back up gif


Couldn’t resist some more back up. She cracks me up. LOOK at her little bouncy shuffle. (Does seem to be veering to her left a bit tho)

I also noticed that our gifs are showing up in the tumblr gif search, so, I had to make a meme. Hopefully that one will show up, not sure how they are picked. Also it totally didn’t let me adjust the crop of the gif, or rather, it undid my adjustment after generating the gif, hence her head is cropped at the end… Tsk tsk tsk, bad tumblr!

All of the Walking dead fandom: ^^

“Walking dead is actually really stupid. How the hell do you like it?”

“Fake and gay.”

“I think Pretty Little Liars is way better!”

“Such a gross show! Plus there’s no romance in it!”

“Horrible actors tbh.”

“I hate walking dead.”