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happy valentine’s day ❤


So glad to be back from my buissiniess trip in Orlando, Florida.
So much stuff I need to do to catch back up.

My partner George picked me up from the airport and then we went out to eat and he told me about this movie he had watched. Despite how tired I was I wanted to see it for myself.
It was absolutely amazing so I wanted to recomend it.

Its called Love Is Strange,
I definately recomend watching it.

-Elliott Alexzander

So, I wrote the age reversal AU

Damian looked up from his desk and files, having missed the sound of footsteps until they were nearly upon him.

When he saw a shadow cross over him, he looked up expecting to see Cassandra. She was, after all, the most talented at silent travel. But instead, he looked up to find none other than Tim.

Damian frowned.

“Did you need something, Drake?” he asked, raising a brow almost coolly. He paused, then, and took in the sight of Tim’s pajamas and disheveled hair. “I wasn’t aware that you were even staying here today.”

“Realized I couldn’t bring work home with me,” Tim said. “Unlike you.”

It took Damian a minute—with his head so wrapped up in recent cases—but he soon realized what Tim was referring to. He glanced down at the Wayne file, then back up at his partner, grimacing at the conversation that would doubtlessly follow. “It’s none of your concern,” he said. “His stay here is only a temporary necessity, until his butler’s legal guardianship can be arranged.”

Tim raised a brow. Even just waking, he managed more sarcasm than anyone else Damian had the displeasure of knowing.

Damian clicked his tongue. He knew what was coming next.

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last fic you read? (would you rec it to us?)

the goon squad’ by kingkiwi :) i’ve… recced it before on this blog actually xD amazing fic tbh, graffitti artists and a café and cute ot7 dynamics where everyone wants to protect jimin, seokjin’s neighbours are amazing, and jungkook is jimin’s Petty Criminal Bf lmfao :’)

i was re-reading their ‘writers’ series bc i was missing it so much ahaha :’)


33 and 79 for newt and reader pls hehe thankies

Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” And ‘Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”

Sorry this took a while, I hope you like it.

Newt is being distracting, so you get him back.

Originally posted by artemis-fido-scamander

Newt sat at his desk by the window in your little flat, rain pattering against the glass. working on his manuscript, papers and sketches stacked all around him, threatening to tumble down with his furious writing.

You glanced up at him from your position on the floor, where you were sketching the illustrations and diagrams for his book. You continued with your shading of dougle, focussing on his intense, kind eyes. Before too long your eyes drifted back up to your partner, you set your pencil down, gently picking up the parchment, you took it over to newt for him to check over.

His sea green eyes were focussed on his task, his large calloused hand gripped the feather quill tightly, as though it might run away. The quill flicked rapidly like the gentleman holding it would forget what he was scribbling down if he wasn’t quick enough. His curly mop of hair had flopped in front of his lovely eyes, you pushed it back unthinkingly. A slightly lopsided smirk appeared on newts face, ‘your going to have to stop looking at me like that love, look I’ve written ‘requires one hundred acres of land per dragon’, six times here’ he gazed up at you, smile still on his freckled face.

Your cheeks reddened slightly ‘sorry sweetheart, but you are quite distracting’ you accused him playfully ‘hmm I could say the same thing about you, misses’ he mumbled slightly as he got back to his work, shooting you one last cheeky smile before you turned to the kitchen to make you both a cup of tea.

You put the kettle on the stove to boil, and stretched up to the top cupboard for your favourite mugs, your blouse riding up slightly in the process. The tea kettle squealed at you as you were bending down to the bottom cupboard for the tea bags.

You heard the kettle being set down, while your head was still in the cupboard. You felt a familiar large hand rest on the small of your back ‘and you say I’m the distracting one?’ newt inquired, his voice a little deeper than usual but still held a playful tone. Tea caddy in hand, you look up at him innocently ‘don’t give me that look you little minx’ he chuckled, as he picked you up and sat you on the bench.

He cupped your jaw and brought you to his lips, your fingers tangled in his messy hair. He was pressing you into his chest, grasping desperately at your blouse, he pulled away breathlessly,’ sorry love, sometimes I can’t quite control myself when I’m around you’ you cut him off by pulling him in for another kiss, by the collar of his shirt.


Have a great day and be safe

I had an idea.

Okay, so I was showering and you know how you get weird thoughts in the shower?? Yeah? Well here’s the scenario that crossed my mind as I was standing there under the water.

Okay, so picture this. A person (whatever gender you prefer) eats a really big supper one night, and they’re really full, but *just* to the point where it’s a little uncomfortable. Then they decide “Hey, I feel like a fatass, so let’s work out for a bit.” They go through their usual training routine, and it’s not too strenuous, but they can feel the food inside them sloshing around with every movement. It makes them feel a little weird, but it’s not sickening. Yet. They don’t push themselves too hard, and everything ends just fine. But they had forgotten their water bottle, and supper was salty, and they’re PARCHED. So they stand in the shower to wash up, and turn the water on cool so they can chill a bit. They turn their face toward the shower head and open their mouth, letting the stream of water fall into their mouth. They drink as it comes, and goddamn are they thirsty after all that so they just keep drinking without really thinking. Suddenly they realize that they feel far too full. All that water in addition to the food from earlier has left their stomach bloated. The distention is visible. The place a hand on their overfull belly and let out a wet belch. They seem to have swallowed quite a bit of air while drinking from the shower stream. They burp again and again, and they are beginning to feel really nauseated. They bring one hand up over their mouth to stifle the burps, but they keep coming, deeper and sicker each time. And the nausea is growing. They taste their meal at the back of their tongue with each belch, just hoping that it stays down. But then one last belch is the final straw. They feel it deep in their throat and try to get the gas up, hoping it’ll help them feel better. It wasn’t gas. Their tried too hard and vomited all down their front. It spurted between their fingers and went all over the little shower stall. This first one was mostly water. But then comes another small burp followed by a retch, and a few chunks of partially digested food come up with it. Soon they’re in the throes of full on heaves, with thick, slimy vomit falling unhindered to their feet. They are bent over with a hand on their convulsing stomach, the other bracing them against the side of the stall. They can feel the vomit pooling at their feet, feeling the warm stickiness splatter all down their front. The shower helps to wash it away, but the drain is plugged with what is probably most of the last three meals they ate. So they stand there, weak and shivering, not knowing what to do, and they urp up one last stream of slop and it lands with a sickening splatter at, and quite possibly on, their feet. They are sore and shivering, tears stinging at their eyes from the pure exertion. Panting, they lean their forehead against the refreshingly cool tile wall and close their eyes, trying to regain some control of their still roiling stomach. They have a feeling this is far from over…

(Read the tags too, for another shorter but similar scenario)

It’s 0100!  Crap!

Here she is: the Nymph Hybrid (and the object of Talon’s affection), Kivuli.

She’s half Chameleon, and half Jellyfish, and well-practiced in using her camouflage.  I took some liberties with her design (wtf is a Nymph helmet supposed to look like…?), but the endgame was a graceful, petite gal with a knack for disappearing into her surroundings.  As the spearhead of the Clan’s infiltration team, Kivuli is unmatched in stealth and gifted at worming her way into enclosures and behind enemy lines.  In full combat, she is most comfortable backing up a partner, using her hookswords to steer her adversaries into the path of a killing blow.  The poison she can secrete from her forearms is usually a last resort.

Kivuli is the smallest of the Hybrids, and very shy.  Her closest companion is her hot-headed brother-figure Mach, and she generally sticks to his side like glue.  Although she is comfortable enough around her other Clan-mates, she has taken a particular liking to Talon, in the wake of a battle where he intercepted a rather nasty injury.

you don’t own me - an Olicity AU

Author’s Note: This is a fic dedicated to @doubledeez06! Happy Birthday lovely! I hope you enjoy this answer to your prompt from a few days back! ;)

I have other ideas to add to this little story, so let me know if you want more! I definitely wanna know if there’s interest. Enjoy, everyone!

Synopsis: Oliver responds to an alert of duo of criminals breaking into a city archive building. But when he arrives on the scene, he is definitely not expecting two women in leather, and he definitely isn’t expecting the sexy blonde hacking the security system. (inspired by different versions of the Suicide Squad concept) 

He caught sight of her from a rooftop, hood down and his heart racing. The calls and alerts had come in and he had raced out, guided by Digg - if he needed back-up, his partner would be out in moments.

From his spot above the city, he could see everything… but he zeroed in on her. A slinky black figure with striking blonde locks. Fishnets wrapped around legs that could go on for days. A belt of weapons and gadgets circled around her cinched waist. A mask to mimic old school cat-eye glasses.

Without a doubt, he had never seen anyone like her in his life and didn’t even matter that she was breaking into the city archives - she was too mesmerizing to apprehend.

“What’s the hold up, Oliver?” Digg shouted through the comm. “You’ve been perched on that ledge far too long.”

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“Are you ready for this?” Stiles asked, straightening Derek’s tie.

“Of course” Derek replied, catching Stiles’ hand and kissing the ring sitting there.
Derek knew many years ago that Stiles would be it for him, being able to call him his husband was one of the most satisfying things in the world. No matter what the supernatural threw at him, as long as Stiles was by his side, he knew he’d be okay. He looked back up at his partner and gazed into his amber eyes, catching his breath at how the overhead light was creating flecks of gold in their usual brown, lighting up his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Stiles asked, placing a hand on Derek’s face. Derek leant into it and moved forward to brush their lips together, slow and tender. He pulled back only slightly to speak, breath ghosting over Stiles’ mouth.

“Just how being here at my sisters wedding is reminding me just how much I love you”

“Oh Derek you’re such a sap” Stiles beamed, kissing Derek again. There was a knock at the door, surprising them both. They pulled away from each other and looked at the door.

“Are you both ready, Allison is trying to reassure Lydia that everyones in position.” Scott said as he opened the door.

“Yeah, we’re good Scotty. Come on” Stiles said as he moved in front of Derek and pulled him forward by the hand towards the door. When they reached the hallway, they both stopped in their tracks. Cora was standing before them in a gorgeous white dress that fit her body beautifully. Her hair was pinned up at the back, and she had a grip with a silver wolf howling holding the hair at the side.

“Cora, you look, wow, amazing” Stiles commented, releasing Derek to give his sister-in law a hug.

“It’s not so bad, waist itches a bit though” she replied, looking over to her big brother. “What do you think Der? Think I’ll make Lydia proud?”

Derek stood still, amazed at the confidence and beauty standing before him, Cora never really was a delicate person, but the way she looked made her look beautifully fragile, in such a brilliant way. Seeing his Mothers pin in her hair made him even more emotional than he already was.

“You look -” he started almost tearing up and had to clear his throat before continuing, he pulled her into a hug, squeezing her. “You look beautiful, Laura and mom would be proud” he tried to compose himself before pulling back, looking into his sisters now teary eyes.

“Thanks Derek” she gave him a small personal smile, one he got to see a lot recently, before turning round and walking away with Scott.

“I love you too you know” Stiles said, turning back to Derek. “And you looked like that to me, not in a dress, but when we got married, you blew me away with how great you looked in a tux, scouts honour.” Derek smiled at him.

“Then you quite literally blew me before we even had the reception” Stiles remembered, chuckling as Derek lightly cuffed him across the head.

“Come on, we better not keep Lydia waiting, she’ll kill us both” Derek said, starting to walk after his sister. Stiles linked their hands together as they went. Derek glanced down at their joined hands briefly before looking back down the hall, not trying to suppress the smile on his face. Yeah, he was happy and getting to be the best man at his sisters wedding to the woman she loved, made his life complete. He knew his family would be proud of them and with Stiles there with him, he knew his future was a bright one.

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Rivera looked down at her scroll and then back up to her partner. She narrowed her eyes at the teenage boy. They were currently riding an elevator up to the top floor of their organization’s hideout. “Stand up straighter. Don’t look so unprofessional.” She growled m, her heels clicking as she exited the elevator.



“I’m sorry Officer McNally, it doesn’t matter what kind of cop you want to be. That’s just something you’re going to have to get used to.

“I think you’re feeling the way you’re feeling because you believe in people and you know they can be better. It’s what makes you who you are.”


The root of my geekdom came from reading my dad’s old comic books from the ‘60s as a wee babe, and today as I was doing some cleaning, I took the time to pick out of a few of the old issues to peruse. Imagine my delight to find Cap angsting over Bucky, exactly as it has always been and should be forevermore, amen. 


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