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A memory away part 4

(Here is how it looked for the team before Lance “die” he haven’t been turn into an omega yet he’s still I come on that alien planet)

Two months it been two months since Lance death and honestly nobody can get over it, it way too quiet in the castle Pidge hasn’t slept in 2 weeks, hunk start having nightmares, Keith refuse to leave Lance’s room and the most concerning thing the blue lion isn’t letting Allura in Blue would totally refuse to lower her barrier and now the red lion was with no paladin so that mean Voltron lose his right leg and arm.

“Paladins please meet me at the control room” Allura said “I hope they’re alright” Allura said “don’t ask them much…” Coran said, Pidge and hunk walk in “oh my goodness Pidge hunk you two look horrible has any of you sleep at all?” Allura ask in concern the green and yellow paladin where in awful condition Pidge had huge and dark eye bags hunk was in no better state “I pass out yesterday does that count?” Pidge said “I can’t sleep the nightmares don’t let me” hunk answer “where’s Keith?” Allura ask “in his usual place” Pidge answer Allura walk to the microphone of the castle and said “Keith could you come here please I need to have a word with you all” Keith let out a sigh he put Lance’s jacket on and walk to the control room where he meet his friends they all look as broken as he was “Paladins….I know this must be hard for all of you but if we want to save the universe we need a new red paladin” Allura said there was a silence until “Hell.No” pidge said “its only been two fucking months since Lance die and you already want to replace him?!” Keith said “Keith I’m not trying to replace Lance” Allura said “oh really? We need a new red paladin?” Pidge said “Allura I don’t wanna be rude but you make it sound like you lost a toy and you’re gonna buy a new one” Hunk said “No wonder why blue doesn’t let you pilot her you didn’t care about Lance in the first place” Keith said Allura try to say something but Keith walk off “Allura Lance wasn’t just the leg or arm of Voltron, he was the heart of our team and without him we’re nothing” Pidge say and walk off too “I won’t judge you Allura I know you’ve lost a lot too but…losing Lance like that…for a galra clone it felt like someone put a hole in everyone’s chest that it can’t be filled” hunk said walking off too Keith walk to blues hangar he was great by a low and sad purr Keith let out a sigh follow by tears “I know blue….I miss him too” Keith said lying in the floor.

Keith had been taking care of Lance room he slept in his room but will spray some of Lance’s lotion so it would still smell like him and he would do the same to Lance jacket that now Keith always used. Two years it’s been two years, Lotor had take advance of them a lot and what most worry Allura is that the team didn’t care they didn’t even try to fight back no matter how much Allura begged them today she manage to make them care because some rebels care the team went down to help the rebels to fight the galra in this planet once they where done the whole team was heading back to the castle when “Guys?” A familiar voice sound from the revels it was shiro the real one he had his black suit and only by looking at his joy they could tell it was the real shiro, Shiro run to his team and the team run to shiro “Shiro!! I can’t be alive is you!” Pidge said “Pidge you will not guess who I found” shiro said pointing at a rebel behind him “M-Matt?” Pidge said taking her helmet off Matt looked at her disbelieving “K-Katie?…” the Holt siblings hugged each other “what did you do to your hair you looked like a boy” Matt said “and why in the world are you on space?!” Matt ask “wow Matt priorities” Shiro said and the whole team laugh it was the first moment of laughter the paladins had in years but everything good comes to an end.

“Oh where’s Lance by the way?” Shiro ask looking around the smiles of the team dropped and they all looked down “no…” shiro said hunk nod with tears on his eyes “g-guys no…t-this is a prank right? This is one of Lance pranks isn’t it?” Shiro said he didn’t want to believe what his friend where telling him “he die” Pidge couldn’t finish her sentences, she got cut by a choked sob “He die two years ago a-and we couldn’t…..we couldn’t even get his body back” pidge start to cry and Matt hugged her “h-how?” Shiro ask Keith explain to him about the clone shiro and how Lance knew but go back for him and died on the explosion “hey” Matt said still hugging Pidge “I may have not meet him but if he died going back for a friend he knew it didn’t do anything wrong then I bet the dude was awesome” Matt said and Pidge cry harder “h-he was he was fucking amazing” Keith said tearing Shiro hugged him.

The team took Matt with them “where is Matt gonna sleep?” Hunk ask “Oh well we could clean on of the rooms and-” Allura got cut “take my room” Keith said “I don’t use it I sleep on Lance’s room” he explain “oh ok thanks” Matt said, the time kept passing and now the back lion wanted his paladin back and so did the red lion but Blue still refuse to open “Allura why the Quiznak we are here” Keith ask Shiro and Matt didn’t get why Keith was so upset “this is the solar system where Lance die” Pidge explain “I’m sorry Keith but there’s a strong specie in this planet who will be an gold ally to Voltron” Allura explain and land on the planet, the creatures where incredibly friendly they where also cute big fluffy cat ears and cat tail they also had marks on their arms similar to altean but bigger “you shall speak to the princess” a guard said “oh why not the queen if you don’t mind me asking” Allura said “the queen is resting she help a lot of people with her magic and that tired her a lot so her daughter will be making the alliance with you” the guard explain.

The princess appear a beautiful girl probably 17 years old just like Pidge she had this light purple hair but her ears and tail where darker “so you’re the paladins of Voltron aren’t you?” The princes ask “yes your highness I am Allura princess of Altea” Allura said “I’m Felina welcome to Hulytria” The princess said “may I ask to take the helmet off? Don’t worry our oxygen will not hurt you or change you in any physical of biological way” Felina said and the paladins did Felina was looking at the paladins when “oh now I get to see your fa-” she looked at shiro “faaaaAHHHHH!!!” The princes scream step back trip and fall “princess what is it?” Allura ask “y-you!” Felina said pointing at shiro and the someone came out of a room running this time it was a guy “Sister what’s wrong?” The prince said and help the princess stand up the team couldn’t believe their eyes “You can’t be here! You’re dead!!” The princess said pointing at Shiro the team kept staring at the prince “What is it sister I don’t understand what got you so nervous out of suden” the prince said “Lance he is the one I told you it fell with you the one that didn’t make it” Felina said.

Lance looked at the paladins he was confuse he step in front of Felina and walk to them “Lance?” Pidge said “Lance Buddy is that you?” Hunk say “uhhhh do I know you?” Lance said and the paladins eyes went wide open.


So I’ve been thinking about a lot of headcanons about ships :D but today I wanna share some stuff that me and my friend have about Gasgoriel because nobody posts about gasgoriel, and honestly, this OT3 is so cute? (this could be a fanfic but I already buried me into a 23-chapter long kingdings fanfic and I am a lazy guy)  So:

-Asgore and Toriel are in an pre-arranged marriage. Gaster already were dating Asgore before the marriage, and Toriel just “go on, I don’t care about you dating with him”

-Time passes and ASgore have Asriel. Gaster is ok with this and keep dating ASgore. Gaster often is on their house and they become close friends

-Some day, Gaster and Toriel are left alone and start to share things about Asgore. They reach to the conclusion that both are in love with the big goat and “Well, we can share him, right?” 

-Asgore not knowing about them sharing things, until some day they reach to the conclusion “Why we don’t date already?” and happy polyamori

-Skeleton sandwich (in either innocent or in a kinky way)

-Asriel loving Gaster and even calling him uncle Gasty

-Toriel reading books with Gaster on the bed

-Toriel and ASgore baking togheter

-Asgore and Gaster taking care of the flower and drinking tea togheter

-Everyone thinks that Gaster is just a close friend to them until they saw him kissing the king, They went crazy and the gossip about the king and the royal scientist soon was a topic of conversations, until someone tried to tell the queen and she went “Yeah I know. We’re on a polyamorous relationship. Now please shut up”

-Chara finding super weird the three being togheter. They went from zero to three grown ups taking care of them

-There’s was (surprisingly) a good acceptance towards the king, the queen and their boyfriend

-When Chara and Asriel died, Gaster stood up for ASgore’s idea and tried to convince Toriel that was the only way. When she left, Gaster and Asgore broke up for some time before coming back togheter before Gaster falls in the core and Asgore be left alone


-Gaster comes back, and ASgore and Gaster are in a relationship again. Despite forgiving both, Toriel are not sure about be in a relationship with them yet.

-It took some years to them to be togheter again

Heres a little doodle of my Frankenstein!AU. mostly to explain more about Gilbert background.

Gilbert and Ludwig both where soldiers during WW1, both brothers where taken in that war whirlwind and toward the end just where trying to live long enough to see the end. 

Toward the end sadly Gilbert got prettymuch maimed after grenades where trown at him. Ludwig was close enough and maybe in a moment of folie and grief, he took his brother remains and fled the battlefield. 

He went to Gilbert adoptive father and their care taker, Old fritz door in a tiny village who was hidden deep enough in what once was the heart of prussia that the war hadnt taken a toll too great on it. Frederick is a scientist and had been doing research on life and how to expand it and with some mechanical help, an italian (feli) asistant and ludwig strenght they where able to put gilbert back togheter and brought him back. Gilbert still while being himself had still some physical problem and would sleep weeks at a time. 

In the end they all fled to canada in hope of peace. (Ludwig was a deserter, Feli couldnt get back home right away either and had fallen in love with Lud, frederick research where starting to attrack attention.)

they then found a nice calm village in canada and set themselves up in a good big house near fields, forest and an old windmill at the border of the village.

Gilbert start getting better and everyone was happy for a time. Then Ludwig and Feliciano decided to go abck to europe to look for Feliciano brother and their friend they had lost contact with in the war. 

then one night a terrible storm came and the house caught fire du to the storm. Old fritz was trapped inside and Gilbert due to his body still not perfectly strong even after a few years and the fire being is most terrible fear, wasnt able to help save him. He tried so hard tought and he lost sight from his right eye as a result. Frederick just had the time to tell him to go hide in the old windmill and see him off before the flames becoming too much. 

Gilbert stayed then hidden in the windmill for the next decades. all of Old fritz research and some momentoes at his diposal. He saved pictures of his brother and feli from the wreckage, along with frederick flute, blankects and clothing. 

I think he passed some years sleeping too. like for 5 years at a time and waking up full of coweb and stuff. He travelled a bit but his body cant take long journey and passing as a full human wasnt possible in full daylight. But in the end he made himself a little life. for his brother, his father and all his friends he never got to say goodbye to. but it was still hard sometimes that sleeping was the best thing to do. or read fritz research.

Then one day Matthew, aged 12 at the time, found him and they became friends. both lonely. 

Then after that I have the whole romance and how it happen thing but that is for another post. 

I might make a comic with old fritz and ludwig.:)

This is Nivida in Nerd and Jock AU (belong to @blogthegreatrouge)

I want to tell the firs day at school But it will be a little bit difficult ^^;;

So, the great day started. Me and my brother come to school togheter.

BlackLight: So, getting nervous?

Me: N-no, o-of corse…

Oh, who am I kidding? All my body are shaking.

BlackLight: Oh, Don’t worry. The first day will be fine. You will make friends very fast. And you know why?

Me: Why…?

BlackLight: Because you are my brother, and I know that: My bro is the coolest and the cuttness bro I ever had *big smyle*

And thas’s the last words I heard from my bro before he go into Highschool. When I step in, I saw a lot of people. First of all, I had gym class. So, I got the gym uniform and go to the class. We start with a little basketball game. It was hard for me. When the teacher call my name, I turned around and the ball hit right there, ON THE FACE. In that moment, my tears fell down on my face, burning. Before I fell down, I heard a lot of laughter and some people staring at me. I ge nervous, and scared. I get up and run away, hiding in library. There, I find Goth.  Is a nice person, so I spend time with him. It was wonderfull. Before I know, the class was over. I ran, telling him “I will come back to reading books togheter”.

Nivida belong to me

BlackLigt belong to @asimphonyforthemoon

NAJ!Goth and the AU belong to @blogthegreatrouge

Original Goth belong to @nekophy

 ”And kids, that’s how I met your mother.” We see the beautiful scene of both under the yellow umbrella.

 -*Instert pretty scenes about them.*-

 ”I stood by her even when she got sick. You remember the day she passed.” We see Ted with the children when he gets a phone call. He runs to the hospital but he’s too late. We see him mourn. Then he takes the children to say goodbye.

 At her funeral, Ted meets Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin for the first time in a long time. 

 ”Kids, as much as I miss your mother and wish she were here, it was after she died that we got all back togheter. Because we promised we’d be there for the big moments. Even the sad ones.” We see all of them having fun at the bar, conforting Ted. 

 ”Your mother was the best woman I have ever met, and it was definetly worth the wait. She always brought good moments, even after she left.” Switch to old Ted telling the story. “I have never found a woman like her, and I never will.”

 ”Is that it?” Says Penny, annoyed.


 ”What the hell, dad?!”

 ”Yeah, what about the pineapple?” Asks Luke.

 -(It could end here, but here’s an OPTIONAL REST:)

  “No, you idiot! Dad, you told us this whole story about how long it took you to find mom and how you tought you had find ‘the one’ many times to say you’ll never find another woman to love? It’s been six years since she left, you should totally move on.”

 ”Yes, dad. That’s what she would have wanted. Besides, Penny is right. Just because mom was great, it doesn’t mean you’ll never find love again. If you have learnt something else in your journey is that you’ll find someone, even if it takes some time.”

 Ted looks down, thinking.


 ”You know what kids? You were right.” We see Ted talking with a woman with a big, red hat obscuring her face.

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