back when he was a badass

Rhysand’s throne in the Court of Nightmares! (Unfortunately not filled with our High Lord and badass heroine, but I wanted to draw the darn chair, okay? :P)
It’s really uncomfortable looking on purpose. I feel like the Court of Nightmares is so nasty and stiff, the throne had to imitate that idea. Velaris is so comfy and cozy, so I bet everything in the Court of Nightmares is unnecessarily pointy and impractical.

I like to imagine Rhys was always complaining about it to whoever’d listen after a visit there. (And trying to bum backrubs off of Mor when he got back.)

Phil’s Livestream // 1.19.17

He’s wearing his nasa shirt

This liveshow is on lessamazingphil

He was making chili yesterday and left the room and when he returned it was on fire 

“What the hell is happening in here” Dan about The Chili Incident

He got a blister from the hot chili spatula

He froze 

“If you’re watching this while leaning back in a chair at school you’re the ultimate badass”

He loosened his belt 

His voice gets really high when talking about dogs

They’ve filmed 2 gaming videos today

1 is a classic game that they’ve had requests for and the other is a sims video (toddler dab)

There will probably be a gaming video up tomorrow

LessAmazingPhil has 1m subs and he hasn’t made a video on there since rip

He got his gold play button

“I should eat it and regurgitate it into your mouth”

“Water. Or rain as it’s called when it comes out of the sky.”

He wants to swap January and December

He wants a red velvet cake for his birthday and that’s it

They went to a bakery today to get 2 cookies and came out with 3 cookies, a pot a jam, and polar bear cakes because they don’t know how to say no

One of his friends got him so very aesthetic magnetic cacti

Another friend got his sleep spray for his pillow 

He tested it out and pretended to sleep acting genius

“Do angels snore? Idk. Do I snore? Idk.”

He got more sleep stuff to rub on his elbows

“I can’t dab it’s 2017″

Smooth lavender scented wenis

Meitu app pictures with live example

“Dan’s evil senpai selfie was amazing”

He didn’t know Hamilton had presale so appaz he didn’t get tickets but Dan kind of made it seem like he had tickets so I’m not saying it may be a birthday present but

“Internally I am a deer in the headlights all the time”

He also got a red adidas jacket from YouTube

He didn’t love the new Sherlock

He loved Cursed Child

He’s only read the first three Harry Potter books

He loved La La Land and he wants to see it again 

Attack on Titan season 2 whip

RIP Dan’s terrarium 

“Corn on the cob is Wild”

Popcorn discussion

The green cactus is named Fergus 

He’ll watch Troye’s video soon

Yes he did actually set fire to his sock while filming his last video

He took off the jacket rip

He stabbed himself on the cactus

He got a signed miniature statue by David Shrigley but it’s much larger than he expected it to be

The drilling has finally stopped 

University advice

He’s wearing matching rainbow socks today

They’ve been watching Steven Universe and he loves it

He can’t choose a favorite gem

He was in Dan’s video for the cereal expose can you believe 

He loved watching Dan’s memes video

DanandPhilShop,com sale will be until the end of January (used the come HAPPY2017) and the eu tour merch will be up soon

Make sure you have the notification bell on YouTube because he’s been posting on his community tab

“Goodbye. *Howling*. That’s a wolf.”

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on the difference between Passion and True Love

Mickey has NOTHING.

He’s SO PAST rock bottom he’s hit a new level.  No prospects, no income, no home, constantly will have to live his life checking over his shoulder.  Hell he doesn’t know where he’ll get his next meal.

And Ian apparently has EVERYTHING, he’s the FARTHEST he’s got in life.  He’s got his health checked, he’s got a nice boyfriend who helps him grow and become a more aware person, he’s got a badass job where he feels like a hero.


Ian chooses Mickey when Ian has a wholesome, happy life and Mick has NOTHING.

Any other person and Ian would take one look at the scruff and matted hair and think “jesus christ I dodged a bullet” - like Fiona would say.  Like she thinks when she looks back on JimmyJackSteve.  Like she always lost patience with him when he started getting boring or jobless.

And here comes Mickey.  Dirty and poor and scarred and traumatized and no doubt humiliated looking at Ian in his crisp blue uniform.  Literally all Mickey has is the thinnest hope he made up for himself, and he’s blowing on that hope like a sucker freezing to death in the cold and dark would blow on a little flame.

Ian sees Mickey and instead of looking down on him, all he sees is an open door.  All he sees is possibility.

That’s true love.  When someone’s down in the dirt like a kicked and sickly stray and when you come across him, and he looks up at you, you don’t feel pity or think about the luck you got, in comparison.

Nah.  You think - “Thank God, my life is now complete.”

So we know that when Cassian first met Feyre he asked her about beating the Middengard Wyrm and making the bone ladder. That means Rhys must have told them all about her trials Under the Mountain after he got back to Velaris.

Do you think he showed them in their minds? Or do you think he proudly raved about how badass she was making that bone ladder and kicking that stupid Wyrm’s ass and then throwing the bone at Amarantha and flipping him off after she won?

This is just a little something I recalled from the last time I watched Beauty Marked. It’s safe to assume that the bow came from Dora’s kingdom and Danny and Tucker didn’t have any time to make adjustments. Real bows are not easy to pull back to your ear like you’re supposed to, much less well behind your head like Tucker’s doing. I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be when you aren’t using an arrow.

Conclusion: Tucker is strong as hell.

(Also, he’s using his left hand to pull, which means he’s either left-handed or, the more likely option since only 10% of the population is left-handed, he put on the gear wrong and is using his non-dominant hand, which makes this shot even more badass.)

but like how would parents!Victor and Yuuri react to their precious child going on his first dates with Otabek?
Both Victor and Yuuri being very supportive but also very weary
“So…this guy you’re seeing uh?” “yurio stop texting that guy, we’re having dinner!!” “but WHO is he?? can we meet him??” “He drives a motorbike? Is that safe?” “Aww Yurio! you look SO happy!! that guy again??”
And Yurio being like “daDS STOP OH MY GOD” “I already told you he’s just a friend!!!” “I text whoever I want whenever I want!” “OF COURSE YOU CAN’T MEET HIM” “yeah totally safe” “dads stoP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS”
Victor and Yuuri freaking out and panicking when Otabek randomly steals their child with his shiny badass motorbike
Yuuri: * already calling the police *
And Yuuri getting all “isn’t he a bit too young???” “maybe we should give him the talk” “what do you mean HE ALREADY KNOWS?? I didn’t know until I was like 18” “VICTOR STOP LAUGHING.”
And Victor getting all emotional “our baby is all grown up and he doesn’t need us anymore. he only needs badass manly guys.” “he’s such a little rebel, isn’t he?” “OMG IS HE GONNA BECOME A CRIMINAL???” “YUURI WE’VE GOT TO STOP HIM”
Victor and Yuuri calling Yurio during his dates with Otabek from different telephone numbers each time because otherwise Yurio won’t answer to their calls

Fantasy vs. Reality

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2100

Warning: This is an AU, slight language, fluff.

Summary: Dean was your ultimate fantasy in school but you felt like he would never notice you. Years later you run into one another again and he is covered in tattoos and a completely gorgeous bar owner.

AN: If this gets a good reception from you all then I plan to make this a mini series where I will write out certain moments in their lives. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.


There’s things in life that you never really expect. You never expected to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. You never expected to move back to your old neighborhood to help your father after your mother died. You most certainly didn’t expect for your school girl crush to still be in full force after seeing him years later.

Dean Winchester was every girl’s fantasy when you were growing up. He always came across as that popular badass that seemed so unattainable unless you were dreaming. The fantasy only grew once you had all reached high school. Dean had always been attractive but he really grew into his features the older he got. His lips were full, pouty, and the perfect shade of pink. His eyes were one of his more prominent features; a beautiful mossy green color that almost looked like whiskey if the light hit them just right. His light brown hair could always be found styled into a faux hawk. He was tall and broad, fairly muscular for a teenager. By the time 18 hit, he had started to get tattoos and wore a leather jacket religiously. He was the bad boy that every girl wanted and their parents didn’t want him anywhere near their daughters. You were the quiet girl in school. You had friends, you were involved in school functions, and you always ended up with good grades. Dean may have played in most of your fantasies back then, but you were fairly certain he barely knew who you were. He could have any girl he wanted, he most certainly got plenty of action and you kept to yourself.

You were currently trying to get some grocery shopping done for your Dad, refusing to let him live off of Hungry-Man frozen dinners any longer. Ever since your Mom had passed he hadn’t taken the best care of himself. He still went to work and came home everyday, but he was eating complete junk and drinking more than usual. When you mentioned coming back home to help out, he was reluctant to accept stating he didn’t want to disrupt your life. You ended up getting your way though and now here you were.

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Imagine how cool it would be to have Ardyn to join your team and fight with you during combats

Noct and him would make a badass combo while insulting each other and it would end up with Ardyn slapping Noctis behind the head or kicking him in the back

When Noctis’ HP drop to 0 and Ardyn helps him, he’d mock him saying something like “And you think you can reclaim your throne” And Noctis would just reply “Fuck you too”

When Ardyn’s HP drop to 0 and Noctis helps him he’d say “I’d appreciate it if I didnt have to pick up the trash every 10 seconds” and Ardyn would just laugh it off because he doesnt give a single shit

Sometimes when Noctis is in danger Ardyn would pretend to give him a hand to lift him up but turn his back to him and leave it to one of the other teammates cuz he aint helping this little shit

One would sometimes stab the other just because they can

When Noctis is afflicted with confused state he would try to hug Ardyn rather than attacking him and Ardyn would be like “PROMPTO TAKE A PICTURE NOW” and Ignis would facepalm

otapliroy headcannons

•jj, the cuddle monster

•yuri pretends to gag when he sees his boyfriends being all cuddly and fluffy and shit. “c'mre, chaton. we know you want to” “cuddles don’t make you less of a badass” “well since yOU INSIST”

•both yuri and beka love wearing jj’s jackets and sweaters

•yuri insists on buying matching shirts… with tiger prints

•beka is an amazing cook, yuri can somehow cook and jj… he can boil water

•yuri and jj secretly call beka “mama bear” behind his back

•demisexual beka and both yuri and jj are very understanding when beka doesn’t feel like doing the frick frack

•they’re on good terms with isabella. in fact, every month, yuri, beka and isabella gather to talk shit about jj

In an attempt to focus on the positive, here are some happy thoughts/things I loved about the episode..

  1. Killian’s worried faces. Allll the worried faces!
  2. Swan Believer interaction!!
  3. Badass Captain Charming Swan strutting down the street
  4. “Everything I could ever want is right here.” AU EMMA GREW UP KNOWING HOW LOVED SHE IS I’M FINEEEEE
  5. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  6. Aladdin’s “Ew.” Same.
  7. ‘On this spot Snow White and Prince David heroically defeated the Evil Queen’ lmao
  8. Actual Disney Princess Emma Swan walking through the woods with her lil basket of flowers, humming ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’. 
  9. Aged Snowing being badass/aged Charming still being fine as hell
  10. Captain Charming bro team up YAS!
  11. Bobby as Rumple was flawless, oh my god it’s amazing how well he slipped back into S1 Rumple
  12. In fact, just the entire Golden Queen scene, that’s the dynamic between them I love!
  13. All of the pilot callbacks were A+++
  14. When Regina threw the palace doors open.. CHILLS
  15. The Charmings being together, happy and regal looking in their palace
  16. Regina and Emma being proud mama bears during Henry’s knighting
  17. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  18. JMo’s acting was on point, as usual
  19. “David! Let him go!” Captain Charming bromance was strong tonight
  20. The EQ being turned into a literal snake lmao
  22. Jaladdin were adorable
Surprising (Joker x Reader)

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@mutandis-extremis993 requested: “Can you do an imagine where the joker loves someone who looks completely sane but when someone messes she turns badass and beats them up and can you do it with a Harley incident where she messes with the reader because she’s jealous of her relationship with the joker and the reader just beats her up and the joker watches and is proud of the reader”

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I don’t know why but for B.A.P’s next comeback, I really want to see the scene when the 5 of them are walking (badass style), and then Yongguk just joins them in the middle like a boss. Like “THE BOSS IS BACK!” I honestly miss him throughout this whole comeback and I hope that he is well and all… (Anon)

can we just talk about how one of the first things that General Jame Ironwood did when he came back to Atlas was to go to his robotics department and say “We need to make Yang Xiao Long a badass new arm stat” and not like make a huge deal and not even charge her for it. Cause he knows how hard it is to loose parts of your body and knew that this was the only and best way he could help her. 

Hes so loving and caring he just wants to do the right thing in whatever way he can. God bless General James Ironwood

When Erwin’s dad was killed :(
When Erwin blamed himself for his dad’s death :(
When Erwin lost his arm :(
When Erwin was captured and beaten by the MP :(
When Erwin was sentenced to death :(
When Erwin was made to feel like shit by Zackley and Pixis :(
When Erwin blamed himself for every soldier that died :(
When Erwin thought he deserved to die :(
When Erwin gave up on his dreams :(
When Erwin got hit by rocks :(
When Erwin was dying and thought about his dad :(
When Erwin died :(

When Erwin trusted and had faith in everybody :)
When Erwin always gave people a chance :)
When Erwin invented the long distance scouting formation :)
When Erwin saved Er0n from the MP :)
When Erwin saved Er0n from RB :)
When Erwin was badass even though he’d lost his arm :)
When Erwin overthrew the government :)
When Erwin was sassy with Pixis :)
When Erwin came up with the plan to take back Wall Maria :)
When Erwin was a clever bby and already knew the truth about the world :)
When Erwin was brave and courageous :)
When Erwin breathed :)
When Erwin blinked :)
When Erwin blew his nose :)
When Erwin had a bowel movement :)
When Erwin scratched an itch :)
When Erwin was born :)

I’m done.

After fake Claudia vanishes from existence and the rumbling stops, Stiles runs over to where his dad and Lydia are and scoops both of them into a hug, stuttering out a “Oh my god I love you guys, that was so cool, that was so badass.”

When he makes to pull back, the Sheriff smothers him, and they descend into mumbling “I found you again/you found me again” into each other’s shoulders.

Then he turns to Lydia and pulls her close to him, placing a hand on her cheek then sliding it down to her neck, while her hand slides up his shoulder to around his neck.

“Did she hurt you?” he asks the same time Lydia says “Are you okay?”

There’s a pause, then they both chuckle because they just are so in tune with one another and they are both okay - because they have each other. Stiles doesn’t know who pulls who in, but they are hugging again, like in the locker room. Lydia nuzzles her face into his neck, and he feels her breath rush over his ear. “I love you.

His heart stutters in his chest. He pulls back, presses his forehead against hers, noses touching.

“I wanted to say it,” Lydia whispers into the space between their lips, the space which Stiles quickly closes in a chaste but lingering kiss.

“I love you too,” he tells her. “I love you, so much.”

The moment breaks when his phone buzzes. Stiles untangles himself from Lydia (partially, because her arms insist on being wrapped around him) and picks up the call.

Scott’s on the other side. He’s panting heavily, but he sounds relieved and happy when he says “We did it. We diverted the train.” Stiles learns that ‘we’ refers to Scott, Malia, Peter, and - what the heck? - Theo, and figures the rumbling was the - the borrow a lyric - midnight train going on and on and on and on.

Scott says he heard Liam howling from the hospital, and they agree to meet up there (and maybe he’ll punch Theo in the face, just because).

“Scott?” his dad asks once he’s hung up, and Stiles nods.

“We’re meeting at the hospital. Liam’s there.” His jeep is there to, he realises. He drove there but then he and Scott followed the tracks out

“Alright,” the Sheriff says. “Hospital. Then you’re going home to get showered. You smell.”

As they walk over to where Lydia’s car is parked on the back road behind the library building, it suddenly occurs to him that he’s with his dad, who is, well, his dad, and Lydia. Lydia, who loves him back. Lydia, his tether, who pulled him back into reality. Lydia, who is his…something. And somehow, it feels like a family. He looks down at where their hands are interlocked, and something warm and fuzzy stirs in his heart.

“Oh my god.”

Lydia stops in her tracks. Father and son turn to look at her.

“My mum - I haven’t called or seen her in two days…” her head snaps up and she looks at the Sheriff. “Did you - “

He shakes his head. “I didn’t see her when I was down there, but the place was huge. The only person I found was Stiles, thank god.”

The warm and fuzzy feeling gets warmer and fuzzier.

Until Lydia’s hand slips out of his. She’s pulling out her phone, hastily dialling for her mother, all the while mumbling “I can’t believe I forgot.”

The phone rings once…twice…three times, and then her mother picks up.


She visibly relaxes. A long sigh escapes her throat.

“Mom,” she says.

“Lydia?” her mother says again, and Lydia hears the rustling in the background that suggests she’s in bed. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Lydia breathes, smiling at the boy who’s watching her. “We found Stiles, mom.”

“Oh.” There is so much mixed into that one word. Surprise, relief, pride. “You did it, honey. Is he okay? Are you all okay?”

“Yeah, we’re all okay. He’s with me now.” And I’m not letting him get away from me again.

She can almost hear her mother smiling on the other end of the line. “That’s great, honey,” Natalie says. “Do you want to stay with him tonight?”

Stiles is smiling back at her now, having picked up on her relief. Something swells in Lydia’s chest when she replies with “Yes, I think I will.”

Her mother wouldn’t have expected anything else.

“Okay then, call me if you need anything okay?”

“Okay. Goodnight, mom.”

“Night, honey.”

She stares at the phone for a while after ending the call, then she looks up.

“She’s okay,” she tells the Sheriff and his son. And when Stiles’ hand finds her again, Lydia thinks, we’re okay.
Arrow's David Ramsey Has a Prediction For Olicity
Ten years ago, Oliver Queen was just beginning his "five years in Hell," which would put him on the road to becoming "something else." Five years ago, Oliver had returned home to Starling City and embarked on a crime-fighting reign of terror that has had long-term ramifications including the creation of their season 5 big bad Prometheus.

We asked Ramsey about the possibility of seeing more of Audrey Marie Anderson, who plays his onscreen wife, Lyla Michaels.

“That’s a dynamic that really has a story arc waiting for it,” Ramsey said. “She’s the leader of ARGUS, he’s the leader of Team Arrow when Oliver’s out – and they have two different philosphies altogehter….What do you talk about at dinneritme with that?…They’re bringing that back, and it’s a big, long season, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

Then he added, “Audrey’s working on Training Day right now, so getting her is part of the issue. But I like seeing them together, I like the dynamic. I like that she’s a badass, that she’s capable in the field, that she’s smart, that she has a child. The couple has evolved. They’re Felicity and Oliver in five years.”

What’s funny, of course, is that right now, Diggle and Michaels are married with a child – but five years ago? No such thing. They were divorced and not communicating, until Michaels returned to Starling City (it’s Star now, but since for the second time in this article we’re talking about the past, we’re going to leave it) and rekindled her relationship with her ex over a little ARGUS business.


#shit shit shit shit shit fUCK ok  #do you think she noticed  #ok wang so there’s still time to recover you got this  #come on tHINK you’re the woLF DOG  #omg what if i just pretend like im brushing dirt off my outfit?? perfect  #that’s a totally reasonable reason to be next to her face right  #nice  #oooOOO ill just lean back and look to the side  #bitches love it when you look to the side  #yES oh my god brilliant  #she’ll never suspect a thing  #wang so more like wang sMOOTH amirite  #4th prince of goryeo 1st prince of motherfucking stealth  #and they say wook is the smart one get on my fucking LEVEL  #ok can i look back at hae soo now  #hae soo is so pretty  #i love her so much 

 When will the storyline of April being inferior to everyone else end? April is more than qualified for this position. She is a talented surgeon who knows her damn shit. Why do people still think that April got that position because Catherine wanted to start shit? AND JACKSON FUCK YOU FOR THAT! April always defends everyone and gives them a chance? But no one even tried to understand her perspective. I am so happy at how she handled Arizona, Maggie and Jackson, those three are FUCKING cancelled until further notice. APRIL IS A  MOTHERFUCKING BADASS! We are in for a rough couple of episodes Japril fans. I still cannot believe Jackson does not recognize April’s abilities as a surgeon. And When April said to Jackson “And you told them they’re wrong right? Because you know me and you know better right?” I wanted to cry. The one person April thought would have her back was Jackson. And he turned out being a certified asshole.

Dating Artemis Crock would include


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● Meeting each other at Gotham High.
♢ You two bumped into each other on the way to class.
♢ Becoming fast friends.

● Meeting her mom, Paula, as Artemis’ friend.
♢ Paula sensing that her daughter has a crush on you.
♢ She’d tease Artemis about it as soon as you were gone.

● Not knowing she’s also Artemis the superhero.
♢ You having a crush on her hero alter ego.

● Her laughing so much when she came over to your house to do a school project and saw you had a poster of Young Justice.

“Why do you have a poster of Young Justice, I didn’t take you for a hero groupie?”

“Cause of Artemis! She’s so badass and hot, didn’t you see how she beat up those bad guys last night.”

○ Her suddenly blushing and diverting your attention back to the project.

● You being a small time vigilante.
♢ You’d usually stop drug rings, etc.
• Doing surveillance for Batman, because he helped you from getting shot up.

● Being a late member of Young Justice.
♢ You were going through some intense private training with Batman and Black Canary, because they saw how much potential you have.
♢ Artemis knowing it was you as you as you walked through the Zeta-Tube.
♢ Wally trying to flirt with you and Artemis imagining punching him.

● After being introduced to the team she’d try to get you alone to mess with you a little, since you haven’t realised that she’s ‘Artemis’.
♢ She’d lean in to kiss you and laugh as you stumbled away from her, stating that you’re in a relationship, before pulling off her mask.

“Luckily it’s me then (Y/N).”

● Finding it awesome that your girlfriend Artemis and the hero Artemis are the same girl, but then becoming mortified about the fact you talked about your crush on Artemis with her.

“I talked about how attractive you are with you!”
“It’s always nice to hear that I have amazing abs (Y/N).”

● Her dad (Sportsmaster) trying to use you to get to Artemis.
♢ Her dad failing at kidnapping you, because Batman knows everything.
♢ Artemis feeling incredibly guilty.
♢ The Justice League forcing you to stay at Mount Justice for protection.
• This not sucking completely because Artemis would also stay at the base with you.

● Artemis would sneak into your room at Mount Justice at night.
♢ Waking up to her morning voice which is even huskier than usual.
♢ She’d be the big spoon.

● Putting loose strands of her hair behind her ear when they fall out of her ponytail.

● Artemis trying to make you flustered.

● Artemis blushing easily around you.

● Artemis being comfortable enough with you to tell you about her family.

● Calling her Arty, ‘Archer’ and Lian.

● Artemis calling you ‘gorgeous’ and ‘babe’.

● Witty banter.

● Sometimes arguing but always making up soon after.

● Artemis teaching you how to shoot a bow and arrow.

● Green Arrow teasing Artemis about you.

● Artemis being an amazing kisser.

● Artemis playfully teasing you.

● Stealing her jacket.

● Hiding your relationship from the team for a while.
♢ Dick knowing since he’s Robin.
♢ The rest of the team finding out when Artemis gave you a quick peck on the lips when she thought you two were alone.

●  Sparring together.
♢ She’d be super competitive, it doesn’t matter that you’re her girlfriend she’s going to beat your ass.
♢ Artemis making innuendos when you’re underneath her.

● M'gaan finding you two so cute together.

● Going out on double dates with M'gaan and Connor.

● Cuddling on the couch at her house.
♢ She’d totally pull you onto her lap facing her so she could kiss you.
♢ She nearly threw you off her lap when her mom came into the room.

● Artemis resting her head on your lap while you were busy playing a videogame/reading or doing homework.

● She would meet you at your locker at school every morning.

● Fixing her tie at school.

● Artemis flirting with you occasionally.

● She’d put so much thought into any gift she got you.

● Staying over at each others’ houses.
♢ Mrs Crock would make you two sleep in the living room so nothing could happen.
♢ Waking up at 4 in the morning to make pizza.
• Artemis accidentally spilling tomato sauce on your shirt.
¤ She’d give you one of her shirts to change into.
¤ Her accidentally walking in on you getting changed.
¤ She wouldn’t stop smirking the whole day.

● Going over to Artemis’ house on Saturdays.
♢ Her still being asleep so you come up with different plans to wake her up:
• Throwing cold water on her.
• Jumping on her.
• Drawing a mustache on her and placing a mirror in front of her face.
• Kissing her on the cheek.

● Hickies.

● Having plenty of inside jokes.

● Her getting jealous easily.
♢ She’d pout slightly and cross her arms while glaring at everything.
♢ She would brood for the rest of the day.

● Artemis being super protective of you.
♢ If you got injured at all during a mission she wouldn’t leave your side and vice versa.

● Jade breaking into your room to give you the talk.

● Artemis being amazing at cooking.

● Her planning the most detailed dates.

● Artemis resting her head on your shoulder while watching movies.