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Tonight, Castiel is back

Yes, tonight we will see Castiel again.
For those who love the angel, it will be a great moment to see him again, to hear his husky voice, to watch his perfect face and be lost when the takes allowed into those deep blue eyes.

But Cas is more that his looks, more than the perfection that is Misha Collins.
Personally, I will be happy to see him thrive, survive give the fight and bleed if he has to, but later stand up and pull through as he always does. Even if my crazy predictions do not happen. But you have to admit, right now angel Castiel hot, Archangel Castiel… ufff … pass the holy water please.

So, this is for those who love the angel, no matter if we suffer, wait together for him to return, and sometimes we hate the writers when they do “things” to our precious Cas. I love him because as the awkward celestial being powerful enough to crush any creature in this planet, he choose to protect us, and I mean humanity, this time not as a figurative speech for us the shipers.

He also choose to love Dean Winchester despite his many imperfections as a representative of our kind. And obviously because he is such a fine piece of ass, and Cas knows perfectly well since he gripped tight that ass and saved him from perdition 8 years ago.

At the end, they all are our heroes, as much as I love Castiel I´m also wishing the best for Sam, Dean and even mother Mary. And for the follow episodes to bring us together in the crying, laughter or despair for the reasons we are about to discover.

I’m writing this for my mutuals, my casual fellow fans who happen to be around here from time to time. Thank you all for your visits, and I hope your friendship, as you have mine.

For all of you I will be here tonight and later till the next day, if you wish to cry, talk or rant about whatever happens. Or if you missed the episode, I can give you the heads up gentle while I hold your hand, or just shout it out in your face hysterically if something marvelous happens to our heroes.

Thank you, and good riddance my fellow Supernatural fans, shippers and casual voyeurs of our suffering.
Let’s hold our hands virtually as we wait for the best, are prepared for the worst as true fans of Supernatural, and wish for our favorite show to marvel us again with all that has to offer.

Ta ta.  


Bendy: the crews all back togheter! … most of it, atleast, hee hee hee “

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anonymous asked:

Kind of new to your blog so sorry for the question, but how do we know that Haylor was almost getting back togheter before Calvin happened? Sorry if this bothers you, I genuinely don't know

No worries!!! 😊 I’ll always answer questions! Just a few weeks before taylor and Calvin became public, Taylor and Harry were seen together at Caleb Followill’s birthday party! 👍🏻

Heres a little doodle of my Frankenstein!AU. mostly to explain more about Gilbert background.

Gilbert and Ludwig both where soldiers during WW1, both brothers where taken in that war whirlwind and toward the end just where trying to live long enough to see the end. 

Toward the end sadly Gilbert got prettymuch maimed after grenades where trown at him. Ludwig was close enough and maybe in a moment of folie and grief, he took his brother remains and fled the battlefield. 

He went to Gilbert adoptive father and their care taker, Old fritz door in a tiny village who was hidden deep enough in what once was the heart of prussia that the war hadnt taken a toll too great on it. Frederick is a scientist and had been doing research on life and how to expand it and with some mechanical help, an italian (feli) asistant and ludwig strenght they where able to put gilbert back togheter and brought him back. Gilbert still while being himself had still some physical problem and would sleep weeks at a time. 

In the end they all fled to canada in hope of peace. (Ludwig was a deserter, Feli couldnt get back home right away either and had fallen in love with Lud, frederick research where starting to attrack attention.)

they then found a nice calm village in canada and set themselves up in a good big house near fields, forest and an old windmill at the border of the village.

Gilbert start getting better and everyone was happy for a time. Then Ludwig and Feliciano decided to go abck to europe to look for Feliciano brother and their friend they had lost contact with in the war. 

then one night a terrible storm came and the house caught fire du to the storm. Old fritz was trapped inside and Gilbert due to his body still not perfectly strong even after a few years and the fire being is most terrible fear, wasnt able to help save him. He tried so hard tought and he lost sight from his right eye as a result. Frederick just had the time to tell him to go hide in the old windmill and see him off before the flames becoming too much. 

Gilbert stayed then hidden in the windmill for the next decades. all of Old fritz research and some momentoes at his diposal. He saved pictures of his brother and feli from the wreckage, along with frederick flute, blankects and clothing. 

I think he passed some years sleeping too. like for 5 years at a time and waking up full of coweb and stuff. He travelled a bit but his body cant take long journey and passing as a full human wasnt possible in full daylight. But in the end he made himself a little life. for his brother, his father and all his friends he never got to say goodbye to. but it was still hard sometimes that sleeping was the best thing to do. or read fritz research.

Then one day Matthew, aged 12 at the time, found him and they became friends. both lonely. 

Then after that I have the whole romance and how it happen thing but that is for another post. 

I might make a comic with old fritz and ludwig.:)

This is Nivida in Nerd and Jock AU (belong to @blogthegreatrouge)

I want to tell the firs day at school But it will be a little bit difficult ^^;;

So, the great day started. Me and my brother come to school togheter.

BlackLight: So, getting nervous?

Me: N-no, o-of corse…

Oh, who am I kidding? All my body are shaking.

BlackLight: Oh, Don’t worry. The first day will be fine. You will make friends very fast. And you know why?

Me: Why…?

BlackLight: Because you are my brother, and I know that: My bro is the coolest and the cuttness bro I ever had *big smyle*

And thas’s the last words I heard from my bro before he go into Highschool. When I step in, I saw a lot of people. First of all, I had gym class. So, I got the gym uniform and go to the class. We start with a little basketball game. It was hard for me. When the teacher call my name, I turned around and the ball hit right there, ON THE FACE. In that moment, my tears fell down on my face, burning. Before I fell down, I heard a lot of laughter and some people staring at me. I ge nervous, and scared. I get up and run away, hiding in library. There, I find Goth.  Is a nice person, so I spend time with him. It was wonderfull. Before I know, the class was over. I ran, telling him “I will come back to reading books togheter”.

Nivida belong to me

BlackLigt belong to @asimphonyforthemoon

NAJ!Goth and the AU belong to @blogthegreatrouge

Original Goth belong to @nekophy