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20 for sheith?

20. What does their home look like?

Omg post-voltron they totally live in the shack for a while. They are on top of each other and it’s kind of a mess tbh. Lance visits and is horrified. They’re never there much anyway, and they spend the nights outside under the stars. Shiro takes a while to acclimate back to living on earth and not always being in fight mode, and Keith’s always felt most at home there. On a Sunday morning, with windows open, Keith curled next to him in bed, and sunlight shining in, Shiro finally relaxes.

Ahhh, this is a super belated post but now that identities have been revealed for the Reylo Gift Exchange 2016, this is my valentine’s gift for Inkpress00 who requested a modern day AU!

Just chillin’ with their fav mugs and an overly symbolic and totally impractical ombre scarf :P (also Rey’s giant marshmallow is a sort of homage to her amazing magic bread… ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)b)

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you…. The one who turns to his friends and says, ‘that’s her.
Lore Post: Velothi

Since I have found that there is often confusion about the various uses and definitions of the term “velothi” in Morrowind, I put together this brief explanation:

“Velothi” as in architecture, other adjectives, or a holistic reference to the Exodus Chimer/Dunmer refers back to a unified Dunmer people who all united under Moon and Star and the Prophet Veloth prior to when they split into Houses and devolved from the High Velothi Culture in the Late Merethic Era. Hence it is “Velothi Architecture” because the style dates from that period. The Ashlanders still consider themselves as followers of the old ways and so they call themselves the Children of Veloth or sometimes “Velothi”. This has led to Ashlanders who leave the nomadic lifestyle in favor of House settlements continuing to call themselves - and now House elves also refer to them as - “Velothi”. Ashlanders have less flattering terms for these ex-Ashlanders and even House elves use it as a derogatory term to refer to the low class ashlander rejects.


-Cassidy sings Irish songs to Jesse when they’re in bed when he thinks the preacher is asleep. Jesse has taken care not to fall asleep so he can listen, and feel Cass’ hands brush his skin while he sings.

-Cassidy, being 119 years old, has definitely learned to cook, and wakes up early to make Jesse breakfast on Sundays (he closes all the curtains and wears all of his sun gear, of course).

-Jesse doesn’t question his boyfriend’s ‘fashion’ choices, but he slowly starts bringing him some better fitting shirts, and even an honest-to-God Cowboy hat for when he goes outside.

-Jesse notices how Cass doesn’t enjoy the sun and they hang out more at night, either at Jesse’s house watching movies or at the church getting drunk.

-Cassidy starts attending sermons just to hear Jesse talk, but also makes funny faces at him to try to get him to mess up.

-They lay in the back of Jesse’s pickup truck under the stars in the field around the church, and Cassidy may or may not convince Jesse to have sex with him there.

-Jesse always asks express permission before using his power on Cassidy.

-They bicker over who has to do the dishes, and Jesse usually ends up cleaning them because Cassidy uses his mouth to his advantage in more ways than just talking himself out of the chore.

-Jesse brings Cassidy to the diner in the middle of the afternoon for a coffee date, so he’s all dressed in that awful hat and his poncho, but neither of them minds.

-Cassidy takes Jesse to a run-down movie theater and they throw stale popcorn at each other and make out more than they actually watch the movie.

-Cassidy lets Jesse say grace before they eat even though he doesn’t believe in God.

-Jesse cannot cook, but he buys Chinese food for Cass when he can.

-Jesse sleeps like the dead, but Cassidy can wake him up by singing Justin Bieber songs as loudly as he can.

Beat the heat (gabrielXreader)

words: 1324
warnings: fluff, smut, swearing, unprotected sex,
request: So, I hate the summer and I hate the heat. And my birthday is this month. It’s always unbearably hot on my birthday, can I request something smutty involving Gabriel and cooling off?

summary: it’s the readers birthday on an unbearably hot day. Gabriel pops up to wish her happy birthday and takes her away to escape the heat. They enjoy the day on a remote beach and feeling are shared and soon smut!! They go back to the beach and sleep under the stars!
a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON!! I hope I wasn’t late! (I bumped this way up the list just for you :D bc ily)

Your name: submit What is this?

“It’s too hot to be alive,” you groan as you walk down the hallway, a cold, wet cloth to your forehead.

“Well happy birthday Y/N,” Dean laughs, panting slightly.
“Shut your mouth,” you groan.

You dreaded your birthdays, they were always blisteringly hot and it made it impossible to enjoy them. Currently it was pushing 100 degrees fahrenheit and all of the fans in the bunker were whirring at full capacity. Sweat slicked your back and the boys were actually wearing gym shorts. You knew it was scorching and muggy when Dean Winchester didn’t wear jeans or sweats.

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under different stars, you would be a happy family
you’d be siblings, younger brother and older sister
you’d be the oldest and the fiercest, the protector
he would be the joker, the eye of the storm, home

The Song for Achilles

In this dream, I am Patroclus 

and we are like gods  

at the beginning of the universe 

our happiness  

a thousand gilded urns  

spilling starlight 

so bright  

that we can see nothing else

but the other 

In this dream, we are back in Pelion 

lying under a mantle of lucent stars  

and you touch me for the first time 

I learn how it is  

to have your belly against my belly  

and what undistilled yearning feels like 

In this dream, we are on the shore of Ilium 

and you’re helping me put on your armour,  

the corselet, the harness and the greaves,  

the leather underskirt, the helmet  

philtatos mine 

you’re half of my soul as the poets say and  

please know I can’t be angry with you 

when we’re like  

two blades of morning grass  

who refuse to catch fire  

“Come back to me,” you whisper 

against the nape of my neck  

and I think: 

Paris and Helene have nothing on us  

I think: 

I named my ankle after you  

I think: 

Don’t be so swift in mistaking  

my tenderness for my hamartia 

I think: 

I’ll fall if it means not seeing you suffer

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Hello there! May I ask if you could please write a Valentine's Day Drabble with Shiro having a picnic with his significant other under the stars with music playing in the back please? Thank you so much! 🌟🌟🌟

Yep! And I hope you stick around, ‘cause the other one you sent to me a while back is coming out soon, too~ ;)

I hope you enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!


With music and your own thoughts drifting in and out of your mind, you tried your best to find your constellation. 

Though you were never one to believe in superstitions, you certainly didn’t want your tale of woe with your Romeo. 

What are you looking for?” He whispered softly, his hands slowly gliding across your own,

“My star sign,” you replied softly, your eyes still wandering the heavens, “I don’t want us to be star-crossed,”

“Star-crossed?” Shiro repeated,

“Yeah. Ill-fated love, you know?”

Shiro merely chuckled at the thought, kissing your cheek, 

“I know no ill-fated love in these hearts, my sweet Juliet,” He continued on with your reference, adding his own sentiment towards the end. 

You chuckled at the name, looking back to see his eyes and smile, 

“Which one’s your favorite?” You ask softly, eyes wide with curiosity and admiration.

“What do you mean?”

You wordlessly motion to the sky above you.

Shiro thought for a moment, his eyes drifting up and away to look at the stars themselves, 

“Well…which one’s yours?”

You paused before saying, “My own, I think. Though a lot of those horoscope things are fake…I’d say it still matches up with me pretty well,”

“Then it’s settled, yeah? That’s my favorite,” Shiro finished with a grin, his eyes sparkling like diamonds.

You playfully slapped his arm, “Oh come on! Seriously now!”

“I am being serious! I don’t- I’ve never really had one…at least I don’t think I’ve had…”

Shiro’s eyes furrowed into the brow, “B-But, um, anyways, I was going to say that you are the reason that I, love you,”

Your heart began to pump faster than usual, and with a soft reply, you uttered, 


The music had switched from vocals to instrumental. It was soft and melodic, turning into a bit of a sweeter moment suddenly. 

Shiro’s head had leaned against your own, “I think so, anyways. The stars…they’re meaningless things compared to you…”

You slightly laughed at the sound, “Sailors were able to find their way home with the stars, Shiro, they aren’t such useless things!” 

He shook his head, “Y/n, my home is you.”

Music took over from there. You sat on the grassy, cool plain, looking at the universe thoughtfully.

Love is a fickle thing, though unwavering in its bounty, its frequency moves, it changes. You go from one end of the spectrum to the other in a matter of moments…

and then it fades. 

Perhaps, like all good things. 

Not like this, however. No, tonight was different. 

You were here, shining brightly as you had always done, 

with Shiro, at your side. 

…Don’t ever leave me, yeah?” Shiro suddenly asks, a kiss placed on your cheek, and again on your lips, you returned the favor, for even the stars you had figured, could never keep the two of you apart.