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I remember watching one of your very old videos. I was obsessed with them then like 5 years later I found you and I just found out you were the one that made them. Improvement is great, keep it going!

these kinds of asks give me the most intense whiplash because the only videos you could possibly be referring to are either these

or these

and there’s like a 1% chance that someone who remembers them still recognizes me today. i mean i really appreciate the message but my mind is always boggled at how often the odds are beaten


matt x elektra moments from every episode (61/?) ➝ 2x13 - a cold day in hell’s kitchen

matthew, it’s your city. calm it down. okay? okay. tune out everything that’s not essential. now…one at a time. 

A Little Bit of Both

Description: Reader gets a taste (lol) of the Winchester boys

Paring: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (no Wincest tho)

Warnings: smut (of course), don’t think there’s anything else?

A/n: I’ve been so caught up in the MCU I’ve been neglecting my SPN fics, so here ya go :)

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

You walked into the bar all dolled up and ready to score. As usual, you took your seat up front, ordered your drink, and waited for some poor, unsuspecting out-of-towner to take back to your hotel room. It wasn’t long before you spotted your target coming towards the bar. He was tall, long hair, and really good body. As soon as he took his seat, you got up to make your move. 

“Hey.” You smiled at him, taking a seat next to him. “Name’s Y/N. What’s yours?”

He smiled back and you just about melted. “Sam. Nice to meet you.”

“You too. You look a little down, Sam. What’s up?”

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Dramaland Forecast: June 2017

Previously: 2016 - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May


  • Radiant Office – the little underdog that could! This show has nothing new to offer, but it was packaged with such warmth and heart and agonizing relatability that I fell for the Suicide Squad as they tried to prove they were worth being given a chance. This is currently my favorite show of the year – at least for now.
  • Whisper – what a wild and crazy ride. This is a show that, if left to my own devices, I probably would have dropped. Lee Bo Young and Kwon Yul kept my attention (poor Lee Sang Yoon and his eyebrows did their best, but I’m not sure if he’s really cut out for this kind of intensely dramatic role), and the show was utterly stolen by Kim Hyung Mook as Secretary Song. While I enjoyed the constant allusions to real-life corruption, this wasn’t what I’d consider to be one of Park Kyung Soo’s better dramas.
  • Tunnel – I can appreciate it intellectually for what it was trying to do and what it accomplished, the concept was interesting, the cast was pretty great (Yoon Hyun Min was perfect as ever, but as much as I love Sexy Demon Daddy, he really needed to dial down the shouting). But for whatever reason, it didn’t grab me as it should have. On paper it has everything I’d want in a mystery/thriller, but in reality it was difficult giving it my full attention and my heart just couldn’t connect with any of the characters. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it’s going to be one of those dramas that I’ll immediately forget I ever watched.
  • Individualist Ms. Ji Young – this drama special hit some very painful nerves but in the best way. There are shadows of Flower Boy Next Door with the bubbly neighbor that barges his way into the life of the loner-next-door. But there’s also a darker sadness and realness here that one doesn’t always find in dramas. Perhaps that’s why, even beyond the fact it’s only two 1-hour episodes, this felt more like a movie than a drama. This is by far my favorite romance I’ve watched this year, which probably tells you too much about my tastes (or at least my inner world).

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • Chicago Typewriter

Recent premieres I plan to check out when I have a chance:

  • Fight My Way
  • Lookout
  • Circle


  • My Sassy Girl – despite loving Joo Won in Gaksital, I just haven’t been able to get into his other dramas. I also have a terrible track record for sageuks, be they fusion or not. This means it’s on the “skip” list even if I have hopes for the fantastic Oh Yeon Seo in the titular role.
  • Suspicious Partner – I loved this writer’s previous work (All About My Romance; Protect the Boss) so this may go into the watch list eventually, but nothing I’ve heard so far has made me want to immediately pick it up.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • The Best Hit – I am really excited about this one, because I loved the docu-style from Producer until it turned into a standard drama. I also love Yu PD, and Cha Tae Hyun has been my favorite of the 1N2D members ever since the original crew moved on to other things, so I’m curious to see how they’ll handle directing their first-ever drama together. Also, as a fan of the slice-of-life genre, I’m hoping it will be along those lines just based on the premise. Last but not least, this cast is incredible, and I’m already anticipating a slew of cameos.
  • Duel – I was only vaguely interested in this because it’s from the writer of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man (and I’m assuming this is the writer who focused on the more sci-fi mind-bendy aspects of those dramas ‘cause this one has clones) but given a choice to recap this one, I took it, because I have a feeling this will be fun to write about.
  • Forest of Secrets – I’m hoping giving this one up for Duel won’t haunt me because omg this caaaaaaaaaaast.
  • Woman of Dignity – I’m so nervous and conflicted. I adore Kim Sun Ah and Kim Hee Sun, and having them work together in a show is like a dream come true. But I really hated the writing of SWDBS and don’t trust this writer to do these incredible women justice. *fingers crossed for a miracle*
  • Bad Guys: Age of Evil – everyone’s gnashing their teeth that the original crew aren’t coming back but I’m over here already anticipating Park Sung Woong and (possibly) Kang Ha Neul.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

Ugh. Stupid multishipping brain.

Okay. So… my parters in crime au! A part of me wants it to be Klance but another part of me has some good Shance ideas and I’m here like ??? Why you gotta do this to me brain? But like… also, what if he liked Allura and he didn’t what to pursue her cause ‘I’m not a night anymore. I don’t get to save the princess. Not that she needs saving…’ ugh.

On the plus side, I hope to have the next chapter up by the weekend. (Unless I decide to write a long chapter in which case it might take a little longer)

When I make a decision, I probably won’t out what it is! You’ll see in probably chapter 3 👀

(Lol but you won’t discover that it’s him, til chapter 3!!! Okay I’ll stop now….)

Also, if anyone has an opinion, feel free to say! Just please don’t yell at me I’m timid…

**You can read the fic here** -

Emily x Reader : 13- “Please come home.”

Sergio leapt on the bed and padded towards your motionless form. The black cat swatted at your nose, imploring you to rise. With difficulty you complied, bending forward and grimacing at the rays of sunlight that managed to slip past the blinds. You wondered how long you’d been asleep. Hours? Days? It didn’t matter anymore.

You blearily stepped out of bed and waddled over to the food dish on the floor, tailed by the silent cat. “Here you go, buddy,” you said, pouring the cat food. You shivered at the sound of your own voice. It had been so long since you’ve heard someone’s voice, longer still since someone’s said anything in the apartment.

A chill came over you. Shaking, you collapsed on the sofa, curling in the blankets that still smelled too much like her. You breathed in her scent, desperate for any sort of reprieve from her absence. Anything to take away the gaping hole where the woman of your life was supposed to be. The woman Doyle took away.

The apartment had never felt so hollow. Weathered books were stacked meticulously on the shelves in the structured chaos she always enjoyed, magazines were intricately placed on the living room table for appearances even though she never liked reading those cheesy tabloids in the first place, the bedroom and closet were littered with clothes she’d hastily discard while attempting to repack her go bag; things were everywhere but they were just things without her. They were nothing without her giving it life. You trembled within the confines of the blanket. You were just a piece of furniture without her here to give you life, give you purpose.

What was worse than the emptiness was the memories. No matter where you looked, she was there. You were in the kitchen cooking her dinner when she’d first said, “I love you,” and you hadn’t been able to walk on the cool tile without her voice echoing through the caverns of your heart and soul. You had stopped your stirring in shock, trying to register what you heard. When you had turned around her ears were pink, but she was smiling and hadn’t retracted what she said. Instead she repeated it. “I love you,” she said, wrapping her arms around you and bringing your mouth to hers in a deep kiss, curling her lips at your soft moans.

There was no cure for your own mind. You shut your eyes until they were sore and your ears with your palms until all you could hear was your pounding heartbeat. But it didn’t matter. She was within you, slowly ripping you apart. And there was nothing you could do about it. You pressed your hands against your stomach, the spot where she was stabbed. It ached. Her entire body was like a phantom limb; you could feel every caress, every injury, every touch she’d felt tenfold.

You hadn’t realized the profound emptiness of silence until it had already engulfed you, it’s oppressive presence completely surrounding you and muffling you in a state of despair and mourning. If you wanted, you could go open the window and breathe in the blaring sirens and whirr of cars, or you could return to the BAU and take comfort in the presence of your friends. In some ways, that’s exactly what you wanted. But it didn’t matter what you wanted.

You reached into the drawer of the table next to the couch, pulling out a framed picture. It mattered what you needed. And what you needed, you’d never see again. You startled as a droplet of water landed on the glass. You thought you’d run out of tears long ago. Nonetheless, you huddled on the couch, stroking the picture of the couple, staring at the snapshot memory of a happier life.

Your finger traced her figure. “Emily,” you breathed. “Please come home.”

(requested by @milkandcookies528)


A/n: Obviously this doesn’t need anymore of an explanation. Still not happy with it! (ಥ﹏ಥ) I don’t think I’ll every truly feel 100% with these because I don’t wanna let you guys down! It’s a nice change to write from my fanfics though! xx

 .Sugar Daddy Calum AU

.Calum x Reader

*Smut Warning

.Reader P.O.V



A swift glance at the large clock hanging from your bedroom wall informed you that it was now nine thirty three, giving you exactly twenty seven minutes until Calum arrived back home.

He had been away on a business trip for the last three nights and with lack of phone signal and skype refusing to play ball, you had hardly made any contact with him.

Needless to say you wanted to make it up to him, and had been pampering yourself all day in prepare for his arrival.

Nails glittering deep pink, hair styled loose but neatly, and you’d even purchased a new black lace corset and a pair of matching thigh high stockings… you figured if you were flashing Calum’s credit card, you wanted the things you purchased to bring enjoyment to him as well.

Dressing in your new attire made you feel incredibly sexy; the way the fabric scraped, soothed and hugged your skin was making you impatient to show Calum, but there was still over fifteen minutes before he was due back so you would just have to hang on a little longer.

The view from the wall length windows of Calum’s penthouse apartment was the best view in all the city; you didn’t need to look from anywhere else to know this. Night-time was your favourite because the world was dark but the colours from all the lights made outside made it seem magical.

It was this particular view that you were currently admiring as you buttoned yourself into one of Calum’s crisp black shirts in an effort to fight off the chill that was beginning to seep into your skin.

You only had three more buttons to go when you heard the lock in the front door turn, making you jump out of your skin when Calum burst through, trailing a suitcase behind him with one hand and positioning his suit jacket over his shoulder with his other.

Apart from looking a little dishevelled and tired he was here, finally back home and you hadn’t realise just how much you’d missed him.


You gushed as you skipped over through the living room in your open plan styled home and straight into his awaiting arms, his jacket dropping to the floor as he encased you in a long awaited embrace.

“Y/n… Mmm, Babygirl…”

Calum groaned lowly against your ear as his hands shamelessly travelled straight to your backside.

Giggling in delight, you pushed back against his touch as you looked up to join him in a sweet kiss that was short lived, getting broken by your impossibly large grin.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

Calum sighed heavily against your collar as his warm hands continued to brush up and down your body.

“Are you tired Daddy?”

You purred softly into his hair as he planted his face firmly against the crook of your neck. Trailing your hands slowly up his shoulders and into the short dark strands at the back of his head, soothingly scratching with your newly polished nails as you held him comfortingly.

“Not too tired that I can’t give my Princess the attention she deserves.”

Calum smirked against your skin before pulling away with a light nip.

“You got dressed up just for me? Give me a twirl Baby so I can see.”

With a smirk, you took a couple of steps back as you unbuttoned your shirt, revealing the figure hugging black lace beneath before gracefully turning on the spot, blushing lightly as Calum’s hungry eyes devoured your body.

“Is that a new set Princess? You look stunning, you’re absolutely prefect.”

You were on cloud nine.

Complements from Calum were heaven to your ears and it made your body burn with heat and desire.

“Meet me in the bedroom Y/n, I have something for you.”

Calum teased and your eyes sparkled with delight as you obediently danced past him, grazing your fingers teasingly along his jaw as you did so.

As soon as you were in Calum’s room, you stripped out of his shirt and threw it on the back of his desk chair. Not having chance to do much else before he entered, you tentatively approached him when he walked in to you, his hands hidden behind his back.

“What is it?”

You asked curiously as you prowled closer, tilting your head to try and see what he was hiding.

“No peeking Princess… Sit on the bed and close your eyes.”

Grinning playfully, you held his dark eyes for a few moments before crawling up onto the bed and kneeling expectantly on the end of the plush mattress, you closed your eyes, completely trusting of your partner.

It was a few moments before you felt an impossibly soft sensation brush over your shoulder. Your eyes remained closed but your mouth opened slightly in thought and confusion as you tried to figure out what it was.

The feeling trailed over your back and over your other shoulder until it had encased your back completely, and you couldn’t help but think how perfectly comfortable it felt.

“Do you know what it is Princess?”

You could hear the teasing in Calum’s voice and it made you smirk.

“Well… It’s soft, it feels like I’m being coated in a cloud… Is it a coat?”

Hearing Calum huff shortly as if he were holding back a laugh caused you to pout.

“Guess again, you’re nearly there.”

Calum encouraged and you tipped your head in his direction.

“It’s only covering my back… so, is it just a blanket?”

The room was silent for a moment before Calum spoke with pleased tone.

“Good girl Y/n, open your eyes.”

Wasting no time, you blinked your orbs open and turned to see an autumnal toned pink blanket draped over your shoulders that stretched out to cover nearly the whole bed. It was a heavy, high quality fabric and even though it was plain, it oozed expense and you felt your face flush as you trailed your hand over the comforting material.

“Oh Calum, it’s beautiful! I love it! How did you know pink was my favourite?”

You teased as you brought your attention back up to your partner, who was now stood directly before you.

“I know my Princess and I know what she likes.”

Still on your knees, you extended your body up and held his face gently with both of your hands as you brought his face closer to yours for a tender kiss.

Calum was responding just as delicately and you knew that he knew just how grateful you were.

“Can I show you just how thankful I am?”

Calum smirked and nodded once in agreement and that was all the conformation you needed to drop your hands straight to his belt buckle.

Knowing exactly what you were doing, you could get Calum’s clothes off with your eyes closed and as soon as his tapered trousers and boxers had been lowered to reveal his semi hard on beneath, you wasted no time to apply your mouth right where he wanted it.

Calum’s low groan was music to your ears as you slowly but heatedly sucked up and down his shaft, using your hand to take care of what you couldn’t reach to lick.

“Baby, keep going.”

Calum huffed and you tightened your grip on him as you felt his length get predominantly harder with your touch.

Releasing him from your mouth, you swiftly switched and now used your fingers to take care of his head whilst you licked and sucked closer towards his base. Whining softly, you licked his shaft over and over again as you felt Calum’s fingers tangle firmly in your hair. He wasn’t forcing you to move anywhere, just making sure you didn’t move away from where he was getting the most pleasure.

“Do you like that Daddy?”

You purred as you briefly took a moment to lick the bead of pre cum that formed at Calum’s tip, using your hand to coat the rest down this firm shaft.

“You know I do Princess.”

Calum praised as he leaned closer for a sensually heated kiss.

“Come with me.”

Calum instructed softly and as you busied yourself shrugging carefully out of your blanket and climbing off the bed. Calum removed the rest of his clothing before you followed him over to his desk chair, watching as he sat comfortably smug in his seat before tapping his thigh.

“Come on up Baby.”

Blushing lightly, you swiftly removed your underwear in anticipation before climbing up onto Calum’s lap, hovering on your knees above his nicely toned body as you met in a sweet sensual kiss.

Kissing Calum was one of your favourite things to do. You loved how his lips felt and moved against yours and you could never resist locking your fingers into his short hair; anchoring him in place as you both tried to get the more dominant position.

The feeling of Calum’s fingers against your cheek caused you to part with his mouth and move your lips onto his digits instead, sucking and licking until he was satisfied.

“Are you ready for me Y/n?”

Calum purred against your lips as he reached down to dip his damp fingers into your heat, causing you to whine and roll into his touch.

“Yes Daddy, take me.”

You whined with a small, cheeky smile against his jaw where your lips were currently pecking kisses down his sharp features, and Calum didn’t need telling twice.

Taking a moment to line himself up, you rocked down against him until you could go no further, gasping blissfully at the feeling you had longed for, for days.

“Ohh Daddy, you feel so good.”

You moaned teasingly as you began to grind intimately against Calum’s crotch, resting your hands supporting on his chest as you worked your hips back and forth, relishing in the heated feeling of it all.

Calum’s eyes were dark with desire as they flicked between yours and the point at where your bodies joined, encouraging you to move faster.

“Ah, Cal…”

You sighed as his hands gripped tighter against your hips, getting a better hold on you as he began to pump up into you with a steady rhythm.

As much as you loved to take control, there was nothing like Calum thrusting into you. Every stroke was new and different and unpredictable; he pulled noises from you that were genuine and uncontrollable and you knew that’s what he liked.

Leaning forward to seal your lips in a sloppy kiss, Calum fixed his hands firmly on your backside and in one calculated movement, pushed onto his feet and  moved you up so you were perched on the edge on his desk; defining your connection with a hard thrust as he picked up his pace.

Gasping and moaning like the needy girl you were, you wrapped your legs shakily around Calum’s waist, succeeding with your new angle at rutting in deeper.


Calum groaned as you simultaneously whined his name and you knew you were both close; you could feel the unbearable aching knot build in your abdomen and you never wanted Calum to stop.

“Daddy I’m so close, your Princess is so close.”

You nudged playfully but desperately against his jaw as his thrusts became harder. Holding his face gently against yours as you both panted helplessly, Calum’s fingers came in between you and began to rub lightly against your clit, applying just the right amount of pressure to get your thighs shaking and for you to reach your high.

“Ah! Yes Daddy, please…”

You sighed in content and he followed soon after, releasing his fluid into your body, making sure to keep still so you could feel his throbbing cock planted deep inside you.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.”

Calum groaned before you lightly pecked his lips with a happy smile, staying nestled against each other until you had both regained your regular breathing pattern.

“Let’s get cleaned up Baby.”

Calum suggested as he pulled away, but leaned back down to collect you once again in his arms before walking towards the bathroom, nipping and kissing your collar on the way.


Changing into a more comfortable pair of underwear, you slipped across the bed against your new fluffy blanket, relishing in the amazingly soft feeling it created against your skin.

“Do you like it Princess?”

Calum spoke up, emerging from the bathroom and you beamed up at him.

“I really do Calum, this is one of your best gifts ever I think.”

Calum chuckled as he searched the floor for his boxers and you couldn’t help but stare at his tattooed body as his arms and torso flexed.

“Come and try it out with me, it’s so warm and cosy.”

You smiled once Calum was finally sorted and he didn’t hesitate to crawl over next to you to test out the new addition to your bedroom.

As soon as he was comfortable, you cuddled up against his side, snuggling warmly against his body as he secured a strong arm around your waist and turned on his side to face you.

“Get some sleep now Baby, I’m taking you out tomorrow for breakfast.”

Closing your eyes, you hummed approvingly as you placed a blind kiss against his collar.

“I’m so happy you’re back Cal.”

Calum’s nose nudged lightly into your hair and taking a deep breath in of you scent, he mumbled in reply.

“So am I Y/n…”


So, I wrote the age reversal AU

Damian looked up from his desk and files, having missed the sound of footsteps until they were nearly upon him.

When he saw a shadow cross over him, he looked up expecting to see Cassandra. She was, after all, the most talented at silent travel. But instead, he looked up to find none other than Tim.

Damian frowned.

“Did you need something, Drake?” he asked, raising a brow almost coolly. He paused, then, and took in the sight of Tim’s pajamas and disheveled hair. “I wasn’t aware that you were even staying here today.”

“Realized I couldn’t bring work home with me,” Tim said. “Unlike you.”

It took Damian a minute—with his head so wrapped up in recent cases—but he soon realized what Tim was referring to. He glanced down at the Wayne file, then back up at his partner, grimacing at the conversation that would doubtlessly follow. “It’s none of your concern,” he said. “His stay here is only a temporary necessity, until his butler’s legal guardianship can be arranged.”

Tim raised a brow. Even just waking, he managed more sarcasm than anyone else Damian had the displeasure of knowing.

Damian clicked his tongue. He knew what was coming next.

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“Sometimes you have to let go things or the person you love even though you don’t want to..”

Sometimes even though you want to be the reason or part of his / her happiness, you just can’t.. it is simply because you are not belong in which makes him / her happy in his / her life. 

It’s painful and heartbreaking especially if that’s what you really wanted.. since you love him / her the important is as long as his / she’s happy even though your not part of it you will be happy for him / her.


© Piece of Advice

Patiently Impatient

Summary; After waiting not so very impatiently for the last 6 months, Yuri finally gets his hands on Otabek.

Here it is, the long awaited trans!Yuri fic! This was super nice to write and I want to send out a special thanks to everyone who spoke to me in regards to being transgender! Remember that, while I try my very best, it’s hard for me to relate to such a subject, but if you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or upset, please let me know so I can fix it or we can talk it out. This isn’t posted with any malice intent, so if it causes any hurt, I need to know! Special thanks to @puppybek who practically held my hand through this fic and gave me an insight into the trans world. Thank you dude. 

Also, this baby is going to be part of a series. Drop some prompts for what else you wanna see!

This fic includes; dick touching, a lot of kissing, Otabek being a complete gentleman and of course, transgender Yuri. Don’t like, don’t read! 

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anonymous asked:

Can I get scenarios with Bakugou, Midoriya, and Todoroki where s/o is American and doesn't know Japanese very well? They comes off kinda mean at first because of it cause they dont want to embarrass themself. But they're actually really sweet and supportive?

{I’m slow~~So slowwww~~ I’m very sorry!! Here is your request! 

** Italics is English, and the speaker is a foreigner who hasn’t studied Japanese for long, so the sentences are garbled. Ok here we go~~}


Who do they think they are, huh? Fucking judging everyone silently while they sit atop their high horse? It’s pissing me off, and now I have to be paired up with the goody-goody, too?! Fucking amazing.

I walk over to them and snarl, they don’t even flinch. I roll my eyes.

“Let’s just get this over with.” I say, walking past them, but thinking twice and turning back to look at them in the face. “Don’t get in my way, got it?” I threaten, raising a fist. They look at me, scrunching their eyes a bit.

“Yes.” They say, their voice coming out small, but strong. I growl and turn around, seriously pissed. Stomping into the practice ring, I look at our opponents, Iida and Ochako. Where do they get the nerve to be confident, eh?! Everyone around me are idiots. I crack my knuckles and look over to my partner as they get into fighting stance and I have to say, that the way they hold themselves for battle is pretty hot. I squint my eyes, and suddenly get the breath knocked out of me.

About five feet from the original starting position, I am laying on the ground after being drop kicked by a charging Iida at full power. Damn, that hurt. I hold my stomach, trying to force my breakfast back down, as my senses come back. I raise my head back up, and notice my partner running towards me.

“Oh, mah gosh! You alwight?!” They say, their words slurring into some weird ass language, and their face is twisted with concern. What the hell? They can make that kind of face, too? I lift myself back up. I guess I thought about them all wrong. I snarl.

“Yeah, mind your own.” I try to sound cool, but damn my stomach is going to hurt for a while. My partner comes over and looks me over, but I push them out of the way as another flying kick zooms their way. “Watch it, damn it!” I yell at them, and they react fast, grabbing Iida by his leg and swinging him down onto the ground, creating a dent. I’m left speechless. I really misjudged them.

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anonymous asked:

!!!!ITS OPEN!!!! Could you maybe do scenarios for tenya, katsuki, and Izuku (separately)? Their s/o has the ability to remove their consciousness from their body, and the boys find out when their S/o suddenly just seemingly drops dead all of a sudden during a practice stealth mission at the school? Sorry if it's to much!!

Sure thing! I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it =)


He feels his heart giving a start, when his partner suddenly falls. Just barely, Iida manages to catch them and he calls for backup, as he hefts them up and quickly checks his surroundings.

Taking care to stay out of the line of fire, he carefully takes them to safety behind a big piece of rubble.

Kaminari rushes to his side. “What happened?”

“I don’t know.” He says back, still checking them over. “I didn’t even see anything happening.”

Kaminari nods, worry on his face, before he ducks back out to provide some distraction.

A moment later, just as Iida realizes with the fright of ice running through his veins, that they don’t breathe, his partner opens their eyes.

They gasp in air and he clutches them to his chest tightly, his heart remembering to beat again. “Iida, I know where the others are.”

“What was that?” He whispers, his voice barely loud enough to be heard. “What did you do?”

They suddenly look startled. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t tell you about my Quirk! I can remove my consciousness. I looked around the battlefield to scout for our opponents.” They grab his hand and he holds on to them. “I’m sorry, I should have told you beforehand. I promise I won’t scare you like that again.”

With a relieved sigh, he allows his forehead to rest against theirs for a moment and then straightens. “Where are the others?”


He curses up a storm and blows debris into some of his classmates’ faces and forces them back. Grabbing up his partner, he makes for a safe place to hide for a moment. Placing them to the ground, he quickly checks them over.

He doesn’t see any injuries and feeling along their temples and scalp, he can’t find any bumps or bleeding cuts either. Fumbling for their pulse, he freezes when he realizes they don’t have one. His heartbeat chokes him and he fights against the sudden ice that runs down his back.

Just as he is about to jump up and call for Aizawa and medical help, his partner suddenly gasps for air. Whipping back around to stare at them, he sees them sitting up like nothing happened.

“I know where –” They start before he grabs their shoulders.

“What the fuck?” He’s yelling, scowling hard and under his hands, they feel solid and warm, alive. “The flying fuck was that? You were dead! What the fucking hell!”

His partner looks startled and then apologetic. “Oh no, I’m so, so sorry! I thought I told you before that I can remove my consciousness? I scouted the battlefield just now.”

Bakugou sucks in a breath and curses again, crushing his partner close for a moment, before he lets them go again. “Never fucking scare me like that ever again.”


He fights off a classmate and manages to buy his team some time. Just as he turns around to re-group and check if everyone is okay, he freezes in his tracks for a second.

His partner is lying unmoving and Ochako leans over them, clearly having caught them before they hit the ground. Quickly running to their side, Midoriya falls to his knees.

“What happened?” He asks, his hands hovering over his partner like he doesn’t know if he can touch them.

“I don’t know. I had my back turned, if something happened, I didn’t see it.” Ochako looks worried, looking his partner over.

Midoriya joins her in looking for injuries, and just as he notices that they don’t breathe, oh god something is horribly wrong and quick they need a teacher, his partner sits up with a gasp.

Ochako and Midoriya jerk back with a startled sound and his love quickly turns to look at them.

“I know where everyone is. We have two coming towards us from the left and the others are coming from the right.”

“What, how did you…” Midoriya trails off and realization dawns on his partner’s face.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, Izuku, Ochako. I can remove my consciousness and look around the battlefield. I totally forgot I didn’t tell you what happens then.” They press their hands together apologetically. “It will never happen again!”

Midoriya can’t help but hug his partner, air rushing out of him in a strong breath, before he releases them again so they can talk and plan their strategy.

I had an idea.

Okay, so I was showering and you know how you get weird thoughts in the shower?? Yeah? Well here’s the scenario that crossed my mind as I was standing there under the water.

Okay, so picture this. A person (whatever gender you prefer) eats a really big supper one night, and they’re really full, but *just* to the point where it’s a little uncomfortable. Then they decide “Hey, I feel like a fatass, so let’s work out for a bit.” They go through their usual training routine, and it’s not too strenuous, but they can feel the food inside them sloshing around with every movement. It makes them feel a little weird, but it’s not sickening. Yet. They don’t push themselves too hard, and everything ends just fine. But they had forgotten their water bottle, and supper was salty, and they’re PARCHED. So they stand in the shower to wash up, and turn the water on cool so they can chill a bit. They turn their face toward the shower head and open their mouth, letting the stream of water fall into their mouth. They drink as it comes, and goddamn are they thirsty after all that so they just keep drinking without really thinking. Suddenly they realize that they feel far too full. All that water in addition to the food from earlier has left their stomach bloated. The distention is visible. The place a hand on their overfull belly and let out a wet belch. They seem to have swallowed quite a bit of air while drinking from the shower stream. They burp again and again, and they are beginning to feel really nauseated. They bring one hand up over their mouth to stifle the burps, but they keep coming, deeper and sicker each time. And the nausea is growing. They taste their meal at the back of their tongue with each belch, just hoping that it stays down. But then one last belch is the final straw. They feel it deep in their throat and try to get the gas up, hoping it’ll help them feel better. It wasn’t gas. Their tried too hard and vomited all down their front. It spurted between their fingers and went all over the little shower stall. This first one was mostly water. But then comes another small burp followed by a retch, and a few chunks of partially digested food come up with it. Soon they’re in the throes of full on heaves, with thick, slimy vomit falling unhindered to their feet. They are bent over with a hand on their convulsing stomach, the other bracing them against the side of the stall. They can feel the vomit pooling at their feet, feeling the warm stickiness splatter all down their front. The shower helps to wash it away, but the drain is plugged with what is probably most of the last three meals they ate. So they stand there, weak and shivering, not knowing what to do, and they urp up one last stream of slop and it lands with a sickening splatter at, and quite possibly on, their feet. They are sore and shivering, tears stinging at their eyes from the pure exertion. Panting, they lean their forehead against the refreshingly cool tile wall and close their eyes, trying to regain some control of their still roiling stomach. They have a feeling this is far from over…

(Read the tags too, for another shorter but similar scenario)