stomach as nausea crept over you. How did you not know he was seeing someone else? Your job was to promote them. You definitely would have known if he had a girlfriend.

And furthermore… why did JYP send you all those signals to reach back out and make up for lost time if Jaebum HAD A GIRLFRIEND? Why didn’t Jinyoung tell you before you foolishly traipsed over here, hoping that you’d see him and sparks would fly?

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