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Ok but Maggie being a little shit and betting Alex 50$ she can get Lena and Kara to kiss. So Alex watches Maggie walk over to Lena and Kara who are out of ear shot. Maggie chats with them a moment then Kara and Lena lean in and kiss each other briefly. Maggie swaggers back to Alex, smiles, and is like ‘where’s my money bitch?’ Alex hands Maggie her winnings and is like ‘how the hell did you just do that?’ and Maggie just smiles and walks back over to Kara and Lena and gives them both 10$.

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#16: "Come back to bed" with Barba please 😊😉👍🏼

Hope you enjoy this! Slight NSFW More teasing than anything.

You felt him get out of bed and head into the bathroom and you rolled over to sprawl out. “Raaaaaffffffffff.” You whined in a still somewhat asleep voice. 

“Yes, carino?” He said in a sing song tone as he came out of the bathroom. 

“It’s so early. And it’s a Sunday! Why are you awake?”

“Because love, we have brunch plans with my mother.”

“Yes. But, that is not until noon. So it’s really more like lunch and not brunch. So you should definitely come back to bed.”

He chuckled as you tried to pull him back. Then walked over to turn the light on. You immediately threw the pillow over your face. “Rafael Barba you really need to warn a person before doing that! I could have gone blind.”

He laughed and crawled over you, kissing up your body. “Yea that’s what they said about some other things growing up, but I turned out fine.” 

“Oh my gosh, gross Raf.”

“What do you mean gross?” He said pausing his trail of kisses. “You rather seemed to enjoy gross last night little lady.” He started poking your sides and tickling you causing you to go into a fit of giggles.

“Okay okay I surrender. You win. You win. Stop. Please Raf. I didn’t mean it!” He had his arms wrapped around you and you tried to get out still giggling.

“Hmm I love that sound.”

“What? Me surrendering?” You stared at him as he let you go.

“No. You’re laugh. That and another sound are my two favorites.”

“What’s the other one?”

He started his trail of kisses again, this time going down your body. “Raf, what’s the other sound?”

“Hang on a sec, I’m a little busy.” Just about then his tongue found the center of your thighs. 

“Oh Raf!” You arched your back and moaned. And before you could realize what was happening, he was back at your side. 

“That’s my second favorite sound.” 

“Oh that was just mean. You’re just gonna leave me hanging?”

“I don’t know carino, it’s kinda gross down there. I might go blind.”

You smacked his arm and started laughing. “You are so not funny.”

He erupted into a fit of laughter as you got out of bed and headed for the shower. “Then why were you laughing?”

“You know what? I was going to ask you to join me in the shower. But now I think I’m just going to take a long bath by myself. Become more acquainted with the shower head massage settings.”

He got up and ran after you before you could get the door shut. You wrestled trying to keep it closed but lost your footing and he pushed his way through. The both of you toppled to the ground, laughing as you went. You stayed like that for a while, all tangled limbs for what seemed like hours.

He stood up and pulled you with him. “Come on, we really do have to get ready now or else we’re going to be late.”

You looked at the clock on the wall. “Raf it is only 9. We have plenty of time.”

“No, I have plenty of time. You are going to take a shower and then lay around for an hour, then try on at least six different outfits that all look gorgeous and then start your make up. We’ll be lucky if we make it there by one at this point.” He chuckled and pulled you to him for a quick but passionate kiss.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes, you know that?”

“But you still love me!” He sang out as he stepped into the shower.

“God knows why.” You said following him in.

I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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NCT 127+ Ten Reacting To Their Girlfriend Straddling Them In a Non-Sexual Way

Anonymous:  HI I was wondering if you could nct 127 + tens reaction to you walking over to then, straddling them and running your fingers through their hair. Not in a sexual but in a “making sure you’re real/comforting” way. I really love your writing 💕💕 (ps sorry if this got sent multiple times. I didn’t know if it went through the first time)


Taeyong was having a bad day. Nothing was going to plan and he hated everything. But then he saw you, wearing his oversized T-shirt and smiling at him. When he didn’t smile back you walked over to him and sat on his lap. He groaned, “Not now Y/N.” He sounded to tired. You ran your fingers through his dark hair and kissed his forehead, laying down on his chest. He felt a smile creeping on his lips as he stroked your back.

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Jaehyun sighed, putting his work away which was only half done. Stress was getting to him but he was trying to tone it down and not get too worked up. You were busy working on your own assignments when you saw him slouching with his head in his hands. You instantly put away your laptop and walked over to him. “Jaehyun?” You asked. He looked up at you, his eyes tired and watery. You pushed him back gently and sat on his lap, straddling him. He smiled at you and hugged you close as you ran your fingers through his hair.

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You surprised Doyoung at his practice room. He was dancing alone and looked really frustrated. He slumped against the wall and looked at you in dismay. Before he could react you already sat on his lap and straddled him gently. You kissed his nose and ruffled his hair, trying to comfort him. “You’ll get there, don’t worry,” you said softly. He nodded as he pulled you close.

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Johnny had just come back from the studio. You looked at him excitedly as he lazily dropped on the couch. You slowly got up to sit next to him and straddle him. He had initially thought your intentions were leading somewhere else and he told you he wasn’t in the mood but he was proven wrong as you played with his hair in a loving way. Your touches made him feel lighter, less stressed and when you started to get up, he pulled you close, not wanting to let go.

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Yuta stared at his screen, looking distant and weary of his surroundings. Your eyes fell on him, a single bead of tear trickled down his left eye and he quickly dried it away, smiling. You went up to him and witnessed him staring at the picture of his mom and him. Your heart hurt to see him this way, it must be hard for him to be so far away from his family. You took him by surprise by sitting on his lap and straddling him. He only stared at you in confusion as you placed yourself on his chest. “It’s okay,” you whispered. He held you close and rested his chin on your forehead, happy that at least you were here.

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Taeil sat on the sofa with his guitar on his lap and a pen between his fingers as he worked through melodies, composing and humming. You stared at this beautiful human in awe and kept on listening to his melodious voice feeling dazed and drunk at the same time. You tiptoed in his direction, careful not to startle him. “Taeil,” you cooed. He smiled at you putting his guitar away. You quickly took your spot on his lap and played with the glistening strands of his hair. “I love you,” you said. He smiled bright at you and rested his head on your chest as you stroked his hair and kissed his forehead.

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Winwin sighed loudly, breaking your concentration as you typed in your assignment. He sat back, closing his eyes. “Why is Korean so hard,” he said in Korean. You giggled at this strange boy and walked over to him. He looked down in surprise as he saw felt you straddling him and resting your head on his chest. He smiled a you and played with your hair. “Thank you,” he said and you held him tighter.

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Ten missed his family and when he did he made sure everyone knew. Not that he said it out loud, he just mentioned his mom’s cooking and his sister’s banters a lot and looked distant. You would know if he’s feeling that way instantly, considering you had been dating him for quite some time. You sat on his lap as he rested. “What,” he mumbled, sounding tired. You kissed his cheek and played with his hair. He just stroked your back and smiled to himself, glad that you were here with him.

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Mark was a blushing mess when you played with his hair and comforted him. “You don’t always have to be the best Mark,” you said. He just stared at you in awe, convinced that he hasn’t seen anyone more beautiful. He gulped hard and nodded. You smiled at him, resting your head on his shoulder. After a while his hands found your back and gently stroked you, still blushing and shook.

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“Get off me you filthy human!” He said, hiding his apparent blush and stress. “Oh my god you’re blushing!” You laughed. He looked away, embarrassed. You ruffled his hair. “Its  okay.” He squinted his eyes at you and he pulled you in for a hug. What a cutie.

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when u gotta smile despite the Ls

Brothers Best Friend

Anon Requested:  56. “Nice panties by the way.” With taehyung (smut) 👀👌❤


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Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 980

“Nice panties by the way.”

“Hoseok, did you grab the laundry!” You called out from your bed room to your brother’s room in hopes that he would answer. He didn’t

Your hair was dripping wet and the snow white towel was wrapped firmly around your body. You groaned out loud and opened your bedroom door getting ready to march down to Hoseok’s room but you came face to basket with Taehyung holding the laundry.

You grabbed the towel tighter as you took a step back allowing him to enter your room. 

“I didn’t know you were over.” You simply state before walking back over to your bed where Taehyung placed the laundry basket.

“Yeah I’m staying over for a couple of days, hope it’s not a problem.” Taehyung glanced down at your body. He watched the beads of water drip down your body and he noticed how tight you were holding the towel against you, he did this without your knowledge of course. He was staring at his best friend’s little sister. Though ‘little’ didn’t mean much, you were only two years younger than Hoseok and was the same age as Tae but nevertheless he couldn’t take his eyes off of your body.  “Why aren’t you dressed? Don’t you have a closet full of clothes?” 

Your head snapped to him only now noticing the look he had on his face. You didn’t dare tell anyone but you secretly loved the look he was giving you, you longed for it. But you quickly diverted your head back to the clothes, pulling out the shirt, bra and shorts you were looking for but was still rummaging for the last piece of clothing you needed.

“Nice panties by the way.” Taehyung merely said, his voice cool and calm as if what he said hadn’t sparked something in you. You whipped your head to him and saw him holding what you were looking for. Hand still wrapped around your towel, making sure it didn’t fall you reached for the pink sheer thong that was just only hanging off of his pointer finger. his hand quickly got a hold of your panties and he held them up higher completely out of reach.

“Give them back, Tae.” You whine sticking out your hand telling him to place your thong back in your hand. But all he did was shake his head.

“Close your door.” His eyes locked on yours, you were hesitant to do it but you close the door soon turning around but you were soon pushed hard into the door. Your eyes opened wide as Taehyung slowly leaned in closer to you. One hand on the side of your head while the other flipped the lock on your doorknob. Your hand gripped the towel tighter, your nerves wracking up in your stomach and you knew if you tried to speak it’d be a stuttering mess, but Taehyung didn’t speak either. His eyes just trailed up and down your body sending shivers down your spine causing him to smirk. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you for.” He mumbled before crashing his lips on yours. 

He took no time at all to grab both of your wrists and pin them above your head. Your towel loosened and before you knew it both wrists were in one hand as his other hands pulled the towel down exposing your body, but you didn’t care, you wanted this just as much as he did.

His leg slid in between yours, separating them so his free hand could find your already soaking wet entrance. Without hesitation Taehyung slipped two fingers in and began pumping at a fast pace.

“Tae.” Your moan muffled by his lips. His head dipped down to your neck shushing you quietly.

“You don’t want your brother to hear, do you?” His pace quickened sending you into absolute bliss yet complete and utter torture. You bit down on your lips trying to stifle the moans wanting to desperately come out.

“T-Tae..” You whimpered tugging on his shirt and as if that was the signal he threw his shirt off on the ground and quickly rid himself of his basketball shorts and boxers.

Picking you up you wrapped your legs around him quickly as he sat you on the desk in your room, pushing all the papers and books off of it. He gripped your hips and without faltering in the least bit he slammed himself in you not allowing you to stretch around his length in time. You let out a loud yell of his name not caring anymore if your brother heard and clearly neither did Taehyung because both of your mouths let out loud moans, whimpers and the groans of eac others names. 

He continued to pull out and thrust into you harder with every chance he got. His pace quickened causing you to arch your back in pleasure. Pumping even harder into you you began to feel your climax coming. His deep moans were the only thing you could focus on at this point because his thrusts became erratic. You tightened around him letting out one last moan of his name before he climaxed with you. He continued to pump into you letting both of you down from your highs before pulling out.

You leaned your head back against the wall breathing hard, your eyes closed just for a second before you felt something thrown on your lap. Opening your eyes and looking down you see your panties on your lap. 

Not being able to control yourself you let out a loud laugh. Taehyung laughing with you threw your clothes you had on your bed to you and quickly dressed himself. He looked at himself in the mirror making sure he was presentable before giving you a quick glance. He opened your door and froze once he saw Hoseok.

“Finally, I swear you guys take forever.”

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So I bet that Jensen didn't appreciate that green screen guy getting super handsy with Misha huh.. (this is the part where you say AHA HE TOTALLY DIDNT and write us a fic to prove it) (please) (there has been a cockles drought)


Jared’s the one who starts it, unfiltered and insensitive as he is. So how do I get that green screen job??? he texts him, followed by 5 consecutive heart eye emojis.

Misha smirks and texts back, I already walk all over you at the job you HAVE.

Lol comes back immediately, but the little grey dots are still ticking away. Misha puts his phone face down on the counter and goes back to stirring his cereal around with his spoon. It’s getting soggy by now and he doesn’t really have any intention of finishing off the bowl, but the kids aren’t screaming yet and he’s going to savor this tiny bit of alone time.

His phone buzzes again and he picks it up. I don’t get paid to grab your ass like that, though! Heart emoji. Peach emoji.

Misha snorts, but his eyes catch on the heading and he groans a little. 

Jared sent this to the group chat. As in, Jensen is going to see these text messages at some point today.

Which isn’t. You know. A bad thing, per say. It’s just… Look, it’s not even like Jensen gets jealous very much. Anymore. He doesn’t have a right to anyway since Misha’s fucking married and all, and he’s chilled out over the years in regards to whatever they have going on. But he does get lonely and insecure sometimes when Misha and Jared get too close, toe too many lines together, and Jared really doesn’t have to throw the fact that Misha was being groped yesterday on camera by someone without the last name Ackles in his face.

He knows it’s too early for Jensen to be checking his phone, so Misha sighs and resigns himself to the fact that he might be a little short with him over the next few days. 


Surprisingly, Jensen throws in a text almost immediately. 

No way green screen guy gets paid enough for that, he sends.

Hm. Misha shrugs and types out, Perk of the job. Groping my ass is a reward all its own and requires no further compensation.

Jared sends back three crying laughing face emojis and a straightforward ew, but Misha’s already composing a separate text message in a private thread.

It was like 5 minutes of touching max, he says. Hardly anything to write home about.

Jensen takes no time at all to respond. Ok, comes back, which is slightly unnerving.

You’re not mad or anything, right? Misha sends, with a tiny emoji to accompany it.

This time, JENSEN sends back a crying laughing emoji. Jensen, who hand types all of his smiley faces and uses so much shorthand his texts border on illegible sometimes.

Pfffft he sends, and Misha bristles because hey now, there’s no need for that. Not when this is the same guy that ends up throwing his arm around Misha whenever they go out with anybody like some primitive possessive display.

A third text comes in from Jensen.

Maybe I’d be a little more pissed if I knew there was anything for him to grab, Mr. I Haven’t Been On A Bike In Six Months.

Misha almost drops his phone down the garbage disposal. 

He sends the poop emoji back and eats the rest of his soggy cereal out of spite.

coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 8

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.


september 6, 2015; 4:31 pm:

“Bro, chill Y/N will be here soon,” Michael laughed at me while taking another drink of his beer.

“What are you talking about?” I glared.

“You keep scoping out the entire yard and sun-deck every 15 seconds. If you’re trying not to make it obvious that you’re looking for her; you’re doing a terrible job at it,” he smirked.

“Fuck off,” I grunted back while standing up from my seat and walking back over towards the bar.

Half an hour passed and we were all drunk. Apart from me. My buzz was just barely setting in and I didn’t feel like having a repeat of Syllabus Week, especially with the chances of Y/N seeing me. 

At this point I was starting to get worried that she wouldn’t show. The game started in an hour and a half and if she wanted to pregame with us, she needed to get here soon. Michael and Luke had just lost to Ashton and I in our third game of beer pong. Ashton and I never lost when we play together. 

“Y/N!” Michael screamed while running off behind us. I turned to see the drunken bastard nearly tackle her frail body in a hug. She giggled at his actions and slurred words and for a second I think my heart stopped at how beautiful of a sound it was. She was sporting her usual black skinny jeans with a hole ripped in the left knee, a crimson v neck with the word ‘COUGS’ across the chest, crimson vans, and her hair tied up.

She quickly said hi to Ashton and Luke before hugging me and taking a seat on the railing of the porch between Michael and I. “Took you long enough,” I teased.

“Sorry I was so late, my roommate wanted me to pregame a little bit with her and her sorority friends,” she rolled her eyes.

“Wait you drink?!” Ashton gasped. Even I was shocked. Despite inviting her over, along with Michael, I didn’t actually expect her to be the kind of person to drink. I thought she was the kind of person to just chill soberly while her friends drink…

“Yeah, see young Ashton; although I haven’t been in Pullman long.. I’ve already learned that coffee and busch lite and the keys to surviving college,” she laughed while taking Michael’s second beer out of his hands and taking a drink.

“I respect that,” Luke raised his drink towards her. We all chuckled and took a drink. “So you excited for your first Coug football game?”

“Absolutely stoked,” she smirked, “I’m hoping I get in a fight with one of Eastern’s students.”

I snorted the second the words left her mouth as I attempted to picture her small frame and gentle attitude fighting a drunken college kid. She’d probably punch someone and then immediately apologize for it. “Whatever you say freshman,” I joked while nudging her shoulder.

“Maybe I should fight you instead,” she winked.

I liked this side of Y/N. Of course, I absolutely adore her barely awake and caffeine deprived self who stumbles into Cafe Koa every morning for coffee, but I was also starting to grow on Slightly Tipsy Y/N. This sassier side of her was honestly kind of a turn on.

“Hey Y/N; you’re coming back over here for the party after the game, right?” Ashton asked.

“For sure.”

Ashton smirked at me and I gulped. Our house can get a little bit rowdy after games. Kappa Shit-Show knows how to party and drunk me knows how to embarrass myself quite easily. 

“We should head out to the game after we finish these beers. Everyone else already headed out towards the stadium,” Luke spoke up, gesturing to the now empty sun-deck. We all tipped up drinks back and chugged down the last of our beers; Y/N being the first to finish. I was impressed.

Before I could walk next to Y/N, Michael swooped in and cut me off, throwing his arm around her shoulders and smirking back at me. “You’re standing next to me at the game, right?” 

“Of course,” she smiled while wrapping her arm around his waist.

Michael Clifford, I am going to kill you.

short part but so much is about to happen in the next few parts! 125 notes for part 9! Also please send me feedback! Thanks for reading!(:

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 31

Summary: It’s your first day in charge of 3 others.


“No woman who had been intimate with a God was easily disturbed.”

- Michael Cadnum


He grabbed two pool sticks from the rack that they were in, handing one over to you.
His hand still wrapped around the stick momentarily before he leaned down to give you a firm kiss on the lips.
You stood there, staring at him in surprise.
He gave you a smirk before walking back over to the table to wrack up the balls.

You pursed your lips, “What the hell was that for?”

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled, “Damn darlin’, I can’t give my wife a kiss?”

You rolled your eyes playfully at him, “Don’t get me wrong, that was cute. But it’s not something you usually do.”

He shrugged, “I don’t have to be a fuckin’ asshole all the time, do I?”

“Of course not, especially not with me.” You said, walking over to the table.

“Look, I’m fuckin’ impressed with what you did today and with how you fuckin’ handled the new ones.” He said lining up his shot on the table.

“Serious?” You said, a smile creeping over your face.

There was silence for a moment until the loud CLACK of the balls scattering across the table broke that.

He nodded, “I fuckin am, darlin’. I don’t see anyone else taking fuckin’ control like that.”

“So, why did you give me the chance? You know I’m gonna be curious.” You smirked.

He lined up another shot on the table as you leaned back on it.

“Because you’re not like the fuckin’ other wives to begin with. When you first got here, you didn’t wanna be like the fuckin’ rest of them and get goddamn handouts and sit around.”

“Jesus, it sounds like you’re saying good thing about me, and it’s fucking wierd.” You said playfully.

He rolled his eyes, “Calm the hell down. It’s just the fuckin’ truth, darlin’.”

“Well, it’s appreciated.”

You both took a couple of turns playing the game, you were surprisingly able to keep up with him, but not being able to actually beat him.

“You’re too fuckin’ good at this.” You finally said, stretching yourself over the table in a playful way.

He took a drink from his glass and chuckled, “Years of fuckin’ practice. And you could line up your fuckin’ shot better.”

“Oh, please, bestow your vast knowledge of pool on me.. Daddy.” You said with a scoff.

He gave a dark smirk and walked around the table behind you, and you leaned up where your back pressed against his chest.
You smiled as you felt his warmth on you.
He grabbed the stick and held it out to you as you took it from his hand.
You leaned back over the table to try to line up another shot.
As you leaned back into him your ass was firmly pressed into his crotch, you bit your lip as you could feel him harden at your touch.

“It’s not easy to do this when you’ve given me a fuckin’ hard on, babdoll.” He sucked his teeth.

You quickly leaned back up, turning yourself and pulled him down to you, taking charge for once and letting your mouth take over his as you kissed him hard, bitting at his lip and pulling at it, he obliged and kissed you back just as hard, wrapping his hands around your waist as he pulled you up onto the table.
you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to keep your balance as he pushed back against you.

“Goddamn, darlin’.” He smiled, “What the fuck has gotten into you?” He said as he put a hand through your hair.

“I don’t know. I guess I felt like taking charge for once.” You bit your lip.

“Well, I’d be fuckin’ lying if I said it didn’t turn me on.”

“Yeah, I can tell.” You said seductively as you ran a hand over the bulge in his pants.

He bit his lip and let his hand slide down to your ass, gripping onto it tightly as he let his other hands graze across the zipper to your oants, teasing you with his fingers.

You smirked and hopped off of the table as you turned back towards him.

He raised an eyebrow, “Where the hell are you going?”

“Let’s just take it to the bedroom.”

He smirked, “Whatever you say, darlin’.”

You laid in bed that night after everything had settled down.
The sex with Negan was a quickie and rough, but it was amazing as usual.
You were extremely tired anyway, you laid there, looking at the ceiling and occasionally looking over to the sleeping man next to you.
He was really too handsome for his own good.
It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.

You were both up and getting ready to start the day when the sun came up, it was your first day officially having people to look over, and you seemed to be more nervous than you were yesterday.

“What do I do?” You asked Negan nervously, chewing you lip.

“Darlin’, I’m letting you fuckin’ do this because you know just as much as I do.” He said as he slipped in his leather jacket.

“Yeah, but what fucking job do I give them?”

He ran a hand over his face as you attacked him with questions, “(Y/N), baby, just go around and see what the hell needs to be fuckin’ done, and if someone comes up to you and asks for help, then fuckin’ make them do it.”

“The female is gonna give me some trouble.” You said with a grimace as you stuck your gun into it’s holster.

“Well, you’ve got my fuckin’ permission to shut shit down if she does.” He said, putting Lucille on his shoulder as he walked to the door.

“Are you gonna watch me work?” You said trailing behind him.

He smirked, “For a bit, darlin’. You know I never miss a chance to see you.”

“You know that’s she’s gonna give me trouble, you just wanna see it.” You said as you squinted to him, mentioning the red head again.

“I told you I liked watching you fuckin’ work, didn’t I?” He winked.

“It’s amusing to you, but they piss me off.” You furrowed your eyebrows.

He rolled his eyes, “Then fuckin’ kill her.” He said bluntly as he opened the door and walked out without saying much else.

“Dont tempt me.” You said to yourself softly and shook your head as you headed out the door behind him.

You got outside and Simon had the three of them lined up for you as you walked closer.
Negan was walking with you and Simon made the three of them kneel down as he approached them closer.

“Well, good fuckin’ morning.” Negan said happily as you both stood in front of the small group.

Negan made eye at the red head when she made eye contact with him, she turned her head in your direction and you glared back at her, not even trying to mask your distaste for her.

“You fucks are gonna start working for your goddamn spot around here. Now, you’re (Y/N)’s problem, but don’t think she’s gonna a go fuckin’ easy on you.” He turned to you, “Go ahead, darlin’.” He said with a smile.

You nodded and turned back to the group.

“Get on your feet, and follow me.” You ordered as you looked over all of them.

“Let’s get this show fuckin’ going. I can’t fuckin’ wait to see it.” Negan said cheerfully as he threw his head back, biting his lip.

You and he locked eyes for a moment as he gave you a wink and you smiled back, trying your best not to blush while you were in the midst of trying your best to be professional.

You were nervous, you didn’t know where to take them, or what to have them do, but you weren’t about to let any of them see you not being in control.
you decided that the best place to have them start was the kitchen, there was always work that needed to be done there, and you figured Brian could use the help.
So with them all following behind you like willful dogs and Negan by your side, you made your way to the kitchen to get their day started.

When you walked through the doors of it, Negan made his own way to the front to lean against the wall.
He twirled Lucille in a bored fashion in his hand, just watching over you, waiting for the rest of them to catch up.

You rolled your eyes as they were taking too much time, “Can you guys hurry the hell up?”

They finally picked up the pace after you got annoyed with them.
You could hear Negan chuckle from where he was, he seemed to really enjoy watching you be in charge and get to tell other people what to do for once.
Brian came out to see what was going on, and quickly kneeled when he saw Negan.

“Get the fuck up.” Negan called back to him.

He got back onto his feet and looked over to you, “What’s going on?”

“New people. They’re here to help you with whatever you’ve got going on today.” You said, pointing to the three standing behind you.

“Well, the floors need to be mopped. I also need vegetables gathered from the garden.” Brian said slowly and nervously.

Brian was never nervous around you, so you figured it must be Negan that he was nervous about.
He was pretty afraid of him after the punishment he got for letting you get drunk a while back.

You turned around to the three, “You.” You said pointing to the man with the beard, “What’s you name again?”

“David.” He said in a low tone, his eyes glossy with fear.

You nodded, “Right. Look, grab a mop and clean the floors.”

“Yes ma'am.” He said quickly as Brian rolled out a mop bucket to him.

No one had ever called you “ma'am” before.

you turned back to the remaining two and pointed at the other male, “Name, again?”

“Ben.” He said in the same fearful tone.

“You can help get vegetables. And you.” You said as you turned to Katherine.

“I’m Katherine.” She said in a snobbish tone.

Your lips stretched into a thin line, “I know what your fucking name is.”

She rolled her eyes.

“You all are gonna be working for points. Those points determine whether you eat and what supplies you can buy.” You pointed to Katherine “And since you wanna get on my bad side already, whatever ten points you were gonna earn are fucking invalid now. Roll your eyes at me again.” You glared at her.

You were being hard on her, but you didn’t care. You were in charge of them and just like Negan, you weren’t gonna put up with any bullshit.

Negan whistled as he walked over to you and threw an arm over your shoulder, “Looks like my lovely wife is dealing out some fuckin’ tough love on you, my dear. Probably shouldn’t fuck with her, I’ve seen it get fuckin’ messy.” He smiled, showing his white teeth.

“Both of you wait for me by the door.” You said to Katherine and Ben.
They both nodded, and Katherine didn’t say anything else nor look at you wrong after that, and they walked over to the exit to wait for you.

“How was that?” You asked Negan, still watching the two of them walk off.

He smirked, “Pretty fuckin’ hot darlin’. It’s like you’re me, except with a fuckin’ pussy.”

You shook your head, “I guess you were right. I am like you more than I’ve ever admitted.”

“I usually am fuckin’ right, baby.” He sneered at you.

You smiled, “Asshole.”

“Well fuck, you’re right, too.” He licked his lips.

“I’ve got work to do.”

“You sure fuckin’ do, darlin’ and so do I.” He let his hand fall off your shoulder to give you a firm slap on the ass before he made his way out of the room.

You bit your lip as you watched him walk out of the room.




Is that a yes?
Yeah. Definitely.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Unexpected Love Pt. 2

Request: (Anon) Could you write a part two to the fic about the joker and Harley’s daughter dating Bruce Wayne’s son?

Part 1 Here


The Joker waited outside his daughters bedroom trying to work up the courage to say something or go in. He has seen it and done it all, dealt with the most vicious criminals, and been one himself. How could this little girl be so frightening to him? How could she hold such power over him? He put his gold ring on her door and gently tapped it against the wood. He waited a few moments until he heard her subtle whisper giving him permission to walk in. He opened the door slowly and peaked his green hair through to see her back facing him. He walked over to her and sat on the bed next to her, he wasn’t sure what to do with his hands so he kept them in his lap. It took all the strength he has not to reach over and hug her and pull her into his embrace. 

“You really hurt me ya know.” you said to him softly to him before turning over to face him, the tears were dried up now and you were ready to solve this problem.

The Joker stared at his daughter feeling numbness come over him. The only thing worse than her being hurt was him being responsible for hurting you. You saw that he was struggling, a part of you wanted to make him sweat and feel the pressure of what he has done. But the other part of you, the stronger one, loved him too much.

“But daddy ya also know that, I meant what I said.” he locked his eyes on yours “you are my favorite guy and what you think is important, whether or not I like it, it does impact who I date.” you said honestly. 

When Joker heard those those he felt his confidence build up again. His ego was easy to bruise and even easier to blow up. “I have a responsibility as your favorite guy.” he smirked “It’s to make sure that no other guy hurts you…. or takes my place.” his smirked grew into a wide grin. You smiled back to reassure him.

“He won’t. I’ll make sure of that.” you said brushing a strand of green hair back into place. He closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of perfume from your wrist as it went past his face. “But you have to trust me to make sure of it, okay daddy?” The Joker looked down at his princess just happy that she had forgiven him, not wanting to mess it up again and nodded. “Then you will agree to meet Mr Wayne?” 

The Joker felt his neck heat up and his teeth started grinding, but looking into his daughters eyes, as much as he wanted to show up and blow Wayne’s head off, the Joker did what he did best and put on a smile. “Yes of course princess.” he said through his metal teeth.

The next night came after a night of agonizing thoughts for Bruce. While Alfred and Zach prepared dinner, Bruce contemplated what he was doing to do. He walked past Jason’s suit again feeling that old familiar pain in his chest. He swore when he became a father that he would do anything and everything to protect his children from the horrors that he faced. He had already lost one son by not keeping that promise, he didn’t want to lose another. He was fine with Zach not wanting to follow in his footsteps, but of all the girls he could love, he chose the one most tied into the world of the Batman. Looking at the robin suit Bruce whispered out loud, ‘Jason, what do I do?’ Bruce knew in his heart that he should stay out of the way of his son following his heart or he would lose them too. Maybe just this once, for the most important reason, he could let the Joker slide. The words Zach said to him echoed, jason would understand and not hold her responsible.

The doorbell rang and Zach rushed to the door, he opened it to see you looking beautiful as usual, Harley with a huge smile on her face holding a pie, and Joker looking his usual menacing self.

Zach cleared his throat, “Please come in!” You moved in and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, briefly hearing your father growl when he heard it. Bruce came up from the cave and entered into the living room just as the clown family was. He swallowed hard refusing to extend his hand, same as joker.

You and Zach stared at both fathers waiting for something to happen, but there was just silence. Even Harley didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t until Alfred rang the bell and called out to dinner that anyone even flinched.

“Good I’m so hungry!” you said nervously as everyone went into the dining hall. Bruce and your father sat on opposite ends at the heads of the table while you and Zach were next to each other across from your Mother. Alfred set the plates in front of everyone giving Bruce a concerned look before going back into the kitchen.

“Thank you so much for having us Mr. Wayne.” you said with a gentle smile. 

“The pleasure is all mine (y/n)” he said, Bruce didn’t want to blame you for anything. He knew better than anyone that children shouldn’t pay for their parents mistakes.

Every time the Joker took a bite and looked at his son Bruce wanted to kill him. The man who took his child away, but he couldn’t risk losing his other son, he sat there biding his time before they left.

“I appreciate you guys coming over” Zach said looking at your parents “it means a lot.” he tried to mimic your gentle smile at them.

“I only did it for (y/n)” the Joker said. The only thing him and Bruce shared was their willingness to put their feelings aside for their children. The room still built up tension after the Jokers words though.

Zach could tell you were nervous and put his hand on your leg to rub it and relax you. Joker was watching his every move all night and immediately noticed. He slammed his fist on the table and everyone looked over at him.

“Watch the hand Zach.” he hissed.

“Watch how you talk to my son and behave in my house.” Bruce lashed at him, losing control. You and Zach looked at each other knowing it was all about to fall apart.

“Don’t threaten me Wayne, your son wouldnt be the first teenager I killed for messing with me.” before the Joker could even laugh at what he had just said Bruce was lunging at him and beating him. 

Harley stood up and jumped on his back to protect her puddin. You ran over and grabbed your fathers arm to stop him from throwing a punch and Zach put his entire body weight against Bruce’s chest to push him back. 

“Stop it! Stop!” you said pulling a gun out of your fathers holster he hid under his jacket. The two families went to opposite sides of the room, the great divide was clear now, even for you and Zach. You lowered the gun but kept it away from your father. “Whatever reasons you guys don’t like each other, and we understand, this isn’t about that, it’s about Zach and I.” 

Bruce looked at his son wanting desperately to be strong and give him what he wanted but he couldn’t. “Zach” he said loudly “Your safety comes before your heart as long as I’m here. This ends now. Leave you clowns.” 

Joker grabbed the gun from your hand and stepped towards the Wayne’s, “you saying my daughter isn’t good enough for…” he moved the gun to Zach’s head ‘your son?” he smiled sadistically. Bruce went to grab him but you threw yourself in front of your father. No matter what you didn’t want to see him hurt, you couldn’t stand it. Bruce saw your eyes glistening with your hands on Jokers chest and felt his hand drop. 

“No. I’m saying you’re not good enough for her.” Bruce said before pulling Zach behind him. Zach looked at you with desperate eyes not knowing what to do. You shook your head at him, a single tear rolling down, before grabbing your father free hand and leading him to the door.

Harley followed close behind, “enjoy the pie!” she said before the clown family disappeared from the dining hall. 

Bruce put a hand on Zach’s shoulder, the boy felt tears welling up as his worst fear was enfolding, neither him or you could escape the lives of your parents just yet.

As you and your parents drove away, you felt your chest aching. It wasn’t what happened really, it was the loss of hope. You had a feeling this would happen and you and Zach had been honest about the results when the relationship first started, it was just the fact that the worst scenario was happening.

“Remember what I said?” Joker looked in the rearview mirror at you “about having a job to protect you?”  you shook your head at him fighting tears. “This is what I was talking about. That look in your eye, all over this kid.” 

It was obvious what your life was, it was always going to involve a choice. To be a clown or turn your back. You loved Zach but your actions tonight proved to him, your parents, and yourself. You loved him, but not enough to choose to turn your back.

Ok I promise I’m gonna shut up in a sec but I love how Carol closes the door on Ezekiel goes to read her book hears a knock on the door and is walking back over to it like ffs Ezekiel get the goddamn message and then opens the door to see her precious Daryl all out of breath and like omg are you ok? I found you please love me 

If Maki gets executed, I want it to be like this:

They vote for her and she just doesn´t give a shit, that girl just throws her hair back and walks over to Kaede, swinging her hips while doing so, before grabbing the pianist and kissing her hard.

She then let´s go of her, winks at the flustered girl, before continuing to walk.

Flames begin to appear next to her and Highway to Hell starts playing, then she just looks over her shoulder and says “Peace out”.

And there she goes.
Let the Record Drop - BoxWineConfessions - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Otayuri, Explicit, Fluff & Smut

“Okay,” Otabek walks back over to the daybed, and kneels beside Yuri. Carefully, Otabek combs Yuri’s hair back and away from his ears. “No one’s ever gotten a private show before.” His voice wavers as he talks. Like he thought it sounded cool and second guessed himself while he spoke.

Otabek opts to interrupt himself, and kiss Yuri instead. It’s not like their previous touches. It’s thick and stifling, and Yuri’s painfully aware that he’s very naked, and Otabek is very not.

“I hope you like it,” Otabek breathes against his ear.

It makes Yuri shiver, and arch up into the other man. Otabek slips the headphones over Yuri’s ears.

Him (Lin Manuel x Reader) Part 2

Part 1 

A/N: Eventually becomes Lin x Reader. Not requested, just an ongoing idea.

Summary: Lin has a huge crush on Reader but he thinks she dating one of her close friends.

Warnings: Swearing

“Will! You made it!” You squealed as your best friend walked into your apartment. You had invited him over to hang out with you, Lin, Jaz, Anthony, Pippa, and Daveed. You ran over and hugged him, and he kissed your cheek. Lin’s eye roll was noticed by everyone but you and Will. 

“Yay, Will made it,” Lin said quietly, the sarcasm heavy in his voice.

Daveed laughed quietly and whispered, “Play nice, Lin.”

“Whatever,” Lin answered. 

You and Will walked back over to the sectional couch and sat down. “Hi! I think I’ve met everyone besides Lin.” Will leaned forward to shake Lin’s hand, and Lin took it with no expression on his face whatsoever. “Y/N talks about you a lot, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Mmhmm,” Lin replied coldly and Pippa shot him a look that said, ‘Just. Be. Nice.’

The rest of the night you all talked and laughed, well everyone except Lin. He just sat there and laughed a little when anyone besides Will said something funny. And at the end of the night when Will wrapped his arm around your waist to hug you and kiss your cheek again, Lin shot him a cold look. It was the next day and you were sitting in your dressing room texting your best friend, Will. “Hey Y/N? Can we talk to you?” Pippa asked.

“Yeah, what do you need?” You answered, setting your phone down. 

Pippa and Jasmine shared nervous glances. “So are you and Will just friends? Cause it seems like a little more.” Pippa said.

You started laughing hysterically. “Me and Will?” Then you laughed some more. “Why would you think that?”

“Well, you hug and text a lot. We just assumed you were dating or you wished you were dating.” Jasmine replied.

“Oh didn’t tell you Will was gay?” The other women shook their head. “And he’s proposing to his boyfriend next month. And I mean I obviously have a crush on Li-” You stopped and slapped a hand over your mouth. You hadn’t told anyone about your feelings. 

Pippa raised an eyebrow and Jasmine said, “Whaaaaat?!” You nodded a little and blushed. “Wait, hold on, how long have you had a crush on him? Why didn’t you tell us? We are friends, right?”

“Yes, we are friends. And about 3 months.” You said the last part quietly. 

Pippa laughed.”Three months and you haven’t said anything, or given any hints? Damn you’re a great actress.”

“I’m too scared to act on it. And yes I am a great actress.” You answered. Then Anthony came in telling Jaz and Pippa Lin needed to speak with them. “See you guys later?” You asked.

“Of course!” They said in unison as they walked out the door.

“Jaz, Pip, telling me you found out something. Last night it was killing me watching them.” Lin said the second the door shut behind the two girls. They noticed a new member of the ‘Y/N and Lin Club’, Anthony. 

Jasmine motioned for Pippa to tell their new information as she walked over to sit on her boyfriend’s lap. So Pippa shared, “Will’s gay, and going to hopefully be engaged soon.” Lin sighed with relief and started to say something but Pippa cut him off. “Wait! There’s more. She likes you.”

“Like, likes me likes me? Or just likes me?” Lin asked. 

“Likes you likes you.”

Lin ran a hand through his long hair, beaming with joy. “Holy shit. She likes me.”

Daveed smiled, “Alright dude, let’s start planning your strategy of asking her out.”

“You need a whole strategy?” Jasmine asked. 

“We did it with Ant,” Lin said. “And it obviously worked.” He motioned to the couple. 

Jasmine and Pippa rolled their eyes. “On that note, we are leaving.”

They opened the door and you were standing there. “What did you hear?” Pippa asked you softly, so the men on the other side of the door wouldn’t hear. 

“Most of it. Like how he likes me.” You replied. Jasmine and Phillipa shared and nervous look, wondering what you were going to do next.