back up your birth control

My Experience With EC

Today is the Day of Action for Back Up Your Birth Control, a program that encourages awareness of emergency contraception (EC) and recommends that sexually active women have a dose on hand in case of emergencies.

And I am blogging for it. So I want to share my experience with EC to show a common reason why EC is used.

Let me paint the scene for you: I was just past my 18th birthday, my boyfriend and I had been sexually active with each other for about 5 months, and while I wasn’t on birth control due to financial and health issues, we always used condoms.

So it’s a Friday night at his place while my mom is out of the area on a trip, and we end up having sex. He leaves to dispose of the condom, and comes back and tells that it broke. We curl up together in bed and I tell him that I’ll drive to Planned Parenthood the next day before work to get EC. He offers to come with me, but has to work most of the next day.

The next morning, I print out directions to the Planned Parenthood in downtown Milwaukee, hop in my car, and begin driving. When I get to the city, my boyfriend calls and says that he called in sick to work and would be able to come with me. While it was too late to pick him up, it was lucky that he called, as I had taken the wrong exit and was lost. He helped me get back onto the highway and gave me simpler directions to the clinic.

When I arrived, I filled out a bunch of paperwork, including stuff to state that I was a student and working part-time at a minimum wage job. I then had to wait and wait and wait until a nurse called me back into a little room.

She asked me what happened, asked all my vitals (height, weight, date of last period, etc.) and told me about other forms of birth control. The only negative I have to say about it was the nurse told me to use condoms, which I felt a bit insulted by as I told her that our condom had broken.

I was given a box of two-step Plan B and instructions on how to take them. They told me to take them with food; they warned that I would probably feel nauseous and the like afterwards and that if I missed a period, I may be pregnant. They then told me that it was free for me, which was wonderful as I wasn’t even sure I had enough money to buy gas to get home.

I went across the street to Taco Bell, bought some nachos (the only option for a vegetarian who doesn’t like bean burritos) and popped open the box. Unfortunately, I cannot swallow pills, and I was now holding two I needed to take as soon as possible. I popped the pills into my mouth, took them out again, and tried over and over, even as the pills began to dissolve on my tongue.

I eventually forced both of the pills down and drove home.

That night, my boyfriend and I had to pick my mom up from the train station after her trip. Thank goodness I wasn’t driving, because I felt so sick I kinda wanted to die. I ended up have two periods that month, but I wasn’t pregnant.

So that’s my story. Not all that exciting, but there it is.

EC and Me

Submitted by thereisanotherskywalker: “Pretty typical EC story here. In high school, I had just started having sex with my girlfriend. She wasn’t on the pill so we used condoms every time. Being inexperienced, one time the condom broke and I didn’t realize it until it was "too late.” This was a Friday night. The next morning she went to her doctor and was prescribed Plan B (I believe because she was a minor, this was back in 2003). She took the two pills and that was the end of it, thankfully. Like I said, pretty typical, but I thought I’d share anyways if nothing else than to show that Plan B helps out guys as well as girls.“